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Love and Guild

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After Katarina's outbreak and revalation about her pastlife, Maria had never left the Side of her beloved Princess for even a second.

She normally would take herself sometime away from Katarina to Try no Recipe's and superise Katarina with the result but not anymore, she changed her Classes to be with her in the day and was Sleeping every Night beside her in Bed, well do to her Confession before Katarina passed out she finally had become Katarina's Girlfriend.
And because of that she was even more Consistent about what she was doing.

Not because Maria was overly Jealous, No. But because.....
Since Katarina's Confession of this Fortune Lover, Maria fellt as if the Enire World was after her Love.

Well it always fellt like the entire World was after Katarina.
But it was different, it don't fellt like the All wanted to have Katarina,
It fellt like the entire World wanted to hurt the love of Maria's live,
It fellt like behind every Corner was a Dagger waiting to trowh Katarina's Back, Fangs to break, Swords to slice all to blow out the Flame of her live.



"Can you please wait here until i come Back Lady Katarina?" Maria asked her Girlfriend

"But Maria! My PUMPKIN'S! They NEED Me!" Katarina proclaimed

"not as much as I need you" Maria tought

Maria always hated it to play this Card, but she needed to do so to stop Katarina when she did thing that could endanger Maria's Beloved.

"Who are you?" Maria asked

"I m Katarina Claes" the Noble Girl Answered

"and who is Katarina Claes?"

"The Villlaness"

"And what happens with a Villlaness?"

"she dies or gets Exilled"

"than why you are here, unharmed and alive?"

"because the Heroine fell in love with me, cause i ruined her Happy End"

Both Maria and Katarina had Tears in their Eyes

"You never did such a Thing, like destroying my Happy end.
You couldn't even do that because YOU ARE my Happy end.
And i promise you the Original Maria has never found TRUE Happiness,
Because i KNOW i could never love anyone other the way i love you.
And so even if she say's she's Happy she lies," Maria told her Lover.

"but who say's ther is no other Hero in this World who want's to End you? Some who would take you away from me?
Who would hurt,if not kill you, do you believe i could be Happy after that?
So please! As long as i can't protect you stay here were you are save

"Okay, I'm sorry Maria" Katarina said in Tears



"So why do wanted us to come Together here?" Prince Geordo asked

Maria had made him and the entire Harem come to this Meeting,
And the Prince really had no Idea why this Fianńce stealing Commoner Girl would do so.

"I don't believe it's because you want to tell us how exactly you manged to winn our beloved Katarina over" the Prince said with a Brilliant Smile but a threatening Voice

"believe it or not your highness, but that's exactly what im going to do" the Commoner replyed.

Everyone start at Maria with shock,
And Mary's face was one of Curiosity and Determination.
She hasn't give up on Lady Katarina yet, ant if she learned Maria's secret, maybe she could copy the method.

But that raised one Question,
Maria had won, why would she share that and risk her Victory?


"Im sure, you all will say i used Lady Katarina's Situation in this Moment,
But i hope you all will understand that's it was also the only way to calm Lady Katarina's fear's in that
Moment, and i will need the help of you all to protect Lady Katarina".

The first thing that got in everyone's Mind,
Lady Katarina was in Danger?


And so Maria Started

"when Lady Katarina hit her Head as a Child,
She gained Memory's of her previous life in a nother World,
This World and absolutely no Magich, but was in Technology Century's above our World..

And than she remembered reading a Book.
The Book resembled our World alot,
In fact she acknowledged that she was reborn as Katarina Claes,
One of the Characters in the Book" Maria stopped to let the Information sink.

The entire Harem loked dumpfounded

"so that's why she act's Crazy some time!" Alan said Amazed by this Revelation.

Maria started again

"the first thing Katarina did with her Knowledge about the that Roman, and so the Future.
She helped people, of course she did! It's Lady Katarina, what did you expected?
She got even so far as to risk her own life, to save The people who would Murder her, in the Original storyline.

Of course the fell in love with her, but Katarina being Lady Katarina, completely missed to notice that,
And she helped on supported them even from that Point on, still believing the would turn on her some Day"

Maria explained.

"she risked her own life,
to save her suposed Murderer?" Alan asked in disbelief


"that's just how Precious and Innocent Lady Katarina is!
She really is an Angel a Saint a Goddess!
No one can deny the she is the most Perfect....."

Normally Mary would be stopped when she was talking of her Obsession with Lady Katarina.
But this time no one seemed to have interest to do so.

Because for the first time the all fully understand the value of having Katarina Claes in their lifes.
Off course they all always loved her.
But this was somthing not even they had imagined.

Geordo now believed to fully understand why Maria had Called them,
And it made his Blood boil.

"Who" The Third Prince asked in a Voice that dosen't even sound Human in the slightest,
his eyes burned with Rage.

"Who would there to kill HER!" nearly evry word he said sundend like it came from the depends of Hell exception for the Word "Her"
Which he spoke out so soft and carefully as if it was a newborn, which needed all the Protection in the World.

"Who in this or any World would dare...."

And than Maria told him.

It was one of the shortest Words he know, so short that some people don't even consider it a real Word.
How could somthing like that soud so.... So terrible so disgusting and agonizing?
To Geordo it was even the most disgusting Word he had and would ever have heard in his live
And that Word was a simply



Geordo fell the Ground, gasping for Air,
His vision became blurry, and he couldn't even breath right.

Mary loked at Geordo with a obviously murderous intention

Maria got forward

"Well in one end you kill her with a Sword,
This Story has Multiple possible ends, an im always the Catalyst for her End,
even do i never killing her myself
In your Story you fall in love with me,
So your Engagement to her becomes a hinderance and that is why.
Their is also away were Keith falls for me, she don't like a Commoner in the house so he kills her with his Dirt Doll.
In the other Endings you Exile her, and she either has to get eaten by a Beast,starve to Death cause she never learned a Job, or has to become a Prostitute for the rest of her live,
The Original Katarina wasn't as nice as ours, but the fact that our Katarina would have become like her, without her Memory's show's that the Original Katarina had the Potential to become like our Katarina which show's
That non of this Punishment's were fitting in the slightest, and just overly Cruel,
And if i ever meet my counterpart, i Vow by my love for Lady Katarina, i will make her regret the day of her birth. "

And so Maria ended the Story and let her friends go with mixed Fellings