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somethings got to give

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Seokjin awakes with a start to the sound of crashing and doors slamming. It takes a moment for the disorientation to settle into a faint buzz and to work out he's sitting upright. He must've fallen asleep in his swivel chair. It's irritating, slightly, because Seokjin had purposefully set himself up in his little make-shift study with the window wide open, chair facing towards the wall, so he could spin around dramatically and say "I've been expecting you, you brat." when he'd inevitably clamber through. He'd even moved the light shade closer to the desk so he could reach over and turn it on for the added theatrics. All that potential drama, wasted.

Seokjin sighs and pulls himself to his feet. The likelihood was he'd had already spotted the window open and decided to get into the apartment a different way, because he knows Seokjin will be pissed off with him and he knows he's in for a lecture. Which he absolutely is. Seokjin stuffs his feet into an abandoned pair of slippers and makes his way into the open plan living space. As suspected Jungkook is standing in the middle of the kitchenette, back to Seokjin, as he rummages through cupboards.

He's still got his Spidey-Suit on, there's a large tare running through the back of it that starts between his shoulder blades that ends at his waist. From what Seokjin can see in the low kitchen light the skin underneath isn't raised or bleeding, thankfully, and sometimes all he can do is count the small blessings.

He's still got his mask on, though, which probably isn't a good sign. He leans over and starts rummaging through the bottom draws of Seokjin's fridge, ass poked out wiggling as he hums to himself. Seokjin rolls his eyes, bites the inside of his cheek to stop himself from smiling fondly, and reaches out to pinch it.

Jungkook gasps, spinning around to reveal half his mask still covering his eyes whilst his mouth is exposed. Cheeks stuffed with what Seokjin presumes is his left over dubu jorim. Well, if the container he's holding is anything to go by.

" Hyung ," Jungkook squeaks, "this isn't what it looks like." He tilts his head to look down at the container and then quickly shoves it behind his back, there's a split in the corner of his lip that stretches and beads with blood as he grimaces, Seokjin tries not to cringe. Instead he cocks an eyebrow, leans back against the counter with his arms crossed. Jungkook shifts from foot to foot. "I-- I, uh, I brought you something." He tilts his head towards the table.

Seokjin sighs and nudges him towards the dining chairs. "Sit." He instructs, "hyung will prepare you something more sustainable for you to eat."

"Aren't you even going to ask what I got you?" Jungkook pouts, gesturing again to the little box on the table. It looks fairly battered, like it's been through a few hedges and maybe dropped once or twice (which, it properly has) and Seokjin sighs as he opens it between his forefinger and thumb whilst Jungkook claps excitedly. Inside is an assortment of steamed rice cakes decorated with fruit, a little squished from their journey over here but still warm, box still damp to the touch from the heat.

"Jungkook-ah," Seokjin begins with a sigh.

"Because you promised," Jungkook interrupts, "You said I could stay for Christmas and Eomma said it was always rude to turn up empty handed."

"Kook-ah," Seokjin snips, "I didn't say that."

"You said I could stay the night." He insists, "You said we could spend the holidays together."

"I said that 3 days ago, and then you disappeared again ." Seokjin pinches the bridge of his nose, eyes squeezed shut because he knows if he has much as glances in Jungkook's big, brown, puppy eyes he'll cave. "The offer to stay is specific to that incident, Jungkook-ah. It's not just, just an open invitation. "

"Hyung," Jungkook whines, "C'mon, Christmas is a couples holiday. "

"We're not a couple."

"We are. " Jungkook pouts, kicking his feet a little under the table. "I know you're grumpy with m e hyung, but there's no need to be cruel."

"I'm not grumpy with you, I'm angry ."

"Angry is such a strong word, hyung. I don't think you're angry just," Jungkook points his finger in the air, as if he's fishing for the words. " Frustrated . That sounds more reasonable."

"No, no. I'm pretty sure this anger."

"Why would you be angry with me? How could you be angry with me?" Jungkook huffs, "I literally just beat up a bad guy."

"That's literally why I'm mad at you. You-- you keep disappearing, sometimes maybe only for a day, maybe weeks and I never know when you'll be back. I have to watch the News to find out where you are, what you're doing. So not only do I have to watch the news-- and you know how much I hate watching the news, Jungkook-ah, I hate how they start off the weather by telling me what the weather's been like as if I haven't lived through it--"

"The weather forecasters are pretty annoying." Jungkook agrees.

