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falling like the stars | tsukiyama

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6 years later

tsukki pov

"yamaguchi did you see that dinosaur!" tsukishima practically yelled, pointing a finger at the movie on the screen. he looked down to see his boyfriend asleep on his chest, legs tangled in his own and arms around his waist. yamaguchi hugged his torso, snuggling himself against tsukishima. his cheek squished slightly, a drip of drool on his chin. his eyelashes fluttered delicately and tsukishima admired the freckles littering his pale cheeks. "hm, of course you fell asleep, you always say you won't," tsukishima laughed, smiling sweetly. he loved seeing yamaguchi like this, not a worry in the world, dreaming of who knows what. reaching a hand to skim a hand across his cheek and move a flick of hair out of his eyes, he gave a small kiss to the tip of his nose, fairy-like almost. over time tsukishima had grown taller, so now yamaguchi had to stretch to peck him on the cheek before he left for work and his clothes hung loosely when yamaguchi wore them. 

since meeting yamaguchi, tsukishima's life had been as close to perfect as it could get. after high school they applied to the same college, and luckily enough they both got in. they bought an apartment together, and shortly after graduating college moved into a house. it was perfect, beautiful and just, them. both boys had jobs, not anything extraordinary, but they did something that provided for them and was enjoyable. hinata and kageyama came over often, and although tsukishima thought their newlywed behavior was atrocious, they were yamaguchi's friends. everything he did was for yamaguchi, so as they danced in the early morning hours in the kitchen wear only pajamas and socks, filling the air with laugher and smiles, tsukishima knew what he wanted. it had been 6 years, it was time. 

tsukishima had to make sure everything was in the works. it wasn't like there needed much planning, this wasn't anything big. but still, tsukishima needed to plan something to settle his damn mind. carefully moving out from under yamaguchi, untangling himself, he laid his boyfriend down on the couch. he whimpered as the heat from tsukishima left him, reaching out.

"shh, shh, i know, i'm sorry baby," tsukishima comforted, pulling a blanket over his and kissing him on the cheek. he tucked his long, grown out hair behind his ear, feeling the short undercut underneath. a smile played softly in yamaguchi's lips and he snuggled into the pillows of the couch. once he was sound asleep, drooling and snoring softly, tsukishima rushed off to their bedroom.

now, where did i put that?

he hummed quietly in concentration, ruffling through his dresser. finally, his hand met the small black box tucked away beneath his sweatshirts. he felt his heart warm as he lifted the purple sweatshirt out of the draw to reveal the box. it was from high school, the day he confessed, the day his world changed for the better. his fingers brushed the moons on the sleeves, remembering how yamaguchi loved them and smiling. 

turning his attention back to the box in his hand, he opened it. the lid snapped back with a soft "clap" to reveal the small gold band inside. it gleamed as the light hit it, making the moon engraved on it stand out. the ring was as perfect as he remembered, thin enough for yamaguchi's dainty fingers but thick enough to be substantial. people had to know they were engaged. tsukishima took a deep breath, snapping the ring box closed and shoving it into the pocket of his pants. 

tomorrow. tomorrow it is.


"tsukkiiii pleaseeee can we just stay in and watch another movie? i PROMISE i won't fall asleep!" yamaguchi whined, hugging tsukishima's arm as he sorted through the mail.

"no, i want to take you somewhere. i don't care how much you flutter your eyelashes and stick out your lip, we're going. and you'll still fall asleep, you say it every time and every time you fall asleep. i've know you a long time babe, you will never be able to stay awake during a movie." tsukishima said sternly, running a hand through yamaguchi's hair. he felt yamaguchi's head fall onto his shoulder, huffing quietly and mumbling a fine.

"any who, what should i wear?" yamaguchi piped up, wrapping his arms around tsukishima's waist and propping his head on his shoulder. 

tsukishima snorted. he'd never been able to get over how quickly his boyfriends mood could change. one time yamaguchi forgot an umbrella, so naturally it had decided to rain that day. he remembered that yamaguchi sulked for a few minuets, but then smiled brightly and danced in the rain, pulling tsukishima along with him. it irked him to be wet, but he did it for yamaguchi, he did it to seem his beam of a smile shine.

