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Hinata was pregnant.


He was very pregnant. If he didn’t believe it before, he surely believed it now because there was no other explanation to the ever-swelling extension of his stomach. 


Over the months, Kageyama had broken his routine all together. That night they mated, the night they confessed their feelings, Kageyama had taken his job as his mate very seriously. 


Hinata was no longer working and his mother had insisted that it was more than okay for him to stay- but Kageyama wouldn’t hear of it. Within the week Kageyama had made arrangements with Suga and Daichi, both of their families and of course him too— and they were set up with their very own house.


That’s right- house.


It was a whole lot bigger than Hinata had anticipated, and he ended up thinking that they could downsize— until he saw just how much stuff Kageyama had. 


Kageyama came from money, he found out. Further, Kageyama had an allowance , still, despite his age, and he hadn’t even been using it. His parents had put him up in a place, an apartment just to get him out of their house, but it didn’t seem to be necessary; Kageyama could afford whatever he wanted with the money he earned from his books, but he had stayed because it had been convenient for his schedule.


Indeed, Yachi had been right. Kageyama was a writer- an author- and he had a funky way of doing everything that Hinata didn’t expect. He thanked whatever god was out there that shone down upon him from the heavens and filled his brain with ideas of a grand library to work in— because that was what he ended up needing.


Kageyama had promised him he wouldn’t need to work another day in his life. He had been completely serious when he said it, and of course Hinata believed him, but there was something about the bar atmosphere that Hinata missed. Or maybe it was just Sugawara and Daichi.


He invited them over often since he had the space to- since he was bored now and still couldn’t visit- and they were more than eager to accept.


They themselves had decided to wait on having pups of their own; the bar was important to them and Hinata’s chest swelled with glee when Daichi had admitted that he had plans to buy the bar outright and make it his own. It was an exciting prospect, and Hinata was even more set on returning once he’d had his pup.


Daichi and Suga would own the bar, run the bar their way, and invite their friends to be their employees. Asahi, Nishinoya, Tanaka- even a blond fellow named Tsukishima. He’d met a few of them before, had invited Suga to throw parties at his place since it was so big. Much too big.


Kageyama had always paused his work during these parties, wanting to supervise and make sure his omega wasn’t in any danger- and of course he wouldn’t be, Hinata just felt this smidgen of anticipation coming from Kageyama leak through their connection and he got the sense that Kageyama wanted to be apart of it- he wanted to be apart of his omega’s life- and Hinata loved him all the more for it.


Waddling over to the couch, Hinata sat with a hiss. Daichi and Suga were present, along with Asahi and Nishinoya, and they both jumped to see if he needed anything— but of course Kageyama was quicker.


Ever since they bonded, Hinata had enjoyed the silent communication. He enjoyed how unique it was to them, but he was sure Kageyama liked it even more than he did. 


Unlike Daichi and Suga, there was a type of… telepathy? But not quite. More pictures, ideas, stuff that would flash in his mind of things that coincided with what he felt. Like right now? His feet hurt. And he really wanted a glass of orange juice.


He and Kageyama, prior to the bond, would have had to look at one another, gesture, make it obvious with looks- but this? Was so much easier. And he knew it brought Kageyama peace of mind, especially since the distance between them (however far) didn’t matter.


The only thing that bothered Kageyama was the privacy- and not because he wanted time and space to himself, but because Hinata would sometimes get depressed (it happens. He was pregnant. He was bound to be a little more emotional than normal) and would put up a wall between their minds so he could just. Be depressed if he wanted to be. It would freak Kageyama out to no end and Hinata would have to tell him- hold his hand and swear he wasn’t going to leave and that he’d be okay- and then he could do it. Within Kageyama’s line of sight.


Contrary to popular belief, it didn’t feel suffocating at all. With Kageyama’s complex, with his need to keep writing and keep working and busy himself, it was welcome. It told him that Kageyama, despite how happy or satisfied he was, still needed him no matter what. 


“Orange juice.” Kageyama murmured, pushing the cup into his hands.


Hinata licked his lips, sending a word of thanks in his head and greedily drank from the glass. 


