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Future Perfect

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Truthfully, Jaehyun was a bit surprised.

He didn’t think Johnny was shy but he still didn’t expect him to jump into this feet first. Jaehyun had expected to do a little more coaxing. Not convincing exactly but calming Johnny down so he would feel comfortable. Sex was a vulnerable act, even with casual one-night stands. Jaehyun knew this. But he was used to it by now. Johnny wasn’t. He was nervous most about the part of building enough familiarity between the two of them.

But Johnny seemed to trust him already.

Jaehyun was already having more fun than he thought he was going to. Especially since Johnny’s cock was so big. Like huge. Jaehyun could usually deduce what someone was packing pretty well, but he had underestimated this one. Maybe because Johnny was taller than most guys he hooked up with?

Jaehyun wasn’t complaining.

He wrapped his hand around Johnny’s cock and looked him over, Johnny laying back, a bit propped up by the many pillows and panting on the bed. The shower was a good warm up but Jaehyun was ready to get closer to the main event. He gave the base of Johnny’s cock a squeeze, just looking at him. He loved how hard Johnny was. It was so much more fun (and easier) to get fucked with a rock hard dick. Jaehyun was definitely going to ride him

But that was for later.

Now, Jaehyun kept his eyes locked on Johnny’s. He liked how Johnny wasn’t scared to look at him, even though Johnny was breathing hard, obviously very turned on. Lots of the guys Jaehyun hooked up kept their eyes closed the whole time, grabbed his hair and stuffed their cock down his throat, panting greedily the whole time. And yeah, that was fine. Jaehyun liked it rough, too. They were just getting off. But sometimes, Jaehyun liked it when someone looked at him.

Johnny couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away.

It made Jaehyun smile.

“Yoonoh…” Johnny grunted, a sigh through his nose. That made Jaehyun smile, too. What would his grandma think about what he was doing with his government name?

“I’m here,” Jaehyun said. He kept staring into Johnny’s eyes. They were cat-like and bright but filled with wanting. Jaehyun moved his hand up the length of Johnny’s cock and then back down again. He finally broke eye contact to lean down and flick his tongue over the tip of Johnny’s cock.

Johnny moaned.

Jaehyun smiled to himself. Johnny’s size. This was going to be a challenge.

He decided to take it slow.

He touched his tongue to Johnny’s cock again, tasting his pre-come. Johnny was leaking a lot, his cock pulsing like it was possible for him to get harder. Jaehyun hoped that Johnny had some blood elsewhere in his body because it all seemed to be here. He chuckled to himself and traced the tip of his tongue along the hard ridge around the head of Johnny’s cock.

Johnny made a strangled moaning nose and gripped the edge of the bed. Jaehyun almost laughed. He’d barely done anything.

“Oh shit—” Johnny choked out.

Jaehyun nuzzled the head of Johnny’s cock with his nose and looked up at him with a grin.

“You okay?” He teased.

Johnny met his eyes again and laughed a little.

Jaehyun kissed the side of Johnny’s cock, keeping his eyes on Johnny again. He was holding Johnny’s cock upright, otherwise it would have been slapped against the other’s flat belly. He liked the way Johnny was quivering in his hand.

He kissed his way down Johnny’s cock, open mouth kisses, pressing his lips against Johnny with a heated groan. Then he pressed his tongue against him hard and began to lick his way back up as Johnny whimpered.

“That’s it,” Jaehyun murmured. He continued licking, all around Johnny’s cock, lapping him up like he was the sweetest dessert. It was hot hearing the way Johnny moaned and responded to his every touch. All of those sounds were going straight to his cock. Jaehyun had to take a moment to give himself a squeeze between his legs.

Jaehyun took a deep breath, letting Johnny go so he could press his hands against Johnny’s thighs, clawing them a bit. He watched Johnny as his cock slapped back to his belly. It was a satisfying sound.

“You alright?” Johnny asked, panting but it seemed like he truly cared.

“Just thinking about how I’m gonna handle you…” Jaehyun murmured. He leaned over and started kissing over Johnny’s thighs. He was hairy and Jaehyun scrubbed his tongue through his coarse hair. He kissed along the inside of Johnny’s thighs, each one in turn. He nipped him there, then bit down harder, feeling Johnny gasp and moan underneath him.

“Have you ever…” Jaehyun murmured. He stuck his finger in his mouth and then rubbed his slicked up finger across the base of Johnny’s balls. Johnny jumped and gasped, swearing under his breath. Jaehyun moved his finger down, pressing at the smooth skin just underneath Johnny’s balls.

“Whoa!” Johnny cried, sitting up. Jaehyun sat back on his knees.

