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After Effects

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The morning's events played on repeat in Seth's mind as he attempted to analyze the seconds leading up to Kendra's collapse. Searching for any warning sign. Any detail that may tell him what was wrong. Kendra had seemed fine when she first arrived. A bit pale maybe and definitely a little breathless but nothing that seemed particularly bad at first. In fact Kendra almost seemed to glow a bit brighter. While Seth still couldn't truly see the light that constantly surrounded his sister, he had grown to be able to sense it.
When Kendra passed out it seemed to come out of nowhere. In his mind, Seth could vividly see the blood drain from his sisters face. He relived the way she swayed on her feet, not resisting as he began to lead her inside. Seth couldn't help but shudder when he remembered the way Kendra's eyes had rolled back in her head. What worried Seth most ,however, wasn't the fact that Kendra had passed out. No what worried him most was the heat that radiated from his sister. When he had touched her she had felt as if she was on fire. Her fever had most likely been the reason that she had passed out and so far any efforts to bring it down had failed. Her brown hair, that was streaked with blonde, was stuck to the sides of her face with sweat. Seth had thought that when Kendra became immortal, after her marriage to Bracken, these types of problems would go away, apparently not.
Seth resisted the urge to pace as a heavy weight of anxiety settled on his chest. The feeling was mostly unfamiliar seeing as Seth had never been a worrier. Even when things seemed there worst, he could usually look the problem in the face and find a way to work around it. He had decided long ago that Kendra did enough worrying for the both of them. That's one of the reasons he often threw caution to the wind. He always figured he could handle whatever happened. He simply didn't usually worry about stuff. In all of his twenty six years on earth, he had never been this worried. Sure, just like everyone else he had moments of anxiety , but those moments were nothing like this nothing like this. His stomach churned and his heart felt like it would pound out of his chest as it sent adrenaline coursing through his body. His chest felt tight making it hard to breathe. He shifted from foot to foot, his eyes darting across the room as his heightened senses searched for a threat. There wasn't one , of course, at least not one he could stop with a sword. He hadn't been this worried even when Kendra faced the demon king, he knew she could handle it. He knew she was strong enough. He also knew that she would have plenty of back up if she needed. However, right now Kendra was alone in her fight and ,perhaps for the first time, Seth wasn't positive that this was a fight she would win. It killed him that he couldn't help her.
He was standing not far from Tanu as he desperately attempted to get a response out of Kendra. Seth had called Tanu as soon as he and entered the main house, choosing to lay her on the living room couch for easy access. Seth ran his hand through his messy brown hair as the the large Samoan man raised up to his full height, only passing him up by a few inches. The scratch of his fingers against his scalp felt oddly soothing. Tanu wore a grim look on his face, that didn't bode well for the conversation ahead.
"What is it?" he asked quietly as he tried, and failed, to keep his voice from shaking. Tanu turned toward a bowl of cool water, choosing to use a cloth to dab and Kendra's forehead instead of answering. His silence spoke volumes and added he felt his anxiety begin to increase. Seth didn't understand what was going on or why. He had seen Kendra yesterday, when he had returned home from his mission for the fairy realm. She had seemed to be perfectly fine. They had talked for hours about all they had missed and laughed until their sides hurt. He didn't understand how Kendra could go from happy and energetic to looking like death itself in just over a day. He didn't understand how she declined so quickly. It seemed impossible, especially for Kendra
As childish as it may sound, Seth had always seen Kendra as invincible. Maybe it was just because she was his older sister but it seemed to him that there was nothing Kendra couldn't do when she put her mind to it. The feeling had only increased when she became immortal. She had stopped aging, looking to be around the age of eighteen. The spell used to make her immortal also gave her a few fairy like traits. One of which was the fact that her eyes tended to change shade with her mood. Something that Seth had found extremely unsettling when he first witnessed it. In addition Kendra had become graceful and elegant , while somehow still managing to look like herself. Now, however, Seth didn't think she looked like herself at all. She was deathly pale while also simultaneously flushed with fever.
The front door flew open, banging against the wall roughly and pulling Seth from his depressing thoughts. A very worried Bracken appeared in the door way, obviously having heard the situation. Tanu looked up and moved to give Bracken easier access to Kendra. Seth watched in concern as they discussed things about poison and illnesses that he didn't understand. His ADHD caused his mind to wander back to old adventures with his sister. He pushed down the tears that welled up. She would be fine. She had to be. She beat Navarog, the Demon King, Celebrant. She was the princess of the fairy realm, fairykind since she was 13. She could beat this. Taking a breath Seth steeled himself, She was going to be fine. And until someone proved otherwise, that's what Seth was going to believe. They would face this problem together, and they were going to beat it.