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These Magnet Hearts

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Part One: Meet Cute

Love isn’t like the movies. You don’t keep chasing to eventually fall into a happily ever after that ends with a wedding or a kiss in the pouring rain. Real love is messy, complicated and can make you question your sanity. And you certainly did the first night you met him. The new year had started with a thunder storm and you had almost decided that was a good enough reason not to go. Yet something convinced you to pick out a party dress that hadn’t seen the light of day in too long. The sequins felt like far too much but when you made your way into the house any self doubt disappeared. Vinny was the first person you noticed when you walked through the door. His green eyes, the low rumble of his laugh as he tilted his head back amused by something someone had said. It felt cheesy, it felt stupid but there was just something about him.

Your friend pushed you towards him in the kitchen later that night, encouraging you to let go for once. And much to your surprise he was awkward, maybe even a little shy reaching out for a hand shake as you were introduced. The way he paused to consider the conversation before he spoke made you want to let the rest of the room melt away leaving just the two of you. There would be the buzz of whatever throwback classics were playing on the stereo, and the cheap champagne you were drinking out of a plastic cup. You would tell bad jokes just because the light in the room changed when he smiled. When he spoke you couldn’t help but imagine how his lips would feel against yours. Debating whether it was too forward to ask him what his plans were for when the clock struck midnight.

When you finally did kiss it was just as you had imagined it would be. Vinny was reserved at first, his hands balled into tight fists at his sides, his lips brushing against yours as light as a feather. Taking his hands into your own you placed them on your waist before curling your fingers around his shoulders moving your bodies closer. You could feel the warmth of his skin through the fabric of his t-shirt, the way his long hair tickled your cheek as you moved in perfect sync. Suddenly aware of the eyes on you of the other party goers you pulled away, glancing up at his confused expression before nervously speaking. It was insanity. You’d only just met, barely exchanged pleasantries but you already knew you wanted him. “I’m not looking for anything, and I definitely can’t say I do this, but do you want to go somewhere a bit more private?”

Your voice was low worried someone would overhear or about how Vinny might respond. He met your eye, nodding before pressing a quick kiss to your lips letting you lead him upstairs. You felt weightless with each step to one of the bedrooms, a shiver running up your spine at the feeling of his hand on the small of your back. He waited patiently for further instruction as you closed the door, sliding the lock. As you hit the light switch two lamps came to light bathing the room in a warm glow. Vinny glanced around wide eyed taking in the furniture while debating what was considered appropriate conversation. “This is nice, though that’s not really the picture I’d want over my bed.” He laughed pointing to the abstract clown painting on the wall. “It’s not ideal…” You agreed and decided to make a move before rationality changed your mind.

You leant up, standing on tiptoes to kiss him and placed your hands on his chest to push him towards the bed. The fabric of his black band t-shirt smoothed beneath your touch, his hair falling in the way as he tilted his head down to reach you. You tangled your fingers through the mess of curls to push them back out of the way, and wrapped your arms around his neck. He pulled away breathlessly meeting your eye before he apprehensively asked. “Are you sure?” Barely anything had happened but he still was uncertain, his fingers lightly traced down your sides. You nodded not moving so your bodies were firmly pressed together. Looking back you realised you had no clue where the confidence had come from. “I’m sure.”

Vinny sat himself on the end of the bed so you could straddle him - rocking against him out of reflex as you settled on his lap. You glanced up to the slight smirk on his face as his hands took a firm hold of your hips no longer reserved. "You should do that again" he muttered as he pressed his lips against your neck, gently biting the delicate skin. You could feel yourself blush as you obliged moving against him, his hands guided your pace. There was little time to think about it as Vinny captured your lips with his own, kissing you urgently till you could barely keep a track of where you were. You clung to his shoulders feeling a heat build up as your dress inched up your thighs. It was overwhelming to the point you felt completely out of control. It was more addictive and intoxicating than you could have anticipated.

