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Target and Error

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“I am not a robot, but

I was raised to follow orders.

I was trained not to feel.

I was trained to kill.

I am a killing machine.  “





“I am not evil, but

I was raised to lie.

I was trained not to trust.

I was trained to deceive.

I am a con. “









A streak of confusion and faint unbelief expression is all written to the handcuffed old businessman, while staring at a man who he assumed is a gentleman despite wearing a black mask that almost covered half of his face. They were both handcuffed inside a moving six-wheel vehicle, it was obvious that their destination is somewhere anyone wouldn’t want to end up with yet the young man with him is unbelievably relax and showing lack of care, he was busy whistling, tapping his black combat shoe, as if he was a kid starting to be impatient at how he can’t wait until they arrived at their camp site.

‘ Young Man, won’t you do anything for us to escape? by the looks of how relax you are, I’m assuming you are confident to get out alive ‘ 

the old businessman finally decided to interrupt the awkward silence, even without seeing the man’s mouth he can tell with the way the latter’s eyes shine in amusement, he knew that he was grinning under that mask.

‘ *grins* don’t worry we’ll both walk out of here alive old money ‘

‘ tch you should do something now before we head to their quarter ‘

‘ Oho but that’s the main reason why I let myself get caught *grins* to find the cave of where filthy bats lies so the hunting game begins. *stretch* Yo! Old money crawl back to a corner, you can take a nap and I’ll wake you up when I’m done here rawr ‘

The businessman frown when the latter showed glimpse of satisfaction and excitement when they heard the vehicle stopped. They finally arrived their destination. But what made his frown bigger was the realization that the young man was just pretending to be cuffed all along as he can see him doing some stretching as he pull out two flashy beretta m9a3 with silencer, the moment the back door of the six-wheel vehicle opened he blinked once yet after that blink he saw eight men are already lying down to the ground lifeless, the young man glanced back at him.

‘ *wink* I’m so fast and accurate right? Ah wait till you meet my husband it’s either you’ll drool out of astonishment or pee in your pants because he scared the shit out of you hahaha! Enough playing, *glance at his expensive modern watch*  I have 15 minutes to wrap this mission up before that hot-headed killing machine steal the spotlight from me again. ‘





Situated in the middle of nowhere bunch of lifeless corpse lies in the ground, unlike other massacre, no one can spot a single drop of blood. The culprit is beaming with pride sadistically staring at his doings,

‘ *whistle* Right on time ‘ he whispered when he felt a cold metal to his nape and when he fearlessly turn his head around, he positioned down his mask and cold lips met his.




Introducing Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat- Adulkittiporn SFU codename ERROR.


Error, is the perfect example of a literal good for nothing bastard, all he cares is his survival nothing else, but no one can blame him. His parents are well-known scammers and con artist in the underground world. He was raised to lie and trained to deceive as a successor of his parents, he was the perfect con artist at the young age of 15 yet things went out of hand when his parents sold him off in exchange of their freedom when they messed up with the wrong people. It was nothing new for him, he was after all born by his parents as an investment and a tool for future desperation. But being sold off by his parents was the best thing that happened to him. Despite the history that is forever marked in him, his personality is quite interesting, he joke around a lot as much as he was two-faced, but he’s no evil, just like what he always say and stand as his motto in life.

‘ At the end, it’s always either you die or I die. No hard feelings ‘





Without any hint of hesitation, the man wearing a black hoodie paired with his black pants and mask, without warning intrude inside a highly guarded mansion, he effortlessly jumped on the balcony from the helicopter feet above the mansion.

The new money was startled to see a silhouette coming from their balcony unfortunately he was too late to alarm his guards, he was tossed above the bed with the latter’s big hand firmly wrap around his neck,

‘ *choking* wh-oo are you?! If it’s money I have lots of it!!! How much—you’re from SFU ‘ he stated before he can finish when he noticed the barcode tattoo across the side of the man’s neck it was rather translucent but it glistened when hit by the light.

New money gulped as he felt chills run through his spine when he met the eyes of the intruder above him, none, he feels like staring at nothingness, that’s how empty the eyes of the man is. He was almost out of breathe when the man finally pulled his hand away his throat when couple of knocks were heard outside his bedroom, yet he froze when he felt a cold metal aimed below his jaw right to his neck

‘ I only have three bullets here ‘ he whispered coldly while covering his mouth

New money was trembling under him, his eyes were starting to be misty

‘ do you want a hole under on each side of your annoying sharp jaw and one to your forehead? Or you want all of them planted to your heart? ‘

‘ it’s either that or I’ll plant one to your heart and the two left bullets are for your daughter and wife, Now decide  ‘

He started crying silently as he motioned to just plant all the bullets to his heart,

‘ Idiot ‘

Just like that the intruder pulled the trigger planting every bullet to his heart, he even twisted the man’s head before covering his face with a white cloth that have SFU symbol in it. He jumped off the bed and opened the bedroom door. 

The wife of the man he just killed handed him an attaché case,

‘ my family is no longer associated with SFU and if you ever get caught, you don’t know me ‘

Target blankly stare at her and the hand where she is gripping her wedding ring.

‘ Hypocrite ‘

He walked out the room confidently as if he just didn’t kill the head of that household, he glanced at his couple wristwatch totally ignoring the guards surrounding him they were all aiming their gun at him. They were all ready to attack him when he abruptly unzip his hoodie showing improvised bomb wrapped around his waist.

‘ So… either let me leave untouched and we all live or we all die together ‘ he coldly stated, the head of the security raised his hand waving it to let the anonymous man leave untouched.

‘ but chief…’

The so-called chief shook his head to his men. ‘everyone here have a family waiting at their home, it’s not worth it… ‘ he reasoned out even when the truth is he saw the SFU logo in the intruder’s hoodie, and he knows better to let those people do their job or he will suffer harsher consequence.

An hour leaving the new money’s mansion he arrived in the middle of nowhere but corpse lies, hopping off from his mixed black and a bit of red kawasaki ninja zx-14 then removing his full face cyborg-like black helmet he effortlessly came closer to the only man standing in the middle of it without making any sound, he aimed the end of his modified modern silver pistol to the latter’s nape.

 ‘ *whistle* Right on time ‘






Introducing Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn-Phunsawat SFU codename TARGET


Profile, family background or anything personal, they were all unknown, he is the most mysterious man that ever live, no one ordinary will actually want to be associated with him. Target, is the most ideal hired killer, assassin or hitman; whatever people may call it, the point is he’s the perfect killing machine. Tell him orders he will follow, without him asking questions, give him his target consider it done, he’s no robot but end up becoming like one, he is the main reason why the word ruth/heart less even exist, he can kill someone, without feeling anything or even batting an eye. He fears nothing even death, he is literally an empty shell and emotions just doesn’t exist for him.




At least., years ago before he fell in love with GUN.



Off and Gun met at the age of fifteen, threaten one another by aiming a gun at each other’s head at the age of sixteen and had their first actual brawl fight when they were seventeen.

At eighteen they were assigned as partners in the rookie team, nineteen- they finally decided to become each other’s only allied, at twenty they confessed falling in love with one another officially becoming lovers, and at twenty-one they shared the taste of electrifying first kiss.

Got each other’s virginity at the age of twenty-five, got married at the age of twenty-eight sealing the promise of staying at each other’s side no matter what for the rest of their lives.





They are the oddest yet legendary couple.

The dynamic duo of the underground world.




No one saw it coming...




that at the age of 32,

their love and marriage will be tested because of each other's past and certain someone in the future. 




' One day, you'll remember me and how much I loved you...




then you'll hate yourself for letting me go '





' Please, Take me back '