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New Year's Bang

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“Come on, this way Admiral!”


“Ah, careful, you might pull my arm off.” The Admiral protested in pain as Kongou tightly grasped his arm while dragging him in the middle of the ocean of people huddling around the Coliseum. Tonight is a very special day as, within a few hours, a new year will emerge; carrying a fresh new start for everyone. Sure the war with Abyssals is still raging on and will definitely continue onto the next, but that doesn’t stop everyone to hope that in the next year, things will be much, much better.


And what a better way to start off a new year but with a bang! Fortunately, Naka, the world’s favorite pylon idol along with her associates happily lend their energy to start a year-end concert special for everyone to have fun. That and the whole admiralty supported this whole thing, making the Coliseum more grandiose due to high production values, and  were able to accommodate more people; fans and ship-girls alike.


Not that they mind though, in fact, they gladly accepted it, they now have a free date before New Year, and close with their friends too!


What they do mind though was the sitting space, particularly the VIP ones being occupied right off the bat. The result was them swimming in the middle of the crowd as they have no choice but to place themselves in one of the regular seats, or to be specific, the one where they have to stand up.


It was really cramped, but the presence of his wife brushed off any complaints he had, having Kongou close to him makes him warm and fuzzy. They continued to trek their way until they were deep within the human sea.


“This should be our spot.” The Admiral notified Kongou as they stopped in the middle of the crowd. The spot was very cramped as people around them occupied every inch of space. While it can accommodate two people in, the space became filled in once they stepped on it.


“Right, this should be fine. I can still see Naka-chan from here.” Kongou exclaimed as she gazed at the stage from the distance, they plugged the empty vacant hole other people haven’t filled in. Right on time as the stage from afar suddenly went dark, then their surroundings followed suit. People went silent from the sudden blackout; including them, then out of nowhere a single light illuminated itself and point to a particular spot at the center of the stage.


And from that spot, a certain woman stood firmly in front of hundreds, if not thousands of audience, all but staring at her with literal thousands of eyes. Her head was staring down to hide her identity for a brief moment. From a different perspective, she seemed to be shy as she kept her face obscured and blocking any emotions – but this is not the case, it's actually the opposite.


“There she is.” The Admiral smiled just as the head of the woman lifted itself to face the crowd, not showing any hint of fear or nervousness but instead of sheer confidence and happiness as she finally revealed herself to her waiting fans and fellow ship-girls. It was non-other than the light cruiser idol herself – Naka, dressed in a more idol-themed version of her usual outfit.


“Indeed, it's Showtime~” Kongou nodded with confirmation, a grin flashing on her face.


Heyo everyone~! It's your one and only favorite idol Naka-chan!” The idol ship said enthusiastically just as she twirled around and made a cute gesture by putting a ‘V’ sign horizontally towards her temple, she flashed a smile for good measure. Automatically the crowd roared in cheer, chanting her name as if she was their goddess.






“We love you!”


“Notice me senpai!”


The Admiral could only chuckle from the words they exclaimed for their dear idol singer, even if they’re too far away from her. It seems that her idol business wasn't just a funny joke.


“Go Naka~!” Hell, even his wife joined in. Placing both of her hands enclosed to her mouth like a microphone while she shouts a few compliments with her fellow ship-girl. She nudged at him, urging him to do the same. “Come on Admiral give her some praise! She'd dedicated herself for this occasion.”


The Admiral nodded at her proposal as he did the same thing his wife does, throwing support towards her.


Even though she'd never heard her Admiral's compliment, the bustling sound of cheers and compliments made Naka smile in happiness. She couldn’t imagine her position today whilst a few years ago, all of these scenes were just happening in her dreams, remembering those moments made her too “emotional”. But this is not the time for prime time drama, she had a performance to do, and being teary-weenie wasn’t part of her act.


“Alright, alright~ Settle down, we might blow up this place. But thanks for your support, it’s really appreciated by me and the whole staff. Geez you all making me flatter~” At this point, the whole crowd laughed at her amusement.


“But enough detours. You all know why we're here right~?”. The audience shouted “yes” and affirmative, including Admiral and Kongou.


