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ocean eyes

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theo has never felt more useless in his entire life — in both his lives, actually — than now as he watches his best friend and his brother run around the shop like children, ten times more excited than he was. then again, theo was rarely excited when it wasn’t about art, and even though he could get passionate about you sometimes, he was too preoccupied with being an anxious mess, than as excited as he should. 


this, is a bad idea. he doesn’t deserve you. he still cannot understand by what miracle you’ve agreed to date him, there is no way you would want to further your relationship with him and get stuck with him for the rest of your life. you deserve a hundred times better, a man that would be kind to you the way he could never be, a man who would be better at caring — hell, he just learned a week ago that he was the only man in the damn mansion to have no idea what your ring size was, and while he had been upset at first (why was everyone so interested in his girlfriend anyway ?), he was now mostly sad. (was he not interested in you enough ?) 


« guys, i don’t think this is a good idea, let’s not… » vincent looks up from the rings he had been eyeing intently, very focused on the task that his brother had given him : help him find the perfect ring to propose to MC with, because for all the artistic sense that theo had, and his sense of beauty, he still needed reassurance from his older brother. « let’s just go home, please. »


except that theo never says 'please' and is usually pretty stubborn, so having him change his mind like this ? it was weird and also concerning. « don’t you want to marry MC, after all ? » the blonde asks, walking up to his brother with a concerned look on his face, soon joined by arthur, just as concerned all the while keeping his feelings from showing on his face (theo would hate to see him worried on his behalf)


« of course i want to marry her, but… what if she doesn’t want to marry me ? even worse, what if she says yes and then regrets it ? i don’t think i’m the one who can make her happy and i don’t want her to be miserable for the rest of her days just because— » okay, his thoughts were clearly spiraling, to the point where he didn’t even try to shrug arthur’s arms from around his shoulders as the english man engulfed him in side hug. theo, had he been in his usual mood, would have killed him. vincent takes his brother's hands in his and gently rubs circles on their back with his thumbs, trying to ease his worries. 


« because what ? » arthur cuts in, « buddy, the scolding she would give you if she heard you just now, no one is allowed to talk this way about the love of her life. even if the one doing the badmouthing is said love of her life. » theo opens his mouth, ready to argue but his best friend doesn’t give him the chance. « she really calls you this way you know, when you aren’t around. » and vincent nods and hums fervently, a radiant smile on his face — he is glad to have MC in his life, in his theo’s. it is nice to know there is someone to love his brother so much, and see his value, even if theo himself fails to. 


« broer, she’ll be an idiot to say no. » because he is sure that no one in the whole world will love her as much as theo does, so completely and selflessly. « and we both know that she is a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. come now, i think i’ve found the perfect ring. » he gently pulls theo along with him through the shop, arthur happily following. 


the ring is gorgeous, made of silver and embedded with little diamonds and a blue gemstone. « do you know that blue is MC’s favorite color ? » vincent asks, and once again, theo is reminded that everyone seem to know more about her than he does. it is true that MC wears blue a lot on a daily basis, but he doesn’t think she ever told him explicitly that it was her favorite… did she tell vincent ? or is it just a guess of his brother ? 


arthur approves vincent’s choice, and the two have to push theo some more but he eventually buys it, with cheeks burning in embarrassment. he can’t believe he is doing this. he can’t believe he is going to propose. 











« MC ? » you hear theo’s voice from behind you, so close you actually wonder why his arm isn’t already around your waist. he doesn’t usually call out to you when he can just reach out and pull you with him wherever he wanted you to go. « can i have a moment of your time ? alone. »


your first reaction is to frown, a little worried about your lover. « sure, theo. » you excuse yourself from the conversation you were having with arthur, throwing a smile in the writer’s direction before following theo out of the living room where all the residents were gathered and celebrating the new year. « are you okay though ? you seem… a little unlike yourself. »


and it is something you’ve noticed this past few days — but then, all the boys have been acting a little weird around you lately. theo shrugs your concern off with a grumble that doesn’t ease your worry, and quickens his pace, which has you struggling to keep up with him. tall people really don’t have any compassion toward the ones who weren’t gifted with long legs, huh.