"My point is, in order to know you're alive I have to keep an eye on current, city affairs. Most of my friends who are dating 20 something's have to check their Instagrams if they don't text back for a few hours, i have to scower deep web naver to make sure there's nothing about fucking SpiderMan getting knocked over by some guy with metal tentacles for arms --"

"So I am your boyfriend?" Jungkook bristles.

"You have incredibly selective hearing, Jungkook-ah."

" Spidey hearing ." Jungkook corrects, grinning. "Can I have japachae for dinner?"

"It's, you'll have whatever I can be goddamn bothered to make." Seokjin grumbles, "I'm going to heat up the rest of the jorim for you with some rice."

" Okay. " Jungkook sighs.

"But first, you're going to take off that mask and suit."

Jungkook stills, chewing on his bottom lip and winces when his teeth catch on the gash in the corner of his mouth, because he's an idiot. "Hyung..."

"Don't 'hyung' me, Kook-ah. You know the flat rules. No spidey--"

No spidey stuff in the flat. " Jungkook mimics, pouting with a large sigh. Like he's a teenager and not a 20-something human-spider infusion. "Yeah, yeah."

He bows his head and Seokjin sighs, croutches down to peer at his face. He puts a tenetive hand on Jungkook's shoulder. "Let me see the damage, Jungkook-ah."

"You'll be mad at me." Jungkook grumbles.

"I'm already mad." Seokjin deadpans. "You have nothing to loose."

"Hyungie," Jungkook doesn't look convinced, wiggling in Seokjin's grip.

Seokjin sighs again, resided, and gently cups Jungkook's exposed jaw, his fingers creep up to his cheek and curl against the mask. "Come on."

Jungkook doesn't resist, just tilts his head and he can see the way the fabric scrunches as Jungkook screws his eyes shut in anticipation. Like a band aid Seokjin pulls it off in one swoop, Jungkook's hair falls gently against his face as it escapes the little bun on top of his head. It falls in swoops over his eyes as well but does little conceive the bruising, blooming dark purple under his eyes and leaks almost black on the apples of his cheek and sinks into a deep red that creeps all the way up to his ears. His right eye would argulably look a little better than his left, if it weren't for the gash that skids across his eyebrow and settles on his eyelid.

Jungkook whimpers and tries to tilt his head away but Seokjin keeps a grip on his chin and forces his face forward, other hand coming up to cup his other cheek and trace his finger tips gently over the gash. "Oh, Kook-ah." He breathes.

"It's not as bad as it looks," Jungkook insists and Seokjin wishes he'd tallied the amount of times he's heard that one.

Seokjin stares and Jungkook cringes. "The other guy looks worse?"

"And who was the other guy this time, hm? Some villain of mass destruction with fucking metal octopus arms-- "

"Man, you're really hung up the dude with metal tentacles." Jungkook clicks his tongue. "If you wanted to spice up our bedroom life that much, hyung, all you had to do was ask --"

"Yah!" Seokjin swats his shoulder, careful to avoid the gash going down his back, just in case, "Why do you act like it's a crime to be worried about you and not a totally reasonable reaction --"

"I wouldn't know anything about committing crimes, hyung." Jungkook clicks his tongue. "I stop them. "

"You literally break into my house on a frequent basis, that is literally a crime." Seokjin flicks Jungkook on the nose, careful to miss any bruised skin. "You are also a masked vigilante."

"Hyung, am I getting that tofu or what?" Jungkook grumbles and Seokjin sighs exageratedly.

"Go to the bathroom, strip off. Hyung will come and get you when it's ready."

Jungkook grumbles and pushes himself out of the chair, stomps away like he really is a teenager. Seokjin pretends to busy himself with setting up the rice cooker but watches him out the corner of his eye, making sure their isn't a limp. He's grateful, hates that he has to be grateful about things like that.

He busies himself with preparing the rice for a few minutes and setting up the tofu back for heating, but decides to go and check on Jungkook when theirs a distinctive lack of sound coming from the bathroom.

