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Kit isn't having a good day.

He's having a terrible day, in fact.

Phai had slept over at his unit last night, and picked up Kit's bag by accident on his way to school. Kit had to drop by the high school and lost the first half hour of his morning class, which meant he didn't get to be there when they drew lots for the order of their final presentation. The last slot coincidentally fell into the Friday where he had two major exams, meaning he would have a measly twenty minutes to get lunch, haul ass to the old building and mentally prepare himself for his worst subject (fucking biochem).

Then, his English professor shuffled the seating arrangement for their last exam, meaning he had to sit next to some Engineering student who must have fancied himself Lin from Bad Genius with the constant fidgeting he kept doing, effectively ruining Kit's concentration. The professor mistook his constant glares as an attempt at cheating and called him out in front of everyone (as if Kit would even need to cheat in English!)

When he finally left that hell hole of a classroom, he came straight into the cafeteria, only to discover that his favorite noodle stall had already sold out for the day.

Kit had to lug through his afternoon classes with his stomach full of mediocre basil chicken, having to take down notes by hand because of course, his iPad chose this moment out of all moments to run out of battery.

Kit is listlessly trekking to the college library, head filled with thoughts of tomorrow's lab class, when the first good thing happens that day.

"P'Kit!" A sweet, blessedly familiar voice calls, stopping Kit on his tracks.

"Yu," Kit states, pleasantly surprised.

Yu grins, grabbing his hand and tugging at it, pressing a quick kiss on his cheek when Kit bends down in surprise.

"Hi! How was your day?"

Horrible, Kit thinks.

"Better now that I've seen you," he answers, just as honestly.

Yu's grin turns into a red-cheeked smile, squeezing Kit's hand.

"Cute. It'll be cuter if you come with me to pick Mark up, though."

Kit's instantly alert. "Why? What did he do this time?"

Yu silently hands him his phone.

satit utcc 29

smile: guys
smile: guys who let me take engineering with mark
smile: i thought we were all friends
smile: why didn't anyone warn me

pong: should've went to archi with me yim

wayu: what did he do this time

smile: we're supposed to be in a tutoring session but he's literally just gossiping with the seniors

pong: standard mark behavior really

smile: UGH @wayu come get your man I can't take this. I need to actually pass

wayu: lmao omw

Kit rolls his eyes fondly, slipping the phone into Yu's back pocket.

"Let's get your boy."

Yu pouts, walking alongside him towards the building exit. "So when he's getting called out in the group chat, he's my boy and not ours?"

Kit wraps an arm around Yu's waist, throwing a glare at the med freshies who were staring a little too long at his boyfriend.

"I don't pretend to claim Mark, Yu."

It's Kit's turn to pout when Yu moves out of his hold.


"These," Yu says, placing his hands over his hips, "are only for boys who share boyfriends with me."

Kit bites down on his lip to keep from laughing, all the troubles of the day floating away as he stares at half of his heart.

Yu continues to stare at him, brows raised in challenge. Kit couldn’t help the kiss he drops at the top of Yu's head as he pulls him back to his side.

"Let’s go get our boy."


"So once we simplify the expression, we just need to apply the power rule-"

Mark raises his hand exaggeratedly, and Smile clenches her jaw, already anticipating his question.

"Yes, Mark?"

"P'Jack, a little birdy told me you were at the Dentistry faculty yesterday, is that true?"

Smile's easily distracted classmates perk up at the question.

"Mark, that has nothing to do with Calculus."

"Shhhh, Smile. Let P'Jack answer the question."

"Who were you there to see, P'Jack?"

"Ohhh, was it the guy in Mark's lives?"

"Yeah, P'Koh! He's a Dentistry major, right?"

"Are you dating him, P'Jack?"

Smile resists the urge to bang her head on the library table and opens her phone.

P'Jack has gone from talking shit about P'Koh to denying the legitimacy of the pictures Mark whips out of nowhere when Smile spots Yu, accompanied by P'Kit, tiptoeing behind Mark. She takes a sip from her water bottle to hide her smile. Yu sends her a thumbs up before bringing his hands down suddenly on Mark's shoulders.

Dude screams like a banshee as his classmates laugh.

"Baaaabe," Mark whines, "you scared me."

"Nong Yu," P'Jack greets, still so flustered at the sight of the science student after everything, "how'd you get inside the Engineering library?"

Kit silently moves forward, hiding both Yu and Mark from P'Jack's sight.

The Engineering freshmen collectively "awwww" at the movement.

Smile stares morosely at her exam outline.

"We're just here to get Mark, P'Jack," Kit informs him formally, "we'll be out of your hair in no time."

Ping from Mechanical, who only recently joined their group, leans over the table, asking loudly, "Who's the cutie in the necktie?"

"My boyfriend," Mark answers, smiling a little too widely as he reaches up to grab onto Yu's hands on his shoulders. 

"And the one in the med gown?"

