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When pigs fly (technoblade x reader)

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Stalking our way around the smp, we narrowly missed run into the many people that were searching for us. We had two minutes left on our invisibility potions and Techno only had enough for our escape + Tommy. The sewer had many entrance locations but the one that Techno and Tommy had used was of course under the Community house. Meaning we had to do a full circle without being caught. As easy as that sounds, I still wasn't looking forward to it. There were so many people that were on our trail and we had only just narrowly escaped them earlier, one wrong move and we were done for. 

As if sensing my anxiety Techno grabs my hand, giving it a quick reassuring squeeze.

"I'm not letting go, I cant risk losing you again" his deep voice a whisper that soothes the raging river of anxiety that is my brain. The river slows to a stream as an invisible blush makes its way across my face.


As we approach the community house, it seems to be that no one is there. That will be good for us considering our potions were about to run out. Walking into the lake that surrounds said house, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck begin to stand up, someone is watching us. Before I even know it an axe is flying towards me. Techno makes quick work of grabbing it mid air, almost as if it was second nature.

"Always ruining my fun, Technoblade, what a pity" of course it was Dream, he always seems to show up at the worst times possible.

"You know what's a pity?" voiced Techno "That i haven't bashed your head in yet"

This causes a malicious chuckle to sound from Dream.

"Oh but you wouldn't, we have so much fun together"

pointing at me he continues " Especially me and your Persephone, right Techno?"

Shadows cast over Techno's eyes, making his expression dark and unreadable. His grip on my hand moves up to my elbow, this movement not being missed by dream at all. Techno turns to me and pulls be in front of him, essentially blocking dreams view of me.

"we're leaving, and don't worry, he wont follow us."

As if hearing what was said Dream huffs.

"Leaving already Hades? Thought you would be a bit more generous with my share of their time, I am their brother after all."

Ignoring what he said, Technoblade begins to pull us underwater, towards the sewer entrance. I don't need my memory to know whatever Dream was insinuating wasn't good. As we swim deeper and deeper, I can be more at rest knowing i was getting further away from that green bastard. Maybe its best if I don't remember.

I mean who needs memories anyway, they're overrated. 


As we Navigate our way through the endless tunnels in the sewer the tension in the air grows thicker. Thicker with questions, thicker with curiosity and thicker with anticipation. Though the anticipation coming in two very different forms. Anticipation of the future and anticipation of answers, though its quiet unclear who it belongs too. 

We walk until we see a curve in our path, the path built to go around a giant red box. I go to walk around it but Technoblade seems to have other ideas. He grabs my hand, pulling me back and putting a finger to his lips. As i go quiet Techno whispers about not being alone down hear and wanting me to stay put whilst he sorts whoever it is out. Sitting against the wall I wait, my annoyance rising by the second. Why didn't Technoblade just bring me with, its not like I'm useless damsel in distress.

God he was going to get an earful when he gets back over here. 

What a thoughtful Prick


at least five minutes later I can finally hear someone walking towards me, unsure if its Techno i still stay quiet, but ready my bow just to be safe. 

"y/n,  are you still there?" calls Technoblade's familiar voice, i finally breathe again, though unsure of when i started holding my breath. I call out so he knows I'm still here, getting ready to scold his ears off.

His head pops out from around the corner as his eyes search for me, suprised to see me still where he left.

"Sorry that took so long, I had to chase a little" he chuckles as he fully walks out revealing the blood covering his clothes, most likely not his own.

He obviously notices the dissaproval and shrugs.

"Blood for the Blood God?"

Shaking my head in exhasperation i remember why i was actually annoyed in the first place. I mean sure, the blood is annoying, but he didn't have to leave me here. I can obviously fend for myself, or have i not done enough to prove that.

"You know i can fend for myself right, I could have hel-"

With a chuckle Techno interupts me
"Oh princess, I'm not risking losing you again".
As he approachs me with a possesive look in his eyes i back up until i feel the hard surface of the tunnels walls against my back.

Taking that as an oppertunity Techno closes the space, his arms caging my body between him and the wall. As we practically share the same air, the look in Technoblades eyes begin to change to something I'd never seen before.

I tilt my head up so that i could properly look him in the eyes, although the foot difference between us made it difficult. His larger body practically dwarfing my own.

He starts to lean down and i suck in a sharp breath in anticipation, whats his goal here? His lips make their way next to my ear as his voice drops to a low whisper that sends shivers down my spine.

"I can't lose you again, because who would Hades be without his Persephone."

Again with the nicknames.
God I hate them, but i can't deny that i don't love them at the same time.

As the realisation of the meaning behind his words kick in a deep blush spreads across my face.

I mean how could I not blush when he was right there and practically calling me his queen.

Before i could formulate a response an echoey shout sounded through the caves. The voice of course belonging to the lanky teenager that I have grown quiet fond off.

Technoblade lets out a groan of annoyance, a groan that happens to have been made right in my ear, sending another shiver down my spine

"We will continue this later, but for now lets go entertain Tommy"