He's glad he did, as he pushes the bathroom open he's met with Jungkook sitting limply on the toilet seat. His mask still crushed between his fingers as he kneads at it, looking a little numb and expressionless. It's only as Seokjin comes closer does he see the tear tracks down his cheeks, washing away the dirt on his cheeks like water dripping down condensate windows.

"Jungkook-ah," Seokjin soothes, "hey, come on."

"I'm sorry," Jungkook hiccups, eyes pressing his forehead agains this hands and the mask. "I don't mean to be like this, hyung."

"Like what?"

" Trouble ." He sniffs. "I cause you trouble."

"Well, yeah. You do. But I like trouble, Kook-ah."

Jungkook sniffs again, biting down on the inside of his cheek and Seokjin reaches out to caress his cheek again. "Kook-ah,"

"I just," He shifts, more fresh tears spilling over. "I can't just stop being this, you know? I want to be the kind of boyfriend that you wanna come home too. And, and I'm scared I can't do both but I can't give up being him. " He crushes the mask between his fingers, blinks up at Seokjin with fresh tears. "They need me out there hyung, it doesn't matter what I want when people need me."

"Hey, hey. Enough of that." Seokjin pries the mask out from between his fingers and bends down momentarily to retrieve the first aid kit from under the sink.

He thinks maybe investing in a kit for each room in the house might be a good idea and then dedicates himself to patching up Jungkook. He props the kit on top of the sink and digs around for the antiseptic and some cotton whool. "This'll sting." He warns."

He works in silence for a few minutes, gently cleaning up the beads of blood across his eye. It won't need stitches, barely a scratch, and Jungkook breathes a sigh of relief through his nose.

"You already are, by the way." Seokjin grumbles.

Jungkook perks up, tilting his head almost like a puppy. It's endearing. "Someone I want to come home too. I suppose whatever time of day that is, and however you chose to actually enter my flat." Seokjin dips the cotton wool back against the mouth of the bottle, and then gently dabs it around the rest of his face. Jungkook's skin tints pink wherever he traces it.

"So I am your boyfriend." Jungkook bristles and Seokjin clicks his tongue again.

"Again with the selective hearing."

"The spidey hearing ."

"I don't think spiders even are known for their hearing, why do you keep mentioning it?"

"All my spidey-senses are superior to a humans. It's just a fact, hyung. Don't be salty about it."

Seokjin rolls his eyes and pinches Jungkook on the thigh, who only squirms and giggles in delight. "Well make sure your spidey-hearing gets this: Strip. Bath. Now. "

"First all this robotic tentacle talk and now you want me to strip?" Jungkook wiggles on the toilet seat and wags his eyebrows. "I'm really getting lucky tonight aren't I?"

"You'll be lucky if you're not sleeping on the sofa tonight, you brat." Seokjin makes his way over to the bath and begins running the hot water, making sure it's not too hot and then turns back to Jungkook. "Are you hiding any other injuries you wanna tell me about now or is it just your face?"

"Hyung is really not subtle about trying to find reasons to get me naked." Jungkook sing songs as he rises to his feet. He still dutifully begins to shimmy the costume down past his thighs, almost toppling over into Seokjin's soap shelf when the costume gets stuck around his ankles.

Seokjin watches him. "Sometimes I think about exposing you, you know. Not because I want to be the one to have caught spiderman on camera, or because I want the bounty priced on your head, or even for the fame from the papers. Purely because it feels wrong to deprive the public of them knowing that Spiderman is the biggest dweeb I've ever known."

Jungkook is bent over as he tries to free his feet, naked ass wiggling in the air, as he scowls over his shoulder. "Stop looking."

"You can't tease your hyung relentlessly and then get mad at him for staring at the show." Seokjin shrugs. "I'm going to go and reheat your tofu, don't be too long."

He makes his way towards the door but Jungkook catches his arm, pouting. "Stay, hyungie."

"No, your dinner will get cold."

"Have a bath with me."

"I've already put the rice in the cooker."

Jungkook pouts again, lip jutted all the way out. "Then feed me in the bath, I wanna relax. I never get to relax."

"Yes, I can appreciate being an anthropomorphic spider-person who fights organised crime must be a stressful job."

"Actually I more meant more about university, it's exam season and I have an algebra exam on next week."

Seokjin huffs out a laugh and he knows it's a lost fight. "If you drop a single grain of rice in my bathtub, Jungkook."