"Our boyfriend," Yu answers, smiling more genuinely. 

"Aow, really? Both of you?"

"Yes, really," Kit responds this time, gathering Mark's notes and stuffing them into his bag. 

"The three of them are together, or-?"

"The three of them, yes," Smile answers tiredly.

"Damn, I should've volunteered when the seniors were looking for Beau candidates."

Smile scoffs. "As if. P'Jack, can we get back to the lecture, please? This exam's worth 30% of our grade." 

That gets everybody else's attention, and they return to discussing derivation as Kit, Mark and Yu walk away. If Smile feels butterflies when Yu turns back to wink at her, well. Mark really doesn't need to know that.


"I'm starting to think you're being distracting on purpose," Kit points out.

Mark, walking between Kit and Yu, takes their hands in his, swinging both playfully as they jog down the stairs. Both his and Yu's bags are slung across his back, Kit's hanging over one shoulder. 

"Aow, I was just asking P'Jack a question. You both didn't have to come here, you know? You could've just called. Did you miss me that much?" 

Kit rolls his eyes as Yu nods eagerly.

"Ai'Smile was regretting her life choices in the group chat so I came to save her from you," Yu explains sweetly. 

"What? What did she say?!" Mark demands, letting go of Kit's hand to pull out his phone.  

Kit doesn't let him, pulling Mark to the side as Yu charms the library assistant at the exit and retrieves his and Kit's student IDs.

"Mark, don't pretend as if you don't enjoy showing us off to your friends. That's why you're so loud, right?" 

Mark just smiles widely up at him, the annoyingly cute and self-assured one he has that makes Kit want to kiss it off his face.  

"I thought you liked being shown off, P'Mhor'Kit?"

Kit's eyes widen and he frowns, stepping back. Mark merely follows, still smiling, until Kit's back hits the wall. 

"I- I don't- know what you're saying, Mark." 

Yu's head suddenly pops up over Mark's shoulder, grinning triumphantly. 

"I got it!" he cheers, waving Kit's ID in the air. 

He reaches around Mark to slip it into Kit's front pocket, fingers deliberately lingering over his chest. Over the sudden pounding of his heart, Kit sees Mark's eyes darken, watching Yu's hand trail slowly from his pocket to the sides of his med gown. Yu moves closer, Mark moving out of the way absently, to fix Kit's collar, smoothing his hands down until the coat falls perfectly into place. 

Yu's eyes move up to meet his, and Kit feels like he can barely breathe, too aware of the heat of his hands even over two layers of clothing. Beside him, Mark takes his wrist and brings it to his lips, pressing a kiss so light it's almost a flutter over his racing pulse. 

"Let's go home, P'Kit," Mark says, his voice dropping into that deep, lovely tone that Kit would never, in a million years, admit to Mark that he loves. 

Kit merely nods.


So Kit's terrible day ended in the best way, really. 

Yu had brought out a literal tome of biochem reviewers when he told him about the exam schedule, and was now quizzing him on the fundamentals as they lounge about his bed, feet intertwined over the covers. Mark was leaning sideways on him, the portable drawing board Yu got him placed over his lap as he focused so hard on his technical lettering assignment his tongue was sticking out. 

"Mark, are you okay? Do you want us to move to the table? The food should be getting here any minute now." 

"Okay, yes. Please, my neck is killing me." 

Kit sits up in concern, guilt flooding his chest as he thought about how comfortable he felt with Mark's weight against him. 

But Yu moves faster, brows furrowed as he climbs over Kit and carefully moves the table to his desk, sitting on Mark's lap and placing both hands over his neck. 

"Close your eyes," Yu commands, and Mark quickly obeys, tipping his chin up and smiling dopily. 

"Yes jaaaa," he responds, reaching for Yu and blindly placing his open palms over his thighs. 

Kit turns to watch, fascinated as Yu's dainty fingers work over Mark's nape, reaching down occasionally to press over the back of his shoulders. Mark's breathing gradually deepens, slowing down as a rare, peaceful smile blooms on his handsome face. 

"Does it feel good?" Kit hears himself ask in a hushed voice he doesn’t recognize as his own.

"Yes," Mark sighs, eyes still closed. 

"Such a suck up," Yu murmurs fondly.

Kit continues to watch, entranced. It hardly feels real, sometimes - despite both Mark and Yu being here, so comfortable and at home and right in his apartment, the way they equally share the space in his heart - that they're really together, all three of them. That Kit no longer has to feel like he's not deserving of Mark's affections every time he thinks of Yu, that he no longer has to worry about fixing the mess that Phawaree left behind because Yu has him and Mark to give him everything he deserves and more. That he can love the ones he loves, safe in the knowledge that they love each other and, wondrously, love him back.


Kit blinks, bringing himself out of his thoughts. 

"Yes, what?"

Yu smiles softly. "I asked if you wanted to be next?"

Kit opens his mouth, but the doorbell rings before he can answer. 

