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What a Delightful Little War (Such a Beloved Armistice)

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“How long do you think I could keep this cockring on you? An hour? Two? Four?” asked Fang Shiqian lightly. It was an empty threat, but he enjoyed the way Wang Jiexi’s eyes widened in dismay and arousal. 

This was definitely a good idea.

The muscles in Wang Jiexi's belly rippled as Fang Shiqian ran one well-maintained finger across the head of his captain's cock. Disappointingly, Wang Jiexi didn't otherwise react, his expression already returned to his habitual calm. 

Fang Shiqian scowled, displeased.

"An hour? Two?" Wang Jiexi repeated, his voice unnaturally even for someone who was naked, aroused, and restrained flat on his back to his own bed by padded wrist cuffs. He blinked placidly, meeting Fang Shiqian’s eyes. "You can keep me like this however long you like, Shiqian." The heat in his captain's gaze increased. "As long as you're willing to bear the consequences afterward." 

The shiver that ran down Fang Shiqian's spine was a reward all its own.

Very deliberately, without breaking Wang Jiexi's gaze, Fang Shiqian leaned down, opened his mouth, and swallowed his captain's cock until he could taste the metal of the cock ring.

Wang Jiexi groaned, low in his throat. Mouth full of cock, Fang Shiqian reached out and placed one hand on Wang Jiexi’s thigh, delighted by the tremors he could feel Wang Jiexi trying to hide. Reflexively, he swallowed around the length in his mouth. This time, Wang Jiexi managed to stay silent - but Fang Shiqian could still feel how every muscle in his thigh strained taut with the effort.

Satisfied - for now - Fang Shiqian pulled back, releasing Wang Jiexi’s cock and panting a little. Already missing the weight on his tongue, he took a deep breath, and glared back at his captain. “Consequences? Have you forgotten why you’re in this position now?”

Wang Jiexi’s brow crinkled in confusion.

Fang Shiqian snarled and swallowed his captain’s cock again, nearly choking himself in his fit of anger. Coughing, he pulled off, and glared through teary eyes in Wang Jiexi’s direction. “Does that help your memory?” he demanded through his slightly sore throat.

“It does,” Wang Jiexi replied, his attention sharpening. The afternoon Fang Shiqian had tied his captain up and taught himself to deepthroat was very memorable for both of them. “You know, Shiqian,” he sighed, testing the give in his restraints. “If I’m working too much and you need attention, you can ask for it instead of tying me up.”

Fang Shiqian tossed his head with a scoff and ignored his own uncomfortable blush. Settling back between his captain’s thighs, he returned his attention to Wang Jiexi’s erect cock, wrapping one hand around the shaft and guiding the tip toward his mouth. “Don’t think you can distract me. I haven’t even started with you yet,” he threatened.

Wang Jiexi’s throat bobbed as he swallowed.

Fang Shiqian grinned and began his torment, mouthing at the head of his captain’s cock and lapping up the precome beading there. 

Wang Jiexi shuddered, knowing this was only the beginning. Fang Shiqian’s oral fixation wasn’t a secret. Fang Shiqian enjoyed long slow kissing sessions, he enjoyed leaving lovebites and bite marks on Wang Jiexi’s body, and he especially enjoyed oral sex. Fang Shiqian could suck cock for hours. He loved the heady power rush of having his teeth near someone’s dick, the absolute control it gave him over their pleasure, and the way he could watch his partner writhe while he teased them. 

Fang Shiqian leisurely played with his captain’s balls as he alternated between taking him in his mouth and flicking his tongue against the shaft, pausing now and then to pay special attention to the head. Sometimes he surprised Wang Jiexi by taking his balls in his mouth instead. Fang Shiqian liked the spasm of surprise it earned him, and it made him rub his own erect cock against the bed, just a little, before his stubbornness forced his hips to still.

He didn’t need to watch Wang Jiexi’s face to know how close he was. The cadence of Wang Jiexi’s groans, his gasps and rapid breaths, the twitching of his muscles, and how desperately he twisted against his restraints all told Fang Shiqian without words when his partner was nearing the edge. Fang Shiqian brought Wang Jiexi to the precipice twice, but the cock ring - and Fang Shiqian - kept his captain from relief.

