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Fallen Star

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Meng had never ventured far from his little hut nestled in the bluffs overlooking Sal Terrae, just southwest of the arch of Stone Gate Bridge; but the sky had fallen that day.

Meng had woken up to the foreign sound of loud thundering, as the earth beneath him shook and trembled as though an army of Ruin Guards were approaching. Fearful, yet curious, Meng had left his hut, only to find the dusk sky torn by dozens of streaks of bright blue lights.

Meng had never seen anything like it before, and while it was quite the sight to behold, the lights were crashing into the ground all over Liyue, as far as Meng could see from his perch. The lights - comets, or some form of meteors, from what Meng could gather - were causing damage wherever they were falling.

Meng could hear terrified shrieks from nearby, even when the last of the lights had faded from the skies and the ground no longer shook from their impacts. Concerned, Meng had left the vicinity of his hut then, carefully scaling the side of the mountains until he was at uncle Zhou’s tea shop on the Stone Gate Bridge.

“Evening, uncle,” Meng greets as he approaches the old man. “What’s all the ruckus about?”

Uncle Zhou looks harassed, Meng observes silently, and even more so when he catches sight of him. “You’re uninjured!” he exclaims, patting Meng’s shoulder once he’s close enough. “How fortunate! I’d thought one of those cursed rocks might have fallen on your hut and crushed you in your sleep. Thank the Geo Lord…”

“It’d take more than a measly rock to get rid of me, uncle,” Meng jokes, though he’s sure what had awoken him earlier had been a meteor landing too near to his hut for comfort. 

“Don’t be cocky, young man,” Uncle Zhou scolds, though there’s fondness in his tone as well. “At any rate, no one knows what’s happening, though I’m sure the Millelith will arrive soon enough to take matters into hand.”

Meng doubts it - not with how disorganized they are, and especially with Rex Lapis’s recent demise -  though he doesn’t say that out loud. He smiles charmingly, and bows his head.

“Well, since you seem perfectly fine yourself, I suppose I can return to my hut without worries.”

Uncle Zhou stops him when he turns to leave, however, grabbing a hold of his arm. “Wait, Meng,” he says, and then hesitates as he looks around them. He continues in a quieter tone, “I saw someone on the mountain north of Stone Gate when the stars began falling. It looked like an adventurer from Mond. If you’re not occupied with anything urgent, could you take a look? I fear the adventurer might not have been as lucky as you.”

Meng’s brows rise high in surprise. “An adventurer from Mond? Why is that any of our concern?”

“With the current situation at the Harbor, we must do our parts to prevent any cause for unrest with our neighbours,” Uncle Zhou explains sagely. “Our ties with Mond have been peaceful for the most part. If any of its citizens were to fall on our lands, especially now… I fear there might be war brewing on the horizon.”

“With Mondstadt?” Meng says, unable to mask the incredulity in his voice.

“Perhaps not Mondstadt,” Uncle Zhou concurs. “Though another nation, using her as an excuse. Either way, Mondstadt would be indebted to us should we save one of her people in need.”

Meng doesn’t get it, not entirely, but Uncle Zhou looks adamant and in the end, he sighs with a nod. “Very well then. I’ll take a look.”

Uncle Zhou smiles, releasing his arm. “That’s a good lad.”

“You’ll owe me a pot of tea when I return, though,” Meng warns.

Uncle Zhou simply laughs in response, and Meng sets off towards the location the old man had last seen the adventurer in.

It doesn’t take much effort to climb the steppes, not when Meng’s been doing it all his life, but he’s in a slightly grumpy mood by the time he reaches the peak. He’d much rather be in bed after all, instead of going after some idiot foreigner that shouldn’t have had any business travelling alone and without backup.

His irritation is swiftly swept aside however, replaced by intense curiousity, when he finds himself facing a glowing blue stone nestled between the crack of two large boulders on the face of the cliff.

The stone looks incredible, its shine so inviting and ethereal as if it’s some divine being descended from Celestia itself. Meng is drawn to it like a crystal fly to a flame, but as he moves closer to it, his attention is caught by a figure splayed on the ground next to the stone.