"I'll be the worlds neatest eater." Jungkook nods enthusiastically.

"I'll believe that when I see it, you'd have me believing your part golden retriever than a spider, going by your table manners." Seokjin rolls his eyes and makes his way out the door.

"Hyung!" Jungkook calls.

Seokjin pauses in the door way. "What is it now?"

He shifts his feet a little, costume scrunched between his fingers and held over his crotch as he knaws on his bottom lip again. Seokjin thinks he might have to put something bitter tasting over them to stop him.

"I love you, Seokjin-hyung."

Seokjin stalls and fights the smile twitching on his lips. "Get in your bath, Kook-ah. It'll get cold."

Only when Seokjin's alone in the kitchen and pouring rice into a little bowl does he let the breath he'd been holding hiss through his teeth slowly, like the steam rising from the bowl.

He loves Jungkook, he truly does, and sometimes he has to bite the words between his cheek because he's not ever sure he can say it without the well of emotion rising through his throat and forcing its way out with it.

Dating Jungkook-- or being with Jungkook-- whatever this is that they've fallen into, is hard. Sometimes so hard that Seokjin feels like he can't breath, like the pressures of doing this have created a force on his chest that just won't let up. He's never been this anxious in his life, terrified to turn the tv on in case of what he might see but feeling like he's an apartment too big and too alone when he doesn't. There's no one to share the burden with, especially not Jungkook, and he spends a lot of time staring out the window, or the front door, or even at his phone waiting for something to happen. For Jungkook to arrive and the pressure to go.,

But it never really goes, not really. And the worse part of it all, through the anxiety and the pain and the fear, he knows this is the happiest he's ever been in his whole life. Jungkook has gone from a mistake who literally came crashing through his window one day, mask torn up and a gash running down the front of chest deep enough to weep blood across his tiled kitchen floor, begging to not tell anyone-- to someone he needs to see sitting at his kitchen table, here, safe, to feel grounded.

He lets the dubu jorim sizzle for a few minutes just so its a little warmer again and then dishes it out on top of the rice. He doesn't bother with banchan because this is more about getting Jungkook in bed, wrapped up and warm, safe in his arms.

When he comes back in the bathroom Jungkook is already in the tub surrounded by soap, constructing what looks like a beard made out of bubbles as he chuffs proudly to himself when it stays on his chin. His hair is wet and plastered around his neck, it needs cutting. Seokjin thinks he might offer to do it for him tomorrow.

He sits himself down on the toilet seat and begins to pick at the food with his chopsticks. He cautiously offers them over the water.

Jungkook blinks at him and opens his mouth, he's met with an eye roll and a huff but Seokjin spoons it into his mouth nonetheless.

Jungkook munches on the tofu, grinning around the food in his mouths so his cheeks puff out and it's weird. Weird to think this kid, with his scruffy hair and little waist and big brown eyes, was beating the shit out of gang members a few hours ago.

"'Tis good, hyung." Jungkook talks with his mouthful, Seokjin plucks some more to feed into his mouth. "Way better warm."

"Yah, food tastes better when you actually let your hyung take care of you, hm?" Seokjin clicks his tongue and Jungkook swallows, looking guilty.

"I just didn't want to wake you up, s'all." Jungkook slurs. "I was gonna take you to bed after'd I got some food down me."

"Well it's a good thing your hyung did wakeup, hm? No way you'd have the braincells to get yourself all cleaned up."

Jungkook hums. "Not as good as hyung does it. Will you wash my hair?"

"Maybe, once you're done with dinner."

He continues to hand feed Jungkook, because he is whipped, whilst Jungkook munches happily. It does seem that this time the only scraps he has on him are on his face and Seokjin hates that that's a relief but it is. Jungkook chews in silence, contently, and adds hot water back into the bath sporadically to keep the bath water warm.

When the foods gone Jungkook squirms and Seokjin thinks he's going to ask to get out. But instead he says, "Wash my hair, hyung?"

"It's hard to reach at this angle."

"Then get in with me." Jungkook huffs. "Honestly, hyung, you should have gotten in with me in the first place. Instead of leaving a lil ol' spider in here, all by his lonesome. We spiders are known for getting trapped in baths, hyung. You wouldn't want me to get stuck, would you?"