“Sorry,” he said, quickly. “I should have warned you more. Have you ever touched your taint?”

Johnny shook his head, eyes wide. Jaehyun rubbed over Johnny’s thighs and smiled at him, giving Johnny’s thighs a squeeze.

“It’s fun…” Jaehyun leaned in to give Johnny a kiss. “Maybe… We’ll try more later…”

He turned his attention back to Johnny’s cock, grabbing it again and leaning down. This time he slurped the head of Johnny’s cock right into his mouth. Johnny gasped again, but in a more relaxed way. He laid back with a groan as Jaehyun sucked hard.

“Mmmm…” Jaehyun moaned lewdly around Johnny’s cock. “You’re so big.”

He dove right in, sucking Johnny’s cock into his mouth, lips sealing around him hard as his mouth traveled long. He slid his mouth back up, coming off Johnny with a pop. Each sound seemed to make Johnny groan harder, so Jaehyun made sure to be extra noisy. Slurping and sucking and smacking and groaning. He started off a bit sloppy, lots of tongue, lots of spit, moving his mouth up and down Johnny’s cock, taking him about hallway. His hand worked the rest of Johnny’s cock, twisting his hand at the base of Johnny’s cock and stroking him up and down.

He could feel Johnny’s hips shaking. He knew he could make him come just like this. But Jaehyun wanted to do more. He’d just been working himself up to it.

Jaehyun pulled off Johnny’s cock with another lewd pop and took a deep breath.

He flinched a bit when Johnny reached for his hair, expecting Johnny to push his head down he was taking a break. But Johnny ran his fingers through Jaehyun’s hair, gently.

“Mmmm…” Johnny moaned.

Jaehyun smiled to himself before doing a few jaw stretches.

Then he decided to go for it.

“Okay, Johnny…” Jaehyun murmured, getting up on his knees more, positioning himself better in front of Johnny’s cock. He saw Johnny watching him curiously.

Jaehyun took a deep breath.

He wrapped his lips around Johnny’s cock and slowly slid his mouth all the way down.

And he meant all the way down. With Johnny’s massive cock, he had a long way to go. Once he was more than halfway, Johnny seemed to get the idea, gasping loudly. Jaehyun had to concentrate as Johnny, salty and pulsating, filled his mouth and the tip of his cock grew closer to his throat. Jaehyun focused on relaxing his throat muscles, as he took the last of Johnny in his mouth, bit by bit.

He’d never deepthroated someone this large before.

He fought his natural instincts, breathing through his nose to stay relaxed. His gag reflex wanted to activate but he told himself mind over matter.

Johnny’s dick was nearly choking him.

Jaehyun loved it.

He managed to take all of him, his nose buried in Johnny’s pubes, breathing him in. He let Johnny rest there for a moment, his throat jumping a little as Johnny’s throbbed in his mouth.

“Wh-whoa—” Johnny choked out.

Jaehyun pulled off his cock slowly, sucking hard until he came off and sucked in a breath. He was sweating a little bit he felt good.

Jaehyun swallowed hard and wiped his mouth. He could still feel the hint of Johnny against his throat.

“Oh my God…” Jaehyun pressed his hand against the side of his jaw.

“Are you okay?” Johnny asked, sitting up a bit to touch the other side of Jaehyun’s face as well. Jaehyun had to laugh at Johnny’s genuine concern.

“Yes, I am,” Jaehyun said, patting Johnny’s hand. “Are you okay, Johnny? Did you like it?” He smirked at Johnny, massaging the back of his hand a bit.


“Are you ready to come, Johnny?” Jaehyun raised his eyebrow.

Johnny’s eyes went wide again, and he nodded.

Jaehyun chuckled and dug his nails against Johnny’s thighs. Then he grabbed Johnny and went down again.

The second time was easier. He slid his mouth down Johnny’s cock to the hilt and slid up again before finding a slurpy rhythm, deepthroating Johnny like he’d never done to anyone before. He breathed steading though his nose, felt Johnny’s wetness and his own spit dripping down his chin. Johnny was writhing and moaning, a mess underneath him, Johnny’s knee coming up hitting his back at points. It was hot.

Jaehyun pulled off, licking over his lips and taking a deep breath. “Come down my throat,” he growled at Johnny, before sliding his mouth down again.

Johnny gave a little squeak.

Jaehyun gave Johnny’s balls a small squeeze to help him along.

Johnny’s hips jumped. The tip of his cock bashed against the back of Jaehyun’s throat and he lost it for a second, pulling off of Johnny’s cock, gagging and coughing.

