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When the lights dim, and the tables get put away, the music starts. Ochako joins the rest of the UA crowd to dance, but she can't stop her eyes drifting back to her table from which amused, crimson eyes are watching her every move. She tries to focus on dancing, she really does, but she can't help the newly lit desire deep within her to spend more time with... him . It's bizarre, really, because she's never paid Bakugou much mind. Sure, she'd had a phase at high school where she'd had a small crush on him, but she'd quickly squashed that because he was an asshole. A beautiful, awful asshole. 

His hotness didn't outweigh his terrible attitude back then. But now, years later, pro hero work seems to have tamed him. He's genuinely pleasant to be around, albeit still full of rude language and bluntness, but he's made her laugh and smile all day and he'd even commented on how good she looked and how decent Izuku's speech had been. If that isn’t proof of progress, she doesn’t know what was. 

So here she is, Kirishima spinning her to the music whilst her mind and eyes can't stop zeroing in on the muscular, somewhat-decent-now Number 2 hero who apparently can't stop focusing on her either. The intensity with which he's been watching her dance is beginning to get too much. She's so's like a million degrees in this room...she needs to get out...get some air...

Yes, that'll do the trick.

Hurriedly, she picks up the skirts of her navy bridesmaid gown and moves towards the entrance hall as quickly as heels and dignity will allow. She heads for the pretty, hedged garden area outside of the mansion. It’s here that she finds a small, stone bench beside an ivy-covered wall and sits. She feels the effects of all the alcohol she's drunk gradually ebb away, since she hasn't touched a drop in the last hour due to her dedication to dancing, and takes a moment to admire the blanket of stars above her. Izuku and Shouto have been so lucky with the weather.

The news reports had warned of drizzle, but the sun had decided to dismiss this idea and had warmed them all as the outdoor ceremony had warmed their hearts. She's so incredibly happy for them both, so impressed that together they pushed through the difficulties that came with entering the pro hero world, no matter how many people warned that it would break their relationship or make them resent one another. They'd done it, they’d proved everyone wrong, and they had never looked happier. Ochako smiles, but it doesn't reach her eyes. She hasn't been willing to admit it, even to herself, but she's pretty damn lonely. Hero work is great and time-consuming and so rewarding but coming home to an empty, dark flat with just a kitten for company is...hard.

It wasn't at all that hard at first. She usually loves her own company, and has always been thankful for the peace that being at home brings. But recently, probably since the wedding invitation arrived, she's been thinking about her future. Realizing how lonely she is. 

She doesn't want to come home to no one forever.

She wants to open the door to warmth and light, to delicious smells coming from the kitchen and the patter of small feet headed in her direction. She wants to have saved countless lives at work to then return home to a life she's built for herself. 

A lump rises in her throat.

“Stop it, Ochako,” she mutters. She's been doing this too often, building up this picture in her mind that has her wanting to disappear inside her thoughts forever because they're better than her reality. It's dangerous and self-absorbed and so, so stupid. She's a top twenty hero, for god's sake. She works at one of the best agencies in Japan. She lives in a gorgeous apartment, paid for by the agency, and she is blessed to have so many friends and fans who love her. She has no right to be this miserable, no right to want more when she has so much-

"Oi! What the fuck are you doing?"

She hasn't realized that she's crying. She curses under her breath, trying to dab away the wetness so it doesn't ruin her makeup, but suddenly large, scarred hands are gently grabbing her wrists and placing them down in her lap. 

She laughs because oh, fuck, this is just perfect.

Here she is crying alone at her best friend's wedding, only to be found by the one person she was trying to get away from. Away, far away, because he is just too pretty. Too surprisingly easy to talk to. Too shockingly grown-up and mature. All this information is too much for her to deal with right now. She can't bear it. 

"Don't ask," she sighs, thinking he will. But he doesn't, actually, and instead laughs from where he kneels before her. A thumb and finger take her chin. She pouts. He chuckles.