Seokjin blinks at him. "Are you aware you are actually a human man?"

"Hyung." Jungkook splashes around in the bath tub, like a human toddler. "Get in with meeeee. "

"Yah! Alright, alright!" He grabs the hem of his jumper and begins to wrestle it off, still huffing. "You remember when I said you were like a golden retriever?"

Jungkook giggles and Seokjin slips off his sweats, no underwear underneath, and Jungkook wolf whistles.

"Oh, shut up." He grumbles, slowly slipping into the bath water behind Jungkook, so his back is pressed against his chest. He reaches over for the shower head and tests the water on his hand before he begins washing the suds out of Jungkook's hair.

He sighs, leaning back into the warm water with his neck presses against Seokjin's biceps. Seokjin runs his fingers through the hair, being careful to untangle it gently.

Jungkook continues to sigh as he massages soap into his hair and repreats with the rinsing, little breathy sighs that sound so pretty and Seokjin has to bite his lip with Jungkook wiggles straight into his growing hard on.

He would be embarrassed, getting hard over a few little noises and just being naked, if he didn't catch Jungkook's hand as it disappeared under the dispersing suds and into his lap.

"Jungkook-ah," he hums, pressing a kiss to his ear, "Do you need a little extra help, baby?"

Jungkook shudders as his little sighs become longer, louder, still as pretty.

"Hyung," he groans as Seokjin begins to skid his hands down his little waist, along his hipe bones where he knows he's tickilish. "Don't tease, hyung."

"What do you want baby?" Seokjin begins to kiss down his neck, traces his hands over Jungkook's stomach and back up to carress his chest. "Tell hyung what you want, baby."

"Want-- want you to touch me."

"There we go, good boy." Seokjin soothes into Jungkook's hair, pressing more kisses. His hands slip back down his abs and come to curl into his thighs, Jungkook squirms and the water splashes against the porcelain. "Isn't it so much easier when you tell hyung what you want, hm ? Instead of raiding his cupboards at 2 in the morning instead of just asking for dinner which he could of prepared for you in advance if you'd announced your arrival?"

"You're really subtly about that, aren't you?" Jungkook says flatly but the words tether into a gasp as Seokjin wraps his fist around Jungkook's dick and tugs.

Jungkook arches his back immediately, like he's chasing the feeling and Seokjin doesn't have the will power to do more than just indulge him in what he wants.

Jungkook fucks up into his fist, the water makes everything smooth and slippery, whilst Seokjin meets every thrust by tightening his hand, running his thumb down the underside of his shaft like he knows he likes.

"You're so pretty, so brave." He mouths into Jungkook jaw, comes to use his spare hand to grip it because he knows Jungkook likes it a little rough. Always been such a good boy like that for hyung, hm?"

" Hyung. " He gasps.

"You don't need to ask permission tonight, baby." He speeds up the movement of his hand and Jungkook thrases, desperate to fuck up into the tight grip and the wetness around his fingers. "Hyungs just happy to see you, just proud that you came home in one piece."

"Hyungie, hyungie. " Jungkook gasps out, back arched, growing tense in Seokjin's lap. He knows he's close, knows he'll be coming in just a few more flicks of his wrist.

"My-- my spidey senses are tingling." Jungkook gasps and Seokjin's hand immediately stops moving.

Jungkook is laughing, spluttering and rolling around in his lap. More water laps over the edges of the bath tub. " Hyungggieee, why did you stop?"

"You ruined it." Seokjin deadpans. "I am never touching you again."

" Nooo, I was so close." Jungkook pouts, squirming a little desperately. "Please, please. I promise no more jokes. Hyung c'mon it was funny ."

"God, I hate you so much. After this you're leaving my apartment and we're going our separate ways."

"We'd have to be boyfriends for us to go separate ways, hyung."

Seokjin sighs and dutifully takes ahold of Jungkook's dick again and he gasps. He builds him back up with ease and it doesn't take more than a few tight tugs for Jungkook to go back to whithering in his grip.

Chanting breathlessly " Hyung, hyung, Seokjin-hyung, oh fuck, hyung " As Seokjin bites down into the junction of his neck, sucks gently, and feels him go taught in his grip before he cums all over his fingers and arm, The cum settles in the water amongs the bubbles and he collapses back into Seokjin with a sigh.

