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Castiel (Disambiguated)

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So gather round, and let me tell
The story of one "Castiel"
Who Supernatural call'd his home
(Tho' in crossovers oft would roam).
The name for him alone was coined
(Or mayhap from scripture purloined -
Qafzkiel, through English wrung
To make a new name light on tongue)
In season four, two thousand nine
Of Supernatural; by design
It was unique. And so it stayed
As Supernatural did not fade
But grew to megafandom state
With ever increasing growth rate.
And yet, alas! For five years thence
Disambiguation made sense.
By chance wranglers did discover
This indy game: My Candy Lover.
Among their boys, a Castiel
And so to Supernatural fell
This task: to disambiguate,
To set the tagging record straight.
For though this one was little known
The seeds of change they had been sewn
For sixty thousand uses strong
Had "Castiel" - were they now wrong?
Not so, but ambiguity
Had crept now in for all to see.
Castiel (Supernatural)
Was thusly born; collateral
Damage taken to servers too
(Alas, of taggers, very few
Had thought themselves to specify
But presumptions do oft belie
Reality.) To be rid of
That Castiel (My Candy Love)
New trees were formed in days of work
That had once been brief jobs to shirk.
And thus my ballad now must end,
So listen, true and well, my friend:
If ever to you comes the chance
To make specific at a glance
A one-word name, however strange,
Seize the moment! Make the change!
For though they say a stitch in time
Can be the saving of the nine,
A disambiguation too
Can save a lot of work for you.