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U.A. Unsolved - Confession

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“Mina?” Denki calls, poking his head into the common room area. “Did you post another episode of UA Unsolved yesterday?”

The pink-skinned girl looked back at her friend, a confused frown on her face. “Me? No, I haven’t uploaded anything - we don’t have any footage either. Why? Did you?”

He holds out his phone, and shoves the screen in her face. It takes her a while to get through the speedy scrolling, and the enormous list of notifications. “UA Unsolved - Confession video? What? Did Midoriya-kun post this?” She murmured to herself. She plucks the phone out of his hands (ignoring the indignant “hey!” Denki screeches) and clicks open the video.

And then drops the phone.

“MIDORIYA!” She screams, finger pointed towards the direction of the boys dorm. “I’M GOING TO MELT YOU, YOU SNEAKY LITTLE SHIT! WHERE ARE YOU?”


Setting: Midoriya’s dorm room, recognizable from his previous videos and all the All Might merchandise surrounding him. He’s sitting in the middle of his bed, with Iida on one side, looking a bit confused on why he’s here, and Uraraka on his other side. Her fingers are clasped together excitedly.

“Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of UA Unsolved, Episode 70!” Uraraka exclaims. “This one’s a bit different from the other one’s, purely because Mina and Kaminari don’t know we’re uploading this, so a bit of deviation from our normal schedule! Anyways, if you’ve seen the title, you know that this episode is more of a confession from Deku.”

Midoriya waves at the camera.

Iida speaks now. “We are aware of the many theories surrounding this channel! We are here to clear some things up! For starters, Midoriya is not a ghost coming back to haunt us! And some of the things caught on video are not Hagakure staging things! Although I am disappointed that people could come up with these theories, I understand that you are skeptical of our videos! And now, Midoriya has requested to put a few things straight!”

“Thanks guys,” Midoriya says quietly. “Uh- this is kinda hard for me, but,” he clenches his fist. “I can do this! Okay. So. The truth is - I can see ghosts.

I didn’t want to do this channel at the beginning, but Ashido and Kaminari wanted to do it so badly, and I thought, okay, why not? I grew up watching other people pretend to be exorcists, or mediums, but even on TV I could see they were fakes, because the real ghosts were just laughing at them. Anyways - yeah, let’s get on with the explanation.

I’ve been able to see ghosts ever since I was little. I was always known as the weird kid, talking to empty corners and waving at people who weren’t there, so I grew up ostracized from my classmates. And when I did tell people - well, they didn’t really believe me. So I hid my quirk, and lived like I was quirkless until my secondary ability kicked in a year ago. Yes, the strength that had me breaking fingers. Yes, I’m aware I’m known as the finger-breaking kid.

Anyways, the ghostly things happening in the dorms are actually the result of ghosts. Just… the ghosts know that they were videoing, and wanted to have a little bit of fun. Most of the pranks are done by Hino, which is… him-” Midoriya flicks a hand, and suddenly a white haired man is visible, also lounging on the bed. “He’s the ghost that said ‘fuck Endeavor’, by the way.”

Hino waves at the camera. “Oh, this is cool. Can they really see me?” He frowns at his hands. “Am I going to be sparkly the entire time?”


“Okay then! Hi, UA Unsolved fans, I’m Fukimoto Hino, also known as the asshole ghost, and also Todoroki’s uncle. Most of us ghosts are here to look over our family and friends, so I’m here to watch over little Shouto. Midoriya met me at the Sports Festival when I spilt a drink on Endeavor - Endeavor, if you’re watching this, fuck you, you’re the worst brother-in-law I could hope for. To Ashido and Kaminari, yes, I stop doing ghostly things the moment Midoriya walks in so you have no proof. You kids wanted a show? You’ll get a show. All fun and games here.”

Midoriya laughs. “Yeah, sorry guys. I knew you guys weren’t making stuff up.”