"There we go, JK." Seokjin soothes. He lets Jungkook relax against him, come back down before he's gently prying him into a sitting position. "C'mon, lets get you dry and we can go snuggle in bed."

Seokjin manages to wrestle a pilant and sleeping looking Jungkook into some borrowed pj's with the promise of steamed rice cake and anime. Steers him towards the bedroom and settles himself onto the bed as Jungkook waddles off to go and pee.

On his return Jungkook flops into bed with the cardboard box full of steamed rice cakes in hand. He waists no time in burying his face into the crook of Seokjin's neck, his legs weaving through his and hooking his ankle around Seokjin's knee.

"There's some ice cream in the fridge if you want it to go with the rice cake." Seokjin mumbles as he picks up the tv remote and begins to flick through their intense collection of downloaded anime. Jungkook huffs but still throws himself back out of the bed, waddles out of the room to return moments later with a tub of Robinson's chocolate ice cream and two spoons. He arranges himself back amongst Seokjin's limb and Seokjin wordlessly welcomes him under his arm.

"What do you wanna watch?" Seokjin mumbles, pressing a kiss into Jungkook's hair. He smells of bananas from the shampoo, less of blood and dirt.

"Anything." Jungkook breathes, his mouth already pressing kisses down Seokjin's neck. "Whatever you wanna watch."

"You wanna watch the superhero school one, hm?" Seokjin presses and Jungkook sighs contently, which Seokjin decides to take as a yes.

He presses play and falls back into the cushions propped behind them, draws the box of little cakes in front of them and begins gnawing at one. He takes a spoonful of ice cream and then feeds another mouthful to Jungkook.

"I had a cameo in the manga for this, you know." Jungkook says conversationally.

Seokjin tilts his head to look down at him. "Really?"

"Mhm." Jungkook stuffs two rice cakes into his mouth at once. "Thwey awesked my PR tweam and weay swed ywes."

"You don't have a PR team."

Jungkook swallows. "I know, it was just me answering the manga artist on multiple different emails."

"Still pretty cool though." Seokjin says.

Jungkook hums in reply and goes back to alternating between shoving ice cream and cake in his mouth to running his lips against Seokjin's collarbone and neck. It feels nice, the heat of Jungkook's mouth against his neck, and Seokjin finds himself having to press the heel of his palm against his dick to try and control the tent in his pj bottoms.

His hard hadn't really gone down from the bath incident, but Seokjin's determined to keep the heat off him. This is about taking care of JeokKook, he reminds himself, lulling him to sleep and giving this beat up kid the best Christmas he possibly can.

" Hyung. " Jungkook mumbles into his neck and Seokjin gasps as his hand finds its way to his crotch, the warmth of his palm against the slide of his PJ bottoms slightly maddening. " Hyung. "

"Jungkook-ah, stop it." he hisses, "I don't need anything, Iv'e already said that."

"Love you, hyung." Jungkook's teeth scrape against that spot on his neck and Seokjin gasps. Jungkook takes full advantage of this as he rises onto his knees so he can move his mouth over Seokjin's, stuffing his tongue straight into his mouth and kissing open mouthed. He keeps kissing him like, passionate and hungry and like they've been kept at arms length from each others for years. He takes Seokjin's hands to tangle into his own hair, and only breaks it to kiss down Seokjin's jaw, suck on his earlobe.

" Jungkook, calm down." He gasps into the kiss, "stop it."

"Wanna fuck you, hyung." Jungkook mumbles into the kiss, biting down on the plush of Seokjin's bottom lip as his knee comes down in between his legs to press down onto Seokjin's hard on. So his hands can come to grip onto his waist. "Please, hyungie it's Christmas ."

"You just came." Seokjin says.

"Spidey-refractory period." Jungkook whines.

Seokjin shoves him fully off. Jungkook rolls off with a yelp. "That is not a thing."

"It is." Jungkook insists. He grabs the remote. "I can get a documentary up on bugs mating habits if you need proof."

Seokjin wrinkles his nose. "I'll take your word for it."

"Hyung, hyung. " Jungkook squeals and he jumps to his feet and before Seokjin can get the words out to scold him he's crawled his way up the wall, planted his feet firmly on the ceiling and then his face is dangling in front of Seokjin's. "Spider kiss time!"

