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Under Starlight Under Trees

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My path is darkened.
My eyes can’t adjust.
So I sit here waiting, hoping for sunrise.
Yet even in fear, there’s a faint tranquility.
As if I were wrapped in a large blanket.
My path is blocked.
I can’t see much.
The moonlight is bright, yet just not enough.
I feel afraid of what shifts in the bushes.
Yet my blood pressure levels, as my thought grow calm.
My path isn’t here.
I can’t see my future.
I’m worried I may end up as simple pieces of meat.
Yet as I sit here, nearly asleep, I dare let my thoughts frolic through dreams.
There is no path.
My eyes are failing.
As my skin grows colder, and my brain starts to freeze.
I feel little discomfort. No, I feel as ease.
I am stranded.
I can’t see.
But my breathing has not intensified.
I sit here in peace, awaiting the sunrise.
Under starlight.
Under trees.