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The true Mandalorian-Jedi war

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“Where are the kids?” Luke barely had his feet under him before Din had started asking questions. The Mandalorian sighed as he grabbed the Jedi by the lapels of his robes and hoisted him up like he was nothing.
Luke continued to be dazed for other reasons.
“You said you had children,” Din tried again now that Luke was standing.

“They should be off-planet,” Luke looked around for the Sith but didn’t see her anywhere. She must have run off when Din showed up and attacked her. He could still feel the buzz of her power beneath his skin, it clung to him with needle-like pinpricks but it no longer immobilized him. He only felt stiff and sluggish. Hopefully, that would fade quickly.
“My sister took them on the ship. I stayed behind to keep the sith away from them while they escaped,” Luke groaned while he tried to shake off the lingering sensation of the Sith’s full force.

“Good, we can contact them from mine,” Din hoisted Luke’s arm around his shoulders and wrapped his own hand around his waist to steady the younger man on their way to his ship.
Luke once again found himself focusing on that point of contact at his hip. Din’s hands were larger than his and radiated heat. The Beskar was a good conductor for absorbing the Mandalorian’s body heat. It made his metal shell comfortable to lean against and Luke appreciated it greatly. There was also a sense of calm that came with it, like Din's own energy was chasing away the dark shadow the Sith left behind.
“...Another Jedi?” Luke didn’t catch the first part but he was able to guess what Din was asking and laughed. How did a man, who traveled halfway across the galaxy for Grogu, have no idea what he was dealing with?

“No, no, a Sith. A force user consumed by the dark.” He explained.
“The sole enemy to the Jedi.”

“Hmmm, What about Mandalorians?” Din asked, humor in his tone.
"I thought we were supposed to be your enemies." The Mandalorian-Jedi war still sat heavy in some Mandalorian's hearts, but Din didn't seem to actually care about that.

“I’ll take you on any day over the Sith,” Luke found himself chuckling at the insinuation that Din would take the opportunity to strike him down.

“I fought off that Sith, which is more than what you were doing,” A true statement that hurt Luke’s pride.

When they made it to Din’s ship Luke was immediately sat down and given water to drink. He had no physical wounds that needed treatment but he was exhausted and could hardly hold the cantine he was offered with steady hands.
Despite his condition, Din did not hold back with his questions. He asked Luke about the students and how they were stranded. He learned about the small class of three and how they were on their way to meet another master when the Sith attacked. It was on the last planet that Luke sent out his message for help. They were just able to repair their Falcon when Luke had decided to stay behind to fight her off alone.
He expected to be scolded for the half-baked plan. Leia called him crazy but Din only nodded with understanding. Luke did whatever he could to save the children and he respected that. Din didn’t say it out loud, but Luke could feel it through the force.

“You should rest,” Words soft and placating, Din pulled Luke close again. For a moment, Luke felt strange. Like he was a child being cared for by a fatherly figure. Only this one wasn't trying to kill him.

“But-” Luke was cut off by Din who clapped his hand over Luke’s shoulder. There was no room for arguing against a Mandalorian who made up his mind.

“You’re no use to them like you are now,” Insulting but true. His eyes were starting to feel heavy and his bones ached.
“I have a bed in the back you can sleep on,” Luke nodded, only processing some of Din’s words. He imagined he stood up and walked to the back of the ship by himself but that was not true. He never even got to agree before he was slumping over in his seat, heavy head falling onto Din’s shoulder. The Jedi was out like a light.