Your hands moved up his back beneath his t-shirt, your nails scraping roughly over the smooth skin eliciting a groan. He pulled back to look at you, his eyes were narrowed and clouded by lust. He had started to get hard. You could feel the growing pressure as you ground down onto his lap. The rain hammered against the window, the sound of the odd car passing by and the music floated up from the ground floor. Everything stilled as you let your brain catch up with your body for a moment. Vinny traced his lips down past your collarbone to the scoop neckline of your dress alternating between biting and kissing the skin along the way. Your fingers in his hair encouraged him to keep going while you wished you could rid yourselves of the clothes that were doing nothing but getting in the way.

Placing shaky feet on the floor you gave him a coy look before you sunk to your knees between his legs. Vinny pulled his t-shirt over his head, looking down at you and biting his lip in anticipation. You could still remember the way his pale skin glistened in the warm light, the shadows in the concave of his collar bone, the fine dark hairs on his chest and below his navel. Your fingers fumbled at first undoing his belt so you could get to his jeans. He helped push them down his thighs along with his boxers releasing his cock from the restraints - it sprung up against his stomach. His green eyes met yours as he awaited a reaction almost holding up his palms to say ‘here it is’. You hummed in approval, your teeth sunk into your lower lip as you shuffled gripping onto his thighs. You could see the goosebumps across the plains of his pale skin and the slight shiver in response to your cold touch.

“Sorry” You pulled away warming your hands against each other. “Don’t need the cold making me look bad.” Vinny paced his hands over yours kneading them with a slight laugh at his own joke. He pressed a kiss against your cheek before he settled back with his palms flat against the bed. You slowly wrapped your fingers around his cock and glanced up to find him intently watching and waiting for your next move. You slowly licked up his length, the sharp inhale of breath turned into a groan as your lips surrounded him. You began slowly stroking matching your movements. He was totally lost in the pleasure. His eyes closed, his long, dark lashes fluttering as he focused. His lips deep red from the kissing and biting were parted as sighs escaped into the room. His fingers clutched the edge of the bed as he forced himself to control his responses.

The sight of his gratification spurred you on - you took him deeper into your mouth, your tongue swirled around him, your body responding to the sounds he was making. Vinny's fingers interlaced in your hair gave a slight tug, when you looked up you saw embarrassment flash across his face. "I didn’t mean to" he went to move his hand away but you simply shook your head. "You're okay" A thrill that perhaps he wasn't as gentle as he seemed had set off sparks. You pulled yourself to your feet turning around you glanced at him over your shoulder to get the zipper on the back of your dress. He obliged with almost no hesitation - you felt his fingers brush your skin as he slowly undid it. A wave of electricity across your skin at his soft touch. You pulled your dress off twisting around to face him, standing in nothing but your lacy black underwear.

You felt self conscious about how exposed you were but he just smiled. His bright gaze on you didn't falter making the doubt melt away as you settled onto his lap again. You pressed your lips against his, enamored with the way he kissed you. Vinny's hand slid between your thighs nudging your panties aside. He pulled back to look at you surprised to find you were already wet, your body reacting in anticipation to what was to come. You ached to feel him inside you. You rested your head on his shoulder as he teased and an almost unbearable heat built up between your legs as his fingers stroked over your clit in a perfectly timed rhythm. You heard him chuckle at the way you bucked into his hand searching for more. He was more than pleased to give it to you, moving his hand lower to slide two fingers inside you while his thumb continued to work on your clit. "Aren't you greedy?" His low voice made you shiver. You could feel yourself whimper as he twisted his fingers to hit the sweet spot inside of you, clinging to him for balance as you rocked against his hand.

"I need you" You muttered into his ear after meeting his eyes with a knowing look. Vinny didn’t say a word and pulled you forward on his lap, lining you up so you could feel the head of his cock at your entrance. "Ready?" He asked using his hand to guide himself to the right angle. "Yes" The word was a breathless rush escaping your lips. He gave a sharp thrust up filling you to the hilt, giving you a moment to adjust to the full feeling. He felt incredible. Your body tightened at the sensation, you wanted to cry out at the jolt of pleasure. Leaning back you ground your hips against his to take control of the pace. His hands found their place on your waist, his lips between your breasts as he muttered obscenities and encouragement. "Fuck, don't stop" he growled as you increased the speed feeling the desperate need determine your every action. You could feel him pulse and throb growing harder inside you with each swivel if your pelvis.

