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Ponn Farr in space (Ensign Vorrik x OC)

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Snarling loudly pushing buttons in an attempt to access the files on my medical terminal. The screen turns black suddenly, shutting itself off with a loud beep. My claws protrude from my paws, clenching my fists staring at the terminal. "Vargni Vash!" Kicking the side of the terminal with my heel, hissing at it with rage bearing my teeth.

"Hmm.. I shall notify engineering to fix this terminal.... Your mood seems to be fluctuating, Are you alright nurse Jex?" The doctor stands up from his desk, grabbing his tri-corter walking over to me. Holding my head gently he waves the nodule around my face.

Swatting his hand away with an angry huff. "I'm.. fine. Around this time in my biological cycle.. my species tend to get very.. aggressive." My lips quiver in anger, threatening to bear my teeth again.

"And why is that?" Cocking an eyebrow he continues his scans, walking around me moving my body as though it were a doll. Unperturbed by my angered swatting.

"It is Havoon ta Tashir. The time of mating.. Females of my race must seek a mate or.. We get so aggressive we will kill anything to sate our lust. As you know Doctor my species is that of warriors. Lust and Blood Lust are no different in the eyes of my kin... Although I'm a 'feline' of science and detest such savage things. I fear it cannot be helped, for it is in my DNA."

"Hmm. I see.. My scans are showing a chemical imbalance in your brain. But from previous scans and your species similarity's to earthen feline's, that is normal for a female going into a heat. Although the killing isn't similar. I shall have to add this to your species profile, for future study." The doors to sickbay open, ensign Vorik walks inside holding a tool kit of some kind clenching his jaw an odd look in his eyes.

"Greetings Doctor, Jex. This is the broken terminal?" Gesturing to the terminal, walking into the room with a brisk stride.

"Yes it keeps shutting itself off and giving me all kinds of problems." Crossing my arms, my tail swaying angrily behind me. My lip quivering in anger, revealing my canines.

"I shall asses the terminal's matrix, if you would excuse me for a moment." Vorik walks past me, kneeling down he unlatches the panel with a form of screwdriver. Beginning to scan the interior. Watching him work I notice a slight tremor in his hands. That is odd.. I wonder if he is alright..

Taking a deep long breath I turn to the Doctor. "Doctor if you would excuse me. I must leave for my quarters. I'm afraid I will not be able to aid you in the coming days. I shall request Paris to assist you whislt I am absent. Vorik I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel our dinner arrangement, due to unforeseen circumstance." Looking to the Vulcan my ears fall down.

"If it is a medical situation then I see no reason for post-poning. I shall speak to you when you return to your station.." Looking at his eyes, I notice a slight dilation.. not to mention his cheeks are a darker shade of green.. is he alright? Shaking my head of the thought I smile at him and turn. Walking out of sick bay, practically sprinting to my quarters.

Doctor POV.

"Ensign. Are you feeling alright? I was told about your outburst in engineering with B'lanna. You got quite aggressive if I recall." Striding over to the Vulcan.

"I am fine Doctor. It is not of your concern." Squinting my eyes I slowly walk behind the kneeling ensign.

Carefully aligning my scanner waving it around his head. Looking down at my tri-corter I notice similar imbalance's as Nurse Jex... For a Vulcan at least. Squinting my eyes, pocketing my tri-corter. Searching through my data banks I come across a file called 'Ponn Farr'. Curious.. All that is written down is that it is the mating time for Vulcan's. Perhaps the Ensign and Nurse Jex are experiencing a synced mating period due to there close friendship?

-Jex POV - 1 hour later-

Punching my punching bag in an attempt to satiate my lust, I roar in frustration as my fists hit the soft material. Gripping onto my long ears in frustration, snarling loudly kicking the side of my bed. The chime to my door interrupts my thoughts, The sound filling the empty room. Sighing loudly I straighten up my appearance. "Come. In.."

The door opens revealing ensign Vorik, whom walks inside looking around my room. "What do you want Vorr..? I should not be seen right now." My heart rate begins to increase due to the close proximity.

"Greetings Jex.. I wish to declare to you Koon ut sul'ik. I wish for you to be my mate." Vorik straightens his shirt, turning slightly avoiding my gaze, pupils blown wide.

"Wait. What?" A look of confusion wash's over my face, squinting my eyes staring at him.

Vorrik turns to me again and begins to speak. "I want you to-"

"I.. get that. I'm just confused on why.. I mean we are friends but.. why? Why me and why now?" Sniffing the air an unknown yet arousing scent fills my nostrils, striaghtening my back I look at him closer.

"Over the past few months I have been attempting to court you... I thought you of knew my intentions?" Vorrik cocks his head to the side, slightly confused.

"I had no idea- my species mating customs are unlike yours... listen Vorik.. can we talk about this at a later time. My emotional state is currently compromised-" Pinching the bridge of my snout, becoming aroused by his scent. A low growl boils out of my throat.

"I have been observing you today. From my calculations you appear to be in a sort of mammalian heat. I.. am in a similar predicament." Staring at me his breath quickens, his fingers fidget by his sides.

"You are... in a heat too?" My eyes widen staring at him. Slowly he nods turning to look away from me, a dark green filling his cheeks.

"Well.. I would be lying if I said I didn't find you to be attractive.. I shall accept.. But under my species marital laws.. you must pin me down and bite my neck marking me for other males to see that I am claimed. I must notify you, I shall fight you at every turn until you claim me. Be prepared, Khaj are very violent when mating." Stepping backwards to the bed I stare in his eyes, softly panting claws slowly protruding.

