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Have a Mina Christmas and a Denki New Year

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The party was in full swing. Kaminari and Mina really outdid everyone’s expectations. The fake tree was grand and fully decorated with ornaments whilst paper decorations were hung up all over the common area. Mistletoes were scattered about, waiting to be acknowledged with awkward tension. The food was all laid out, nothing too fancy but in abundance. Kirishima went to check in on Mina who, like Kaminari, decided to rest for an hour. That was over two hours ago. Jirou was relaxing on the couch, drinking fruit punch, people watching. Momo and Shouta were being awkward, discussing the rules lf the mistletoe, whilst Midoriya and Uraraka were both freaking out after they kissed under one. The music was obviously Christmas-y, and whilst Jirou didn’t mind it at first, after two hours of hearing about getting together at Christmas, she was bored of it. She scanned around, seeing if Kaminari was finally there but was disappointed. She wanted to congratulate him on such a sweet gesture. No wait, she wanted to judge him for his music tastes. Yeah, that sounded right to Jirou. She let out a sigh. Who was she kidding, the goof did great and she wanted to show him her appreciation.

When Kirishima came back, he dragged a yawning Ashido. He then surprised her with a quick kiss under the mistletoe. She immediately woke up and squealed in joy before grabbing food and eating it, obviously hungry. Jirou looked and waited for Kaminari show up. After a few minutes she stopped hoping for him to show up, before Momo sat beside her. “You should go to him.” She said. Jirou feigned ignorance. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said, crossing her arms. Suddenly, Bakugou was sitting on the arm of the couch “Then why do you look like a dog waiting for it’s owner?” “Hey! I’m not waiting for anyone!” Jirou protested. “Look Ears, you and Sparkplug seem to have some kind of weird unspoken relationship that neither of you are aware of that it hurts. A lot.” Jirou continued to pout when Momo laid a hand on her knee “I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. Just go to him.” “I’m not going to anyone.” Jirou said. She was trying desperately to not get flustered but she couldn’t stop it. Her cheeks were red with images of Kaminari putting together this party with Ashido for the past couple days. The sleepless nights they both went through to learn how to cook everything, determined to make everything perfect for the ones that they loved. Momo patted her shoulder, shaking Jirou out of thought. She looked to Momo who nodded, and then to Bakugou who also nodded. “Thanks guys.” She said before jumping off the couch. She grabbed a plate of cookies and when to go to Kaminari’s room. Before she left the common area though, she checked around and saw that no-one was looking. She quickly jumped and grabbed a mistletoe before hurrying to Kaminari’s room.

She gently knocked on his door and listened for a response. She put her jack in the door and heard soft breathing. She turned the doorknob and slowly turned the door. His room was gaudy as hell but she didn’t mind anymore. He had a desk set up now and she laid the plate and the mistletoe on it. She saw Kaminari sleeping peacefully above the covers, wearing shorts and a Pikachu shirt. She couldn’t help but love his poor tastes because somehow he made them work for him. Jirou went to him and nudged him “Hey, Jamming-Whey.” Kaminari made some kind of sound of acknowledgement that Jirou took as him trying to wake up. “You’re missing a hell of a party.” She said softly. “No I’m not.” He mumbled quietly, that Jirou could just make out what he said. Jirou wanted to press for more but he continued, unaware that he was speaking “There’s no party without you.” Kaminari still hadn’t open his eyes. Jirou doubted that he was talking about her though, Kaminari loved big chesty woman like Yaomomo and Uraraka, not someone like flat-chested Jirou. “Come on, Kaminari. Wake up.” She prodded him. He was almost vehemently not getting up. “Why don’t you join me and lie down?” Jirou went red. No way Kaminari was thinking of her. She sat and laid her head on his bed and closed her eyes. God, she thought, of all the people she had to fall for, it was Pikachu, who didn’t see her like that.

She head shuffling after ten minutes but paid no mind. It wasn’t until she felt something tickle her face lightly that she opened her eyes and saw the mistletoe she had laid down. She didn’t register that Kaminari was on his bed smiling until she turned and saw him. She immediately went red. “Watcha got here?” he asked coyly. Jirou started shooting off excuses “It’s not like that. It was a prank. Ha ha! Funny joke, y’know, Jamming-Whey? Ask Bakugou and Yaomomo! They’ll tell you!” Kaminari’s face still had a smile but as Jirou went on, it shrank. Jirou put her hands on her mouth to stop from carrying on. Kaminari continued to stare until he looked at the plate. “Were the cookies a prank too?” he asked. Jirou shook her head and Kaminari put the mistletoe down, reaching out to get one. Before he took a bite he thought out loud “Wish you would.” Jirou heard him as he took a bite. “What?” Kaminari asked, forgetting that Jirou had super-hearing. She tapped her jacks lightly and it was Kaminari’s turn to go red. Jirou had to ask “Are you for real?” Kaminari was lost for words for once. “I-I” he started to stammer before realizing the futility of it and sighed “Yeah. I do.” Without thinking Jirou grabbed the mistletoe and held it above them. Kaminari looked at her. Jirou was getting flustered the longer she was there, she didn’t know what she was anticipating but she wanted Kaminari to do something. “Jirou, what is this?” he asked. “Don’t you know the rules of the mistletoe, Jamming-Whey?” she responded loudly. “Yeah but.” Kaminari began but Jirou interrupted him “Forget it.” Kaminari was about to say something else but Jirou drew him close and kissed him. It was long and deep, Kaminari never resisted, instead closing his eyes and holding Jirou closer.

When they finally parted, their eyes met. They were both breathing heavily. “Was I good?” Kaminari asked. “Why are you asking me? You must’ve kissed plenty of girls.” Kaminari rubbed his head “Not really.” They sat in an awkward silence for a moment. Kaminari took a deep breath before asking “So, um…do you want to like, go out? On a date or something?” Jirou smiled “Yeah.” “Does that mean I can be your Jamming-Whey?” Kaminari asked. Jirou was getting flustered “Y-yeah, you goof.” Kaminari beamed brighter than the Christmas lights.

When they went downstairs to the common area. The party was still in full swing. A slow number came on and many people started to pair up and dance together, Tokoyami and Asui, Midoriya and Uraraka, Yaoyorozu and Shouta, Ashido and Kirishima with Bakugou begrudgingly dancing with Iida, who didn’t want to be left out. Kaminari slipped his hand into Jirou’s and they moved in to dance. When he and Ashido saw each other she gave him a thumbs up which he returned. This would be a merry Christmas and hopefully a happy new year.