In a much better mood, Fang Shiqian released Wang Jiexi’s cock a final time, and surveyed his handiwork. Wang Jiexi’s whole body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and his bangs were plastered to his forehead. His uneven eyes were screwed shut, and his abdomen fluttered rapidly while he struggled to catch his breath during the reprieve. The sheets under Wang Jiexi’s hands were a tangled mess, and his captain’s cock bobbed obscenely above his belly, spit-slick and flushed a painful looking red. 

A warm, possessive feeling overcame Fang Shiqian. His captain.

“If the only thing you wanted was a cock in your mouth,”  Wang Jiexi managed, “I’d have been happy to sit you under my desk while I worked.” He tried to keep his composure, but the timbre of his voice broke halfway through his words.

Stupid. I can’t believe people think you’re intelligent,” Fang Shiqian hissed at him. “What do you think the point of this is?!” Enraged once more, he sank his teeth into Wang Jiexi’s thigh as punishment. Then he huffed and got up, removing the cock ring he’d placed on his captain. Putting the toy aside for now, Fang Shiqian briefly checked his captain’s wrist cuffs and the connecting line passed under the bed. 

“I’m comfortable,” Wang Jiexi assured him, and quirked a questioning eyebrow, surprised they were finished so soon.

“Did I say we were done?” Fang Shiqian demanded, and straddled his captain, rubbing his neglected cock against Wang Jiexi’s belly for a few moments before he managed to control himself again. It wouldn’t take much for Fang Shiqian to come; he was on the edge too from the teasing earlier.

Leaning down, he brought their lips together in a deep, familiar kiss. When Fang Shiqian broke away, Wang Jiexi strained upward to follow, seeking another kiss. 

“I’m going to go finger myself open,” Fang Shiqian said meanly, “and when I come back your dick is going to service me while you wear your cock ring.”

The desperate, protesting noise from Wang Jiexi’s mouth was incredible, even better than the pleading look from his wide eyes. Wang Jiexi loved prepping his partners. If Fang Shiqian could spend hours giving Wang Jiexi head, then Wang Jiexi could spend hours fingering Fang Shiqian with his long, clever fingers. Fucking Fang Shiqian without getting to indulge in the foreplay beforehand was robbing Wang Jiexi of half the pleasure. Wang Jiexi wouldn’t even get to watch.

That’s what he got for being so confident, Fang Shiqin thought smugly, and stalked off to the ensuite bathroom.

When he came back, stripped naked, with pleasure buzzing under his skin and the slick wetness of lube sliding down the backs of his thighs, Fang Shiqian was rewarded with the sight of Wang Jiexi struggling upright to see him. His captain’s expression was reproachful, but his eyes burned, examining Fang Shiqian from head to toe. Wang Jiexi’s erection had gone half-soft, but it gave an interested twitch now at the sight of his partner. 

Fang Shiqian smirked, self-satisfaction radiating from his body. He’d made sure he was as loud as possible while he worked himself open. “Enjoyed yourself while I was gone?”

His captain lifted his chin, and his eyes narrowed. “You’re adding to the consequences you’ll reap later, Shiqian.”

Fang Shiqian bared his teeth, and slipped the cock ring back on his captain’s dick. As he checked that it fit snugly against the base of Wang Jiexi’s cock, his fingers not-so-accidentally brushed against Wang Jiexi’s balls. 

Wang Jiexi chuckled, already hardening again from his vice-captain’s defiance and the brief touch. “You mentioned something about servicing you?”

This time, Fang Shiqian ignored him, swinging one leg over his captain’s body and kneeling above Wang Jiexi’s calves. He couldn’t resist pressing a quick kiss to the head of his captain’s cock, savoring the punched-out noise Wang Jiexi made in reaction. 

Fang Shiqian smiled, then settled himself onto Wang Jiexi’s hips and rose up on his knees, opening himself up with one hand and bracing himself on Wang Jiexi’s chest with the other.

His captain inhaled. Watching Fang Shiqian about to take his cock, Wang Jiexi’s face turned completely serious, like the way he stared intently at his screen during a match. He didn’t even blink. All Wang Jiexi’s single-minded focus and attention was on Fang Shiqian, and nowhere else.

A hot tidal wave of arousal surged through Fang Shiqian. Yes, this was what he wanted. 

