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Interlude: Morganite

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“Damnit,” Shouto muttered, chasing after the figure in a grey jacket. As he vaulted off the balcony of one of the buildings, he froze the tennis ball he’d picked up along the way.


His eyes scanned the ground below, watching as the target ran in the direction of an alleyway. Estimating the distance, he sent the iced ball flying, right over the left shoulder of the criminal. Forcing him to turn into the one-way alley, Shouto jumped off the roof, landing on a wash of ice. 


“H-hey, step back okay?” The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife, though he was quickly backing up into the corner of the street. 


“I already called the heroes, you villain!” 


Using his ice, Shouto sent an ice spike around the person, impaling him just enough for blood to start dripping.


The guy yelped when he felt the sharpened ice, but with the distraction, Shouto raced forward and slammed him across the stomach with a metal baseball bat.


“People like you are part of the reason our society is failing,” he hissed, staring down at the fallen criminal lying in a limp pile. 


His black gloved hand tapped the cement wall, freezing the unconscious perpetrator to the ground. The air surrounding him froze, creating dust waves of small frozen crystals. 


Letting a sigh escape his mouth, he opened his right palm, concentrating on the snowflake forming in his hand. Placing it next to the frozen person, he ran off, pulling himself onto the rooftop of a nearby building. 


Dropping onto the highest rung of the fire escape, he pulled the plain electric blue mask onto the side of his head. Breathing in a huff of fresh air, he slipped off his gloves, running a hand through his bicolored hair as he stared at the bright moon. 


Making sure the black hoodie stayed on his head, he turned around at the sound of a familiar voice.




A green hooded boy bounced towards him, the bunny ears on top of him flapping in the wind as he did so. The boy pulled the black sick mask off his face as he dropped onto the parapet. 


“Viridian,” Shouto sighed, “we’re not supposed to use our civilian names during vigilantism.”


He knew it was a fruitless effort. Izuku would probably just continue to call him ‘Shou’ anyways. It’s not like he really minded. He was just worried someone might overhear them. 


“Ah, right! Sorry Ultramarine. I keep forgetting!” 


Izuku paused to pull a lollipop out of his pocket, sticking it into Shouto’s mouth.


“Anyways,” he continued, “I think we’re gonna be busy for the next few days. I was interrogating these small criminals, and one of them mentioned a drug cartel near a middle school.”


Shouto nodded, his eyes scanning the ground far below as he watched for a civilian or hero to come find the frozen criminal. 


“That guy’s the abuser right?” 


“Yeah,” he replied with a scowl, pulling the lollipop out of his mouth. “Bubblegum?”


Izuku nodded, tilting his head to the side. “Hm. It’s good that you got him early on then. That type of person shouldn’t be allowed to live a normal life. And I figured you should try a new flavor every once in a while. You can’t eat all the strawberry ones I have.”


A small smile crossed Shouto’s face. “I can still try though.”


Gazing at the dark alleyway, he watched as a sidekick called for help from one of the pros. 


“Where’s the middle school?”


Izuku followed his eyes, glancing at the heroes. 


“Aldera junior high,” he said, though his voice was much quieter.


Shouto looked up at him in surprise, immediately recognizing the name. A name he knew Izuku would rather not talk about, not if it could be helped. 


“Are you gonna be fine with it?” he asked carefully. He knew that Izuku didn’t have any traumatic side effects after the years at Aldera, but it didn’t hurt to ask.


“Yeah,” Izuku finally replied. “I just hope I don’t run into any of my old teachers.” 


Shouto nodded and stood up, jumping up onto the ceiling next to Izuku.


“Let’s go, don’t want the pros to catch us,” he said, offering the shorter boy a small smile. 


He was returned with a grin bright enough to light up the entire country. It was a wonder the heroes couldn’t find them up there with Izuku smiling like the sun.


“It’d be fine,” the green haired boy laughed, pulling his mask back on. “We’re minors, they can’t put us in prison anyways. Besides, if Manual down there is the one to catch us, there are at least 34 ways for us to get out.”


As they ran atop the apartment buildings, Izuku recounted every way he’d thought of for them to escape. 


“–then again you could use diamond dust instead of the ice wall, though that would take more time and effort. But, that would result in less casualties so I guess you could go with either one…” 


Izuku continued to ramble until they stopped on the fire escape on the higher floors of an apartment building.


“Well, see you later Ultramarine!” Izuku said, with the same cheerfulness that he somehow kept throughout every day. 


“Bye Viridian,” Shouto chuckled.  He followed Izuku through the window where the other boy had already tossed his fingerless gloves onto the kitchen table. 


“Come on, Shou,” Izuku called to him as he pulled off his mask and took a paper bag out of the fridge. “I got refrigerated sandwiches today.”


The heterochromatic boy dropped his plain mask that covered his face onto the tabletop and pulled off his gloves as well. He threw the metal bat onto the couch. 


“What type?” he asked, unzipping the front of his black hoodie. 


“I don’t know,” Izuku shrugged, putting the sandwiches in the microwave, “but I think it’s peanut butter, or at least that’s what it looks like.”


He walked over to Shouto, pecking him on the cheek before placing the plate on the table.


“Thanks,” Shouto said, smiling as he picked up the food. It tasted good enough for something that had just been microwaved. 


He glanced at the clock which read 1:35. “We should hurry up and sleep after this, it’s already pretty late,” he murmured. 


Izuku hummed in agreement as he picked up the plates and quickly washed them. Shouto headed over to the bathroom, taking a quick shower before changing into his pajamas. 


When he returned to the room, Izuku was already lying under a collection of fuzzy All Might blankets asleep. Smiling at the soft sight, Shouto placed a quick kiss on his dark green curls before slipping in bed and wrapping his arms around him. 


“Good night, Viridian,” he whispered, before sleep took him as well.