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Take me to Wonderland

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She took a look into the mirror and smiled in satisfaction.

She definitely looked stunning and that had been her intention from the start.
The red tube dress looked and felt like a second skin and her black heels made her legs look endless.
Her blonde, curly mane was an eye-catcher and her make-up was as close to perfection as it could get thanks to her friend Killian, the make-up artist. The very gay make-up artist.

She looked like a wild cat and she loved it.

A knock on her penthouse door announced the arrival of her friends, which caused her to grab her purse, and the next second she was already opening said door to greet the ladies she would spend the night with.

A bachelorette party was on the schedule after all.

As soon as the door flung open she caught sight of three dressed-up women, who looked at her with wide eyes and dropped mouths, which brought a smirk to her face.

She hardly ever dressed up as she had done for tonight and she enjoyed the effect she had on everyone.

"Something wrong, ladies?"

"Damn it, Emma! You look…hot!", Ruby stated the obvious and pulled her best friend into a fierce hug, "I take it you are on the hunt tonight…"

Emma just shrugged her shoulders, "Maybe…one never knows who will possibly cross their way". She winked at Ruby and turned to the pixie-haired woman, who was standing next to the leggy brunette, "So, how's the bride to be?"

They had enjoyed a delicious dinner at La Fenice– the most exclusive Italian restaurant in the Boston area.

It was close to impossible to get a reservation there because it was booked up for months in advance, but the group of four didn't have to worry about that since Belle's father owned the place.

Now Emma, Ruby, Mary Margaret, and Belle were sitting in a black limousine, drinking champagne and giggling like teenagers.

"Where are we going?", the pixie-haired woman asked all of a sudden because she recognized that she had never been in this area of Boston before.

"It's a secret", Ruby stated quickly, "But I'll promise you…it will be fun."

"Not sure if your definition of fun and mine are compatible", Mary Margaret countered and smiled shyly.

Emma and Belle could not stop themselves from laughing out loud, because Mary Margaret was a lot of things, but she wasn't half of the provocative adrenalin junkie Ruby Lucas was. Far from it.

"Calm down…I found this awesome place a while ago and since you are so big on fairytales…you should like it", Ruby commented with a wolfish grin.

Mary Margaret's face immediately lit up at the mention of fairytales and wanted to say something, but was cut short by Emma, "Yes, we all know the story of how you and David fell in love in high school because of this stupid 'Snow White' play…and you can keep your Charming forever…nobody is going to take him away from you. Plus you'll be Misses Nolan in two weeks."

Regina was sitting in front of her mirror and put the final touches on her make-up.
She was tired after what had been a hell of a day and she prayed that at least the evening would run smoothly.
It was highly unlikely, but a woman could dream.

She took a look at the clock and realized that it was time to get dressed.
There was no way she was going to be late. She never was late.

When Leroy, the driver, finally stopped the limousine Emma almost jumped out of the car. She needed air because Ruby had started to smoke a cigar at some point and she hated the smell of it.

But when she took in her surroundings her eyes went wide.
Where were they?

"Ruby, what the hell?!" Emma glared at the leggy brunette, who had gotten out of the vehicle as well at last – together with Mary Margaret and Belle.

They were standing in front of a bizarre-looking building with questionable decoration that reminded Emma of a horror cabinet.
What was that? The Freak show?

The entrance looked like a tunnel and a sign above it, which was shining in bright blue neon letters, said The Rabbit Hole.

"You really want us to go in there?", Belle glared at Ruby, obviously as uncomfortable as Emma and Mary Margaret was silent altogether.

Ruby could not be serious, but the leggy brunette only smiled brightly, "Trust me. This is going to be sooo much fun."

"Yeah, sure…", Emma growled, "Maybe for you."

"Hey! Back off now", Ruby snapped, "Mary Margaret said no naked men and stuff…which is a shame…but anyway. I really had a great time here some weeks ago."

Right this moment the tunnel opened and a guy, who looked like The Mad Hatter, stepped outside and Ruby's smile grew even wider, "Jefferson!"

"Ruby! It's good to see you again…I was so glad you called", he greeted her by kissing her on the cheek, then turned his attention to the rest of the girls, "Good evening, ladies! Welcome to The Rabbit Hole…I'm Jefferson, but you can also call me Mad as in the Mad Hatter and I will be your host tonight", he shook Emma's and Belle's hand before he stopped right in front of Mary Margaret, "You must be the happy bride."

Emma was not convinced of Ruby's idea to go to whatever this establishment was supposed to be, but the guy seemed to be nice enough. A little crazy maybe, but nice.

"Is everyone ready?" Jefferson asked, watching the four women.

"Absolutely", Ruby seemed to be overjoyed while Mary Margaret and Belle nodded hesitantly.

And although Emma knew better she decided to trust the judgment of her best friend because Ruby would not dare to ruin Mary Margaret's bachelorette party, or at least that was what she was hoping for.

She eyed their slightly weird host closely for a moment, but ultimately she stepped forward before she would change her mind, "Let's go…take us to Wonderland!"