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The Wedding Date

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Jane pressed the power button on her computer monitor harder than she meant to.

“Jeez, Rizzoli. You alright there?” her partner and sergeant, Vince Korsak, asked after she nearly pushed the monitor off her desk.

Jane sighed, “Yes, but I’m annoyed. I promised a friend from growing up that I would hang out with her at her hotel tonight. She’s only in town for the weekend, so I feel like I have to, but I’m exhausted. I just wanna go home.” The last sentence came out in a whine, making Korsak chuckle.

Thirty minutes later Jane was walking into the Four Seasons Hotel. Jane rolled her eyes – of course Gia would stay at the Four Seasons. Gia and Jane had grown up together in Dorchester on the south side of Boston until Gia’s family’s restaurant opened its first franchise location outside of Boston. Gia’s family moved to run the new restaurant in New York City. From there, the franchise took off. Gia quickly moved up the ranks of the family business and was getting ready to take over as CEO for her father. When they were growing up, Gia’s family was just another working class family in the neighborhood, but now they were one of the wealthiest families in the food industry. It couldn’t have happened to a better family, Jane thought. While Gia hadn’t lived in Boston since she was a kid, she and Jane had kept in contact and remained friends throughout the years. Despite wanting to go crash on her couch, Jane was looking forward to seeing Gia again.

As she walked in the front door, Jane shot Gia a text, Getting on the elevator.

Gia sent her a text letting her know what room she was in, Room 1206.

Jane checked her bag to make sure she still had the snacks. Gia loved this old deli from their childhood neighborhood, so Jane had brought cheese, meat, and crackers for them to snack on before they went to dinner. She’d also brought champagne to toast Gia’s new position, so she figured it was a good idea to have a snack to soak up some of the alcohol so that they could actually make it to dinner.

She was still lost in thought as she stepped in the elevator and it started gliding upwards. She jumped when the elevator stopped with a jerk and the lights went out.

“What the hell?” she said out loud to herself.

A few seconds later, the emergency light came on, but the elevator stayed motionless. She looked up and was surprised to see a blond woman with a suitcase in the opposite corner of the elevator.

“Where you here this whole time?” she asked stupidly.

The woman laughed and Jane instantly knew she wanted to hear that sound again. “Scientists have not yet discovered the secrets of teleportation,” the woman joked.

Jane raised an eyebrow. “No, I suppose not,” she replied.

The woman laughed again and stepped forward. Irrationally, Jane hoped the woman was moving to be closer to her, but she was just moving to pick up the emergency phone.

“Maybe they can give us an estimate of how long we will be in here,” the woman said.

Jane tried not to stare at the woman as she spoke on the phone, but she failed miserably. This woman was gorgeous, and Jane couldn’t keep her eyes from running up and down her body. She was perfectly put together with her form-fitting dress, ridiculously high heels that made her lets look amazing, the hair that looked like it had just been styled by the world’s best hairdresser, and the make-up that perfectly accentuated her features.

“Okay…okay,” the woman continued to respond to the person on the other end of the phone before she hung up.

Turning around the woman gave Jane a dazing smile. “Well,…” she started then asked, “Wait, I don’t know your name.”

“Jane,” Jane said, holding out her hand to shake the woman’s.

“I’m Maura. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jane.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Maura, but…”

“But, we’re stuck in an elevator,” Maura finished for her. “Unfortunately, the power is out in the entire hotel.”

Jane groaned just as her phone buzzed with a text from Gia: My power went out. Where are you???

“That’s what my friend just said.” Jane held up her phone before texting Gia back: In the elevator. Power’s out in the whole hotel.

“The good news, according to the front desk employee, is that they have generators, so the elevators should start moving shortly,” Maura told her.

Jane sank to the floor, placing her bad next to her. “We might as well be comfortable while we wait.”

Maura hesitated for a few seconds before reaching into her suitcase. She pulled out a small towel, placed in on the floor, and sat down on it to join Jane on the floor.

Jane smirked inwardly at the woman’s antics. She also couldn’t keep herself from staring at the woman’s ass – which was perfect in Jane’s opinion – as she sat down.

“Are you a guest at the hotel?” Jane asked once Maura was seated.

“Yes, I just flew in from Washington, D.C. What about you?

“Born and bred in Boston. I’ve only ever lived here. I’m visiting a friend who’s staying in the hotel.”

