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The true Mandalorian-Jedi war

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Just like his father before him, Luke Skywalker made an entrance that could make anyone breathless. Maybe it was a Jedi trait. The traditional robes always billowed despite there being no wind in space. It could be a purely Skywalker gene. Their lineage made a mark on the universe wherever they traveled.

Luke would not be able to give anyone an answer because he never really noticed the anomaly. Leia often mentioned it teasingly. She would say that Luke had a fever for flare but he never grasped that meaning. He didn't see how he was a deadly combination of power, passion, and a pretty face. But, none of that compared to the Mandalorian.

He didn’t truly understand the symbolism that came with the Mandalorian removing his beskar helmet, but he could feel its impact. The single act, so easy, had stolen the air from the Jedi's lungs.

Behind the mask was a man. Human and tired, like he had spent his entire life fighting. Through the force, Luke could see the truth. The Mandalorian fought for the child that was his life. His rough features did not take away from his kind, brown, eyes. They were soft and pleading, they practically begged Luke to leave them be.

It was not a Jedi’s place to dig through the minds of innocent men but the emotions that rolled off him were practically forcing themselves onto Luke. Din, the man's name echoed through the force, did not want to be separated from the child he spent so long protecting. Grogu was *his* foundling but, he did nothing to take him back from Luke. Din knew what the kid needed, and that was a teacher who could help him control his powers. As kind-hearted and strong as Din was, he was no Jedi.

Luke wished he was. If anyone deserved a connection with the force, then it would Din. If only so he could stay with his son. Luke did not need the force to feel that familial bond between the two. The Mandalorians' actions spoke for themselves.

Grogu accepted Din’s permission to leave with Luke but, it was obviously a difficult choice for either of them to make. Luke looked back at those brown eyes and found them glossed over with unshed tears that would certainly spill once the helmet was back in place.

It was for the best, Luke tried to tell himself before turning his back on the man and his friends. A wave of bittersweet sadness rolled over him as all their emotions flooded the ship. It was almost too much but Luke persisted. The young Jedi was not going to grow up with this Mandalorian, because this was the way.