"Get down from there!" Seokjin scolds, trying to keep the fear out of his voice. If there's one thing he'll never get used to, its seeing his freak-of-nature boyfriend do literal spider things.

"Why don't you make me ." Jungkook wags his eyebrows and Seokjin sighs.

He smacks his lips back against Jungkook's, who hums in triumph, before he then pinches his nipple and Seokjin comes landing back down on the bed with a squawk.

"Don't play dirty hyung." He huffs.

"I am not fucking you upside down. If you want to do it we're gonna do it in boring, missionary position."

"Lame." Jungkook huffs. "But okay."

Jungkook careers himself back up the bed and goes straight back to kissing desperately, whining needly into his mouth. Despite the spidey-shinanigans Seokjin realises he is still very much hard and Jeongukk much realises it too. As his hand goes straight back to palming him through his pj's and Seokjin can do nothing but moan back into his mouth.

Jungkook has collapsed down onto his elbows, making Seokjin gasp as he knocks the air out of his lungs, and begins to rut his own hard on against Seokjin's hip.

"You're lucky I've already bathed and cleaned for this." Seokjin grumbles between sloppy kissing, "otherwise I'd have said no."

"Wanna make you feel good," Jungkook gasps, "I can bottom if you'd rather."

"No, no. You're barely standing on two feet as it is, let alone if I shoved my dick up your butt." Seokjin peels his t-shirt off, taking Jungkook's with it, "you can fuck me."

"Gonna make you feel so good." Jungkook promises, as he raises himself back up onto his knees to pull down Seokjin's pj bottoms. His dick springs free and hits again his tummy lightly.

"You already have, Jungkook. " Seokjin hisses as Jungkook takes his dick in his hand and pumps experimentally. "It's too dry, JK, the lubes in the draw."

Jungkook reaches across and gets it out, wets his hand and goes back to rolling it up and down. Seokjin sighs and lets himself be taken care of, just a little, feels the coil of anxiety seated deep in his stomach unwind a little with each lethargic tug.

"You look so good like this, hyung." Jungkook breathes, already rutting against the sheets a little.

"You look even better, my big, strong baby."

Jungkook whimpers, grip tightening and pace quickening and oh, he looks good. All fucked out as if each tug of Seokjin's dick sends shock waves of pleasure up in is own body, thighs cages his and moving almost like he's bouncing. Like he is riding Seokjin's dick.

"You wanna open me up, or shall hyung do it?"

"I wanna, let me. "

Jungkook lowers himself back down onto his elbows so he's eye line with Seokjin's hole, Seokjin blushes. "Hold yourself open for me, hyung."

He does, not because Jungkook asked but because he wants him to get on with it .

Jungkook works one finger in slowly, so slowly, like he thinks Seokjin might break or something. Sometimes he wonders if Jungkook's super strength distorts his ability to understand other humans, and he wants to tell him that he won't break when Jungkook works another finger in and pushes them up against Seokjin's prostate.

He moans, loudly, and from there Jungkook has no trouble excitedly scissoring him open. Seokjin gasps and tries to drown out his moans by stuffing his own fingers in his mouth, raises himself up on his elbows to catch Jungkook watching the way his fingers go in and out with parted lips.

"Stop-- stop watching. " Seokjin hisses, his voice caving to more moans as Jungkook wiggles a third finger in along side.

"You're so hot, hyung." Jungkook whimpers again, "so hot, wanna fuck you so bad."

"Well get on with it."

Jungkook grunts and pulls his fingers out and Seokjin feels empty, for all of 3 seconds before Jungkook is lining up his fully hard dick again. He traces it around Seokjin's thighs, like he's saving the sensation, and then slowly pushes in.

Seokjin gasps as he does, the slight burning from maybe a bit of rushed prep not bothering him when he gets to see the way Jungkook's face screws up in pleasure, how he bites down on his bad lip again and fucks into him with little, thrusts. Like he can't help but chase the pleasure before he's even fully in. Jungkook's always been sensitive and Seokjin is not going to ask if thats a spider thing or not.