Maura looked her up and down, taking in her dress and heels. “A special someone?” she asked.

Jane laughed. “A very special someone, but not like that,” she said. “She’s a childhood friend. We’ve never dated. She’s straight. No, the dress and heels are from work. I had to go to court today.”

“Court?” Maura asked.

“Don’t worry. You’re not stuck in an elevator with a criminal. I’m a detective with the Boston Police Department. I had to testify in court today.”

Maura smiled and Jane felt her breath hitch. She really hoped that Maura didn’t notice.

“Yes, I was thinking of that kind of someone special. Do you and your friend have a fun night planned?”

“Sorta,” Jane said. “We’re celebrating her promotion.” Jane was careful not to give too much information since Gia was a pretty well-known figure at this point. “I brought snacks and champagne,” she said, patting her bag. “Then, we were just going to go out to dinner Although, I suppose that depends on how long we’re stuck in this elevator.”

“What kind of snacks?” Maura asked.

“Cheese, meat, and crackers,” Jane said. “My friend grew up in Boston, too, so I got the cheese and meat from her favorite deli.”

“A charcuterie spread makes the perfect snack,” Maura said.

“Was that a hint?” Jane said with a laugh.

“Maybe,” Maura confessed, blushing slightly.

“Nice try but brought this for my friend. Besides, I hope we’re not stuck here all night. Don’t you have plans tonight? Why are you in Boston?”

“I’m here for a wedding,” Maura said, her face betraying her displeasure at the idea.

Jane raised an eyebrow. “You say that like it’s a prison sentence,” she said.

“If prison sentences lasted for a weekend, this one would qualify. Well, maybe not, unless the prison is in a beautiful hotel, but still.”

Jane laughed loudly. “Okay, if you tell me what’s so terrible about this wedding, I’ll share some of my snacks.” She honestly had no idea why she said that. Normally, she couldn’t care less about the lives of strangers, and she wasn’t one for small talk, but right now all she wanted was for this woman to keep talking, even if she had to give up her precious snacks.

Maura bit her bottom lip in a way that made her look even more adorable to Jane. She slipped her heels off before answering. “It’s my ex-boyfriend’s wedding.”

“Why are you going to your ex’s wedding?” Jane asked.

“He’s marrying one of my best friends from medical school. I’m one of the bridesmaids.”

“Oh god, why? How? What?” Jane asked.

“These are the things I should have asked before agreeing. Why would she ask me? Why did I say yes? How did this happen? What was I thinking?”

“Okay, you’ve earned these,” Jane said, pulling the cheese, meat, and crackers out of her bag and placing it between them.

“Thank you,” Maura said, reaching forward for a few pieces. “But there’s more.”

“What else could possibly happen at this wedding?” Jane asked.

“Not only am I a bridesmaid in the wedding of my ex-boyfriend and my former best friend, but I am a dateless bridesmaid in the wedding of my ex-boyfriend and former best friend. I’m the dateless bridesmaid who had already RSVP’d with a plus one.”

Jane cringed in sympathy. “Wow, that sucks.”

Maura took a few more bites before continuing, “My friend was supposed to attend with me as my plus one, but she had a family emergency that she had to deal with. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a very legitimate reason to cancel, but it’s going to be so embarrassing to attend this wedding. There will be an empty seat at the empty table as though I needed a big sign that says, ‘Look Maura is still the lame woman with no friends.’”

Jane felt warm at the mention that Maura’s date was a she. Maybe she just misheard Maura though. Playing it off in her head, she gave a wave of her hand. “You’ll be fine. A wedding is a great place to meet people. You’re beautiful. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of options if you want them.”

Maura laughed, but it was a humorless laugh. “No, you don’t get it. I’m terrible with people and this wedding is going to be filled with people who know that. Rachel was going to be my buffer.”

Okay, Rachel is definitely a girl’s name, Jane thought to herself. “Just tell people your girlfriend had a family emergency,” Jane said. “It’s not like they won’t understand.”

“Rachel’s not my girlfriend,” Maura said. “She’s just a friend.”

Jane felt herself deflate at Maura’s comment. She didn’t know why, though. It’s not like Jane would ever have a chance with this woman, even if she was into women. She lived in a different city, and she was way out of Jane’s league.

Maura continued, “I’m terrible at relationships, so I don’t even try anymore. I haven’t had a significant relationship since…well, since Harrison.”