Naka grinned in satisfaction. “That's right~ Because tonight is the time we will witness another year emerge for us, full of endless possibilities. And I, your favorite idol Naka-chan along with my fellow friends here will do the honors to open the gates for everyone!”


The crowd roared in cheer once again, while the Admiral smiled at her little speech.


“So settle down, remove all of your sour past for a fresh new start! For now, everyone here will have smiles on their faces, as we will have the best night of our lives~!” The cheering crowd grew ever bettererer louder.


“Now then, enough chitchat. Let’s start this party with a BANG!”


And as on cue, everything went back to live as the whole coliseum, particularly the stage became illuminated with colorful lights, revealing Naka and other ship-girls that accompanied her with ornate and flashy outfits.


And thus, the concert begins.






The party raged on for a few hours, Naka and her merry-band of idol ship-girls sang and dance to the beat while the audiences waved their posters and stick lights or their bodies to the tune.


However, with the short space between people, there were instances where the Admiral gets hit around every time a person jumps or generally move from the flow. And this happens around him, earning him some grunts here and there.


Not that he has a choice anyway, they were having fun after all, better not breaking someone's joy on the eve of New Year. Even his rank doesn’t work for him after being stuck in the regular spot, including his uniform; minus the cap. However, for every bump he takes, he gets closer to or even hitting Kongou. And it makes him heat up.


Of course, he drops a few apologies to her, but she doesn’t seem to be affected by it; too busy having fun.


He should do the same, having fun with his beloved wife and watch as the time moves to midnight. Instead, he can't get to feel but to blush from unintentionally touching his wife. He was still new to the life of marriage with her; being proposed to her a few months back, so there were some times where his hormonal lust tend to flare up, much to her amusement; and arousal. He'll never see ‘Burning Love' the same again.


He needs to do something to stop this immature behavior or risk creating awkward moments. Luckily his brain was sharp to generate an idea, instead of keeping this bottled up, why not release it? – In a more affectionate way.


It was going to be simple; he will move closer to her and hug her tightly like a good husband. Brilliant isn't it? Not only that but it will give them more space from the crowd, minimizing the chance of getting hit while giving him a chance to become a lovey-dovey husband for today! How romantic.


Feeling confident, he proceeds to start his move, not worrying of any signs of things that would mess his plan. Except this year seems to be not quite done of giving him a prank before moving on.


As he was about to move closer to her with his limbs lifted like an old-school zombie, one lucky (or unlucky) fan jumped forward to show his devotion to Naka, hitting Admiral in the process.


He almost tripped, if not for the timely instinct of quickly grasping Kongou to regain balance. The good news is he achieved to regain balance, the bad news is in doing so, he roughly held an unknown part from Kongou, and from how round and soft it is, even a brainlet can already guess what particular place his hands landed on; much to his building lust.


With a gulp, he gazed over her shoulders, and there, his face went beet red from the boiling blood ah his two hands crash-landed on her clothed ample boobs. Kongou too had the same reaction, face blushing as she stared wide-eyed at two hands cupping her breasts. She was about to confront the unknown pervert, if not for the titular pervert to revealed himself as her beloved Admiral.


“Oh my god, I'm so sorry Kongou.” He apologized dearly, however his hands were still there.


The battleship twisted her head, upon seeing her face, no traces of anger were found, instead, a devilish smile greeted him. “It’s fine, as long as you Admiral. I do hope that was an accident.”


“Yes, it was an accident. I got hit and almost tripped with it.” He is madly flustered giving her an explanation.


She was about to move on with it, however, she intimately felt his heated body and the overall aura radiating around him. This only grew her smile into a smirk as she is well familiar with this sentiment. “My, already triggered from that? and here am I thinking that it wasn’t an ‘accident' at all~”


“E-huh, I-I swear it was an accident! It’s just… I got carried away.”


The Battleship chuckled in amusement, this is one of the reasons she loved her Admiral, so predictable, yet it also leads to unpredictable moments. “Eh, I don’t mind. Feel free to explore my curves again to satisfy your appetite~”


“You mean it?”