"I'll get it," he answers quickly, grabbing his wallet off the dresser. 

"It's been paid for, Khun," the delivery boy tells him when he asks for the charge. 

Mark and Yu have already laid out the dishes when he comes to the kitchen, playfully bickering over who gets to sit at the head of the table. 

Kit drops the takeout containers on the surface, taking the seat they're fighting over. 

"Dinner's here, children," he announces, "eat up so you can leave me alone to my revision." 

"Aow, P'Kit," Mark starts, "are you so eager to get rid of us already?" 

"You don't actually live here," Kit says, "and you both have rooms you're paying for. And I know for a fact we all have exams next week."

"I'd rather stay with you na ja. Your bed is way comfier than mine. I can focus better when I'm around you. Right, Yu?"

Yu ignores them entirely, eagerly reaching for the food and loading his plate. 

"Right, Yu?" Mark repeats.

"Hmm? Try the noodles, P'Kit. I ordered extra garlic chips for you. Mark, I got the squid you like."

"Yu, come on. Back me up."

"What? Eat first, I'm hungry." 

"Baaaaaabe," Mark whines, "quit choosing your food over me." 

Yu looks up from where he's crumbling their favorite nori snack over his rice. Kit watches the blush unmistakably rise over his cheeks at the pet name, and laughs when Yu stuffs a fresh sheet of seaweed into Mark's mouth. 

Mark bites into the snack halfway through, letting the rest dangle out of his pretty mouth and turning back to Kit. 

"Yush been mean shu me," he informs Kit. 

"You deserve it." 

No one comments when Kit gently wipes Mark's mouth and prepares his plate for him, though. As they should. 


Kit watches fondly as Mark starts to clean up the table, tutting and slapping Yu's hand away when he tries to help.

"You already paid," Mark complains, "let me do this."

"Right," Kit remembers, "how much do I owe you?" 

Yu frowns at him from where he's clinging to Mark's back, following as their boyfriend moves around the table. 

"It's my treat, P'Kit. You don't have to pay."


"Boyfriend free pass!" Mark cheerfully tells him, "don't make Yu upset, P'Kit. You're going to make him sad if you insist on paying."

Yu just nods, staring at Kit with those big eyes and pouting, somehow still looking adorable as fuck even with his arms hanging awkwardly around Mark's waist as they move from the table to the sink. 

Kit must still look conflicted, because Mark turns around from the circle of Yu's arms and smirks at him. 

"You know, phi. If you insist on paying, I'm sure there's something other than cash that Yu can accept." 

"You're a harlot," Yu promptly informs him. 

"I can't believe you just said harlot," Mark replies. 

"What? Why?" 

"You sound like an old person."

"You're older than me!" 

"Nobody's a harlot, or old," Kit interrupts. 

"Look, phi, so easy," Mark says, before reaching down slightly to press a lingering kiss at the corner of Yu's mouth. 

Yu's retort dies on his lips, eyes falling shut as Mark goes on to press light, butterfly kisses over the line of his jaw, Mark's hands coming up to enclose Yu, reversing their earlier embrace. 

"Tada, fully paid!" Mark announces, staring fondly as Yu's eyes flutter open. 

"Yeah, that would do," Yu murmurs, fingers dancing lightly over Mark's arms. 

"Your turn," Mark invites, looking over at Kit. 

Kit picks his jaw off the floor, walking over and taking Yu's face in one hand. 

"Hi," Yu breathes, smiling. 

"Hi," Kit says back, eyes flicking sideways to Mark, who nods encouragingly at him, before his gaze uncontrollably returns to Yu and the cupid's bow of his mouth. 

Kit doesn't say anything else, just leans in and takes Yu's mouth in his. Yu opens up for him immediately, moaning into his mouth. Kit shivers. Yu always tastes so sweet, his kisses always so eager, tongue dancing around Kit's own as if staking his claim. 

He feels Mark reach out for him, fingers splaying over his side, thumb moving in tiny circles over the exposed skin between his shirt and pants. 

He breaks apart from Yu, breathing heavily, watching with still lidded eyes as Yu turns to kiss Mark. His hands slip down to the side of Yu's neck, holding him still, even as Mark's hand continues rubbing over his waist. His breath hitches at the tiny whimpers that keep spilling out of Yu's pretty mouth, Mark's arms tight around his tiny waist, engulfing him. 

The sight of it makes Kit feel warm all over, an itch under his skin that's been growing more familiar the more time he spends with the two freshmen. He leans forward, caging Yu in between his and Mark's arms, pressing light kisses over Yu's shoulders, grinning as he feels him shiver under his lips. 

Mark pulls away after a while, dragging Yu's bottom lip between his teeth until Kit lays his hand over his wrist and he lets go.

Mark turns to stare up at him, lips invitingly kiss-bruised.

"So," he asks, tongue swiping over his bottom lip, "can we stay a little longer?"

Yu turns around, expectantly waiting for his answer.

Kit can only nod.