The figure itself possesses beauty rivalling the stone. It’s clearly a man, with smooth, dark skin and a delicate face that is half-obscured by an eyepatch as well as soft-looking strands of thick, dark blue hair. 

Meng forgets all about the stone then, crouching down by the figure instead. He seems to be asleep, although considering the location, Meng gathers that he’s unconscious instead, though there doesn’t seem to be any indication around them of how that had happened. The unconscious stranger doesn’t look injured, and as Meng studies him closer, he’s further mesmerized by this foreigner’s beauty.

His clothes are odd, but invitingly so. There is a wide gap between the lapels of his white shirt, teasing an expanse of unmarred skin, and atop that, a corset that cinches his narrow waist. Even his pants, though long and modest, are far too tight to be normal, and Meng can’t help staring at the seductive curve of the man’s rear, made much more pronounced with how the man is laying on his side.

Who is he, Meng wonders, and before he realizes it, he’s reaching out to touch the unconscious figure.

His fingers brush against the man’s cheek, but the touch doesn’t garner any response. It seems like the man is completely out of touch with his surroundings, and, growing bolder, Meng runs his hand down the man’s face, to the curve of his jaw, and down his neck, until-

The man’s chest is disappointingly firm, but it’s warm, especially right in the dip of his breasts, and Meng pushes his palm flat there, revelling in the skin-to-skin contact. Again, the man doesn’t even stir, and something inside Meng becomes unfettered at the realization.

He can do anything to this stranger, and there is nothing to stop him.

The thought sends a thrill of pleasure coursing through Meng, and the next thing he knows, he’s grabbing the man’s shoulders and turning him over flat onto his back. The movement causes something at the man’s hip to glint in the moonlight, when the man’s coat falls aside.

It’s a cryo Vision, Meng discovers, and he is sobered immediately by the discovery. 

A Vision-holder, attractive and exotic in appearance, dressed in Mond clothes.

There are not many who fit this description, and Meng hesitates for a moment. There is no doubt that this man is important, and if he were to go missing, there will be people who will come looking for him…

The man stirs suddenly while Meng is musing, startling him, but he doesn’t wake up. Instead, his lips fall open loosely, letting out a short sigh, and Meng feels himself stirring with interest as a quiet moan follows it.

No matter, he thinks, staring hungrily at the unconscious man. No one will be able to find him.

Mind set, Meng snatches the Vision from the man’s hip, pocketing it in his own pants, and then leans down to carry the man over his shoulder.

He makes his way quickly back to his hut, excitement running through his veins with his package in tow.


The man - Calvary Captain Kaeya, Meng had discovered while removing his clothes, the title and name proudly engraved upon a badge in one of the man’s pockets - remains in deep slumber, even as Meng strings him up by his bony wrists in a kneeling position in the middle of the one bed in the hut. Meng leaves just enough give for Kaeya to stand should he regain consciousness, but not enough for him to move anywhere else.

Kaeya remains blissfully unaware of his surroundings even despite how uncomfortable he must be, his whole weight held up by only his arms in the air and his slack thighs, and Meng feels himself harden at the tempting sight he makes.

Meng had peeled away Kaeya’s trousers and underwear, along with his vest and coat, and though he leaves his white shirt on, Meng had unbuttoned it so that it hangs loosely around his slender frame, like a curtain barely obscuring a forbidden scene. Somehow, not entirely bared like this, Kaeya looks even more vulnerable than were he to be truly naked, and Meng itches to touch him.

But Meng knows he has to be patient. First, he must hide Kaeya’s vision and the rest of his clothes.

In fact…

A brilliant idea forms in Meng’s mind, and he trots out of his hut once again, though this time with a spring to his step.

Uncle Zhou is busy speaking to a blond-haired foreigner when Meng arrives at the Stone Gate Bridge, and his face lights up when he spots Meng approaching.

“Did you find the adventurer?” he asks without preamble.