It was a spectacle for sure, and one everybody in the room was in awe of— because Kageyama had appeared from the back room out of nowhere and had just. Poured a tall glass of orange juice. Had given it to him and then left again without so much as a word of hello to his guests.


Hinata rubbed his swollen belly, humming happily and nursing the cup because it was just as good as he had thought it would be.


“He’s usually out here staring at us.” Asahi pointed out nervously, “Is he… is he in a mood? Are we intruding?”


“Not at all!” Hinata chirped, “he has a deadline, I think, for one of his books. He’s in the library, mm, researching? I think? I keep getting words in my head I don’t understand like he’s thinking super hard about it. Makes me dizzy sometimes if I don’t block it out.”


“And how’s that working out for you?” Suga laughed. 


“What- blocking it out?”


“Yeah- isn’t that really distracting?”


Hinata hummed and took another sip. “Hmm, sort of? When we first- when… we got together it was super difficult. Neither of us could get ahold of the connection very well and it ended up irritating both of us because we couldn’t concentrate at all. I don’t have to worry about school anymore, but I tend to think a lot in general. My thoughts were too random and too loud for him and he ended up thinking really loud at me back until it was, I don’t know… I ended up crying and he felt super bad because he didn’t know what to do and neither did the doctors or the specialists.”


“How did you fix it?” Nishinoya inquired softly from the floor.


“We didn’t, we just kept practicing whispering in our heads or muttering out loud. It’s more pictures and ideas now than it is cohesive thought. I mean, it’s always been more pictures and ideas, but I guess more accurately it’s brief? Like, I can shut it out like I can my own thoughts? I’ve been turning down the volume on him a lot lately, though, because he keeps muttering about human body parts and something about… algorithms… the digestive tract… I don’t know. Makes me queasy.”


Everybody laughed, and Daichi stood to get him more orange juice when he finished his glass.


“I don’t envy you, it seems pretty tough.” Suga hummed.


“Oh, not really. It was just rocky at first but I think we have the hang of it now. I don’t think he ever turns me down unless I distract him too much. I think he keeps me at, like, the same level as his own thoughts so he can do both at the same time? It’s weird.”


“What do you mean?”


“I don’t want to freak him out because he really does have a deadline- but watch I’ll show you.”


He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. His friends were there in the background, but he drowned them out in favor of focusing on Kageyama. Somewhere he heard him muttering in the distance, his voice really small and quiet and Hinata focused on it. He turned up the volume a fraction.


In his mind he let his thoughts wander towards him. He thought about his hands, how they’d feel on him and his lips- what he remembered of the press he’d given him that morning before he disappeared. He hadn’t hardly touched him today at all- he was busy, he understood, but he didn’t think it would hurt for him to come out for five seconds.


He thought about his lips, the feel of them on his neck, on his mark and his hands- he wanted his hands on him too. Maybe skimming along his face and his neck. He wanted affection from him. He wanted him present- even if for just a moment.


He opened his eyes when he heard a door whoosh open in the distance and a lazy smile drifted across his face when Kageyama, grumbling to himself, approached him from behind the couch. “I was literally just out here Hinata.” He breathed, “I can’t get this book done out here- we tried that already—“


Hinata looked at him from upside down, a pout on his lips and cutting him off when he thought- as loud as he could- that he didn’t care. That he just wanted to be fucking touched - because it was true. His friends had wanted to see of course, but he really, honestly, did want to be touched.


Kageyama’s hands were on both of his shoulders in an instant. He heard him growling in his head, snapping that he didn’t have time for this- that he loved him and he could visit him in the library if he really wanted.


An image flooded Hinata’s mind of himself sautering in, pushing him back from his desk and climbing up onto his lap, kissing him that way— and then he had to shut the image out of his brain with a blush because Kageyama was trying to get explicit about what they could be doing right now instead of this.


Hinata reached up behind him, hand meeting the nape of Kageyama’s neck because he was already bending forward. Their lips met, their mouths opened and Kageyama, very briefly, touched the tip of his tongue with his own. It wasn’t a quick kiss, but it wasn’t an in-depth kiss either. They had company, they were being stared at, and Kageyama pulled away with a squeeze to his shoulders before wandering backward down the hall and toward the library.


“That… was interesting.” Nishinoya exploded out, laughing hard.


