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When Jingle Bells Rock

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Jimin was adding the finishing touches to his face, just a bit of sparkle around his eyes. He was dressed in a red long sleeve with frills at the end of the sleeves and it rode up everytime he raised his arms a little. He wanted to go full crop but it was still his boyfriend's job so he knew he had to “at least try to look professional”, he remembered the way Namjoon whispered it into his ear. Jimin did that but of course he also made sure he looked pretty. He paired the top with black bottoms that had a green lining going from top to bottom that hugged his ass perfectly. It was a Christmas party at the office so he decided to part his hair on one side and add the cute bobby pins with little bells on them to hold his hair down. He finally added lipgloss, made a few popping sounds and out the door he went.

Are you almost here? Everyone’s asking about you, I promised u’d be here :((, Namjoon hit sent. It was the first time he would introduce Jimin to his coworkers who were so tired of hearing about him and just wanted to see the face of the boy Namjoon would be gushing about whenever they had free time to talk about their personal lives. 

i’m on the way now joonie !!, Jimin replied. He told Namjoon he would meet him there because his work got in the way unfortunately, but he made it home and got ready right away. 

Namjoon put his phone back in his pocket after telling Jimin to have a safe drive. His coworkers brought his attention back to the party giving him another drink, “So Namjoon-ssi, Jimin not coming after all?”, a shorter male with slick black hair asked. 

“Yes, that was actually him he said he’s on his way now, Seokjin.”, Namjoon answered taking the drink he offered. He took a sip and started making conversation - work related - until Seokjin cut him off. 

“Hey, hey, hey, no work talk outside of work, c’mon this is supposed to be a fun time.” 

“Ah, he’s right, hyung,” a deeper voice says from behind him. He’s holding a glass that looks to have shrimp in it. “Have you tried the shrimp cocktail yet? It’s my third one”, he snorts and points at his cocktail. 

“Oh, no I haven’t yet, Taehyung-ah, I was just waiting on Jimin so I can introduce him to everyone first.” Namjoon replied.

Taehyung rolls his eyes, “Aish, Seokin hyung, this Jimin is always late, get used to it.” Taehyung is the only one among Namjoon’s work friends that knows Jimin, he’s actually the one that set up the happy couple. When Taehyung had first met Namjoon he thought he was perfect for his best friend and he told him all about him that same day. They talked a little about how hot he was and it wasn’t until Taehyung showed him a picture of the both of them they had taken on a business trip that Jimin thought, maybe Taehyung wasn’t just talking out of his ass and Namjoon really was hot. They both agreed to the date when Taehyung suggested it and they’ve not been apart since. 

“This guy better look drop dead gorgeous when he walks through those doors by the way you both describe him”, Seokjin playfully says. 

“Because he is”, Namjoon states to which Taehyung rolls his eyes again and agrees. Namjoon’s phone dings and it’s Jimin, i'm here which floor did u say it was at ?? Namjoon excuses himself from the conversation Taehyung and Jin were having and goes to get Jimin. ur in the lobby? ill come get u. 

Jimin looks up from his phone to see Namjoon a couple feet away. They walk closer to each other until Namjoon takes Jimin’s hand, “you’re late Jimin, you look beautiful by the way.”, he kisses him on the lips. 

“I know I’m sorry but you know, traffic and stuff”, he giggles into his shoulder. “Is it okay to be nervous?”

“No, why? You’re just meeting the boss and a couple other work friends plus Taehyungie is here too don’t worry.”

“Okay if you say so.” He clears his throat and tries to calm down his nerves. Namjoon rubs the back of his hand when he notices. He clicks the button to the elevators and they both hop in when it arrives.

“Really it’s okay, they're all very nice anyway.” Namjoon reassures him. 

The elevator doors open up and the noise of the party gets louder. Seokjin and Taehyung are now with Yoongi and his boyfriend, Hoseok. Namjoon walks towards them with Jimin’s arm around him. 

“Jimin-ah!”, Taehyung yells causing Seokjin and Hoseok to turn around. 