Meng had schooled his features earlier into a sombre expression, and shakes his head. He holds up Kaeya’s coat, which is stained with blood that Meng had gotten from a stray hilichurl near his hut.

“Unfortunately, I could only find this,” he informs Uncle Zhou.

“Is that-?!”

Meng is startled when a floating creature with white hair flits closer towards him to take a look at the coat, and it makes a horrified sound as it flinches away just as quickly.

“Aether, it’s Sir Kaeya’s!” the creature says, looking and sounding distressed.

The blond foreigner frowns deeply in response, eyeing the coat in Meng’s hands. “Where did you find this?” he asks, and he sounds surprisingly much older than he looks.

Meng curses silently, unprepared to have anyone recognize the coat so soon, but there’s no reason these two would suspect him, and especially not if Uncle Zhou vouches that he’d tasked Meng to find the missing Mond citizen in the first place. So he maintains his expression and hands the coat over to the blond, who takes it carefully and clutches at it tight.

Clearly, Kaeya means something to these two foreigners, Meng notes as he explains, “Up on the bluffs along the Stone Gate Bridge. There was a strange rock nearby too, if that’s of any importance. I’d never seen anything like it, and I’ve lived on these mountains all my life.”

The blond shares a meaningful look with his floating companion, and nods at Meng. “Thank you, that’s helpful.” To Uncle Zhou, he adds, “Thank you as well for the information. Paimon and I will take a look at the fallen stars nearby first.”

“Of course,” Uncle Zhou responds, looking concerned. “I’m sorry about your friend. I hope you’ll find him.”

The blond nods, and then he’s off, leaving with a gust of wind that feels almost unnatural in his wake.

Meng watches them leave until they’re out of sight, before turning to Uncle Zhou. “Sorry I wasn’t more helpful.”

Uncle Zhou waves him away, shaking his head. “It can’t be helped. The traveller, Aether. He told me the lights in the sky earlier were a shower of cursed stars. I’m sorry I sent you off earlier, but fortunately, you’ve enough sense to have not touched one of those things. They put anyone that comes into contact with it into a sleep that they can’t awaken from. If that had happened to you…” Uncle Zhou shudders, patting Meng on the shoulder. “I’m far too old for this curse business.”

“Nonsense,” Meng chides. “You’re spry enough to lug all that tea around.” Trying not to sound too obvious, Meng adds, “That sleeping curse though. Has anyone found a way to break it?”

“According to Aether, the victims only recover once all the fallen stars in the area have been neutralized,” Uncle Zhou says. “But it’s no easy task to do so. I have faith that young man will succeed however. He’s quite the legend in Mondstadt.”

Meng hums, filing the information away for later. Uncle Zhou invites him to stay for a cup of tea, and, not wanting to arouse suspicions, Meng agrees.

He spends an hour entertaining the old man, but the hour is the most Meng is able to contain himself. He makes an excuse of being tired and retreats back to his hut, where he finds Kaeya still asleep, waiting for him in the same position Meng had left him in.

The slack expression on Kaeya’s face is soft, his head leaning against his raised left arm, and Meng brushes away the hair that falls across the man’s features to reveal his eyepatch. Meng considers removing it, but as his fingers hover just above the leather, he hesitates.

He’s not sure if he wants to see what’s hidden under that patch, and in the end, he decides against taking it off. Instead, he settles himself comfortably in front of the restrained figure, and rests his hands on Kaeya’s hips, digging his fingers into the warm skin there.

He thumbs at Kaeya’s hip bones, reveling at the firmness of the smooth skin, and slowly moves his touch down until he’s got two handfuls of plump thighs. Kaeya is so much warmer between the legs, and Meng brushes the back of his hand under Kaeya’s balls, rubbing against them until he can see Kaeya’s limp cock stirring slightly with interest.

Smirking at the response, Meng takes a quick glance at Kaeya’s face, only to find it still as ever. It’s disappointing, but Meng pushes on, hoping to garner a stronger reaction.

Meng turns his hand over until he’s cupping the Calvary Captain’s package, its modest size just about fitting in Meng’s palm, and Meng rubs and fondles, until he grows bored of the action and Kaeya’s cock is almost completely hard, leaking slightly onto Meng’s hand.