Suga laughed with him and Daichi smiled to himself a little.


“What did you do?” Asahi asked, looking far more interested than he thought he would. For such a big guy, he sure seemed innocent and honest about those kinds of things. 


“Well, just that I really wanted to kiss him.” Hinata said shyly, “He’s been shut in that library all day long, so… so I thought maybe I could get him to come out for a bit.”


“He looked irritated.” Asahi commented softly, brows drawn in concern.


“He was,” Hinata started, smiling shyly, “but I got the message- he’s just irritated because he has this deadline at all. I guess it got moved? He wants to be out here with me, but he can’t be and… and he’s frustrated about it.”


Suga cackled, his grin morphing into something sly that caused Daichi to smack him.


“A kiss like that makes sense now.” Suga ended up saying, puffing his laughter from behind his hand. Daichi was still glaring but otherwise didn’t say anything. 


And as much as his and Kageyama’s connection was interesting, it hadn’t been the reason they’d all come over. Hinata had gotten his hands on volleyball memorabilia from Kageyama’s youth— and apparently everyone had been interested in watching him play, save of course the man himself.


“We all played volleyball in highschool, he must have been playing around the same time as us.” Daichi commented as Hinata waddled over to the tv.


He crouched, finding it difficult with his big belly in the way, and he definitely appreciated Asahi catching him before he fell backward all together. 


“He said he wasn’t any good at it but I called him out on that bullshit. I think he secretly misses it- no way someone can be shitty at a sport and miss it.” Hinata grumbled.


“Agreed,” Daichi said, “I remember back when we all played together- Noya, you were a monster Libero.”


“Asahi was a monster ace and you were a monster captain, so I think your point there is a little invalid.”


“God, would you shut up? We were all monsters now watch.” Suga said, shoving his hand into Daichi’s face and scooting closer to the huge screen.


Hinata laughed, but quickly grew quiet when the screen blared to life and a leaner, more lively Kageyama appeared on the screen. 


Hinata watched the start, the way everyone lined up and how Kageyama remained still in his rotation while everyone else stretched as if to prepare themselves. He didn’t know who they were playing against and he didn’t care- to his credit, Kageyama’s slightly younger self was dashing and the fire in his eyes were smouldering. 


Hinata pushed forward in his seat, not entirely sure what position he played because he never talked about it but not caring in the slightest because- fucking hell Kageyama was hot.


He was hot regardless, but there was something about him in that uniform- how tight it fit across his chest and the way the sleeves were bunched up a bit because his arms were just. They were toned as hell. 


High School Kageyama was beefy- his hair was a little long and the way he moved across the court was precise and calculated like he was analyzing each and every step. He believed it. Knowing Kageyama like he did now, he was probably calculating the surface area of the entire court and equating in his head the distances he’d have to hit or toss to a teammate for the ball to land in a specific section opposite the net.


It was a lot to consider, and Hinata didn’t know how he did it. 


He heard his friends murmuring about each play as if they were the ones in the middle of a game, but all Hinata had eyes for was Kageyama. 


He watched High School Kageyama tilt his head back in front of the net, hands on his glorious hips, chest rising and falling and his eyes- god his eyes - they moved and watched his teammates as he caught his breath. Between plays he didn’t give his opponents the time of day, and though he seemed moderately frustrated during portions of the game, the fire in his eyes was what betrayed his true enjoyment.


“He has crazy stamina.” Asahi breathed, “this is a five point game- how is he not exhausted? I would have been.”


“He looks tired,” Noya said slowly, inching closer, pointing up at the screen but careful not to touch it. “See his eyes? They’re scrunching up because he can’t breathe.”


“He’s been in it the whole time and they haven’t subbed him out-“


“Daichi, if it were you in there would you have wanted to be subbed out? You know how the court flow is—“


“You’re right, I wouldn’t, but still.”


Hinata laughed lightly, although his thoughts were swirling thick in his brain. For Kageyama’s sake he hoped it wasn’t too loud. 


“He’s a brilliant setter. Those kinds of plays he’s doing seem much too difficult.”




“I think he might have been able to rival even you, Suga.” 




