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A Song Half Remembered

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When he opens his eyes, he can see the minute pieces of sand from across the cave. The last thing he remembers is falling asleep.

He is rising from the ground when he hears it. An echo in his ears of a song half-remembered. He thinks he's heard it before although he has never been around people singing. It has only ever been him on the island after his father died.

He closes his eyes and tries to place the song in his memories. He's focusing on it and trying to mouth the words when it dawns on him.

He has never heard the song but the previous dragons have. It is in their memories that the song takes form and with it an intense urgency takes over him and floods his mind.

His heart begins to race, pumping blood into his great wings as they extend from his scaly body. He takes a deep breath and shrieks.

His wings snag on the walls and cause some rocks to fall. At the back of his mind he knows there is a danger of the cave falling down on him. But the song is calling him and making his movements careless.

The moment he is free of the mouth of the cave, he shoots up into the sky. The song is louder from the north wind. He takes a moment to revel in the song. Then with a huge flap of his wings, he gives chase.