“Honestly, I’m not great with relationships either. My last girlfriend was…honestly, the best word to describe her would be ‘crazy.’ My last girlfriend was crazy.”

Maura laughed. “See, this is why I don’t do relationships. I can get what I need from casual relationships and avoid the complications of longer-term relationships.”

Jane shrugged but didn’t comment. Personally, she wasn’t one for casual relationships, but she didn’t want to tell Maura that. Luckily, she was saved by answering as the power came back on and the elevator started moving again.

Both women stood up. “Thank god,” Jane said.

Maura placed the towel back in her suitcase before standing up to face Jane again. “Thank you for sharing your snacks,” she said as the elevator dinged and opened to the twelfth floor.

Jane stepped out and was surprised when Maura also exited the elevator.

Maura smiled. “It looks like your friend and I are on the same floor. Which way is she?”

Jane consulted the sign before pointing left.

Maura looked at her key and pointed to the right. “I’m the other way,” she said.

They smiled at each other and didn’t say anything for a moment. Jane didn’t want this moment to end. She knew it was silly. In all likelihood, she’d never see this woman again.

Maura broke the silence, “I think I can honestly say that I’ve never had a better time in an elevator. Thank you again for sharing your snacks.”

Jane laughed. “Likewise,” she said. Giving Maura a small wave, she added, “Good luck at the wedding.”

“Please congratulate your friend for me,” Maura replied with a wave of her own.


Maura could still feel the warmth in her chest from her conversation with Jane. She knew that what she was about to do was certifiably crazy, but she couldn’t stop herself. Turning around, she called out, “Jane. Wait.”

Jane turned and Maura once again felt the warmth spreading through her body at the mere sight of the woman’s smile.

“No, you cannot have the rest of my meat and cheese,” she joked.

Maura smiled. Okay, she should stop now, forget her stupid idea and just play off Jane’s joke. She could just go to her room and get ready for the brutal weekend ahead. Well, when you put it that way, maybe this wasn’t so crazy.

“You…you wouldn’t be free this weekend, would you? How long is your friend in town?” Okay, now there was no turning back, Maura thought.

“She’s here for the weekend,” Jane replied, and Maura felt her heart fall (even if she knew that wasn’t physically possible). “But tonight is the only night we can see each other. She’s here for business. I’m on call Sunday.”

“You’re working on Sunday, but what about Saturday? Or…” Maura paused. “Or even Friday night?” Oh God, what was she doing. Please, please, let Jane be free now that she had gone this far.

“Well, I have to…”

“Be my date this weekend? Please? The wedding is Saturday night, so that would work, right? If you can’t do Friday night, I understand, but if there’s any way you can come to the rehearsal dinner with me, I would…well, I don’t know what I would do. I would really appreciate it? Buy you all the snacks and alcohol you want?”

Okay, now she didn’t even sound like herself. What was it about this woman? Maura was always awkward with new people – well, people she knew well too. Alright fine, this definitely qualified as awkward, but still, usually she would never do something like this. Usually, she was refined and polite, distant event, but she was never the babbling, pleading mess she was right now. There was just something about this woman. Yes, she didn’t want to go to the wedding alone, but even more so, she didn’t want this to be the last time she saw Jane.

Jane was just standing there with her mouth hanging open and Maura wanted to disappear into thin air. What had she been thinking? Now, not only was she going to embarrass herself all weekend, but she had humiliated herself in front of this gorgeous woman.

Jane broke the awkward silence. “Um, Maura, I…Are you sure?”

Maura’s face broke out into a huge smile. “Absolutely,” she said. “Please save me from myself, be my buffer at the wedding?”

“When you put it like that, how can I say no?” Jane said, flashing Maura a smile that made Maura melt even more than she already was.

“You can’t,” Maura said. “I promise you won’t regret this.” She pulled her phone out of her purse. “Let me get your number.”

She typed in Jane’s number as she recited it.

“Okay, I just text you, so now you have my number, as well. I’ll send you all the details later.” Giving Jane one last smile, she turned before Jane could change her mind.

“Okay, but Maura, are you…”

Maura smiled over her shoulder. “I’m sure. I’ll see you tomorrow, Jane.”

Finding her room, Maura entered as quickly as she could without embarrassing herself, hoping beyond hope that Jane wouldn’t call down the hall to back out.