Their eyes met, and Fang Shiqian didn’t look away as he lined himself up by touch, feeling the head of Wang Jiexi’s cock catch against his rim. He still pushed their joint patience a little, letting the tip brush against the cheek of his ass and leave wet trails of precome that joined the lube leaking from his hole - drawing the anticipation out as both of them ached.

Finally - finally! - when even Fang Shiqian’s obstinance couldn’t stand the teasing any longer, Fang Shiqian twitched his hips, and the head smoothly entered him. 

Fang Shiqian couldn’t help himself. He moaned, throwing his head back at the feeling, and slowly lowered himself down on Wang Jiexi’s cock, greedily seeking the delicious ache and burn as it parted him. 

Fang Shiqian enjoyed a touch of pain with his pleasure, the crossed signals zinging through his nerves and sharpening every sensation. Since Wang Jiexi had to be goaded into being rough, Fang Shiqian considered the stretch of taking his partner’s cock an acceptable substitute.

As Wang Jiexi’s hips met the curve of his ass, Fang Shiqian released a ragged breath. Wang Jiexi felt so good inside him - not that he’d admit it to the man himself. Lowering his head and  steadying himself with his hands against Wang Jiexi’s chest, Fang Shiqian squeezed once around his captain’s length. The cuffs on Wang Jiexi’s wrists rustled against the sheets as his captain shifted, restless from being denied the right to touch Fang Shiqian.

The corners of Fang Shiqian’s mouth lifted. He rolled his hips once, and felt Wang Jiexi’s cock shift against different, sensitive spots inside of him. Both their breathing stuttered, and Fang Shiqian added to the assault by rolling his captain’s nipple between his fingers, grunting when it made Wang Jiexi thrust up inside him.

To punish his captain for being disobedient, Fang Shiqian bit down again, right over the nipple he’d just rubbed, leaving a perfect circle of imprints around the brown areola. Once it bruised, the bite mark would turn dark and purple, a ring-shaped reminder that Wang Jiexi shouldn’t try to call the shots when Fang Shiqian had him at his mercy. 

This time, when Fang Shiqian lifted himself off his captain’s cock, Wang Jiexi behaved himself. Accepting the slow rolling of Fang Shiqian’s hips, he rocked up into Fang Shiqian’s body gently, grinding his balls lightly against his partner’s hole and stroking those sleek, hot insides with his cock. The rhythm flowed between the two of them in a long unbroken ripple, perfectly in sync. 

Somehow, Wang Jiexi found the energy to talk, though his voice was more than a little hoarse. “Treating your captain like this. Such poor manners, Shiqian.”

Fang Shiqian’s prostate was currently being assaulted by Wang Jiexi’s meticulous, precise aim - damn him - and it took a moment to find the breath to answer. “Dildos don’t talk,” he criticized, wrapping a hand around his own cock in retaliation and beginning to stroke himself.

Wang Jiexi tsked. Fang Shiqian’s muscles tensed from anger, squeezing Wang Jiexi’s cock like a caress, and the effort required to keep talking caused a bead of sweat to drip from Wang Jiexi’s temple. “I shouldn’t be so - so hard on you, I suppose,” he panted. “You can’t help the way Lin Jie raised you.”

Letting go of his cock, Fang Shiqian slammed his hips down against Wang Jiexi, and refused to move. “What did you say,” he snarled, his nails digging into Wang Jiexi’s chest.

Wang Jiexi only grew more confident. “Lin Jie indulged you too much. Now you expect all your captains to spoil you,” Wang Jiexi replied, tone sounding steadier now that Fang Shiqian wasn’t fucking himself with his cock.

“How dare you,” Fang Shiqian raged, clamping down like a vise around the cock inside of him.

Wang Jiexi barely restrained his moan, vision blanking white for a long moment. Making Fang Shiqian angry only made him tighter inside; this was a secret Wang Jiexi had learned when they first became partners, and one he guarded rigorously lest Fang Shiqian discover it. 

“You bastard,” Fang Shiqian cursed, lifting his hips until Wang Jiexi’s cock almost slipped free, and then slamming back down. No more leisurely grinding - gritting his teeth, he began fucking Wang Jiexi again at a punishing pace. 