"Whatever it is Cheeks, suck it up for a moment." Silence. "Let’s dance."

The request startles her so much that she finds herself staring at him in disbelief. Bakugou? Dancing? The thought doesn't compute in her head.

"Alright, Christ. Don't have a fucking conniption."

She shakes herself. Blinks. 

"Oh! Sorry, sorry, I...just didn't expect..."

He snorts. Stands. Offers a hand. 

"No one would. Not even me, to be honest. Now, do you wanna dance or not? Cos right now you're goddamn crying and in there you were having a blast when you were swaying those damn hips everywhere."

As she takes in what he's said, a warmth blooms on her cheeks. 


At this, he rolls his eyes, grabs her hand and tugs her to her feet. She stumbles right into him, her free hand landing on his solid chest to help her remain upright. She's still for a moment, staring at the broad expanse of his white shirt. He's forgone his suit jacket, and his tie is loose around his neck. He's rolled his shirt sleeves up to the elbows and her knees weaken at the sight. 

"...Bakugou,” she breathes. 

The music inside has taken a slower turn. He's made no move to shove her off of him nor has he made a move to dance, so she dares to tilt her head back to get a read of him. As she does, a hand snakes around to rest on her lower back. Red eyes find her brown ones before they’re dropping down to her lips. 

"Weddings suck," he mutters, spinning her out only to tug her back in a little too fast. She gasps as she lands back against him. "They make sad, single people do stupid shit."

She shivers. Swallows.

"Do stupid shit like what?" Her voice is almost a whisper against his shoulder. He twirls her to the music again, slower now. 

"Stupid shit, like cry alone," he sighs, a smirk in his voice. She frowns. Her head is tilted back.


"And shit like this.”

He kisses her. Before she can even register it, he pulls away. He looks very much as though he wants to kiss her again, but instead intense eyes scour hers. A hand cups her face. 

"Tell me to get lost," he breathes, demanding. "Cheeks, tell me I'm being a dick and that I'm stepping over some kind of line."

Ochako’s throat is bone dry. She knows there's a line.

First off, this is Bakugou Katsuki. 

Second, this is Izuku's wedding.


This is what sad, single people do at weddings. 

There are quite a few lines that have the potential of being crossed.


Ochako elects to ignore each and every one of them.


"Can't do that," she explains, placing a hand on his neck and pulling his lips back down to hers. It's closed-mouthed, because doing anything more right now would be very bad for lonely, sex-deprived Uraraka Ochako. Yes, very, very bad-

She moans delicately as he parts her lips with his tongue. Her hands fist into his shirt to push him back, because this is bad, very bad, but despite herself she's pulling him in. Huge arms wrap around her and hold her close. Her clamped eyelids relax when his hand comes up to cup her cheek again.

This is far too romantic for such an impromptu kiss, she decides. Especially from Bakugou, of all people. She expected him to go for her as soon as she'd given permission, but instead, he's here holding her so sweetly that it's driving her a little mad.

It feels like it's a kiss he's been waiting for. 

With a small exhale, she finally does pull away. It's only a fraction, since their noses and foreheads are still touching, but Bakugou doesn't force the kiss to continue. Instead, he leans against her, hands coming down to her waist. 

"...Why are you kissing me?" 

"Can't kiss fucking anyone without having to have ulterior motives these days," he chuckles. She rolls her eyes. 

"That's not what I mean." She moves her head so she's gazing down at her fidgeting fingers. "You're kissing me like..."

"Like I want to?" he finishes. She nods, stepping out of his hold and biting her lip as she finally looks up at his face. He's bright red and looking more bashful than she's ever seen him. He rubs the back of his neck and laughs. 

He's the Number Two hero and he's everywhere. Posters, TV, news, toy stores, magazine stands. Everywhere she goes, she sees him. He's become more rugged and built with age, and he's got a deep scar etched into his undercut behind his left ear from a near-deadly run-in with a chainsaw villain.

