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I Wanna Love You Everyday

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The next day, Gemma was spending the night with Vinny. She walked down into the basement where his studio was. He was doing Atreyu's "Becoming The Bull" She caught the last thirty seconds and walked over to the front of his kit. "Babe, I made spaghetti for dinner." She said.

"I'm streaming right now." He said.

She slapped a hand over her mouth. "Shit I'm sorry. I had no idea." She apologized.

He watched chat freaking out over the fact that they heard a female call Vinny babe, which of course meant he had a girlfriend he hadn't told the internet about. They all wanted to meet her, little did they know she was one of them mere months ago.

"Come here, love." He said. "They wanna meet you." He said.

She went over to him and he sat her down on his knee. "Everyone meet Spooky." He said. "This is my girlfriend Gemma."

Chat lost its mind. She was friends with so many of them and they all had no idea she was dating Vinny.

"Guys don't hate me," Gemma said.

They told her that they didn't hate her, they were just surprised.

"We started talking on Discord through DMs and shortly after, Gemma directed the video for Another Life and we started dating during the filming," Vinny explained.

Everyone freaked out that Gemma was the Gemma that had directed Another Life and everyone congratulated her on a job well done.

Vinny logged off the stream since "Becoming The Bull" was the last donation he had to fulfill. They went upstairs to the kitchen and started eating.

"I'm so sorry, I had no idea I was interrupting your stream." Gemma apologized.

"No babe, it's totally fine. It all worked out. Your friends aren't mad at you."

"Thank God." She said. "I feel like that could've gone either way."

"If they support me, I think they'll support you because you're my girlfriend." He said. "It'd be weird if they didn't."

"It'd be weird but not out of the realm of possibilities."

"And you know people screen record my streams sometimes, so that clip will probably be posted online so the rest of the fans will know." He said.

She nodded. "Yeah, well the cat's out of the bag now. Nothing we can really do about it, I suppose."

"If I see someone bullying you, I'll be calling their ass out. I won't be having any of that."

The fandom took to Gemma surprisingly well. She barely saw any hate at all.

Vinny was glad that their relationship was finally public. He no longer felt like he was keeping this huge secret. It was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

He started posting her on social media frequently and posting in his story when she was having sales on her Etsy to drive more traffic to her page, which she was grateful for. Her sales increased by $200 more than usual when he did.

Everything was going great.

They visited each other frequently in PA and IL.