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愛の大混乱 / The love Pandemonium.

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愛の大混乱 / The love Pandemonium.

Chapter one, The beginning.


Sector thirteen, Cell thirteen, 8;73 am.


“Jyugooo!” a loud, booming voice; one filled to the brim with a tone that couldn’t be mistaken by anything else but hate. A pair of footsteps, running and thudding throughout a cold color. Another pair of steps, running and tapping much faster, in pursuit of who, or what was running there was a gasp, and a loud, cold thud echoed through the emptiness of the halls. There was no more sound, only the sharp panting of two men, then a slam echoed once more.


{Slight steamy moment!}


An inmate one with unmistakable, inharmonious eyes; held to the floor by his shoulders the striped uniform he had been wearing, tearing at the shoulder by his capturer who’s threatened to pierce his skin. He was finally captured, by his predator. “I’ve got you, now...Watashi no emono...~” the words were dark, yet his voice held love, but it also held a dangerous tone of possession, an emphasis that the man below this beast; was his. the prey, who was held against the floor shivered as the beast licked over their lips, their jaw opening as their teeth made a beeline for the prey’s shoulder. That, oh so familiar set of teeth pierced the bright, soft, and upmost addictive skin of his shoulder, right there, this monster, beast; it always, bit in the same spot. That’s where the prey, the one that had been hunted, dominated, and now bitten, finally submitted. his body losing all of the tension he once held, and he allowed his predator to bite, and abuse his body, the hot fluid was enough for the prey to know, his predator, meant business As he did, every time he misbehaved.




“Hajime, Hajime!” Nico, the flamboyant inmate flapped his arms the lime tendrils of his hair flapping along with his movements., recently with Valentine’s day approaching inmates have had more time outside their cells. Right now, the Guard of the thirteenth ward was escorting the inmates of cell 13 to the courtyard.


Hajime sighed, his piercing eyes drawing their gaze back to the eccentric Nico.


“What is it?” his voice was drawn out and upset, not that it had bothered Nico at all as Hajime was always like this.

“What did you do back when you were suspended?” Nico snickered, and Uno visibly bit his lip, attempting to hold back his laughter, Rock let out a low laugh before shutting himself up after sneaking a quick glance at Hajime’s enraged, but contained expression.

Hajime didn’t have time to retort, as Mitsuba and the Inmates of Building three joined thirteen on their now short walk to the courtyard.


“Why hello, Mister Sugoroku!” Mitsuba chimed in, stepping in closer to the Guard of thirteen. However, Hajime kept his gaze forward, Ignoring the guard he had recently, thought of as an annoyance, instead, his mind wandered to the event that took place only so shortly ago.




Just a few hours previously…


“You request to what?” the warden, Guard of Thirteen, and three gathered in the office, of the warden. Mistuba stepped forward, pressing his hand to his chest while he lavishly bat his eyelashes, before looking the fierce woman in the eye.

“My request was to have inmate 15, transferred to my division.” The warden lowered her eyes and they fluttered shut, for what felt like hours for the two guards. Her gaze re-drew in an immediate suspension of the operator building three.

“No, 15 operates well with his fellow inmates, and Haj- Sugoroku has kept a good eye on him.”


Mitsuba’s eyebrows’ furrowed, and he opened his mouth hastily only to be shot down by the warden’s punishing gaze. Silently, she dismissed the two.




Hajime was courted in the thoughts of what occurred only hours earlier, upon hearing a yelp, his gaze lifted in surprise, Nico laid on the floor for a short few seconds, and shot back up to chase after Uno, who was running away with a soccer ball he had gotten from Yamato after a long night of gambling. Hajime sighed and turned to look for Jyugo, after a not too successful scan along the courtyard Hajime let out a sigh and opened the doors, hastily making his way for the game room Uno had designed, seeing how Jyugo spent his time sleeping on the couch whenever he had the chance.


He sharply turned corners and spotted the bright pink door, his gloved hand fell onto the thin black handle, but before opening the door, he stopped after hearing, an odd sound. Not believing what he heard, but also suspicious, he pressed his ear against the door carefully, his hands keeping him propped up against the doorframe and he focused on the sounds, he hoped he handle heard.

“H-Hhn! Don’t bite so hard I-Idiot..” Like that Hajime swat his gloved hand over his mouth, his eyes clenched shut for a second, and daringly, he silently cracked the door, peeking in between the ridge. His pupils’ focused in, and in shock he held his breath, knowing he would have gasped at the sight.


[Warning, Slight Smut/NSFW]


On the marble table, Jyugo sat, his right hand held tightly against his back in what Hajime guessed was an iron grip. Hajime had never seen Jyugo with any sort of embarrassment, or even bashfulness on his face, this was something else.


Jyugo’s face a desolate shade of red, his eyes half-lidded and filled with, a different kind of desire; his lavish pink tongue was pulled at, and another pair of tanned lips met with the inmates, Jyugo pressed into the kiss, almost enough to overpower whoever had been kissing him, and a pair of sharp teeth bit down on his lower lip. He choked on what had been a ‘feminine’ noise, and a small laugh escaped the other, and after that little noise of amusement, Hajime froze in place, the familiarity of that voice, increased his shock, and even more so growing confusion. Carefully he opened the door a little further, and his eyes widened as he gazed upon a fellow guard,


Salmon Gokku.


Hajime was only freed of his shock when he heard Samon’s voice speak up, and he locked his gaze onto Samon, who was nearly as red as Jyugo; he saw something in his colleague’s eyes, like nothing he had seen before, something he didn’t understand it was shrouded in, a soft desire but that look turned into one of malice as he watched his fellow guard look at his wristwatch, and sigh. ;


“It’s about time for us to part, but hey, there’s always next Wednesday, my little submissive” As Jyugo carefully zipped up his suit, Hajime got a brief spotting of faint red marks present on his chest, and trailing down-.

He turned away from the scene his lower lip pulling under his teeth as he silenced himself once more, and as Samon began to button up his uniform a few deep bite marks on his collar bone, and he pulled Jyugo off the counter with his free hand, as the two approached the door, Hajime left the scene as fast as he could sliding on his knees and standing behind the corner, he stared at the two, as Samon narrowed his eyes at the ajar door, he shrugged it off, and he pulled Jyugo along, in the direction of the courtyard. Hajime followed the two with his eyes, not missing the arm samon held around Jyugo’s waist.


[End of slight smut/NSFW]


Hajime didn’t move for a few minutes, still mentally contemplating the… ‘events’ he had seen take place knowing it was far less than legal for the two to do such things, but knowing he would be in tole with the punishments, seeing as he was supposed to supervise Jyugo. taking a deep breath, he made his way to the courtyard, with his face burning pink.