The Number Two hero, the pride of Japan, is standing before her shy and chewing his lip. Not at all the angry boy she remembers. 

"I'm not a teenager anymore," he begins, rolling his eyes and tutting at the sky. She giggles.

"Tell that to your blush."

"Oi!" he barks back, though there's no bite to it. In fact, he's smirking at her. It's quite the electrifying smirk, she realizes, because it has her breath quickening. 

"As I said, I ain't no damn teen, Round Face, so I'm not gonna beat around the bush." He takes a step towards her, scratching his chin. "I forced Deku into creating a singles table."

She balks. "...What? Why?"

He's starting to look a little exasperated and concerned. "Shit, Cheeks, because I wanted to spend time with you!" 


He claps his hands together, groaning. "Yes! You! Because you are, single-handedly, the hottest thing in my world."


"You are everywhere!” he remarks, sounding a fraction maniacal. “You are everywhere in my life! On my TV, on my fuckin' radio, on the posters at my local gym!! I've tried to ignore you, god I have, but you're there with your stupid, pretty face and powerful thighs and those damn hips and I just..." By this point, he's backed her up against the ivy wall, their faces only a few inches apart. "At UA, I was focused on going pro so I didn't allow myself time to notice you. But now? Shit, girl, I can't ignore you. And I don't want to anymore. I got this invite and I knew you'd be coming and I'm only just now realizing that you in no way thought about me like that before, so I'm here making a massive, shitting tit of myself-"

She cuts him off by putting all of her might into a kiss. She flings her arms around his neck and she's got her hands buried in his hair, tugging him impossibly closer. She turns him around in fact, pushing him against the wall only to kiss him more deeply. Yeah, maybe she hasn't thought about him like that too much because...she never thought...never even considered... this.  

"Dammit," he hisses brokenly, eyes glazed. "Don't act like you feel-"

She silences him with a finger on his lips and a stern expression.

"Oh no. Don't you act like I'm not capable of adapting to and making the most of my situations, Katsuki." She brushes the pad of her thumb over his bottom lip, tugging it down slightly as she speaks. His eyes catch the moonlight and she swoons. "You're beautiful," she mutters and his eyes roll before he's surging forwards, kissing her again. This time it’s hot and heavy and she barely has moments long enough to catch her breath properly. 

"Not gonna hold the fact I have a massive crush on you against me are you, Cheeks?" he chuckles.

"Call me Ochako," she insists in a desperate exhale against his mouth. He's all over her then, hands grabbing at her hair, her waist, and her ass. They're hidden from view where they are but, at the same time, the air is hot and vibrating with their anticipation of possibly getting caught.

Ochako will have to pinch herself later because this all can't really be happening, can it? She can't seriously have Bakugou Katsuki, reckless and ripped and Number Two hero, sticking his tongue down her throat and moaning as he's doing it?  Suddenly, he's switching to her neck and it's her turn to whimper as his tongue etches dangerous promises into the length of her throat. 

"How long?" she manages to ask, eyelids fluttering because he's hoisted her leg around his waist and his hand is on her thigh. "How long have you been wanting me?”

There's a huff against her skin before he's biting at her collarbone and gripping at her hard.

"Too long," is all he offers as a response. She can tell as much since he's practically begging for her with his mouth and hands. Then something vibrates down below. He raises his eyebrow and grins wickedly. 

"Ooh, Cheeks, I didn't take you for someone with one of those ." 

She whacks him on the arm for that. 

"Shut up," she chuckles. "It's your phone."

He lets her foot drop back to the floor and digs his phone from his pocket. He frowns.

"Ah. They're cutting the cake."

"You sound upset by that."

He bites his lip before scowling at his screen. "It's just a cake."

"It's their wedding , Katsuki."

He squirms under her touch. "But...I don't want..." He shows her what he wants. His gaze travels down, past her stomach, and back up again. "Well, you know what I want."

Ochako is very close to imploding on the spot with how badly she wants him to show her exactly what it is that he wants, but she is here at this wedding for a reason. And, unfortunately for both of them, that reason is not him. 