Closing the door behind her, she leaned against the door, a ridiculously goofy smile on her face. Maybe this weekend would be better than she expected.


Jane stared blankly at Maura’s retreating form for a few seconds. Had that really just happened? Had a beautiful stranger just asked her to be her date for a wedding? Had she actually said yes?

She turned and walked as quickly as possible to Gia’s room. Gia threw open the door and pulled her into a big hug.

“Get in here!” Gia said.

Jane laughed and followed Gia into the room. “Look what I brought!” she said as she pulled the remaining cheese, meat, and crackers out of her bag.”

Looking at the half eaten snacks, Gia laughed. “Get a bit hungry while you were stuck in the elevator?” she asked. “I can’t believe you were stuck in the elevator all that time. And why weren’t you texting me back? Did your battery die?”

“Um, okay, so there’s a story there,” Jane admitted. Now that she was out of the elevator, she was embarrassed to tell anyone what she had just agreed to. She should just text Maura and make some excuse about forgetting that she was on call for the entire weekend or something. No one would ever have to know. Except, apparently, she was silent for too long.

“Are you going to tell me this story?” Gia asked as she poured them both a glass of champagne.

“It’s nothing,” Jane obfuscated. “What time are our dinner reservations?”

“Oh, nice try, Rizzoli,” Gia said with a laugh. “You’re not getting off that easily. Spill!”

While part of Jane wanted to just forget everything that had happened, the other part of her really wanted to tell someone about Maura and Gia was probably the best person. Gia would mercilessly mock her, of course, but she would never actually judge her. This is why Gia had been the first person Jane had told when she decided to come out. Gia was the person who convinced her that her family wouldn’t care if she was gay, despite their Catholic background. She had been right, but more importantly, Jane knew that Gia would have stood by her no matter what the rest of her friends and family said.

“Okay, fine,” Jane conceded, but don’t make fun of me.

“No chance,” Gia teased. “I am absolutely going to make fun of you, but you’re still going to tell me.”

Jane rolled her eyes. Of course, Gia was right again.

“Fine. So, there was another person in the elevator with me.”

“Obviously, otherwise you would have texted me back.”

“A beautiful woman.”

“Oh my god, Jane. Stop telling me things I already know. Of course, it was a beautiful woman. Otherwise, you would have been your usual sullen self and you would have buried yourself in your phone to ignore the other person.” Gia’s eyes lit up. “Oh, you’re wearing a dress. I am going to be so proud of you if you had a quickie in the elevator of the fanciest hotel in Boston!”

“Eww! No! Gia, that’s so gross.”

“Oh, don’t be such a prude.”

“I’m not a prude. Anyway, we should go. We’re not going to miss your celebration dinner.”

Now it was Gia’s turn to roll her eyes. “Nope, you’re not going to distract me with food.”

Jane huffed. “Okay, to make a long story short, I’m going to be her date to a wedding this weekend.”


Jane smiled. “Okay, it might be worth it just for the look on your face right now,” she teased.

“Oh, I bet it will be worth it for a much better reason than the look on my face,” Gia goaded.

“Whatever,” Jane said. “Let’s go!”

Gia laughed, but followed Jane out the door.


Maura sighed as she finished unpacking her suitcase and sat on the bed. She decided to text her friend Susie in D.C.

Maura: Found a date to the wedding.

It took Susie less than thirty seconds to reply: How did you find a date between Logan and your hotel?

Maura: We got stuck in the elevator together IN the hotel.

Susie: Only you would get some tall, handsome person to fall for you in the elevator. Will he or she at least make Harrison jealous?

Maura: SHE is absolutely gorgeous. Tall, thin, dark curly hair.

The next morning, Maura decided to head downstairs to find coffee. She was hoping that she wouldn’t run into anyone from the wedding, just yet, but since she had a meeting with the medical examiner’s office this morning, she couldn’t hide in her room all day. Unfortunately, as soon as she stepped off the elevator, she ran straight into Sarah, the bride.

“Maura! It’s great to see you!” Sarah said.

“It’s wonderful to see you, as well,” Maura said, plastering a professional smile on her face.

“When did you get here? I just got coffee for me and Harrison. Why don’t you come up to the room and say hi? Things are a little crazy with wedding stuff, but we’d both love to catch up with you.”

Maura was reminded of just how genuinely nice Sarah was, but she was still glad she had a ready-made excuse not to go upstairs with her. “I’m sorry, but I can’t. I have a meeting with the medical examiner’s office.”

