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Silver Tongued

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Xu Boyuan slipped into Ye Xiu’s room, not surprised to find him playing Glory. He watched Ye Xiu’s fingers fly across the keyboard for a moment, once again marvelling at the God of Glory’s speed and precision.

“We’re nearly finished this dungeon run,” Ye Xiu said, fingers not missing a beat as he gestured for Xu Boyuan to sit down. He did so, settling on the bed at a good angle so he could watch over Ye Xiu’s shoulder. He recognized the dungeon as being one of the small, five-player dungeons in the Heavenly Domain, and realized that Ye Xiu was leading the younger members of Team Happy through it.

Xu Boyuan watched with interest as they swiftly dealt with the final boss of the dungeon, letting out a low whistle as the clear time appeared on screen. Not record-breaking, but close. His boyfriend was back to his old tricks, it seemed. “You’re giving me flashbacks to the 10 th server!” he complained as Ye Xiu logged off and removed his headphones.

“You could always come back to the Heavenly Domain and team up with me again, you know,” Ye Xiu said, sitting next to Xu Boyuan and practically pulling him into his lap.

Xu Boyuan huffed and shook his head. “No thanks. Your unpredictable strategies are bad for my health.”

“But dealing with me in person is fine?”

Xu Boyuan leaned back into his boyfriend’s embrace, resting his head on Ye Xiu’s shoulder. “Of course. I sleep much better now that we share a bed!”

Ye Xiu chuckled, lifting a hand to trace Xu Boyuan’s jaw. “We share much more than that, though. Like account cards. And clothes.”

Xu Boyuan turned his head and kissed Ye Xiu’s fingers before replying. “Speaking of clothes, that’s my sweater, you know.”

“If you want it back so badly, you can take it off me yourself.”

“Mmm...” Xu Boyuan thought for a moment, then settled against Ye Xiu’s chest. “Maybe later. I don’t want to move right now.” Undressing his boyfriend was an appealing prospect, but it had been a long day and he was sleepy now that he was warm and comfortable.

“And you call me lazy,” Ye Xiu muttered, shifting his arms to hug Xu Boyuan more fully.

“I’m tired! I had to deal with Guild newbies all day! So many questions on basic gameplay and how class changes work! You’d think they’ve never heard of online guides,” Xu Boyuan grumbled, feeling his boyfriend laugh at his complaints.

“Do the new members need a visit from God Ye?”

“No! You’ll terrify them, and we’ll lose them to the other big guilds!”

“Mm, maybe I should get an account card for the 11 th server and check in anyway...”

Xu Boyuan had a feeling Ye Xiu was teasing, but felt he had to defend his position as Guildmaster for the 11 th server anyway. “If you want to play in a server so much, go back to the 10 th server! Chen Guo said things have been quiet lately, so go stir up trouble there!”

“We do need rare drops to experiment with for Silver Equipment...”

“See? You can kill two birds with one stone – fight bosses to get drops, and strike fear into the guilds on the 10 th server once again.”

“We’ll do it tomorrow night then. Make sure to double check your equipment on Peerless Looks before then,” Ye Xiu murmured in his ear, and Xu Boyuan just knew he was smirking.

Biting back a groan at his own foolishness, he changed track. “I haven’t used that account since before the update!”

“I’m sure Boss and other guild members will help you grind,” his boyfriend said cheerfully.

“You’re awful...”

“Awfully clever, you mean.”

Xu Boyuan slumped against Ye Xiu and wondered why he always ended up in a verbal sparring match with Ye Xiu, never mind why he always tried to win them. His boyfriend could twist and mould his words as easily as Lord Grim’s umbrella changed shape, and neither we things Xu Boyuan could ever hope to beat.