Meng reaches further behind him, slotting his middle finger between the crease of Kaeya’s cheeks, the tip of his digit resting heavily against the ring of muscles there. Meng hears Kaeya’s breath catching softly as he pushes harder, and smirks to himself.

His finger is slicked with Kaeya’s pre-cum, and though it’s nowhere near enough lubrication under normal circumstances, Kaeya’s deep slumber has left his entrance loose and yielding and Meng pushes his finger in with little difficulty. Meng himself is already aching in his own pants by then, eager to feel the velvety warmth around his cock, but he holds himself back.

There’s no need to rush, he thinks to himself, as he slowly works his finger in and out of Kaeya, loosening him further while also searching for that bundle of nerves inside him that would make him scream were he awake.

After a while, Meng adds another finger, and then another, until he has three fingers spreading Kaeya open. It’s as he pushes all three fingers inside together that he finds the little bump he’d been looking for, and immediately teases at it ruthlessly.

The stimulation makes Kaeya’s cock twitch several times, jutting out from between his hips as though begging for any form of contact, and Meng can hear Kaeya’s breathing becoming more and more ragged although his expression gives nothing away.

Finally, when Kaeya’s cock gives a particularly thick spurt of pre-cum, Meng withdraws his fingers, wiping the slick and juices on it along the supple length of Kaeaya’s inner thighs before he grabs them firmly in his hands. He spreads them apart and pulls them up, lifting the slighter man as he shifts until he’s laying under him.

Meng struggles a little to keep Kaeya up with one hand, as he uses his other to hold his own hard dick in place, but he manages, and soon, Kaeya is sinking slowly onto his cock, swallowing Meng’s dick inside of himself almost hungrily. After what feels like forever, Meng finally finds himself sheathed completely within the Calvary Captain, and Kaeya is seated on his lap with his wet thighs digging into Meng’s sides.

If it weren’t for the passive expression on Kaeya’s face, Meng would think he wanted this as much as Meng does, with how tightly Kaeya’s gripping onto him. Overwhelmed by the sensation, Meng groans, his head falling backward onto his pillow as his hands fly to grip onto Kaeya’s hips, so hard that he’ll probably leave bruises.

He tries to be considerate, holding himself back from immediately fucking into that body recklessly to avoid hurting Kaeya, but it’s difficult when Kaeya feels so damn good. Barely seconds pass before Meng gives up, and he lifts Kaeya up, his dick dragging back out of the unconscious man, before he pulls him back down and slams right back into him. He repeats the motions over and over, furiously fucking him as he bounces Kaeya over his lap, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and loud, ragged groans filling the space of the small hut.

It feels heavenly, and before long, Meng finds his hips stuttering as he comes hard inside of Kaeya with one final thrust, balls-deep in the other man. Kaeya’s own cock is still weeping, desperate to release its load, but unable to without help.

Climax brings with it lethargy amidst the immense satisfaction, but Meng has no intention to rest, not when he can tease the unconscious Captain further. With a tired smirk, Meng grinds his hips up and forces Kaeya to milk every last bit of cum from his cock, before he pulls out slowly.

Meng shifts until he’s sitting up, and pulls Kaeya’s thighs up with him until the other man is practically folded in half, baring his red and fucked hole to Meng’s greedy eyes. Kaeya’s entrance looks swollen and puffy, and it's been left loose enough that some of Meng’s cum is trickling out of it, dripping down onto the bed and making a small puddle under him.

Meng rests Kaeya’s legs over his own shoulders to keep the man up, and with his hands freed, he proceeds to torment the man’s abused hole. He grabs two handfuls of Kaeya’s ass, and pulls them apart, stretching his entrance further. More cum dribbles out at the action, and Kaeya’s cock twitches almost violently in tandem.

Meng fingers at the edges of the entrance, teasing more cum out, and then he pushes in two fingers and spreads Kaeya’s hole open, holding it like that until it’s gaping in his face. It looks so obscene that Meng feels himself hardening again at the sight, and he groans, leaning down to mouth at Kaeya’s tight balls.

