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Take You on Faith

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Mark wondered whether Kit realised how much Mark knew him now. They had spent as much time together as possible since Mark first noticed Kit and he had spent most of that time together watching Kit. He could predict Kit's facial expressions to certain things he said and he knew when Kit was saying something just to protest and when he actually disliked something. He could tell when Kit disliked something but wasn't willing to admit to it for some reason, and which smile Kit gave to people he liked, rather than the polite quirk of his lips other people got. All this knowledge meant that Mark knew when Kit was hiding something. 

But then Kit talked about Mark staying the night and Mark hadn't gotten this far in their relationship without taking the opportunities presented to him. Of course he was happy to accept the subject change. It was a shame Kit hadn't learnt that Mark didn't forget things, just put it to one side to be dealt with later, but he would learn that about Mark in turn.

The way Kit looked up him from the bed, his pale skin contrasting with the bright blue pyjamas and large eyes, was enough to supply all of Mark's fantasies for the next year at least. And, unlike before, Kit just watched Mark as he unbuttoned his top, knowing exactly what Mark wanted to do. Mark smoothed his fingers over Kit's chest and wondered what it would be like to put his mouth there, to leave behind a mark that spoke to what happened. Neither Mark or Kit had done anything like this before, but the amount of times Mark had thought about it with Kit had been countless. 

He wanted to keep going, to use his lips and hands to drive Kit wild, so he couldn't think about anything apart from his boyfriend. No one else, especially anyone's secrets, would occupy his thoughts. Only Mark. 

Kit made a surprised sound as Mark kissed him, laying pliant on the bed as Mark used his lips and tongue to tease Kit and then draw back so Kit was forced to follow him. Mark continued to stroke his fingers over Kit's chest and delighted in the feel of his pounding heart through the bare skin. It was only when he realised that Kit's arms were still lying on the bed that Mark pulled back. 

"What are you doing?" Kit asked when Mark pulled back. His voice was flatteringly breathless and Mark imagined hearing that tone from Kit over and over again. 

"This isn't really going to help us sleep," Mark said as he nuzzled Kit's cheek. He lent his head down so he could press a kiss to Kit's ear, something which made him squirm underneath Mark. 

"Are we going to be sleeping?" 

"That's why you invited me here, isn't it?" Mark pulled back so he could look Kit in the eye. "To sleep, not to have sex." The blush on Kit's face at this bald stating of facts was glorious and Mark's eyes roved hungrily over Kit's face. They were going to get to the point where Mark could see this face every night and every morning. He'll probably have to drop out of uni because all he would be able to think about would be Kit but it would be worth it.

"But you said -- " Kit cut himself off abruptly. 

"P'Kit, you didn't say no this time... but you didn't say yes." Mark tapped his fingers on Kit's chest. Kit was warm underneath him and the smell and touch of him was driving Mark wild. "I really want to do this, but I won't risk anything happening that you might regret." If Kit looked at him the morning after with discomfort or regret, Mark would have to pull a Pha and completely erase himself from Kit's life. Okay, he would feel bad about leaving Wayu to deal with everything so he wouldn't vanish completely, but he would definitely want to leave the city and not return for another ten years. 

"I won't regret it," Kit immediately said. He looked like he wanted to take the words back a moment later but Mark didn't tease him about it. He stored it in the large part of his mind reserved to Kit and Kit things, but he moved on. 

"But you're still hesitating," Mark said. "It's not a bad thing, P'Kit. I wanted to see how you would react to the thought of us having sex but you don't seem quite there yet."

He knew that Kit was fighting with himself. One part of him wanted to prove that he wasn't scared and Mark was wrong about him not being ready, while another part of him didn't want to lie. And yet another part was fighting against vocalising anything which Kit himself wanted. He couldn't just tell Mark he found him sexy, Mark had to read the clues and signs from his body language. He was moving forward and getting better at saying what he wanted, just like Mark was getting better at listening, but asking Mark to be his boyfriend was a lot different from telling Mark he wanted to have sex. 

They were going to have sex when Kit wanted it so much that he asked for it. It would happen, but it would happen on Kit's terms, rather than Mark's. And Mark was okay with that. Kit had conceded so much to him, with matching outfits and embarrassing photos on social media. Mark knew how Kit felt; he didn't need to have sex to know that. He was happy to wait until Kit wanted sex to happen as much as Mark did. And maybe they would have reached the point where there were no more secrets between them. 

"Mark," Kit said and then didn't seem to know how to finish. Mark grinned and kissed the tip of Kit's nose, something which made him blush even more. Mark delighted in this new knowledge of Kit and settled down beside Kit in the bed with a pleased smile. He couldn't wait to see what Kit looked like in the morning, all sleepy and comfortable. 

"Goodnight, P'Kit," Mark said. 

Kit sighed but it was more of his resigned sigh he gave when he knew Mark had had the last word rather than a truly annoyed sigh. "Goodnight, Mark." 

A Kit beside him in bed and a Kit in his dreams tonight. Mark was the luckiest person in the world.