“Of course,” Sarah said. “We will see you tonight at the rehearsal. You RSVP’s with a plus-one, too, right?”

“Yes, my new girlfriend will be there.”

“Wonderful! I can’t wait to meet her. Will you please text me her name for the place cards?

“Of course,” Maura replied. “I have to go, but I will see you tonight.”

It wasn’t until Maura got in the cab that it hit her – she had just told Sarah that Jane was her girlfriend. She leaned her head back against the seat and groaned. Jane had definitely not agreed to this, but now she would have to tell her. She really hoped that Jane wouldn’t change her mind because of this.

After her meetings with the medical examiner’s office, she decided she couldn’t put off telling Jane any longer, so she sent her a text: Good afternoon, Jane. Are we still on for tonight? And if so, what is your last name?

When Jane didn’t reply right away, Maura started to feel sick. Of course, why would this beautiful woman want to go to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding with her. Surely, she had just agreed to get Maura to leave her alone. Now, she probably wouldn’t even respond. Maura stopped for lunch, but she mostly picked at it absentmindedly. She shouldn’t be this upset that a stranger was going to bail on her. Why should she even care? She tried to convince herself that it was just because she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Sarah and Harrison, but deep down she knew her disappointment was more about not seeing Jane again.

She jumped when she felt her phone buzz on the table next to her. She smiled when Jane’s name flashed on her screen.

Jane: Yes. Rizzoli. And if you actually want me to show up, I need some details…when/where/dress code?

Okay, that turned Maura’s mood around quickly. Jane was actually planning to come!

Maura: The rehearsal dinner is at 7pm at Sorellina. The wedding is tomorrow at 3pm at a church (sorry, I have to check the name of the church) and the reception is at 5pm at the hotel.

Maura paused before adding: Also, I told Sarah, the bride, that you are my new girlfriend.

Maura closed her eyes (as though that would actually make a difference) and pressed send. Then she awkwardly stared at her phone for a full two minutes hoping Jane would respond.

Jane: Okay, why did you need to know my last name?

Maura breathed a sigh of relief. At least Jane didn’t immediately freak out at the idea of pretending to be her girlfriend.

Maura: Well, I should probably know my girlfriend’s last name, right? Also, Sarah asked for the place cards.

Jane: I should probably know your last name, too, if I’m going to be your fake girlfriend.

Maura: Isles. Also, I know you said you were a detective, but in which division do you work?

Now Maura knew she was just texting because she didn’t want this conversation with Jane to end. She could pretend she needed to know, though, if they were going to pretend to be dating.

Jane: Homicide, but the trial I’m testifying at is an old case from when I worked in DCU.

Jane: Sorry DCU is drug control unit

Maura: I actually knew that. I’m a medical examiner, so I work closely with law enforcement.

Jane: Nice. Also, you haven’t told me the dress code yet.

Maura: Black-tie optional

Jane: Wait so I agreed to a black-tie optional wedding with a day of notice? Why did I agree to this again?

Maura: Are you going to back out on me?

Maura started to feel that uncomfortable dread that she was so used to when it came to interacting with other people. Of course, this was too good to be true. She never came out well when it came to asking something of someone else.

Jane: Not backing out

Maura: Thank you!

Jane: I’ll be there. Please just text me ahead of time if we get fake engaged in the next few hours. I’ll have to borrow a ring.

Maura’s face was actually starting to hurt from the huge smile that Jane’s text had caused.

Maura: What? Don’t you think I’d at least buy you a fake engagement ring? You obviously don’t know me very well!

Jane: Hey! I know your last name AND your job. I think I know you quite well, Dr. Maura Isles, medical examiner extraordinaire!

Maura’s smile got impossibly bigger. She couldn’t believe she was actually looking forward to this weekend.

Jane: Sry g2g 2 a mtg

Maura: ?

Jane: Sry = sorry. G2G = Got to go. 2 = to. Mtg = Meeting.

Jane: Sorry. I have to go to a meeting. 😜 See you tonight!


“Fuck,” Jane said under her breath. Why the hell did she agree to a black-tie optional wedding? And even more baffling, why did she agree to go as this woman’s girlfriend? What was she going to do?

Text Gia. That’s what she was going to do.

Jane: I have a problem.

Gia: Come on, Jay! Don’t back out! Let loose and have a little fun.