« why are you — theo ! » you call out after him when you realize that he is leading you on the terrasse, even though it is snowing outside. it’s not anything heavy, but you still have to wrap your shawl closer around your bare shoulders as you step outside, already missing the warmth of the chimney in the living room. 


it is beautiful out here, though, you have to admit, especially in the dark, with the only light coming from the small lights of the balcony. you cross your arms under your chest, only to keep warm, and wait for theo to start explaining himself — and he better have a good reason for dragging you out there. « hum… so… i actually have something for you… » you don’t even let him finish before protesting « i know, i know, but for my defense, i wanted to give it to you for christmas but then it was isaac’s birthday and we made plans with everyone to celebrate and i couldn’t find the right time to give it to you and i’m afraid that it is going to be too late if i don’t do it now, so just let me talk okay ? »


« okay… but i don’t have anything for you though… i’ll feel bad if you give me a gift and i don’t give anything to you in return. » you look genuinely saddened, and this is the exact reason why theo doesn’t spoil you with gifts when he could (he has stopped counting the number of times he has passed a clothing shop, or a jeweler, and has immediately thought about you after seeing a particular item) — only because you always make it a point to give back as much as he gives you, even though your love is more than enough for him. 


« it’s okay. you don’t have to give me anything. » he smiles, all sheepishly, and it worries you again. he fidgets with something in his pocket and you watch him patiently as he pulls out a box. you’re about to scold him — is this jewelry ? there isn’t anyway you are accepting something so expensive for no reasons, but then he opens the small box, revealing the most beautiful ring you’ve ever seen. 


you stand there quietly, just looking at the ring, then at theo, mouth opening and then closing again. you slowly reach for the box, with careful hands, and a smile on your lips. it is really a beautiful piece of jewelry. « theo, this is an engagement ring, i think. »


« i know. » he says. « i already told you that i wanted you to stay with me forever, and i meant it. i still mean it. and i know you could have someone better, but i don’t want to lose you to anyone else, so i guess i’m asking you to be my wife. to promise me forever. »


you understand why he had been so distant lately, or why the mansion’s residents had been acting shady around you — there truly was no secrets in this house, except to you, apparently. « how even can you believe that i would want anyone else ? theo you’re the love of my life. » he is your soulmate, the reason fate has brought you here, in nineteenth century paris. « there is nothing i would like more than to be your wife. »


you can’t even believe he would want to have you. you hand him back the box, only to have him put the ring on your finger — the size is a perfect fit, of course. you can’t help but stare at it on your finger, the light reflecting off the gemstones... you feel tears well up your eyes, threatening to fall by the second. « do you like it ? » theo asks. you hum and nod, hands coming to cup both of his cheeks. 


« i love it. i love you. » you reach up to kiss him, his own hands settling on your hips at last. you’ve been craving his touch all evening. « thank you for having me. i’ll do my best to be the best wife. »


« you already are everything i would ask for. i’m the one who has to be better. » he is the one who should be thankful, he thinks as he captures your lips in a kiss of his own, a smile on his face — anxiety relieved, at last. 


his kiss is hungry, his grip tight on your hips, but you can’t bring yourself to care, or to care about anything that isn’t him. your future with him. you return his kiss with the same amount of passion, parting your lips to invite him to deepen the kiss. you can feel his fangs dragging against your lower lip, and tentatively trace their outline with your tongue, drawing a low hum from theo. 


the sounds makes you shiver in the best way. you know how theo gets when he is like this. when he is hungry. « bite me. » you whisper against his lips, needing the feeling of his teeth plunging in your skin just as much as he needs your blood right now. 


you don’t think he’s ever been so fast to lift you up in his arms, running to someplace more private. the other could forgive you for ditching the rest of the party. 











theo wakes up with you still in his arms. this isn’t unusual per say, but you’re usually a messier entanglement of limbs with the amount of tossing and turning that you do in your sleep. you also sleep later than him, so it is definitely a weird feeling to wake up after you for once. « did you even get any sleep ? » 


his morning voice is deeper, and raspy, and you love it. « not really ? » you answer, only hoping that he will not scold you for it — how could you anyway, when you were so happy. you roll around to face him, cuddling some more against his chest. he holds you a little closer. 


your hand lays on his chest, and he gently comes to take it in his, lacing your fingers together. he takes a good look at the ring, really complimenting your skin stone, and he makes a silent comment that he wouldn’t mind seeing you in nothing but this ring for the rest of his almost eternal life. « my brother said blue was your favorite color, and i had no idea. » 


you laugh in response. to be honest, you never even realized that it had become a color you liked more than others before you’ve found yourself with an assortment of blue dresses, scarves, gloves... « well, it is the color of your eyes. the exact same shade, it gets hard for me to look away when it makes me think about you. » still you look up from the ring and at theo, because you’d much rather be drowning in his eyes right now, as you are lucky enough to have him next to you — not always the case, as he works so much and too often without you. 


at least, you’ll have the ring to remind you of the gentle blue of his eyes when he is away.