"you're something else tadashi," tsukishima laughed, "just wear something casual, warm. i guess that doesn't even matter, you'll bug me for my jacket anyways." in the years that tsukishima had known yamaguchi not ONCE had he ever been prepared. he was always cold, shivering and clinging tightly to tsukishima for warmth. 

yamaguchi giggled, standing on his tip toes to peck tsukishima on the cheek before rushing off to change.


it was 8 o'clock when the pair left the house. yamaguchi dressed in a hoodie and jeans, white sneakers at his feet. 

"so, so, so where are we goinnn" yamaguchi asked, bouncing up and down with excitement as he latched onto tsukshima's arm. not much had changed since high school, except for more confidence from yamaguchi. 

"tadashi. i swear if you ask one more time- look we're almost there. calm your rocker for a sec starlight," tsukishima sighed, tapping the tip of yamaguchi's nose slightly. 

"hm, you've had that nickname since high school, do you ever get tired of it?" yamaguchi asked as they started the incline of the hill. by now yamaguchi seemed to know where they were going, amused by the memories from the location.

"not really, i've always loved it. it fits you, don't ya think? speaking of high school, recognize where we are? it's been a while since we've been here hasn't it," tsukishima responded, glancing over at yamaguchi.

"it has. a shame really, i loved it here," yamaguchi replied, giving tsukishima's hand a light squeeze. 


finally, after a short walk the couple stood on top of the hill. for a while they admired the view, taking in the brightness of the city light and contrast of the stars against the dark sky.

"i'm glad we came back kei, thank you," yamaguchi whispered to the blonde boy sitting on the ground next to him. he leaned his head on tsukishima's shoulder, grinning.

"you took my jacket, again. but i'll ask anyways. tadashi, would you like to dance?" tsukishima smirked, standing up and offering his hand to the smaller boy. 

"of course!" yamaguchi cried, jumping up and taking the outstretched hand. he spun and tsukishima danced slowly with him, enjoying the giggles escaping from the shorter male. tsukishima felt the box bulge in his pocket as they talked, reminiscing on memories.

whew, here it goes. i can't believe this is happening. 

"tadashi, could you close your eyes for me?" tsukishima whispered in yamaguchi's ear. he saw him blush slightly and look shocked, before smiling softly and closing his hazel eyes. tsukishima let go of yamaguchi's waist and untangled their hands, fumbling with his pocket. he let out a sharp breath and got down on one knee, opening the box in his hands to show the ring laying inside.

"um, kei, may i open my eyes now?" yamaguchi giggled.

jeez kei, do it now! don't be wimp!

"tadashi yamaguchi, will you marry me?"

yamaguchi's eyes shot open and a hand flew to cover his mouth. it took a second to register before tears streamed down his freckled cheeks, long eyelashes now dark and wet with tears. the proposal was sudden, straight to the point. words weren't his strong suit so why bother? just ask the question he really wanted the answer to.

"m-marry y-you?" he spluttered, cries interrupting each syllable. and for a second tsukishima thought he was going to say no. his mouth formed a shaky smile and he seemed to vibrate with joy. "o-of course i w-will. y-yes, YES! i w-will marry you, y-you asshole! i'll m-marry you stupid!" he sobbed, laughing a golden laugh and holding his hand out. he stilled covered his mouth with the other, closing his eyes and letting the tears fall down his face. tsukishima slipped the gold band onto his thin finger, watching as the moon shone in the moonlight. he stood up to look at yamaguchi, the smaller boy engulfing him in a tight hug, trembling out of happiness. "of c-course i'll m-marry you kei."

tsukishima felt the sting of hot tears and saw them slip out of the corners of his eyes. he touched their foreheads, looking into the deep, golden eyes of tadashi yamaguchi. he wiped his cheeks and kissed his nose, something that had become an endearing habit.

"god kei, that delivery was so straight forward. you really do suck at stuff like this," yamaguchi sniffled, giggling and hugging tsukshima's neck tighter.

"but you love it," tsukishima teased, pulling him closer by the waist. his eyes crinkled as he shared the special moment with yamaguchi. 

"hm, i do, i really, really do,"

and to think this all started because of some freckles. thank you, tadashi. thank you for coming into my life.