It feels go, especially when he gets all the way in and it pushes directly into his prostate. Jungkook shimmies himself up on the bed, still on his knees, so Seokjin is basically folded into his lap. His hands come to land around Seokjin's tiny waist, savours the feeling of smooth untarnished skin before Jungkook thrusts back into him and he jostles in his grip.

"Yeah, just like that. Fuck, Kook."

" Hyung. " He whines, "You're, fuck, you're so hot."

With every whimper he drives forward and Seokjin is grateful he's positioned pillows behind his head so it doesn't hurt. He gasps as Jungkook literally fucks little whimpers out of him, can do nothing more than grip ahold of his back and let him take. He deserves it, he know he deserves it.

"You're doing so good baby," Seokjin praises, "take what you need, my love. You make everything feel good."

"Goona cum, hyung." Jungkook stutters, "come with me, please, please , please . "

"Okay, baby, okay. Just jerk me off a bit and I'll be there. Can you hold off for a little bit?"

Jungkook nods frantically, looking like he's trying to calm down, spits in his hand which is, weirdly hot, and then takes Seokjin's dick back in his hand and tugs a little hard, a little too eager and Seokjin likes it.

He bounces a little in his lap to try and get his dick to nestle up right against his prostate and it works, Seokjin gasps and with the sweep of Jungkook's thumb across the head of his dick he can feel the familiar heat tingle in his groin and start to build, like a pot about to boil over.

"Fuck, fuck, Kook-ah that's it. Just like that." He hisses and Jungkook's thrusts become sloppy, harder, shorter. "Good baby, that's it."

"Hyung, hyung."

"I know Kookie, I know, me too." He groans, and Jungkook fucks up into him hard, hard enough that the bed creaks loudly beneath him.

"Can I come hyung please say I can come, fuck please, come for me hyungie please-- "

And Jungkook thrusts up again, hitting his prostate square on, and Seokjin is coming with a gasp, clenching around Jungkook which seems enough to send him over the edge as well as he feels Jungkook come deep inside of him.

They collapse down together, Jungkook still coming down with tiny half hearted thrusts that send small shockwaves up Seokjin's spine.

He pulls out, gently, and has to unstick his hands from Seokjin's back where he'd started to form webs. He brushes them off against his sides with an embarrassed pout whilst Seokjin laughs breathlessly.

"Hyung," Jungkook mumbles, looking totally fucked out as he lies in the crumbled sheets. "I lied about the spidey-refractory period."

"Really? I could never have guessed."

"M'so tired, hyung." He whines, his eyes drooping closed. "Clean me up."

"Oh so you can clean up the streets but not the sheets." Seokjin clicks his tongue. "Typical man."


"Alright, alright. I'll get the wet wipes then." Seokjin swings his feet over the edge of the bed, a literal wobbly after literally just getting fucked. He takes one of the disregarded shirts, mumbles 'fuck it' and just uses it to wipe himself down. Then he gathers up the ice cream under his arm waddles off into the bathroom to chuck the shirt into the hamper and bring a wash cloth back for Jungkook, going via the kitchen to put the ice cream away.

He hands the cloth over and Jungkook lazily rolls it around his groin and over his dick, still slowly going down, hisses in over sensitivity. Seokjin turns away and pretends he doesn't find it hot.

Then they snuggle back under the sheets, Jungkook wrapping himself around Seokjin like a human blanket.

"Merry Christmas, hyung." Jungkook mumbles into his hair, already sounding half a sleep.

"Yeah, you too Kook." He fiddles with the hem of the duvet, fighting with himself but before he can make a decision the words are pouring out of his mouth. "Kook-ah?"


Seokjin swallows. "You will be there tomorrow morning, right?"

He can feel Jungkook shift against the back of his chest, his breath over his cheek. "Hyung."

"Just, just answer the question." He squeezes his eyes shut. "Tell my truthfully if you're going to be here when I wake up."

"Hyung." Jungkook's hand cradles Seokjin's cheek and he slowly turns his head, their noses touching. "Christmas is a couples holiday, remember? And you're my boyfriend . So as long as you'll have me, I'll be there."

Seokjin nods, tries to ignore the tears that spring to his eyes. "I wish you were there every morning." Vulnerable, too vulnerable.

"Seokjin-hyung." Jungkook presses a kiss to his jaw. "I love you, say it back?"

Seokjin sighs. "I love you, Jungkook."