“Guys this is Jimin, Jimin this is Seokjin-hyung, Yoongi-hyung, and Hoseok, his boyfriend.” Namjoon stops introducing them when he feels Taehyung’s elbow nudge on his arm. “And you know Taehyung, of course.”

Jimin laughs and pulls his arm out, “It’s so nice to meet you all.” He shakes all their hands individually. They all talk for a minute. They bring up the fact that whenever they’re not talking about work, Namjoon never misses bringing up Jimin in the conversation. About how he misses him or how he’d love the project they’re currently working on. They laugh and Jimin turns to smile at Namjoon whenever he feels him start to get shy hearing the rest of them talk about how stupidly in love he is with Jimin. 

Seokjin laughs hardest, “he seriously never shuts up about you”. He takes a sip of his drink and his cheeks get noticeably rosy. 

Namjoon is tired of the embarrassment and tries dragging Jimin out of there,”Okay okay enough about me, Jimin still hasn’t tried any food, aren’t you hungry babe?”, he turns to look at him. 

Jimin in complete awe of the conversation was gonna say “no, not really I wanna hear more actually..” but Namjoon cut him off before he could finish his sentence. He waves at the guys and tells them they’ll be back. 

Namjoon takes Jimin to the table with food and drinks. Jimin reaches over the table with food everywhere and picks a cupcake up. “They were nice”, he peels off the wrapper and licks off the frosting. “No wonder you always tell me you’re stuck at work”, he puts two fingers up as use of quotation marks, “never have time for me!” he pouts and Namjoon can see a little bit of frosting in the corners of his mouth. 

Namjoon leans in closer to Jimin, “You think I rather be working with a couple of friends than literally anywhere else with just you and me?”, he asks, holding his balance on one of the corners of the table. Jimin just shrugs and teasingly licks the last bit of frosting on the cupcake with a smirk on his face. “I would, Jimin, literally anywhere, anytime, just you and me.”

Jimin just gets at eye level with Namjoon, so close they can feel each other’s breath on their own. “So prove it.” He backs away and he can feel Namjoon’s heartbeat increase like he had hoped. He takes a bite of his cupcake with a smile on his face as he turns around and heads back to the group of friends when Namjoon grabs him by the arm. His grip is strong and Jimin thinks he's gonna leave a mark there because it’s painful, but he likes it. 

Namjoon pulls him into a dark room which he pays no mind to until he turns on the lights and it seems to be one of the supply rooms which is the size of a not-so-small closet. “Is this what you wanted?”, he pushes into him that he's backed into the door. He kisses him hard and Jimin drops his half bitten cupcake on the floor. It rolls over to the opposite corner of the room and Jimin quickly forgets about it. 

He takes both his hands and cups Namjoon’s ass. “No, but this was.”, his voice sounds airy and he’s desperate for more of Namjoon. The others hands move from his neck to his shoulders to his chest and at this point they are just all over the younger’s. 

Namjoon is kissing him hard and sloppy it’s dry but he just wants him all. He starts kissing his neck and bites at it once before Jimin’s knees buckle and he moans. Namjoon turns  him around and Jimin's chest is touching the door now. Namjoon slides Jimin’s coat off of him and it falls to the floor. The soft thud of the coat hitting the floor opened Jimin’s eyes and he realized what Namjoon was about to do. Right now in the middle of an office party with his boss a few feet away outside the room they were both in. 

Namjoon kisses the spot behind Jimin’s ear and leaves a mark there that he won’t notice till the next day. “You’re so beautiful Jimin”, he whispers in his ear. He’s grinding on Jimin’s ass now. Slowly trying to make Jimin feel his hard on behind him. “Your pretty hair and your pretty lips and your pretty eyes, you're just so,”, he moves his hands around Jimin to rub on his pants where his crotch is. Jimin moans softly trying not to be too loud so everyone outside can’t hear. Namjoon finishes his sentence, “so damn beautiful.” He unbuckles his pants and pulls them down just above his knees. 

Jimin is so overwhelmed he lets his pants fall and his head falls back. His eyes open back up and remember he’s still not home yet. “Hyung wait”, he moans as Namjoon pulls down his briefs and sees why Jimin was being hesitant. 