So she takes a determined stance and begins to put herself back together. She removes her compact from her dress pocket and checks her face. Luckily, the day had worn away most of her lipstick anyway so she only has to wipe away a smudge. She then leans and swipes at his lips, removing any evidence. He's laughing, and then so is she, and at that moment her heart skips a beat. 


This is’s not...what she expected at all. 

Hurriedly she backs away, composing herself because no, no. No, no. They'll kiss some more. She'll perhaps get laid tonight, who knows? But no way. 

That future she's imagined?

It is NOT in any way going to involve him . He's too… He’s too...

"What the hell is going on in your round head?" she hears, and she’s drawn back to the surface of her mind. She blinks up at his face which is carrying confusion and amusement and oh, he's so pretty- 

Nope. No, no. She decides at that moment that this will be, fundamentally, a one-time thing. 

"Let's go," she announces confidently, turning and stalking towards the entrance. She hears him release a laugh of disbelief and follow, shoes crunching on the gravelled path. She can only imagine what his eyes are focused on. 

A one-time thing. 

That's all this will be. 




The cake cutting is so sweet. Izuku has been practically glowing all day and now, drunk and merry, he's truly a beacon of newlywed light. Ochako is tearing up and laughing as she watches Shouto shove a fistful of cake into Izuku's sparkling face. Her best friend smacks his lips, licking off the icing from around his mouth, and then he's doing the same to his husband. 

His husband. Wow. 

They are the first of the UA crowd to get married. Jirou and Kaminari are engaged, they have been for years, but this is Class A’s first wedding. It's emotional and lovely and she's so happy for them. Izuku's eyes find hers in the crowd and the way they crinkle with the beaming smile he gives her does a number on her heart. She smiles back and waves before gesturing that he has something on his face. He laughs, then throws his hands up in the air, looking to his audience. 


With that, the chattering, swaying crowd makes its way back onto the dancefloor. She spies Mina and Kirishima beckoning her over with shot glasses in their hands. 

"Aw. Wasn’t that precious," a familiar voice says flatly from over her shoulder. "Absolutely essential viewing."

She turns.

"It was," she says sweetly, voice dripping with honeyed venom. He's leaning against the dark wood door frame, arms folded across his chest and that damn smirk spread across his face. "Does their love not make you warm and fuzzy inside?"

At this, Bakugou rolls his eyes. 

"Yeah, yeah, it's so fucking cute. Disgustingly so, really."

It's Ochako’s turn to fold her arms across her chest. 

"You wouldn't have missed this wedding for the world."

"Yeah, and I've been waiting for someone to shout 'psyche' but it still hasn't happened yet.  Half n Half and fuckin’ Deku..." He shakes his head, staring at the floor. A small smile pushes up the corners of his lips. "Shit."

Ochako allows a sly smirk to curl onto her lips. He notices. His eyebrows furrow. 

"The fuck you lookin' at me like that for?"

She steps up to him then, very much enjoying the way he reddens at the proximity, and prods him in the chest. 

"Youuuuu," she sings. He frowns further.


"You're happy for theeeeem." She's dancing around in front of him, relentlessly poking at him. "Bakugou's a big ol' softy now!" 

"Fuck off," he groans, closing his eyes and letting his head fall back against the wood behind him. "You always been this annoying? I'm starting to think I made a mistake here." She purses her lips, fighting back a giggle. It's obvious he doesn't mean it because his mouth can't hold off curling up at the edges. "Also, I thought you were calling me Katsuki now."

"That's for special occasions,” she replies with a wink. A moment of quiet passes. 

"Any more of those special occasions happening any time soon?" His eyes open and narrow, squaring in on her. "Or are there more damn cockblocking cakes to cut?" 

She feigns ignorance and outrage, placing a hand on her chest and letting her own eyebrows furrow.

"So that’s what this is all about? What do you take me for, Bakugou ?" His face pales. "Do I look like I'm that easy to you? One kiss in the garden and I'm just yours?"