Uhnn n-no...”

Startled by the strained protest, Meng pulls back, and looks up at Kaeya’s face. For once, his expression is no longer slack, and instead, his brows are furrowed, his lips still parted after releasing that moan and denial. Meng holds still, waiting for further struggle, but Kaeya doesn’t make any movements and Meng finally decides that he’s still ‘asleep’.

But not asleep enough to not feel what’s happening to him anymore, which is a thought that sends a strong thrill of excitement and anticipation through Meng. If Kaeya can feel everything that he’s doing to him…

Meng returns his fingers to Kaeya’s hole, almost clumsily digging them back into him, and starts pistoning two in and out of Kaeya, purposely hitting that spot inside of him with every thrust. More moans fall from Kaeya’s mouth, and Meng even feels one of his legs twitch over Meng’s shoulder.

Excited, Meng squeezes Kaeya’s ass in his other hand, while he fucks him impossibly harder with his other. Soon enough, Kaeya lets out a choked groan, and his cock spurts out thick ribbons of cum across Meng’s chest as he climaxes.

Meng is startled for a moment, but then he grins to himself, slowing down the thrusting of his fingers in and out of Kaeya. He’d made him come without touching him.

Giddy with pride, Meng finally pulls his fingers out of Kaeya completely, and pulls his legs off of his shoulder, setting them carefully back down onto the bed. Meng pulls away to observe his work.

Kaeya looks beautiful used, his skin shining with juices and cum, while more is dripping  slowly out from between his spread thighs and onto the bed beneath him. His limp cock too, is still trickling where it rests on his left thigh, and his brows are still furrowed, his breaths coming in short little pants from between slightly-parted lips.

Meng wants to do so much more to him. 


Kaeya regains consciousness slowly, his mind a scattered mess of what’s going on, as the first things that he registers are an immense discomfort in his arms - particularly his wrists - and an unbearable ache in his groin.

It feels like- like he’s been hard for too long, left without relief for hours. He hasn’t felt like this in years, and he has no idea what’s going on, which utterly terrifies him.

The last thing he remembers is- is scaling a mountain southeast of Wolvendom, following the path of a falling star nearby while he’d been investigating Abyss Mage activity near Dawn Winery.

The rest is a blur, and Kaeya has never felt so helpless before in the wake of not knowing.

When he finally manages to force his eyes open, Kaeya wishes that he hadn’t woken up at all.

He finds himself kneeling in a puddle of what he fears is his own come, and his arms are pulled above his head, held that way by what he suspects is rope tied around his wrists. Worse still, he’s naked from the waist down - no Vision to help him - and the only clothes left on him is his shirt, which has been unbuttoned all the way.

When he tries to move, he realizes that his thighs have been roped to his claves as well, forcing him to remain in the humiliating position, and just as he’d thought, he’s hard. He’s harder than he ever remembers being in his life, his cock hard and red and leaking profusely at the tip. He thinks he might come if a breeze were to brush against him, but he’s prevented from doing so by a leather band tied firmly at the base of his cock. Judging from the feeling of it, Kaeya thinks there might be another band around his balls as well.

He shifts uncomfortably, groaning when the movement ignites throbbing aches in his muscles all over his body. He must’ve been like this for days, to feel so pained and weak…

Belatedly, Kaeya also realizes that he’s gagged, something thick wrapped over his lips and around his head to keep it in place. Besides muffled moans, there’s little sound Kaeya can make, and he rubs his cheek weakly against his upraised arm, trying to dislodge whatever it is that’s keeping him silent.

“Oh. You’re finally awake.”

Kaeya freezes at the sound of an unfamiliar, masculine voice, and can’t help but flinch when a large hand appears in his line of sight.

“Shh, it’s alright,” the voice says, and Kaeya cranes his neck to see a Liyuen man crouching by his side. “I won’t hurt you.”