Jane: I’m not backing out, but I have nothing to wear!

Gia: Okay, I’m framing that text. Never in my life did I think Jane Rizzoli would be worried about what to wear.

Jane rolled her eyes. Maybe texting Gia wasn’t the world’s best idea. On the other hand, it’s not like Frost or Korsak could help her with this.

Jane: Are you gonna help me or mock me?

Gia: First im gonna mock you then ill help you.

Gia: Do you have any free time this afternoon? My meetings actually ended a little early so I have a few hours.

Jane looked up from her phone. She’d been working a ton of overtime over the last few weeks and both Korsak, who was her sergeant and Cavanagh, her lieutenant, had been bugging her to take some time off.

“Hey, Korsak,” Jane called across the bullpen. “Can I head out early? We don’t have any open cases.”

Korsak leaned back in his chair with a smile on his face, but it was Frost that jumped on her first.

“Gotta hot date?” Frost teased.

“Shut up!” Jane snapped, but her tone didn’t have any bite.

“You do!” Frost said, clapping his hands together as he laughed.

Jane rolled her eyes. “Fine, if I admit that I have a date, can I leave?”

Korsak chuckled. “Sure, kid. Get outta here.”

“Thanks!” Jane said as she jumped out of her chair.

“Have fun, Rizzoli!” Frost called after her.

Without turning around, she flipped him off over her shoulder. She heard him laugh behind her. As soon as she got in the elevator, she text Gia: I’m free now till the wedding. I owe you big time!

Gia: Yes, you will. I’ll meet you at your apt in 30.

Forty-five minutes later, Gia stood in front of Jane’s closet with a glass of wine in one hand as she flipped through Jane’s clothes in the other hand.

Jane sat awkwardly behind her on the end of her bed.

Finally, Gia declared, “We’re going shopping!”

“What? No!” Jane exclaimed. “I have to have something that will work.”

Gia responded by grabbing Jane’s hand and pulling her out the door. “I’ll even drive,” Gia said with a smile.

“I’m not spending money on a fake date with a woman I’ll never see again after this weekend,” Jane complained.

“You don’t have to?” Gia said as they pulled out into traffic; then, she laughed at the confused look on Jane’s face. “My treat if you promise not to cancel on this woman!”

“No!” Jane said. “You are absolutely not paying. “It’s just that…this woman is completely out of my league. She’s a doctor, she’s perfectly put together, she beautiful AND sexy, and she’s nice. I don’t even own clothes that are appropriate for this wedding. That’s how out of my league she is.”

“No one is out of your league,” Gia said, pulling into the parking lot of a shop Jane had never set foot in. “Come on, Jane. Absolutely nothing is riding on this date. That’s why you have to go. Don’t overthink it. All you have to do is dress up, eat free expensive food, drink lots of free alcohol, and look hot while doing it.”

Jane rolled her eyes, so Gia tried another tactic. “Think of it as practice,” she said. Jane didn’t answer, but she also didn’t stop Gia as she walked around the store picking up a handful of dresses along the way. Eventually, she pushed Jane into a changing stall and promptly followed her in.

“I can change myself,” Jane said grumpily.

“Yes, but you can’t decide for yourself what looks good. This will be faster. Or are you afraid I’ll switch teams after I see you in the perfect dress?” Gia teased.

Jane rolled her eyes again but started to undress. Gia is the only person in the world who Jane would allow to make jokes like that without getting slapped in response. She couldn’t complain too much though since Gia had dropped everything to come help her at the last minute.

They quickly cycled through three dresses, and Jane was started to become irritated. Pulling the fourth one over her head without much thought, she immediately noticed the smile on Gia’s face.

“You’re getting that one,” Gia said.

Jane turned to look in the mirror. She had to admit to herself that she did look good.

“Besides, you won’t clash with whatever she’s wearing,” Gia added. “Do you know what color she’s wearing? You should get an accent piece to match.”

“An accent piece? Seriously?” Jane said.

“Just text her, please?” Gia said.

“Fine,” Jane said as she pulled out her phone. Maura answered her immediate with close up picture of the dress color. She turned the phone to show Gia.

“Perfect,” Gia said. “Dark green looks good on you. Now change.”

Before they finally checked out, Jane had a new dress, new shoes, and new jewelry. Why on earth was she doing this. At least she would never be at another event with these people, which meant she could wear this to another wedding.