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If We Had Each Other

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The world’s not perfect, but it’s not that bad

If we had each other, and that’s all we have

I will be your brother, and I’ll hold your hand

You should know I’ll be there for you

The pounding footsteps neared the alleyway as the scent of iron grew closer and closer. Concrete hit the soles of his boots, screams of battle fading out as he continued running. 


Shouto turned the corner, checking his phone every other second. The location was supposedly getting closer, but that meant so was the uncertainty of life. A loud screech rang through the usually quiet alleyways. 


While the war cries faded out of his range, a terribly familiar voice flowed into his ears. Rounding the corner, a horrid sight was displayed before his eyes. 

On the ground, two bodies lied next to each other, both with red liquid seeping out of them. One of them Shouto recognized as Iida, their class president. 

Focusing his heterochromatic eyes on the danger in front of him, he shot out his hand, a wave of heat flowing off of them. Red and orange plumes washed past a fallen Midoriya and straight towards the hero killer.


“You’re not the type of person to send that for no reason,” Shouto deducted, frigid ice racing towards the villain, only to be avoided easily. 


With another stomp, the ice raised, pushing the injured heroes off to the side. “You meant that you were in trouble and were calling for help, right?” 


Racing towards the hero killer, Shouto sent another fist of flames towards him.


“Don’t worry. The pros will get here in a few minutes,” he reassured, though not quite calmly. The fire melted through the previous ice, sliding the fallen heroes towards him. 


“This is just like the information about him that's given,” Shouto said, taking a stand in front of his classmates. “I won’t let you kill these guys, Hero Killer.”

When the world's not perfect, when the world's not kind

Standing behind Midoriya and beside Iida, Shouto listened to Tsuragamae, who was apparently the Chief of Police. 


He felt confused as to why the chief wanted to see them. There really wasn’t much to what happened. Iida got into trouble, Midoirya went to save him, Shouto went to save Midoriya. It was simple. They were saving people, as heroes should.


But, as the dog headed man droned on, Shouto could only feel anger once again seeping into him.


“... such action would represent a stunning breach of the law. Woof. You three, as well as your pro hero mentors; Endeavor, Manual, Gran Torino. You must all be dealt with strictly and impartially.” 

Any previous confusion left only turned into disbelief and anger. What kind of hero would he be if he didn’t save everyone he could? Was he supposed to abide by the law simply because the law is final? Because he would get in trouble otherwise? 


“Wait a minute,” he stepped forward, ignoring Iida who was trying to stop him. “If Iida hadn’t acted, Native would have been dead. And if Midoriya hadn’t shown up, both of them would be dead. Nobody even knew the hero killer was here.” 


Getting more and more worked up, Shouto could tell his voice was rising, though he made no moves to stop it.


“Should we let people die, all in the name of your ‘law’?!” 


Being a hero meant saving people. If the law was going to stop him from doing that, Shouto wasn’t sure if the law should even really exist. He saved people. He saved Midoriya, Iida, and Native. Iida in turn saved him from losing an arm. Midoriya did more than enough to help take down the Hero Killer. Were they not supposed to do this because of the law?


“Everything turned out fine, so just forget about the law!” Shouto continued. 

“Isn’t it a hero’s job to save people?”

By the end of his rant, he wasn’t any less angry. In fact, Shouto was probably even more worked up. But he meant every word he said, even if it got him in trouble. 


Tsuragamae cleared his throat, a look of disappointment lining his eyes. 


“Clearly you’ve a lot to learn,” he sighed. “Some education you’re getting, woof, from U.A and Endeavor.” 


The moment those words left the chief’s mouth, Shouto could physically feel his anger rising, and he knew it wasn’t going to go down any time soon. 


“You mutt,” he scowled. Despite the bandages wrapped around his left arm, he clenched his fist anyways, the air feeling slightly warmer around that side.


He could vaguely hear Iida trying to get him to stop as Gran Torino stepped in front of him to block him from actually attacking the dog headed man. 

In the end, the three of them weren’t in any sort of trouble, however all the credit to taking down the Hero Killer had gone to Endeavor. Giving his old man the credit for taking him down felt like a slap, but he supposed it would be worth it to see his expression when Endeavor knew he wasn’t the one who really took down the Hero Killer. 

If we have each other then we'll both be fine

I will be your brother, and I'll hold your hand

Standing on the back of Gigantomachia was yet another danger to his friends. 


Dabi, the villain who’d captured Bakugou, the villain who burned the old man and Hawks. 


As Shouto tried to stand up, he stared straight into the satanic turquoise eyes that belonged to Dabi. A color all too familiar, but that wasn’t a matter for now. 


“There you are!” The villain’s cheerful voice rang out as Shouto tried to catch his breath, the entire battle draining all of his stamina. 


“You all look like ants from way up here,” his laughing voice mocked as he waved to them from above. “Oh?! Is that Shouto too? That’s perfect!”


His hero name was not unfamiliar to him, but the way it came out of the villains mouth was so far away, like a memory from long ago just begging to be remembered. 


“Dabi!” Endeavor’s voice roared across the battlefield. “Now we’ve got to deal with the entire league too?!” 


Said villain just smirked as he pulled a bottle from his jacket. Popping open the cap, he poured it over his head, the color of inky black washing away. 


“Ouch…” he drawled, a fake pout overtaking his face. “That isn't any way to address me, is it?” 


As the black slipped down his face, a head of feathery white overtook the villain’s head.

Shouto’s mind could only race as he stared at Dabi, whose facial structure now only seemed to resemble someone he knew. Someone who had disappeared. Someone who he wished was still here.


“I have a great name, you know,” he smirked. “Call me-”




Or, his brother. His brother who had run away years ago. His brother who they all thought had died. His brother, who was apparently now a villain. 


Shouto’s eyes could only reflect the fear that had now taken over his heart. But not the fear of standing in front of a killer, no. The fear of losing someone he used to love. The fear of losing someone he still loved. The fear of loving someone who’d hurt so many people.


He didn’t want to believe it. He truly didn’t. Maybe if he tried hard enough, Shouto would still be able to remember Touya as the older brother who’s funeral he wasn’t allowed to attend. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t make himself believe it. To believe that Touya had burned all those years ago, and in his place, Dabi had risen. 


But the facts didn’t lie. He knew he should have realized. At the training camp, when the villain had said his name as Shouto failed to reach the marble his classmate had been trapped in. He said it with such familiarity and animosity. 


Then later, at the battle with High End. Even when watching it on the TV in Heights Alliance, he could tell that Dabi was going after Endeavor specifically. Other than himself, Shouto only knew of three people who had such intense hatred for Endeavor.


Inasa, a Shiketsu student who had hated him since a terrible interaction with the “hero”. 


Natsuo, Shouto’s older brother who hated Endeavor with a burning passion because of what the old man did to their family.


And Touya, his oldest brother who had received the brunt of the so-called “training” until little Shouto had come along. 


He couldn’t help Touya back then, but maybe, if he tried hard enough, Shouto could save Dabi now. If he pushed past the empty remains of Dabi’s heart, maybe he’d find a piece of Touya still in there, hiding. 


But right now, he just felt helpless. He couldn’t move. He truly couldn’t. All Shouto could do was stand, frozen on the ground, as Dabi continued to happily tell them how he’d planned to knock Endeavor down a few pegs. 

You should know I'll be there for you