“Isn’t it true?” Wang Jiexi continued, licking his lips, stringing his words together amid the rush of pleasure. Surrounded by Fang Shiqian’s body, he desperately wanted to come, but the cock ring still denied him. “Look at you, Shiqian...barging into my room...ordering me around...using me for your own pleasure...would anyone else dare be so demanding with me? 

His face flushed incandescent with his anger, Fang Shiqian tossed his head and only shoved his hips down harder.

Wang Jiexi gasped, struggling to keep coherent when everything felt so good. He blinked sweat out of his eyes, stubbornly finishing his thought. 

“But you’re Tiny Herb’s indispensable I don’t mind taking special care of you.” 

Fuck. Frantically taking his cock in hand, Fang Shiqian cursed his captain, a string of insults pouring between his lips even as he twisted his hips so Wang Jiexi could hit that one special spot inside of him.

His captain’s aim was perfect, and Wang Jiexi abused his prostate with just the right ferocity to drive him crazy. No one knew his body as well as Wang Jiexi did, fuck his captain, his captain…

A bolt of arousal speared through Fang Shiqian like lightning, and he came in messy, desperate spurts, all over his captain’s belly and chest. 

The pleasure wrung him out, leaving him light-headed and gasping. Half-blind, Fang Shiqian pulled himself off Wang Jiexi’s cock, clumsily falling to his hands and knees while his orgasm still reverberated through his body. Instinctively, he fumbled off the cock ring by touch, and his thighs shook as he remounted his captain and guided Wang Jiexi into place with trembling hands.

Sinking home in Fang Shiqian’s body, Wang Jiexi gasped desperately and shook, tears clinging to his eyelashes. “Shiqian, please…”

With his orgasm still ringing in his ears, Fang Shiqian rocked his hips and whimpered as the feeling turned from intense pleasure into too much, looping back in on itself in a confused mass of sensation. He arched his back, blindly pushing further into the overstimulation as he continued rocking his hips. 

There was no rhythm; his muscles shook as he doggedly took Wang Jiexi’s cock again and again, pulling the sparks of pleasure from the cradle of his body. Wang Jiexi felt twice as big inside of him, heavy and unyielding. Fang Shiqian panted through his mouth, his head clouding over with dizziness, and held himself together watching the pleasure in Wang Jiexi’s face.

His cock was just beginning to harden again when Wang Jiexi finally choked and stiffened, ramming up into Fang Shiqian one last time and shaking through his release for long moments, before finally going slack with relief.

As he felt his captain go soft and start to slip out of him, Fang Shiqian let out a half-frustrated sob. His skin felt stretched thin and tight, and every millimetre of his body was so sensitive it hurt, but he still wasn’t satisfied. In his fuzzy brain, the mass of unsatisfied need pooling below his navel seemed a terrible, unsolvable problem, and another distressed noise escaped his throat.

“Shhhh, come here,” Wang Jiexi soothed, blissful and relaxed from his completion.

Mind hazy, Fang Shiqian half-crawled across the bed, reached the cuffs binding his captain, and barely sustained the clarity needed to release the buckles with his shaking hands. His cock throbbed with his pulse, hitting against his belly; each brush made the knife of frustrated pleasure-pain worse.

Finally free, Wang Jiexi straightened and spent a moment rubbing his wrists, but Fang Shiqian’s high, quick breathing encouraged him not to loiter. He reached out and gathered Fang Shiqian’s overheated body against his shoulder. Fang Shiqian buried his face in his captain’s neck and let out a high, frantic noise.

“I have you,” promised Wang Jiexi, stroking over his partner’s flank. “Let me help you, Shiqian.”

Fang Shiqian went limp in his arms, and dug his face into Wang Jiexi’s neck harder. It was a little uncomfortable, but Wang Jiexi didn’t mind. His attention was wholly focused on running his fingers through the slick, damp mess of come and lube between Fang Shiqian’s thighs. Even just after one orgasm, it was enough to make Wang Jiexi’s blood warm again.

The rim of Fang Shiqian’s hole was hot, and a little swollen. Wang Jiexi rubbed it with his thumb; Fang Shiqian stirred, moaning. Wang Jiexi hummed in reply, and plunged two fingers straight inside. Fang Shiqian wailed, his whole body thrashing, and Wang Jiexi didn’t show any mercy, pressing deep and rubbing hard against his prostate.

