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The knock on your window was one unexpected and not only for the fact that your room wasn’t on the ground floor, or the hour of the night at which it had happened.

It was the gentleness of it, yet determined. The surety in which the hand that had knocked on the glass panes of your window along with the gentle question that the sound carried. A gentleman’s touch and instinctively you immediately knew who to expect.

That had been the most unexpected part. That you had expected this ethereal looking man sitting in your window. Pale in form and in colour, contrasting against the darkness of the night, yet so very fleeting for you were almost convinced that those sad red eyes could be engulfed into the moonlight behind him, carrying away this enigma of a man that had sought you out.


Your voice came out in a whisper, not really sure if what you saw was right. His usual confidence, accompanied with the ease in which he did everything, added to the sprinkle of regality that he carried everywhere. Vlad smiled at the sound of your voice and your recognition, the curve of his lips so ghostlike, yet so tender and very present.

“I have come for you,” he claims, and a hand reaches out for you. You flinch away at first before relaxing, allowing the mystery in front of you to cradle your face, his thumb running over your cheek in the softest touch you have ever felt, carefully, preciously, leaving a trail of warmth behind despite the coolness of his fingertips. You didn’t doubt his statement, somehow even having expected that, despite the absence of a plan agreed between the two of you.

“Will you allow me to take you away?”

It was a question he didn’t have to ask as you held onto the hand cradling your cheek, your eyes growing as you rose yourself onto your tiptoes to press a kiss against his lips. Vlad’s response was immediate, his fingers weaving into the hair at the back of your head as he pulled you closer, his smile growing wider as he pressed against you. Nothing within you could ever allow yourself to let go of him. Not now or ever.

Before you knew it you had departed from your room, leaving the windows open with its billowing curtains as the mansion started to grow smaller from the distance put between. You held tightly onto the man that had whisked you away so easily, eyes seeking out his in which you could see a glimmer of excitement mixed with tenderness. A feeling you returned.

“Welcome home,” he had whispered to you much too soon, and for a moment you were still in a daze as you felt ground underneath your feet once more. Too dazed to let the meaning of those words sink in as you looked around the castle courtyard in which Vlad had brought you.

But the arm that was around you tightened as you didn’t respond, and you were brought back to reality once more as you realised that the roses that surrounded you were unfamiliar.

“Home?” you question airily, still too taken by the beauty that surrounded you, as ethereal and regal as the person who held you so tenderly. There was care and there was warmth in the garden, and you knew then that, despite the imposing castle and its cold structure, there was a warm heart beating underneath it all.

Red eyes turned confused as Vlad locked his gaze with yours, his smile faltering for a moment as something childlike crossed his expression, dumbfounded, taken aback.

“This is your home?” he repeats, and slowly you realise what his invitation had meant earlier. How strange these purebloods talk. How well-intended they could be in their assumptions, yet cunning with their innocence.

And a laugh spread across your face as you eye the man, your arm wrapping across his shoulders as you lean back against the hand on the small of your back. “And when did you decide that?” you ask, earning a round of blinking eyes, something like panic rising in his expression as he wonders if he had misunderstood you after all.

“I had asked and confirmed it with you, I thought.”

His answer, so earnest, is what makes you break out into laughter, burying your head away into his chest as you pull him closer. The way he tenses and the chuckle that escapes him signs that Vlad has caught on as well.

“A cunning one, I see.”