"I accept your terms." Vorik's fingers twitch at his sides, starring at me with glazed eyes.

"Then let the battle begin. Computer code Havoon."

Locking doors.

Something in Vorik snaps. Lunging towards me suddenly reaching out to grab me, catching me off guard. In a panic I drop down falling onto the bed. Seeing this he uses his knee to attempt to pin my hips down. My tail wraps around his foot tugging hard, causing him to trip landing on his knee's in front of me. Grabbing the back of his neck, slowly licking up his outer right ear flaring my tongue at it's point. Causing him to shudder violently in arousal.

"You.. will regret that." Whispering with a strained voice I feel his hot breath against my face.

"Make me then Vorik." Whispering his name right next to his ear the heat of my breath causing something primal to snap in him.

"Get over here." Vorik reaches his arm behind me, wrapping it around my waist pulling me close.

Using his body weight he moves us, grabbing my waist he picks me up slightly tossing me into the middle of the bed. Crawling up my body with great speed pinning my arms above my head with one hand. Grabbing the scruff of my neck with the other, a low purr emanating from his throat. Leaning down kissing me fiercely forcing his tongue inside my mouth, mapping the inside with eagerness. Attempting to wiggle out of his grasp, pushing my clothed sex against his. Purring softly I wrap my legs around his hips, grinding my clothed sex against his. Pulling away he pants hard.

"You are my mate now Jex. None may bed you nor touch you the way I can." Leaning his head down he bites the side of my neck hard, drawing blood in the process. Forcing a mewl of utter delight from my throat, my eyes flutter rolling them back into my head.

"Yes.. Vorik Yes. I'm yours Narr I'm yours. Fuck me till I cannot walk." Purring louder my tail wraps around his leg in a tight hold.

"I'm going to fill you so full with my cum." Roaring he rips the shirt off my chest in two, exposing my breasts. Tossing the tarnished fabric to the side he begins to lick and touch the newly exposed furry skin. Clawing at his shirt creating small punctures, attempting to pull it off and failing "Please. Need skin.."

Vorik sits up pulling off his shirt with haste, pulling down his pants quickly. Reaching down to aid him I unbutton the sides on my custom leggings sliding them off with ease, kicking them to the side. Looking down I see his rigged cock throbbing with need. The head a dark green as it leaks a light pink fluid. Whimpering wishing I could taste it. Releasing my neck from his grasp, his hand dives down between my thighs. Tantalizingly slow he rubs the lips of my sex, causing him to shudder due to his sensitive fingers.. Licking and nibbling the side of my neck, hearing his purr.

"Your so.. warm.." Pushing his fingers inside me slowly, biting his lip he groans loudly feeling the ridges of my walls. Looking down in between our body's I see his cock throbbing moving against my thigh, smirking I move my tail slowly up his leg, wrapping it around his member. Squeezing it firmly moving at a slow pace, dragging out his pleasure.

Gasping aloud he shudders and looks into my eyes. "You.. naughty girl. Alright if you want to play dirty. It seems your wet enough." Pulling out his fingers he holds them in front of my face. "Clean them."

Purring I envelope his fingers in my mouth. Swirling my barbed tongue around the pads of his pointer and middle finger. Closing his eyes grunting in pleasure. Pulling his clean fingers from my mouth he grabs his cock and rubs his tip across my glistening folds.

"Your purring.. feels exquisite thy'la. Gah. I can't take it I must have you now. Enough waiting." Releasing my hands from his iron hold, grabbing my hips. Looking me in the eyes he puts his fingers on my psy points. "My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts.-"

A wave of feelings enter my mind, causing me to gasp. Panting he plunges his cock inside me in one thrust. Moaning loudly wrapping my arms and legs around him in a brutal hold, dragging my claws down his back digging them in. Green blood begins to drip down slowly. Growling deeply he sets an unforgiving pace. Thrusting inside me with enthusiasm, the noises are like pleasure to my ears. Grabbing my hips, using them to pull me down on his cock.

"Ahh~ Thy'la. Mine". Biting my neck again with ferocity I cry out in pleasure.

"Vorr Im- I'm gonna cum-" Reaching his hand down in-between us, he rubs his finger against my clit with a fierce speed.

Screaming out in absolute pleasure, squirting all over his cock, with a roar he holds my hips in place. Thick hot cum fills my insides. Rocking his hips slowly to prolonged my orgasm he pulls out when I start to twitch, still panting.

"I will give you. A moment to re-cooperate. It will be the last time you are able... I fear I won't be able to stop fucking you for days.." Nuzzling his head into my neck, licking and sucking my skin.

Purring loudly nuzzling into him. Squeezing my walls around his cock, biting my lip. Growling he pushes me down again biting my neck. All ready for round two. (Of 15)

4 days later.

"Nurse Jex it seems you are indeed pregnant. Congratulations. Your having 3 children.. kittens? I'm unaware of the term to use.- Any who. I shall start your prenatal regime tomorrow." The doctor sets down his tri-corter before walking away, allowing me to get dressed.

"Thank you doctor." Purring softly Vorik nuzzles into me possessively, staring at the doctor. Placing my clawed hand against my stomach I reach over and offer him my hand. Reaching his out I rub my fingers against his giving him a Vulcan kiss.