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Through Thick and Thin

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5. eating carrots

It’s early this weekday morning—so early the sun has barely made it up across the horizon to greet the tops of the trees with its warm rays of light, but it’s okay.

Jungkook’s at Jin-hyung’s bunny café, dropping off a big crate of carrots he helped Taehyung harvest from their greenhouse behind the coven’s spacious house. Hauling it from the truck to the back of the café in his human form was no sweat off his back, and he liked helping around the house with tasks like these. It made him feel useful when all his hyungs were busy.

“You can just put it right there by the door, Kook-ah, thank you,” Seokjin said as he wiped his forearm to swipe the piece of hair dangling in front of his eyes. When that didn’t work, he tried to blow it away instead.

Jungkook scrunched his nose as he smiled at this sight, deciding to put his hyung out of his misery and gently took the strands in between his fingers and tucked it behind one of his hyung’s ears.

At this range in closeness, he could see the soft pink hue blooming from Seokjin’s ears and the way his hyung’s beautiful lips pulled into a sweet smile, making him recoil his hand as quick as it was to reach out. He cleared his throat, and blinked, turning as he took some misguided steps toward no particular direction, only setting on back towards the crate of heirloom carrots.

He plucked a particularly purple one out, and rolled it a couple of times over the leg of his pants. Still very aware of the way Seokjin was still staring at him, he blushed.

He’s not sure if his shyness was naturally because of his affinity to his shifter form as a tiny little orange bunny, or if he felt most comfortable as a bunny because of his shyness.

Either way, with Seokjin abandoning his dough, opting to prop up his face on the heel of his hand—the cleanest part of his flour-y hands—to intentionally watch Jungkook fluster about. It’s the way that makes Jungkook feel all the butterflies flittering in his stomach, and want to hide.

So, doing what he does best, he pushes the carrot sideways into his mouth, and mid step, he shifts into his bunny form, and escapes into the main café.

He can hear the way Seokjin is chuckling—teasing him for being so fricking cute, Kook-ah when he finds his favourite hidey-hole. The one made of soft patterned fleece. Jungkook makes a break for it (he can feel his hyung’s steps catching up to him).

He’s right in front of it, and makes to dive in. But he forgets that he’s got a carrot in his mouth (and in this form, it’s longer than Jungkook is wide—longer than he is fully stretched out from soft nose to fluffy tail, for that matter) and it blocks him.

He contemplates his situation as a shadow looms over him, then remembers that if he just nibbles his way to one end—he hops once, twice around the carrot so he can get the tip in his mouth.

He looks up and sees Seokjin sitting with his long legs crossed, leaning back on his elbows, just smiling. He’s glad that he’s got lots of fluffy fur covering his face, lest his hyung gets a bigger kick out of his embarrassment from the display of affection, and backs up into his fleecy hiding spot, tail first.

Once in the safety of the warm fleece tunnel, he eyes Seokjin, still unmoved from his spot, but the dopey smile is big, and it makes Jungkook feel things.

Slowly, Seokjin shuffles his position- he’s laying on his stomach now, and reaches a tender finger out to give Jungkook a scritch behind his ear- his favourite spot for pets, and in a soft soft voice he says, “Thank you, Kook-ah.”

Jungkook doesn’t resond with words but does butt his head on Jin’s hand when he stops petting him for a second.

“Ah, there’s my bratty little bun. Love you, too,” he chuckles.

Jungkook just crunches on the carrot faster.


4. please stay home

Taehyung’s dressed in his warmest robe today, and Jungkook is certain that he wasn’t supposed to be off to help with warding their neighbouring village’s fence for another two days.

Jungkook hops as fast as he can toward the front door, where Taehyung is bent down on one knee tying up his laces.

“… aaand the bunny goes around the tree and into the hole and out the other side. Done!”

Jungkook is less than a foot away when Taehyung pulls to stand up, and he panics. Absolutely runs his tiny body into the side of his hyung’s shoe.

Whoa, baby, what are you doing, hm?” Taehyung reaches down to pet him. Jungkook’s ears are flopping low today, doing his best to show his hyung that he’s sad and doesn’t want him to leave.

So he hops as close as he can to Taehyung’s foot as possible without getting right on top, and looks up with his big round eyes.

Don’t go, please.

“Baby, it’s just a day. I’ll be back tomorrow, promise,” Taehyung says, his velvety baritone voice rumbles into his ears. Taehyung doesn’t pick Jungkook up right now though- he knows better than to do that when Jungkook’s in his bunny form without asking first. He’s a prey animal afterall, but more than that, it’s because he knows that it’s easier to let him show the others what he wants. Communication is key, as he hears the echoes of his Namjoon-hyung’s voice in his head.

He just nuzzles his face into Taehyung’s hand one more time before sitting up, all prim and proper and even if he’s not actually ready for his hyung to be gone for a whole day he’s a good boy, and he knows that his hyung has work to do.

Taehyung blows him a kiss from the doorway, and Jungkook hops up best he can to catch it on his cheek.


3. why can’t I come up?

He’s upset. He’s rightfully upset, because his hyung won’t let him up on his lap, and he should be. Because he’s always allowed on his hyungs’ laps, but Hoseok-hyung isn’t letting him and he’s upset.

So he thumps his feet, staring up with his big beady eyes—does his best to send an angry glare up at him, but all he gets is is stupid, pretty heart-shape smile. It makes him thump his feet harder, because he’s sure Hoseok just thinks he’s being cute, even if he’s trying his best to show he’s upset.