Vinny moved a hand up your back, his fingers grasping at the hook on the back of your bra. It pinged back hitting your skin with a snap causing you to start. "Ouch" You yelped with insuppressible laughter at the concentration in his expression as he tried again. "I can get it" You offered pausing to reach behind you but he shook his head in defiance. "I got it...fuck" After a moment he grinned at you in satisfaction, the lace coming loose around your body. Vinny pulled it off your shoulders and he swung it around to celebrate his victory against the complicated contraption before tossing it aside. He met your eye briefly as he bent his head forward to trace his tongue over breasts, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh. His fingers firmly rolled a nipple in his grasp while his tongue lapped over the other. You picked up pace rotating your hips with fervor as you felt the tension tightening at core ready to break.

The heat in the room seemed to increase triple fold with each movement of his mouth against your breasts. Vinny wrapped his arms around you, flipping you onto your back in a way that caught you by surprise. You looked up at him flustered - he smirked at the sight of you willing and waiting for him. His fingers grasped the sides of your underwear pulling it off roughly, his nails running over your skin making you shiver. He paused to tuck his hair behind his ears to keep it out of the way so he could focus. He'd had enough warm up and was ready to take what he wanted. He pushed your thighs apart, holding them wide, not giving you anywhere to hide as his eyes washed over you. He guided his cock into you again, watching your expression as every inch pushed deeper. "You feel so fucking good" He hissed into your ear as he built up a tempo that made you tremble.

You couldn't help but sway your hips to meet his thrusts feeling the tension coil in your stomach. Vinny looped his arms beneath your knees, giving himself more room and giving you no choice but you keep up with each maddening swing of his hips. With his hands pressed against the bed he pinned your legs apart, and fucked you hard into the mattress at a relentless pace. His weight settled on top of you enveloping you with warmth. It seemed strange to you how comforting it felt to feel him against you, inside you. You looked up to his pale face, memorising how he looked totally lost in the waves of bliss as he filled you over and over. You gasped for each shuddering breath, your fingers gripped to the drenched sheets at the way his pelvic bone hit your cilt with his movements. "Is this okay?" He asked, his voice was low but surprisingly soft as he checked he wasn't doing anything to hurt you.

You nodded in response, unable to speak as your back arched snaking a hand between the two of you to reach yourself. Nothing else mattered but the way your bodies were connected, desperately satisfying each other. "Fuck me harder" the words were a raspy mess when they left your lips but gave they Vinny the green light he needed to continue fucking you as hard as he could. Your fingers matched his rough pace pushing you right to the edge until you came in a sudden, quivering halt. The world melted away completely, the only thing you could think about was the euphoric feeling flooding your system. A deep moan escaped your lips as your muscles tightened, clenching around him, milking his cock urging him to finish. He leant down pressing a kiss against your lips as he slowly rocked into you hard and deep letting you ride out your orgasm.

It wasn't until you fell back completely spent that he continued to fuck you trying to get deeper with each thrust. You could feel his body begin to tense as he got closer to oblivion. "I'm so close" He gasped coming in a rush. You could feel the warmth as his cum filled you, your muscles tightening around him, rocking your hips against him until he collapsed. Vinny didn’t move for a moment, his soft sweat slicked skin covered you as he kissed your neck and collarbone breathlessly. With a deep groan he rolled onto his back and fell into the space beside you. You found yourself missing the feeling of fullness from when he had been inside you. Reality returned as the feeling came back in your legs and the tiredness won out. You sunk into the mattress unable to move from the sickly sweet afterglow that filled the room.

Vinny had turned on his side to face you, his fingers flat against your stomach not wanting to let go of you in case it was all just a dream. He had looked perfectly content beside you against the backdrop of the world counting down waiting for a fresh start in a new year. Butterflies had fluttered in your stomach thinking about how intimate you had been with him only moments. “That was… incredible” His voice was husky - it sounded just like a song you could have listened to on a loop. His curly hair was a wild mess framing his face - his sleepy green eyes, his bitten, raw lips. You wanted to capture the image of Vin by your side in your mind to keep. There was a roar of noise from downstairs and fireworks outside the window - you couldn’t help but look at him to laugh about the timing. He spoke quietly brushing the hair away from your face. “Happy new year…Am I going to see you again?”