The look on his face is so priceless, Ochako wishes she could take a picture. He's suddenly blinking fast, his Adam’s apple bobbing. He's stepping away from the wall, anxious. 

"N-no! Fuck! No no, no no. I didn't mean-"

She can’t keep a straight face any longer and she watches his face morph through a range of emotions, from panicked to pissed off to humored to something close to enamored. The pang in her heart is sounding off again because she's been so wanting to be looked at like that. 

"You're a piece of shit, y'know that?" Head swimming with the overwhelming feelings in her heart, she can only nod. "Yeah. You agree, Cheeks?" A hand on her arm brings her back. "You agree you're a piece of shit?"

She glares him down for more reasons than just saying that. How dare he make her...feel things? At all???

He smirks further.


That STUPID smirk. 

She wants to smack it off.

"Have you met yourself?" she hisses instead. She brushes his hand off of her. Sniffs.  "Sometimes you need a taste of your own medicine."

He folds his arms again and suddenly, under his gaze, she feels like she's turning into something akin to prey.

"Nah, Cheeks. I know what I need a taste of." 

" -Oh- "


Suddenly, she's being grabbed from behind and tugged away from him. He watches her go, offering her a little wave as she's dragged onto the dancefloor. She's being spun around and she finds herself in Kaminari's arms. Her friend laughs brightly.


Mina's hand then takes hers and she's suddenly got a shot glass shoved under her nose. It smells sickly sweet. Her nose scrunches. 

"Do it," Kirishima urges in her ear, making her jump. "Do the shot, Floaty." 

"It's Uuuuuuuuravity ," Kaminari corrects, snatching the shot and downing it himself. Mina and Kirishima react as though he's just kicked a dog in front of their eyes.

"What the fuck , Denki?!"


Kaminari just cackles and springs away, sweeping up a sighing Jirou into his arms and swirling them away into the crowd.

Ochako blinks. 

Wow, a lot is happening right now. 

The music is very loud. 

It's very hot. 

And Bakugou... Katsuki ...just...said...

Her eyes flit to where he’d been standing, but he was no longer anywhere to be seen. Another shot appears before her.

"Do it!!!"

She takes it and downs it. It's gross, just as she suspects. But she barely hears the cheers of her friends because where is he? She looks around but he's just...vanished. 

"ANOTHER!" Mina shrieks. Ochako knocks it back before thanking her with a nod and hurrying off of the dance floor. 

She finds him back outside by the ivy. When she does, she gasps in horror. 

"Oh no !" she snarls, stalking up to him and knocking the cigarette from his hand. Bakugou gawks down at the fizzling out cigarette, then up at her, then down at the cigarette again. "A disgusting habit!" she snaps.


"Do you want to die young? Are you stupid ?"

He bends down, picking it up and inspecting it. He scowls at it, then at her. How rude, doesn’t he know how dangerous-

"It's a fucking spliff," he snaps, shaking it in her face. "Purest you can find, too. Got it from your bestie Izuku, actually." He laughs tightly. Oh no. She's embarrassed. Okay, so, not a cigarette-

"You gonna scold me for taking a fucking hit to get me over the fact that I'm so desperate to fucking touch you?"

The words go straight through her. She swallows around a lump in her throat. 


"Yeah." He flicks the spliff away. "Oh." He groans."I barely got a damn toke in before you rained on my fucking parade." 

She finds herself pressed up against the ivy again and doesn't even know how she's got here. 

He sighs, rolling his eyes. "See, now ..." He bends slightly, grabs the hem of her tulle skirts and hoists it up enough to hook her leg around his waist. She releases a breath as he does it and her body throbs at the implications of what's happening. "Now, I gotta find something else to do to deal with that desperation." He licks his lips.

He consumes her then, mouth and soul, as his fingers brush across the top of her panties. They're silk, because she's allowed to treat herself, goddamnit. She hadn’t been presumptuous, because she’d never expected, never assumed that Izuku's wedding night would also be quite the night for her too.