“Baby, why are you upset?”


“Kookie, my cutest little bunny, you can’t come up here.”

Another hard thump.

“Baby, you can’t come up here right now!

He huffs a breath out, and throws his entire weight into this thump.

Hoseok laughs loudly, then says, “Jungkook-ah, I’m on the toilet!”


2. you can’t eat paper, baby

He’s eyeing Namjoon from the floor, where he’s surrounded by stacks upon stacks of paper, presumably from some marking he’s doing for the witchcraft history course he’s teaching at the university.

But he just wants some quality cuddles with his Joonie-hyung.

So maybe he’s not supposed to be doing this, pulling out the sheets and messing up the piles, but it’s been forever since he’s even seen his hyung, and now that he has, he’s going to get his pets one way or another.

“Jungkook…” Namjoon’s voice is low, and it sounds like he’s warning Jungkook, but he’s a bunny damnit, and he’ll do it, he swears he’ll—

He’s fast when he gets his front teeth on the corner of the paper, and pulls. But evidently, not as fast as the stack of falling paper that he’s promptly covered with.


Ouch, he thinks. He can feel a pair of hairs rustling through the paper on top of him, until he feels the long fingers wrapping around his middle, careful but firm as he’s lifted up and into a warm lap.

He blinks when he doesn’t heart the scolding he’s expecting. Instead, it’s just a quiet whisper asking, “Are you okay, bun?”

He closes his eyes again, and lets the big warm hand smoothing over his fur lull him into a content sleep.


1. zoomies and binkies

He can’t help it when it happens.

When his body has so much energy and he’s feeling so good that he runs around the house. Round and round in circles between the rooms on the main floor. Hop hop hop up the stairs and into all the rooms he can.

In between chair legs and under the beds and tables.

He got scolded once for weaving between Seokjin’s legs as he was cooking dinner, so he steers clear of the kitchen, but he stops once at the doorway to see if his hyung will indulge him in a small chase.

“I’m almost done lunch, bun. Why don’t you go see if Jimin’s still practicing in his room? He suggests, though he doesn’t even turn back to look at Jungkook who’s sitting on his hind legs, doing his best bunny eyes.

He pouts on the inside—knows that he can’t actually pout much in his shifter form, but takes the suggestion into consideration as he hip-hops his way to Jimin’s studio down the hall.

The music filters through the cracked open door, and Jungkook pokes his head in to see. Sees that Jimin is as elegant as ever as he floats through the air like the scarf he’s holding. He’s flowing and it’s mesmerizing- hypnotic to watch.

As he winds down to the end, laying face-up on the floor, Jungkook propels his body into the room and bumps up to Jimin’s side, a little oof is pushed out of his little body.

“Someone’s a little energizer bunny today, huh?” Jimin’s giggles tinkle like wind chimes ringing on a hot summer day, his breaths the warm breeze.

Jimin rolls away from Jungkook, and turns on an upbeat song, something that he does often when Jungkook is feeling zoom-y.

“Let’s dance, bun.”

So Jungkook zooms from corner to corner and binkies a couple of times, hopping around Jimin’s feet as he dances with Jimin the best he can.


0. more please

It’s not necessarily a Bad Day, but it’s also not a Good Day by any means. He’s just tired, his classes were long, and he didn’t have time to eat lunch—something that his stomach does not agree with. But he got an A on his painting and write-up, and he finished his mid-terms. So it’s not a Good Day, but it’s not Bad either.

He’s in one of the bedrooms laying down, spayed out like a starfish because he’s too tired to guide himself to his own (not that anyone really sleeps in their own rooms anyway, so it doesn’t matter much) to strip down and shower.


He feels the bed dip, and recognizes the lazy drawl as his one and only Yoongi-hyung’s, but he can’t bring himself to lift his head to greet him, and just whines into the pillow.

“Kook-ah, come here, baby.”

He curls up a little bit as he feels strong arms pulling him toward his hyung, onto his side and into a little spoon to his hyung (and even if Yoongi is littler than him, he lets himself be spooned like this because it makes him feel nice and safe and so so so loved on this Not A Good or Bad Day).

“D’you know what’ll make you feel better? Some pets,” Yoongi’s threading his fingers through Jungkook’s hair, rubbing his scalp with his fingertips, and boy does it feel good like this. Thinks this is enough, but then lets it stew for a few seconds longer, and decides to indulge his hyung.

Yoongi smiles down at his little bunny form, and drags one of the soft fuzzy blankets from the side of the bed and makes a little blanket nest.

Jungkook hops in, ready.

Yoongi’s hand stops a couple of times, just as Jungkook is on the edge of falling asleep, so he lets out a grumble—it’s like a purr almost, but Yoongi can tell it’s his I’m-kind-of-annoyed-you-stopped-please-keep-going whine, so he starts again.

Stops a few times just to see if Jungkook would react (which he does. He’s almost there, can feel the sleepiness dragging him down into the depths of sweet, sweet darkness), but starts again.

An unknown amount of times passes by, and this time, when Yoongi stops, Jungkook is ready to butt his head on Yoongi’s hand, which is cradling the side of his head.

He pushes himself up, and oh-

Yoongi’s eyes are closed, his body curled up around Jungkook like a protective wall.

So he does the next best thing.

Climbs up on Yoongi and falls asleep crossways with his paws dangling down.