Namjoon is taken aback as he sees Jimin’s been wearing a plug in this whole time. “You.. you’ve been wearing this .. the whole time ?”, his voice is shaky. 

Namjoon is still pushing Jimin into the wall but he’s holding onto his waist now. “I was saving it for later, when we got home.” 

Jimin is being manhandled now and Namjoon is bending him over one of the shelves in the closet. It’s a bit uncomfortable but they pull through it. Namjoon pulls the plug out softly and Jimin lets out a loud moan, sort of relief that spills out his mouth. “Oh m-my g-god”. Jimin covers his own mouth with his hand. 

Namjoon finally pulls out his own dick out of his drawers, of course, leaking. He feels thankful though, he can use his bit of precum as a lube. He bends down to bite Jimin’s right buttcheek. He licks his hole and drools a little, “that should be good.” Namjoon gets back up and he hovers over Jimin. He pats his dick on Jimin and he’s just become so impatient. 

“Hyung, p-please,” he moans, “just ..” he manages to say before Namjoon is just shoving himself inside of him. Jimin is trying to keep his moaning low covering his mouth again. He’s sweating and his knees get weaker with every thrust of Namjoon’s. The sound of the party gets foggier the longer they stay in that position. All Namjoon can hear is the sound of him smacking Jimin’s bare ass with every stroke, his quiet moans and bells that he has no idea where they’re coming from. At this point he thinks it's just his mind getting him in the Christmas spirit. 

Jimin is shaking and Namjoon is quite uncomfortable to say the least. The tiny space is kind of giving him a cramp and he can’t spread his legs the way he wants to. He pulls Jimin's hair watch cause a loud moan from him and it makes Namjoon weaker. “I- I’m cramping up c- can we switch?”, Jimin moans. 

Namjoon just lets out a huff and he laughs at that, “me too”, He doesn’t pull out though but he backs up slightly and Jimin is facing him now. They’re making eye contact and somehow he thinks it’s sweet. Jimin’s back is on the wall behind him. Namjoon keeps thrusting onto him and the bells ring louder this time. Namjoon is holding him up by his waist and he thinks he can see stars in Jimin’s eyes. 

“I think I- I’m almost there h-hyung, y-you?”, Jimin asks, fully out of breath. 

“S-same”, Namjoon is moaning, he’s about to climax. He thrusts one final time before he pulls out and cums onto his own hand. He’s out of breath and from the looks of it Jimin is too. He has cum on his hand too and they both let out a small laugh. Namjoon looks for some tissue paper. He finds an unopened one and rips it open to clean the mess they’ve made. 

Jimin lets out a tiny laugh, “Was ripping it up necessary? You couldn’t open it up like a normal person?” 

Namjoon gets defensive, “It’s dark in here, I can barely see”. He hands the ripped box to Jimin and he wipes his hands clean. 

Jimin is still giggling, he gets on his tiptoes and kisses the taller man’s forehead softly, he can’t help feeling endeared. They put their pants back on and touch each other up, just to make sure they look presentable, at least that’s what Namjoon told Jimin. “How does my hair look?” Jimin points at his head. 

Namjoon brushes it down a little and softens it making sure it doesn’t look too raggedy and like post-sex hair. “Looks perfect to me”, he says. 

Jimin doesn’t fully trust him and touches it himself, he feels the waves of his hair and tries to feel the part he made still in the same spot. The bell bobby pins are still intact. Everything feels okay. He picks up his coat from the floor and drops it to hang on his forearm.

Namjoon looks ready now too, “ready to go back?”, he has his arm on Jimin’s waist and the other on the door knob. 

Jimin is appalled, “Joon, I can barely stand still.” Namjoon laughs at that. He takes his hand off the door knob and looks for Jimin’s lips in the dark room. They kiss and it’s sloppy. “I’ll go first then, take your time”, he giggles. The light from the party shines through the room and it disappears again. 

Shortly after Jimin gets out too and bumps into Taehyung first. “Hey! Where were you I was looking all over for you.”, he asks cheerfully. He places his hand on Jimin’s shoulder.