“Mhmm, you can even go deeper, though doing this in the middle of hundreds of unsuspecting people outside is really a bold move there Admiral.”


This prompted the Admiral to look for any way out to enjoy each other more privately, but unfortunately, no routes were found. He could only chuckle in dismay. “Well, it seems we have no choice but to do it here.”


“Well, I don’t mind, actually wouldn't that be hot~?”


Now that proposal actually made him tensed, his cock was hard in agreement. He stared into her face, only to see her wink and giggle in arousal.


With those confirmations, the Admiral chuckle in embarrassment just as he began to massage her boobs. Kongou exclaimed with mewls as he fondled her clothed breasts while the concert continued to play. He is restricted to touch them with her Miko still on; can’t risk getting caught. Still, he can feel her squishy melons combined with groans and whimpers coming from her mouth.


“Mm… Why d-don’t you go down Admiral? They might... ah... see your hands.” The Admiral complied in agreement, leaving her ample breasts in favor of a more secluded place.


The battleship shuddered as his hands slowly scanned her body all the way down, finally arriving between her legs. She moaned in pleasure as his hand dug inside her white panties and begin to toy her folds.


“Nn.. mhm..m.” She tried to muffle her moans as his fingers rubbed her pussy or pinched her clit.


He played with her lower lips for a while, rubbing her folds as it became wet. She was about to climax when his hand suddenly retreated, eliciting a whine in protest.


“I think that should be enough.” Kongou was confused about what he said; until she felt two fingers dug on her panties, and suddenly yanked them down to her thighs.


“Hyah!… what are you—” the Admiral didn’t say anything, instead she felt a hard and wet bumping her folds. She was about to look down – but that thing suddenly pushed inside her inner walls in one thrust; jerking her head up in surprise as she moaned from the sudden penetration. She already knew that was a cock from her beloved Admiral based on her feelings, that and he is the only person in this coliseum who wants to make out with her so there's no doubt about it.


Feeling stable, he began to thrust vigorously, moving his shaft until the tip was inside then pushing back in. “I hope this doesn’t startle you.”


She nodded sheepishly as she tried to muffle her moans from his shaft filling her pussy. Both of them are in a state of bliss, they were having sex on the eve of New Year, in the middle of the crowd specifically. Thinking about this public sex only fuels their arousal.


The couple was so preoccupied, that Naka's performance was already done as she gave an announcement to everyone.


“Alright that was amazing~ But you know what's more amazing? Is that we are 30 seconds before New Year!”


Fortunately, Kongou heard what she said as she kept secretly pounded from behind. “Nn h-hurry… hah… it's almost midnight….”


“20 seconds~ Let’s count on 10!”


The Admiral complied thrusting harder and wilder in hopes of reaching a climax at exact 12.












“Ah… come one…”


































The once silent night sky became illuminated and loud as hundreds of colorful fireworks dance throughout above while the crowd roared in joy and exchanged compliments and good luck, for a New Year was born.


The admiral too roared, not of joy, but of an animalistic beast as he secretly came inside her. Rope after rope of his thick seed entered her cervix and filled her womb to the brim. Kongou could only moan as she too came, her body spasms for every squirt she made, mixing their love fluids as her inner walls milked his dick for cum.


Soon their orgasm subsided, and with his work done, he finally removed his cock from her quivering pussy. She quickly lifted her panties to catch some cum, though she’s starting to feel damped from the cum trying to seep out. They hugged each other as they watched the fireworks flew above the heavens.


“Happy New Year Kongou.”


“Happy New Year too, Admiral.”


“What a way to start a year.”


“Indeed, who knows a new life might grow from this special day.” She demurely said while guiding his hand along with hers towards her tummy, where her womb resides.


The Admiral smile at the thought of knocking her up today. If she did end up Pregnant today, then he could only jump in joy as indeed – a new life was born.


But this isn't the day for him to be a child giggling after receiving his gift, instead, he moved closer and their lips locked together. Kongou quickly melted from their deep kiss, and they stayed there as everyone celebrated the New Year around them, not even bothering of feeling sticky while a few strands of cum began to crawl down to her legs.