“We’re here because we also knew!” Uraraka exclaims. “Not at first - actually, we found out when Deku got kidnapped, and we went to visit his mom and the ghosts started writing on the windows. It was a bit freaky at the start, but then he explained everything, so it’s all good!” She tilts her head. “I didn’t know some bits though. Like, I can’t see ghosts like Deku, so I assumed it was just friendly ghosts?”

“There are other ghosts here as well!” Iida says, and rubs his neck nervously. “Some of you might know me as Ingenium’s little brother. Those of you who are fans of my brother, I think it’d be nice if you saw him one last time?” Iida looks at Midoriya, who obliges, and a white-eyed Tensei shimmers into view.

“Hi guys,” his smile is soft. “To my friends and sidekicks, I’m so sorry I left without telling you that day. And please, take care of each other! To my loyal fans, remember, I might be gone, but the name Ingenium will live on!”

The two ghosts fade out of view, and Midoriya’s eyes look a bit teary. “So, some of the other ghosts that have shown up during UA Unsolved. Don’t worry, Tensei normally tries to stop them playing pranks on our class. Another ghost that was mentioned, when she used the Ouija board to communicate, is Shimura Nana. Yes, she exists. She’s a hero who was called Adamant, and she was All Might’s mentor.”

Shimura Nana shimmers into view, dressed in her hero costume instead of her normal workout clothes. “Hi! I’ll have you know that I’m the one that’s been making sure this little bean sprout doesn’t get himself killed. I was killed decades ago by All For One, so it’s the most I can do to make sure Ya- All Might and Deku stay alive too.”

She fades out of view too, after giving a little wave, and the focus goes back to Midoriya. “And, the last ghost. I think most of you are familiar with Rei, the first one who contacted us via Ouija board and threw the planchette at Kacchan. Yes, I’m the one she refers to as little brother because I met her when I was seven and she was bigger than me, even though-” his breath catches, “even though she’s only nine.

Her name was Morigawa Hitomi, and she was kidnapped by All For One and used as an experiment to create Noumus. I found her when she tried to scare me in my closet, and she’s stayed with me ever since. Her name is Rei now, though. Just a warning, Rei looks a bit creepy at first, but she’s just messing with you.”

Rei appears now, white skin and glowing black eyes, and she makes a gruesome face at the camera, her mouth melting as she pulls at her cheeks and sticks her tongue out. Midoriya swats at her. “Rei, you promised you’d behave!”

Rei makes a laughing sound (it’s more like static, but reverberates nonetheless) and returns to looking more like a normal little girl, apart from those black eyes of her. She waves at the camera, teeming with joy, and then sticks her tongue out again. She signs at the camera, before disappearing.

“For those of you who don’t understand sign, Rei signed ‘you’re all idiots!! Follow my account!’ Wait, Rei, you made an account? Who helped you-” he turns to Uraraka. “Uraraka!”

“What? She asked for help!”

“She’s nine, don’t get her a youtube account!”

“It’s free, and it’s fun! Who cares?”

“Anyways, that’s all I really wanted to say. This is Midoriya from UA Unsolved, signing off for this video, and then preparing for war because Kaminari and Ashido are going to kill me for this.” He looks wide-eyed at the door. “Wish me luck, and have a good day!”


“Midoriya fucking Izuku!” Mina roars. “COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!”






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karakurachou - 9 hours ago

I was so close,,,, SO CLOSE,,,

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          puffpopcorn - 4 hours ago

          yeahhhh you werent hon

xen0m0rph - 6 hours ago

4:15 you can see mika’s shadow batting at where Rei is about to appear SHE WAS IN ON IT

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oooshiny - 4 hours ago

I swear it was the invisible girl doing all the pranks- forgive me Iida your disappointed face pains me too much

hawksbro - 4 hours ago

wait does this mean that all the shots with Uraraka…. she’s faking it too??? she knew?? the juggling scene?

allmight7392 - 1 hour ago

the case has been… SOLVED!!!