Jimin doesn’t know what to say, he doesn’t know if Taehyung caught him coming out of the supply closet or not. “Uh, I just came from the bathroom.”

“Oh, well guess what,”, his eyes are twice as big now and he’s excited to tell Jimin what he heard, “Seokjin hyung and I think we just heard someone making out in the closet over there”, he points in the direction of the room him and Namjoon were just at. 

Jimin’s face gets red, “Oh my god really? W-Who do you think it w-was?”, he’s stuttering. Please let taehyung not know it was me and joon, he keeps thinking to himself. 

“I don't know, and to be honest I don't really care they sounded like they were doing more than just making out though, if you know what I mean,’, he nudges and winks at Jimin. “I’m surprised you didn’t hear, everyone out here heard.” 

Jimin’s hands start sweating, everyone?? , “Taetae I’ll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom.” He gets out of Taehyung’s space but he can still hear him say something from behind him. 

“I thought you just came back though?” Taehyung is confused as to why Jimin has to go to the bathroom again.

Jimin finds Namjoon in the bathroom. He checks all the stalls to make sure no one else is around. Namjoon is looking at him like he’s crazy. “Namjoon, I think they heard us.”, he looks paranoid and he keeps looking towards the stalls as if someone magically appeared. 

Namjoon is confused, “What? Who heard us?” Jimin thinks it's cute how oblivious Namjoon can be sometimes. 

Jimin is washing his hands now, they were somewhat still sticky from earlier, “apparently everyone did,”, Jimin thinks Namjoon still looks confused. “what we did..”, he blinks, “in the supply room. 

Namjoon’s shoulders raise as it just set in him what Jimin was talking about, “OOHHHHH”, Namjoon says out loud. “How do you know if they know that it was us?”

“I don’t, but what if they do know?

“Well we don’t know for sure, so don’t worry about it, besides I thought you were kinda into that.”

“Into people watching or hearing?’, Jimin asks.

“.. um both?”

Jimin stops and thinks for a second,”Well I mean I am, but Namjoon this is where you work. You could get in trouble.” Jimin is into people watching and people hearing but that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna get worried over Namjoon’s boss firing him or punishing him for it. 

“Babe, don’t worry, were not even sure if Seokjin-hyung heard us , OR if he knew it was us in the first place. Besides even if he did, we’re still friends, he’ll probably tell me off for it later but don’t worry I wont get fired or anything.” Namjoon sounds confident and it eases Jimin a bit. 

Jimin scratches the back of his neck, “are you sure, I’m okay with it if you’re okay with it. I just don’t want you to get in trouble.” 

Namjoon leans down and presses a kiss to Jimin lips, which he kisses back to and reassures him everything would be fine. 

Jimin smiles and they both head back outside. He looks for Taehyung and tells him everything, sparing no details about what exactly happened in the supply closet earlier. Taehyung tells him he knew the whole time because Jimin is a terrible liar. To which Jimin responds with “am not!” and Taehyung just laughs at him. 

“You’re right Jimin-ah, the only reason I know is because of this”, Taehyung smiles pointing at Jimin's head. 

Jimin looks confused and tries to look at himself. His eyes are looking to the sky but his head doesn’t move and his eyebrow furrows. “What do you mean, do I have something on my hair?, his voice sounds worried. 

Taehyung just scoffs, “Jimin-ah did you forget? You’re wearing bells on your hair and what happens when you shake bells hm?” 

Jimin is stunned as reality sets in. “Oh my god, you guys all heard because these little shits were ringing and making noise?!” Jimin is laughing in his hand now. He did question how they heard when he was being so quiet too. He thought him and Namjoon were being careful but in the heat of the moment they both forgot about that tiny detail. Jimin is blushing and he’s embarrassed. “Tae, I swear I completely forgot about them”, he says in between laughs. Taehyung will never stop teasing him about it and Jimin just has to live through it.

Namjoon soon finds out from his Seokjin-hyung too after one day he brings it up awkwardly in the middle of work. When Namjoon is in his cubicle collecting his paperwork and tidying up the space, his face just heats up out of embarrassment and he hides behind the stack of papers he’s holding.