“Oh God—” Johnny said, sitting up again, but Jaehyun pushed him back down. He grabbed Johnny’s hips to keep him more under control.

“It’s okay,” Jaehyun said quickly, before swallowing Johnny down again, though not deepthroating him now. He proved his point, he could do it. Now, he focused on getting Johnny off. He dug his fingernails into Johnny’s hips, bobbing his head up and down, back and forth. His lips were slick with his spit and Johnny’s pre-come, so it was easy. He sucked on the head of Johnny’s cock. He could feel the telltale heaviness and grabbed the bottom of Johnny’s cock, giving him a few quick strokes.

“Ah!” Johnny yelped. “Oh-okay!”

Jaehyun sucked on Johnny one more time and then he felt it. Johnny’s body sputtering, Johnny crying out and then Johnny was shooting down his throat. He slid his lips down a little further on Johnny’s cock, taking it all in, sucking hard to help his orgasm along. He let Johnny’s warm come fill his mouth and then he pulled off, swallowing as a little of it dribbled out of the corners of his mouth. He kept stroking Johnny through the end of his orgasm, swallowing a few times.

Johnny was a writhing mess on the bed.

Jaehyun liked seeing him like that.

He licked over his lips, chuckling to himself. Jaehyun carefully grabbed Johnny’s softening dick and licked it all over, cleaning him up. When he glanced up, Johnny was watching him with wide eyes.

“You don’t have to do that,” Johnny said. Jaehyun sat back on his haunches with a laugh.

“I like it,” he said, grinning. “You wanna try? Can I kiss you?” Some guys were weird about this. Weird about kissing in general. But Johnny nodded and Jaehyun leaned into him, giving him a little kiss.

“Guess what…?” Jaehyun pressed his forehead against Johnny’s. They were both breathing hard.

“Wh-what?” Johnny panted out.

Jaehyun pinched Johnny’s side playfully. “You’re not a virgin anymore,” he teased. Johnny burst out laughing. Jaehyun leaned away, laughing himself.

Jaehyun usually didn’t joke around with his hook ups like this. He was a fuck and go type of person. But from the beginning, something about Johnny. Jaehyun couldn’t put his finger on it. But he found himself wanting to spend time with Johnny.

Yoonoh wanted to spend some time with him.

“You still wanna…?” Johnny asked, brushing sweaty hair away from his forehead.

“Of course.” Jaehyun got up and waddled over to his toiletry bag in the corner with his hard on. He’d rub one out real quick before they got started. He grabbed his lube and a condom, before coming back over to the bed.

“Wanna wear it?” Jaehyun asked. “It’s up to you.”

He handed the condom to Johnny, who looked slightly confused. Jaehyun climbed back on the bed again.

“I heard in America they put condoms on bananas,” Jaehyun said. Johnny laughed a little.

“I’m clean,” Jaehyun added. “Promise.”

Johnny put the condom on the nightstand. “I’ll think about it. But—” Johnny stopped, taking a breath. “Um… I was talking about if you wanted me to…” Johnny pointed at Jaehyun’s boner. Jaehyun looked down at himself with a laugh.

“You don’t—”

“I want to,” Johnny said, quickly. ”But… uh… what you said earlier.”

It took Jaehyun a second to remember. He smiled slowly. “You want to eat me out?”

Johnny nodded.

How could Jaehyun say no to that?

“Okay.” Jaehyun chuckled, not at Johnny, just at… everything. He didn’t know. Johnny was cute.

Then Johnny pushed him back on the bed.

Jaehyun wasn’t expecting it. He blinked up at the taller man as Johnny leaned down to kiss him. Johnny kissed him hard. Hard enough to take Jaehyun’s breath away. And while he was still struggling to breathe, Johnny started kissing his jaw, his neck, over his Adam’s apple, his throat. He felt the scratch of Johnny’s slight stubble over his chest as Johnny took Jaehyun’s nipple into his mouth.

Jaehyun gasped in surprise.

Johnny kissed over his chest, nipping him in different places, down to his stomach. He sucked on Jaehyun’s abs with a growl.

Jaehyun chuckled, running his fingers though Johnny’s hair affectionately, then pulling just a bit.

Johnny pushed Jaehyun’s knees back and grabbed his cock, giving Jaehyun a squeeze and a jerk. Jaehyun groaned, drawing his legs up tighter.

“It’s right…” Jaehyun slid his hand between his legs, wiggling his finger between his cheeks, touching his own pink bud. “There.”