The man looks large, clearly strong with thick muscles and a handsome but weathered face. There’s no possible way Kaeya could overpower him, not without help from his Vision, and especially not when he’s so weak right now, and Kaeya stares at him warily.

The man smiles, his hand cupping at Kaeya’s face. His touch is calloused but gentle, and Kaeya feels bile rising in his throat at the feeling.

To think, this is the hand that’s responsible for the situation that Kaeya is in…

“Your eye is beautiful,” the man says softly. “Just as I imagined.”

Kaeya feels his own jaw clench on reflex, and struggles not to glare at his captor. If he plans to get out of this in one piece, he needs to appeal to this man’s clear fascination with his looks. If Kaeya rebuffs him completely, the man might just decide to kill him instead.

It’s not ideal, but Kaeya’s done worse for the sake of survival…

Kaeya makes a soft sound, leaning his face into the man’s hand, and tries to look as harmless as a kitten.

The man looks surprised at his reaction, but a moment later, he smiles, clearly pleased. He lets go of Kaeya’s cheek to reach behind his head, unknotting the gag before pulling it off of Kaeya.

Kaeya smiles gratefully at him, and opens his mouth to speak, but ends up in a coughing fit instead. The man seems to have expected that, because a bottle of water is pushed to Kaeya’s mouth not a second later, and Kaeya gulps it down greedily.

He hadn’t realized how thirsty he’d been until the water is running down his throat, and he almost whimpers when the bottle is emptied too soon.

“It’s alright, I’ll get you more later,” the man says gently, wiping Kaeya’s mouth with his fingers, his touch lingering too long for comfort. “I’ve been giving you only potions for three days but I was afraid you would choke on actual food and water. Your body might need time to re-adjust.”

Three days. Kaeya’s been in this man’s hands for three days and he has no recollection whatsoever of that time.

The fear of what had transpired in those three days without his knowledge has a knot forming in Kaeya’s throat, choking his breath as he struggles not to let his body tremble and give himself away.

Swallowing thickly, Kaeya forces a weak smile. “Th-thank you,” he says, his voice hoarse from disuse. “Who-?”

“You can call me Meng,” the man says, smiling as he settles himself on the floor by Kaeya’s side. “And you’re Kaeya.”

Kaeya almost startles, surprised how this man might know, but then realizes that he must’ve found Kaeya’s Knights of Favonius badge while stripping him. Which means he knows exactly who Kaeya is and hadn’t cared…

What kind of man would be so audacious to make a potential enemy out of the Knights?

Kaeya is startled further when warmth suddenly envelopes his aching cock, and he hisses, flinching as he bows forward as far as his restraints would allow.

It’s Meng’s hand, palming at the head of Kaeya’s cock, and Kaeya wants to snarl and shout at the man to not touch him.

Instead, he bites his lip and squeezes his eye shut, stuttering out a pleading, “Wa-wait!”

To his surprise, Meng lets him go, and though Kaeya’s cock weeps at the loss of the touch, Kaeya breathes deeply and swallows down a sigh of relief.

“Please, I- could you untie me?” he says, opening his eye and looking over at the other man. “My arms hurt and- and I would like to be able to return the favour. Since you’ve taken care of me this whole time.”

Kaeya nearly bites his own tongue off as he forces out the words, but reminds himself that it’s necessary.

Unfortunately, his efforts are in vain, because Meng simply smiles and shakes his head. “It’s alright,” he says. “I’m satisfied to have you just like this.”

Kaeya nearly cries then, but Meng eyes at his restrained wrists over his head with a considering look on his face.

“But I suppose I could take you down,” he muses aloud. “I don’t want you to lose your hands completely after all.”

Meng stands then, and moves close to reach over Kaeya’s head. Kaeya turns his face away so that he doesn’t have to breathe in the man’s musk too much, and he thinks he might be going insane, but there’s something about Meng’s scent that makes a shudder run down his spine, for all the wrong reasons.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for Meng to untie him - he leaves the ropes around Kaeya’s wrists in place though - and Kaeya groans as his arms protest after being unable to move for so long. Meng helps him pull them in front of him, rubbing his large hands soothingly up and down Kaeya’s throbbing muscles.