"I like these," Bakugou murmurs against her mouth, rubbing the material between his fingers. "Mm, yeah, I like these a lot."

"You'll like what's inside 'em more," she pushes back, finding confidence. She’s not usually a prude, nor is she bashful, but Bakugou has just thrown her for a loop this evening. Now he’s here, almost touching her right where she wants it, and she's preparing herself to play this game right along with him. His reaction to her comment has him leaning back to look at her, an impressed smile on his face. 

"Hot fucking damn" he mutters. "You wanna run that by me again, Uravity?" 

She realizes, in this moment, that being called by her hero name as his index finger runs down the front of her underwear, between her folds, is doing things to her that shouldn't feel as right as they do. Her hero name is for the mouths of civilians and interviewers and chat show hosts. For innocents to shout and cheer when she's-

"Tell me what I'll find when I unwrap you," is growled against her ear. She whines at the back of her throat but swiftly settles herself because she's not willing to lose this game. Not yet. She knows Bakugou. She knows he's filled with a raging fire that must extend to the bedroom too. 

She has to show him that he's not the only one. 

"You wanna know what you'll find?" she growls back, pulling his face back by his hair. His fingers push aside her panties. She gasps then swallows it down. He's biting his lip, glaring at her. It's her turn to catch his ear with her teeth. He wants Uravity? The hero he's been mewling over and desperate for? 

Oh, he'll get her.

In all her Uraraka Ochako glory. 

"You'll find Uravity when you unwrap me. And she's so fucking wet for you, Katsuki."

"Oh my god. "

"Touch me. Go on. I know you want to." Bakugou's head falls back and he mutters something under his breath to the sky. "Didn't you tell me you'd purposefully set plans in motion to be in this exact position at some point tonight?"

"Yep," he manages, voice strangled and high. She grins and uses her grip on his hair to drag him back to her lips, then sucks his bottom lip into her mouth. 

" Do something then."

He does. Oh boy, he does. He shoves his hand into her panties, and she's so soaked that his fingers slide into her with no resistance. He bites her lip, trying to take back control. 

"Who knew you had such a dirty mouth?"

"You, if you'd had the balls to do anything about your crush sooner." The speed at which she unleashes her retort has him reeling. He snarls and thrusts his fingers into her faster, so fast that she cries out despite herself. A large hand clamps over her mouth and hungry, red eyes glower down into hers. 

"Shit, you want the entire wedding party to know what I'm doing to you, Cheeks?"

Eyes big and round, showing him exactly what he's doing to her, she shuts up and gently bites at his finger, feeling the bone of it roll between her teeth. He removes his hand and looks somewhat quizzical when he slides two fingers into her mouth as he fucks her with two others. When he curls the ones below even further and hits the spot, she's whining as she sucks ruthlessly at his fingers and he's huffing out helpless breaths whilst he watches her. 

"Oh my fuck, Ochako, you have no idea what the hell this is doing to me." 

Without missing a beat, her hand palms at his crotch and she raises an eyebrow, leaning back to let his fingers slide out of her mouth to rest on her swollen lips. She squeezes him hard.

"I think I have a pretty decent idea just what I'm doing to you."

Bakugou's a noisy boy, she's discovering, because he's always making some kind of sound, be it huffing or moaning or whimpering. She's reveling in it, really, knowing that she's drawing those sounds out of him. He moans at what she says and she moans back, and then his thumb attacks her clit with fervor just as his hand comes back to cover her mouth. 

She squeezes his dick as she comes and he squeezes her jaw in return, regarding her every blink and whine and shudder with satisfaction. Their eyes remain locked as she slowly returns to Earth from her ascension. His hand, hot and sweaty, slips from her mouth, but he keeps his finger and thumb holding her chin. His expression is different now, and she can't quite read it. 

Well shit." His words catch in his throat. "You're something else, Cheeks."