Johnny grabbed his cheeks and gave them a squeeze. Jaehyun groaned. Then Johnny bit his right ass cheek. Jaehyun groaned louder. Johnny liked biting. He moaned when Johnny stopped biting and started kissing his ass all over with those soft, sexy lips. Jaehyun grabbed his cock, stroking himself lazily as Johnny began kissing and licking his way between, until he felt Johnny’s tongue the rim of his hole.

“Fuck…” Jaehyun breathed out, squeezing him harder.

“Is it okay?” Johnny asked, his voice muffled.

“Yes!” Jaehyun cried out. “Just… more. Try… uh—” He ran out of words because now Johnny was tracing the tip of his tongue around the rim of Jaehyun’s hole. Jaehyun’s breath hitched as Johnny ran his tongue across it in one, warm, flat stroke. He felt the tip of Johnny’s tounge breach his hole as he shivered with a short gasp. He used his free hand to grab Johnny’s arm. He dug his fingernails against the back of Johnny’s arm, encouraging him to go on.

Johnny kissed him there, sucked on the delicate skin around his hole just a little bit. He felt Johnny’s tongue sweeping over his hole, around his hole and slowly trying to work his way inside. Jaehyun sighed out with each delicious stroke, his body softening and relaxing under Johnny’s mouth. He was more skilled than Jaehyun was expecting. The most surprising part was that Johnny wasn’t afraid. He really did lick Jaehyun’s asshole like he’d been waiting a lifetime.

Jaehyun loved it.

Jaehyun lifted his legs and draped them over Johnny’s shoulders, bringing Johnny closer. Johnny held onto his hips, the sides of ass, changing angles a little as he continued to work Jaehyun open with his tongue, getting a little deeper. Jaehyun sighed and moaned, stroking himself faster, his cock leaking steadily. He couldn’t believe Johnny was getting him so close.

Johnny was finally able to wiggle his tongue inside and Jaehyun jumped a little, his breath hitching. Johnny pulled away, taking a breath.

“Is it—” Johnny started, but Jaehyun broke in.

“Yes, yes, it’s okay,” he answered, knowing what Johnny was going to say. “Oh… it’s amazing, Johnny. Here…” He tossed the lube down the bed toward Johnny. “Put some on your finger and try to stick your finger in. Use a lot of it.”

Jaehyun planned on prepping himself, but Johnny could get started while he was finishing himself off. He heard Johnny uncap the bottle. Jaehyun began stroking himself faster, feeling the slight chill from the dampness of Johnny’s tongue on his hole. He sucked his breath when he felt Johnny touch his hole with a wet finger. He laughed a little as the way Johnny was groping around, trying to wiggle his finger in like a little worm.

“Oh…” Jaehyun breathed out, bringing his legs down. “Just try… pushing, Johnny…”

“I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“You won’t.” Not too bad at least. Johnny had short fingernails, anyway. He’d already checked them out. Jaehyun took a deep breath, feeling himself getting closer as he jerked himself off, quickly. Now Johnny was touching him with the pad of his finger, stroking and pushing slightly, and it felt a little nicer.

“Yes…” Jaehyun breathed, his stomach contracting. He was right on the edge. He swallowed hard.

“Yoonoh…” Johnny grunted, still playing with Jaehyun’s hole.

“Push…” Jaehyun instructed. “Your finger in… your fingertip…”

Jaehyun gasped as Johnny did what he said. A little deeper and Jaehyun sucked in his breath again. He closed his eyes and pushed his ass back against Johnny’s finger, feeling him slide in a little deeper.

That was the push he needed. Jaehyun gave himself one last jerk and cried out loudly as he came all over his hand and his chest, breathing hard. His eyes were closed tightly as the orgasm rolled through his body. This was the feeling he craved.

When he opened his eyes, Johnny was peering down at him, holding a damp washcloth. Jaehyun chuckled in surprise as Johnny started cleaning him up.

“I don’t think I’ll wear the condom,” Johnny said, smiling at him as he wiped down Jaehyun’s chest. “I trust you.”

Jaehyun smiled, looking into Johnny’s eyes. There was a strange thought in his head.

It was a shame he was never going to see Johnny again.

But, Jaehyun reminded himself, it couldn’t be helped. Johnny lived in America. He lived in Korea. Jaehyun wasn’t allowed to have a relationship outside of one-night stands. It was too messy. He already had too many secrets in his life.

Johnny didn’t even know his name.

Jaehyun shook his head. He didn’t know why he was spending so much time thinking about silly things. Jaehyun grabbed the washcloth out of Johnny’s hand and tossed it aside. Then he pulled Johnny on top of him. He grabbed Johnny’s hand, guiding it between his legs, back to nestle between his ass cheeks once again.

“What me to show you something else?” Jaehyun asked, in a low voice with a smile.

Johnny grinned.