“Thank you,” Kaeya says, offering the man a false smile.

Meng beams back in response, but the moment of peace doesn’t last long. Kaeya yelps when he finds himself being manhandled, until he’s pushed flat down onto his back on the bed, his legs forced open with how they’re still tied. Meng parts them further as much as they can go, baring Kaeya’s most vulnerable parts to him, and Kaeya scrambles to preserve his modesty with his bound hands.

“Stop, what-” he starts, but his words get caught in his throat when Meng grabs his wrists by the ropes still tying them together and shoves them over Kaeya’s head, pinning them down to the bed as he leans down, bearing his whole weight down on Kaeya.

“I’m sorry,” Meng says, staring into Kaeya’s eye, a glint of madness shining through his own. “I don’t think I can hold myself back anymore.”

Before Kaeya can reason with him, Meng lines himself with Kaeya’s aching entrance, and pushes himself inside him in one swift, harsh thrust that has Kaeya’s back arching and his lips falling open to let out a soundless groan.

The worst part is the fact that it doesn’t even hurt, the implications of exactly why it doesn’t hurt, and Kaeya hates that when Meng pulls out only to viciously thrust back in, pleasure sings through Kaeya’s body and makes his bound cock ache even worse than before.

“Say my name,” Meng pants in between every slam of his hips, so close that his hot breaths ghost over Kaeya’s lips.

Kaeya wants to refuse, to say no - to hell with his plan to escape, he will not participate in his own rape - but Meng suddenly closes their lips together in a kiss, devouring Kaeya as his cock drags in and out of Kaeya’s body, and the unwanted pleasure building inside of him is too much for Kaeya to keep his head straight.

Suddenly, the only thing that matters is that he gets to come, that the pleasant, burning feeling in his body is kept fed and stays inside him forever, and when Meng pulls away for breath, Kaeya breathlessly moans out, “Meng!”

“Yes,” Meng grunts with a particularly harsh snap of his hips, mouthing hard at Kaeya’s neck and doubtless leaving bruises with his bites. “More, say it-”

“Meng,” Kaeya complies, almost sobbing as he reaches closer and closer to that peak- “Meng, Meng, Meng, please, take it off, I-”

His climax hits him like a glider-crash, sending stars soaring through his vision as the corners of it darken, threatening to make him black out. It feels so good that Kaeya thinks he’s dying, his head lighter than a feather as his whole body jolts like it’s being stunned with multiple bolts of electricity.

But the high doesn’t last long, and Kaeya finds himself falling back against the bed limply, gasping for breath as Meng continues to thrust away between his thighs.

Kaeya tries not to think about it, tries not to dwell on how easily he had broken under this man’s manipulations, and closes his eye as he turns his head to the side, refusing to show Meng the misery and discomfort in his expression.

Thankfully, Meng comes not long after, groaning against the skin of Kaeya’s throat as his hands grip painfully tight at Kaeya’s hips. He peppers kisses along Kaeya’s neck, down to his collarbones, and Kaeya flinches when the fingers on his hips move up to finger teasingly at his nipples.

“Meng,” he says, opening his eye and looking down to meet Meng’s, who looks back at him expectantly. “I’m thirsty again. Could you please get me more water?”

Meng smiles, nodding. “Of course. Wait right here.”

Kaeya breathes out a relieved sigh when the man’s weight disappears off of him, away from his body, and turns over onto his side. He winces as he feels come seeping out of his ass, making him feel even more disgusting than he already had, and focuses instead on the ropes binding his hands.

The knots aren’t very complicated. Kaeya thinks he could get them off in under a minute, but when he glances down at his thighs, he knows he’ll need more than that to completely free himself. The knots around his legs are far more intricate; he needs to get Meng out of- wherever it is that they are so that he’ll be alone long enough to do that, or get Meng himself to unbind him.

Kaeya’s not sure which option would be easier to achieve, but when Meng returns, bottled water in hand and half-hard dick swinging between his naked legs, Kaeya swears he’ll do anything to get out of this - fast.