Finally granted the stimulation he needed, Fang Shiqian clutched Wang Jiexi and lifted his hips, while his noises spilled out of his mouth - high little gasped moans and yelps whenever Wang Jiexi pressed particularly hard. 

Already fucked once, Fang Shiqian was tender inside, and the pleasure he felt now was red behind his eyelids, hard-won and strained. He clawed his way toward orgasm with the feeling of his captain’s fingers moving steadily inside of him. Wang Jiexi added another finger, and Fang Shiqian could feel himself suspended above the precipice, his exhausted body just reaching for that last step. Half out of his mind and high on endorphins, he keened.

“I have you,” Wang Jiexi promised him again, kissing the crown of his head. “Whenever you’re ready, Shiqian.”

“Jiexi,” Fang Shiqian sobbed, his whole body shaking. “Jiexi…” 

“Go ahead, I have you, you’re safe…”

And just like that, the pleasure coiling in his belly snapped, and Fang Shiqian came so hard black spots dotted his vision. 

He lost time afterward, floating inside his body. Wang Jiexi spoke to him, and ran his hands across his body, but it was all like white noise in his ears.

When Fang Shiqian became aware again, he could feel Wang Jiexi cradling him and kissing his eyelids. Fang Shiqian instinctively pressed closer, and Wang Jiexi kissed the tip of his nose. 

“Back with me?” Wang Jiexi said.

Fang Shiqian could hear the smile in his captain’s voice. He hummed, too content and wrung out to keep up the pretence of dislike. 

Wang Jiexi chuckled, and kissed the edge of Fang Shiqian’s ear this time. Fang Shiqian curled closer, fitting his body into the hollows of Wang Jiexi’s body. 

“You’re so sweet like this,” Wang Jiexi murmured, stroking his lower back. This was Wang Jiexi’s favorite part of sex - getting to see Fang Shiqian completely soft and open, without his normal self-defenses raised.

He pulled Fang Shiqian closer; Fang Shiqian didn’t make a single noise of protest, only nuzzled even closer himself. 

“Thank you for doing this,” Wang Jiexi said, cupping the back of his partner’s head and leaving a butterfly-light kiss at the corner of his eye. “It was very considerate of you. I only had to lie back and enjoy myself. I haven’t forgotten about the consequences I promised you, however.”

Fang Shiqian yawned, letting out a tiny, squeaky noise, and settled closer for a nap. Now that Fang Shiqian wasn’t moving anymore the air felt chilly, but Wang Jiexi was warm and comfortable to lie on.

“We should get you cleaned up,” his captain mused, running his fingers through the come leaking from Fang Shiqian’s hole.

“No, it’s mine, I won it,” Fang Shiqian protested sleepily, too tired to bite him.

Laughter edged Wang Jiexi’s voice. “Alright, it’s yours.” 

Still rubbing his own come into Fang Shiqian’s skin, Wang Jiexi slowly carded his other hand through Fang Shiqian’s hair, smoothing out the tangles. “Shiqian,” he asked slowly. “Would you like it if I pretended to be Lin Jie for you?”

Fang Shiqian made a questioning noise, inviting Wang Jiexi to continue. 

“You adored Lin Jie,” Wang Jiexi explained, continuing to stroke Fang Shiqian’s hair. “I thought maybe it would be easier for you - easier to accept Lin Jie if he asked to spoil you, or if you wanted to show him your devotion. Is that something you’d want?”

Fang Shiqian was bonelessly relaxed, flirting with sleep, and still not quite returned to his usual headspace. The truth flowed out easily. “I don’t want Lin Jie,” he grumbled. “I only want you.” 

Wang Jiexi went still.

Fang Shiqian ducked his head, nuzzling Wang Jiexi’s skin. “But maybe...if Lin Jie was there, and he told me to do those things with let you spoil me, or if he wanted me to be good to you…maybe I could do it, to please him.”

“I understand,” Wang Jiexi said. He sounded a little awed, like Fang Shiqian was infinitely precious.

Fang Shiqian hid his blush in Wang Jiexi’s shoulder, but Wang Jiexi dug him out of his hiding place with a hand on Fang Shiqian’s chin. Lifting his face up, Wang Jiexi gazed at his partner for a moment, then kissed him deeply. 

After their slow, comfortable kiss, they rested cheek to cheek for a moment, breathing each other in. Then they laid back down together, and slid into sleep.