He trails his thumb down her cheek, watching her carefully as he does so, and there it is again. 

That look. 

A look she’s dreamed about being the recipient of. 

A look meant just for her. 

Shit. It obliterates her even more than his damn hand did.

So when he lets her leg slide down, and when he wraps her up in his arms to kiss her again and hold her close, and when he quietly, pleadingly begs her to come up to his room...she doesn't say no.

And she only remembers this is meant to be a one-time thing when she wakes up the next morning to find him sleeping soundly beside her. 




It's been a long, horrendous day. 

Uravity sighs and rubs her eyes as she changes into her civvies, wincing at the way her arm aches from that stupid fucking dickhead of a villain who decided that breaking into an ATM in broad daylight was a good idea. He'd actually been semi-decent as an opponent, getting one good hit in on her right elbow, but she'd taken him down pretty easily. Then Tsu had requested her presence at a brawl downtown so she'd immediately left one scene to go to another and her day had just gone like that.

No breaks. No time to check out her injuries until she was back at the agency.

Uravity is tired. She waves drowsily at the girl behind the front desk before she takes to the streets to make her way home. The journey isn't far, only a short train ride, but it's far enough that her legs ache by the time she gets to the small gate of her front yard. With a yawn, she opens it and watches as her old, fat cat stretches and meows in the window box.

"What have I told you about getting all up in my flowers?" she hisses, non-committal, scratching behind his ears as she locates her keys in her pocket. Uravity opens the door of number five, Cherry Tree Lane, and is greeted with the heavenly aroma of something good cooking in the kitchen. 

She's only just taken her jacket off when there's a thundering of small feet down the stairs to her right and, before she can even turn to look, she's wiped out by two small figures and one large, barking, furry one. 

" Maaaaaama !" her babies yell together, and her heart soars as she laughs and lifts up her smallest to kiss him on the cheek, ignoring the pang in her elbow. He grabs her face between two pudgy hands and plants a sloppy, sticky kiss right back on her lips. "Ew. You are very sweaty," he states bluntly, sticking out his tongue in disgust and wiping his hands on her face. "Like Daddy. Nasty sweaty like Daddy." 

"MOM, GET THIS!!! I CAUGHT NINE CATERPILLARS TODAY," comes a pleased shout from down below where a hulking, excitable dog and a tiny, excitable girl are both almost fizzing over with glee. 

"Nine?" Uravity's a little overwhelmed still, head spinning with the day's events. She yawns as they all move towards the kitchen. "Nine whole caterpillars?"

Uravity has to set her son on the counter, because her elbow is killing her, and the pokes him on the nose to make him giggle. 

“Oi! Hands off!!" comes a deep growl. Uravity smirks and looks over to see her husband lifting his daughter into the air by her armpits. There’s a large piece of chocolate hanging from her mouth. "That's for dessert, you cheeky little shit." He smiles at her, face slick with the sweat of cooking heat. 

"Kat," Uravity sighs with no real anguish. "Language."

Katsuki looks up and offers her the warm, strained smile of a father in need of a little motherly support. She chuckles and sets their son on the floor before wrapping herself into Katsuki's open arms. 

"How was work?" he asks. And when his arms close around her, and a kiss settles on her head, Uravity melts away. Uraraka Ochako takes her place. 

“Tough.” She squeezes him harder. “How was work on the homefront?”

He suddenly holds her back a little to look down at her, and she looks up at him.

"Oh! Did you not hear, Cheeks? We caught nine caterpillars today." 

"Nine?" she asks, chuckling. 

“Nine!!!” her daughter chirps. 

"And we painted a picture too,” Katsuki remarks proudly. “Look."

She's turned slowly to face the fridge, where a colorful painting of her family is pinned up with homemade magnets. It's a small picture, and it's smudged, but it's perfect. It’s so perfect. 

Her heart gives out and, content and overwhelmed with love, she leans back against her husband who kisses her cheek. Her children wrap around her legs.


Uraraka Ochako is home.