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When pigs fly (technoblade x reader)

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A loud call of “DREeeaaammm” can be heard through the laptop’s speakers, dreams latest manhunt video playing in the background. I had lost complete focus on the video when I remember that I planned to shift tonight, and I still hadn’t created my script. The script was meant to have been finished a few nights ago so that I could memorise the general gist of what was supposed to go down, yet I neglected it and am now facing the consequences of my actions.

It was 11:13pm when I finally completed my script, because this would be my first time shifting to the dream smp I decided that it would be a chill storyline with no specific relationships or plot point; of course I included a safety word in case things go wrong. I revise the script a few times, make sure to get some basic details correct and then lie down. So far with all my attempts the pillow method seemed to work best. As I curl up in bed lying on my stomaching and practically suffocate myself with my pillow, I begin to feel a soft lull and feel a tug in my mind. As I imagine myself becoming closer to this tugging sensation my mind blanks.

I'm quickly surrounded with warmth and the smell of gunpowder and coffee. As I slowly begin to open my eyes I quietly take in my surroundings. I appear to be in a log cabin of sorts, as I look to my left I see what appears to be a boat and an… ENDERMAN???. Where the fuck am i? I hear what sounds like heavy boots or hooves approaching from outside the cabin, Panicking and not wanting to face whatever was outside. I eagerly dove under the covers. As the door opens and the footsteps approach they seem to get lighter and lighter until they are barely audible and right next to the bed. I can feel the looming presence of whoever or whatever was on the other side of this duvet. Knowing I'd have to face confrontation I decided to get it over and done with, at least that was the goal until a strong hand did it before me. As the covers are ripped away from over my head I see a sight that shocked me to see.
A 6’3 man with long pink braided hair stood in front of me. Covering his face is a mask that seems to resemble a boar with tusks that resemble his own that peak out of his mouth. Adorning his head is a gold crown that is just slightly too big for the stranger where it sits on a tilt across their head. Going down from their face the stranger is draped in a rather large cloak that seems to cover a blue suit that is definitely winter worthy. Before i could take the time to observe any other noticeable features about the man standing in front of me a low and gruff voice began to speak.

“Who are you and where did you come from?”

his voice although a little lower than you remember was still very recognisable from the late night technoblade binges.
Wide eyed and dumbfounded you made no move to respond. It was at this point that he decided to repeat himself, although this time is a less relaxed and more threatening way.


still frozen in shock i finally started to comprehend the fact that i had successfully shifted.
Quietly I let out a whisper “y/n, I’m y/n”” technoblade looks me up and down deciding if he believes me or not.

“Well y/n can you tell me why i found you covered in blood and passed out in the snow by my house?” he questions quizzically.

A shriek leaves my lips “BLOOD? FROM WHERE?” I begin to frantically search my body looking for any signs of injury. When I look down my shirt I see bandages across my chest. Right across an area that wouldn't be easy to bandage unless… “yOU PERV” i scream.

“HAH? I saved you from bleeding out. You should be thanking me, not screaming at me” he replies in a monotone voice looking away in a way that would imply an eye roll.

“Whatever” I grumble out of shame, I take the covers entirely off my body and begin to stand. Before I can steady myself I'm pushed back down.

“You’re not going anywhere, I'm fairly certain I know who you are and if I'm right then Dream will be pleased” he asserts “Now stay put little Artemis”.

Where the hell did he get Artemis from, like the goddess? God he’s such a nerd, he really likes these Greek mythology references doesn't he.
Not long passes before we hear a loud nagging on the door, Techno adjusts his crown and then proceeds to get up. He opens the door and in walks a tall figure in green with a familiar smiley face mask. From my position on the bed I am unable to make out any of the conversation that is occurring. Briefly i hear my name mentioned and suddenly I have two masked sets of eyes on me. The tall man in green rushes over. He does what I could only describe as scanning my body for visible injuries. A relieved sigh can be heard when he only spots a few bruises.

“Oh my god y/n, you had everyone in l’manburg worried, we all thought you were dead” his sentence occupied with hints of concern. My brain throbbed as I tried to identify the figure in front of me. Their identity on the tip of my tongue yet still so far from reach. Like a balloon accidently being let go .
With defeat I question the man

“ I’m sorry, but who are you exactly and how do you know me?” The figure before seems taken aback.

“ y/n? Y-you’re kidding right? This is a joke? It's me Dream, your big bro?”

Uncertainty overtakes my features, who the hell is Dream? What's happening? As the pain in my head grows from a dull throb to a sharp spike my world fades black.
This isn't what was supposed to happen, this was just meant to be a test shift. My safe word is not even working. I’m stuck and I'm starting to forget. How will I get back?