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zu heiß

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life was just fucking amazing for tim.


until ricky got his ears pierced a few weeks before his eighteenth birthday behind their mom's back and needed tim there for emotional support. "i've never gotten a piercing before, tim." ricky'd said. "i could fucking die, bro. i need you there to make sure i Don't die. you don't want me to go do it alone and die in the middle of the shop, do you? mom would blame you for my death. oh, if only tim went with me, my death could've been prevented. also i need a ride there and back and chris has work that day and ryan's mom took away his driving privileges. so. you gotta take me."


tim thought it would be fine. like, 50/50 chance it would be fine. luck was not on his side and he turned out to not be fine, like, at all.


he should've known something was up when ricky didn't shut the fuck up at all. he rambled on and on before tim even got in his little geo and only shut his mouth in the tattoo parlor when the piercer explained what he was going to do and what he had to do for aftercare. nervous fuck. "tim, can you maybe hold my hand, dude?" ricky asked. tim didn't say anything, just grabbed his brother's hand and did his best to look Not Bored Out Of His Mind. he was present when like, half of his friends got 90% of their piercings and tattoos, he's kinda a veteran here. 


tim kinda zoned out until ricky squeezes his hand really tight and gasps when the needle goes through his earlobe. "breathe." the blond piercer reminded ricky. the noise echoed in tim's head and he felt his pants getting tighter. his head hurts and he hates himself a bit, yknow, for getting hard over his kid brother's pain. "the second will be worse, but you'll live."


the second ear was, in fact, worse and the noise that ricky made was also worse and tim just wanted to drop dead right then and there. in the horniest way possible. the moment they got home, tim excused himself to his room and came harder than he had in his entire life, and with record speed. the post nut guilt set in like, right away and he kinda wanted to die again. but ricky'd never find out, no one would, so it was FINE that he just jacked off and came thinking about his tiny little innocent seventeen year old baby brother. because no one would EVER know.


or so he fucking thought.


shit gets worse a month or so later when ricky drags tim back to that tattoo and piercing place, freshly eighteen and itching for a new piercing or ten. 


("DUDE. WHY can't you have one of your little friends take you?" tim didn't have to act annoyed. he had a shit day at work (shit day at work meaning typical shitty customers that don't understand boundaries, brian berating him in front of his work crush, and then having the AUDACITY to blow him a kiss at practice later. makes tim wonder why he joined his dumb band.) and his brother opening his dumb little mouth was sadly too much.


"because chris, balz, and angelo went camping without me and ryan and vin have a date or something that day and no one else is answering my calls. plus, you promised you'd do something for my birthday this year. i'm paying for everything, you can AT LEAST give me a fuckin' ride, bro." there goes richard again, pulling the bro card. PAIN. tim agreed to take him anyway. i mean, he doesn't have any shift of any kind for any of his 29391839182929 jobs tomorrow, why not.)


it goes about the same as ricky's ear piercings, except he holds tim's hand tighter, tears up just a bit both times the needle pierces his skin, and makes soft little gasp-y noises that he tries so hard to suppress but he can't and he grabs at tim's other hand with his other hand when the jewelry for his second piercing is put in because HEY that was SURPRISING that area is IN PAIN AND KINDA BURNING, I'M NOT A BABY, TIM. tim's all sweet and calm through it all, if not a little shifty and awkward trying to hide the kinda obvious hard dick between his fucking legs, giving ricky all the reassurance he needs and telling him he's sooo brave and doing good. i mean, tim's been in direct contact with needles like, five times max, he's not lying when he says ricky's brave, he sure as fuck isn't. 


when all is said and done, they're ready to go, ricky decides he needs to use the restroom and tim decides to just go out and start the car while he waits for ricky, great idea, warm up the car, get some time alone with his terrifying incestuous thoughts about his barely legal brother, amazing ! and as he heads out of the shop, he hears the guy that pierced ricky say something about how ricky's lucky he has such a kind and supporting boyfriend, his boyfriend surely wouldn't have sat with him while he got his piercings done, so cool.


tim thinks about dying again. worst thing he's ever heard in his life and, if he's being completely honest with himself, he kinda likes it. 


fuck this.