The group laughed and Hinata hitched both of his feet onto the couch lazily. Kageyama was brilliant, he’d give him that- and he wondered what it would have been like if he’d been able to play. The school he went to had dashed any and all hopes of playing since he was small- and an omega at that- but he still enjoyed watching.


He wondered if he would have met Kageyama much sooner if he’d been able to play. What a wonderful thought- him and his jumps, Kageyama and his tosses… they could have been really something.


He let his head fall back against the bridge of the couchback and sighed. 


Kageyama as he was now was still beautiful. He was still toned and his hair was a little longer than video Kageyama. His eyes were still bright, still focused, and he wondered what happened to make Kageyama stop playing- if there’d been an accident or maybe he just hadn’t pursued it readily. He could have made it big if he did— but he was also making it big now. He was an author, he dived into subjects interesting to him and he would only take on projects he thought he could get into. His editor would sometimes stop by and try to talk him around in circles about a subject to try to ‘inspire’ him, but Hinata knew he really mostly just tolerated her and her spiels because sometimes she would accidentally say something genius about something else completely irrelevant. 


It was a backwards relationship he didn’t understand even with their close connection. Kageyama was always weird about the way he did things and how he approached matters, and not for the first time he found himself wondering how he handled the whole ‘soulmate’ thing.


Ever since Shimizu had gone in depth about everything she knew on his second visit (Kageyama in tow and eagerly soaking up the information like a sponge), Kageyama would sometimes ask questions out loud, seemingly about nothing in particular, but thoughts on the verge of some great big discovery. He’d never spoken to Hinata again about their connection unless it directly affected him, and he was again left to wonder what it all meant.


Hell, he was sure Shimizu would have plugged into her computer about the exciting and rare revelation about True Mates in her hometown. If he were honest, he expected to be swarmed with newscasters and reporters. He expected his face and Kageyama’s face to be splashed across the front page of the local newspaper- ‘Local and famed author Kageyama Tobio matches with True Mate from seedy bar’ or something. 


Maybe it was because he was pregnant.


He shrugged, lifting his head— at exactly the wrong time. 


His face collided with Kageyama’s forehead and he hissed when pain prickled across his cheekbone and eyebrow. Kageyama didn’t make a noise, but the sound of Hinata’s surprise made everyone else in the room turn in question.


“What the hell?” Hinata grumbled.


“Not my fault you didn’t open your eyes first, moron.”


“What were you even doing?!” Hinata cried, nursing the side of his face with his hand.


“Coming to see what the hell you guys were doing out here because you’re thinking way beyond your mental capacity.”


Hinata’s mouth flew open in offense and squawked in indignation. “Rude!”


Contrary to what he believed was going to morph into a tense atmosphere, grew warm and full and happy when Suga laughed loudly at the sight.


Normally Suga would cackle or laugh in a low tone that clearly indicated he was laughing about something very, very specific, but this was a whole-hearted laugh. A boisterous laugh that filled the vast space of their living room and called the rest of the group of friends to join in in a fit of giggles.


Hinata rubbed his face, a small pout on his lips. The volleyball game had been paused- or perhaps it was half time? If that was such a thing? Because Kageyama’s face was displayed on the screen really close. 


He was being interviewed, it looked like, and he looked impossibly stoic and beautiful. His forehead was damp with perspiration and his hands looked, well? Warm? Warm from the activity. They were wringing his shirt as he answered the questions, his mouth open and frozen and eyes averted from the camera— he looked handsome. He looked good.


His eyes rolled back up to meet real Kageyama’s eyes, and he smiled a little to himself. His eyes were the same vivid blue, but much much clearer than in the video. He looked content, which was something he hadn’t noticed before, and though he was still scowling it seemed less… hard? It seemed as if it were simply a neutral expression and not because he was brooding.


Kageyama’s hands were warm when they touched him, a mumble of ‘sorry’ slipping out as his touch turned delicate. They danced along his cheek and the arch of his brow, down the slope of his nose and swiping at his bottom lip.


He seemed sincere in his apology, and when he pulled away, Hinata’s chest warmed to see him walk around the couch to sit next to him instead of moving back down the hall.


“Joining us now? Thought you had a deadline.” Suga teased.


“Did,” was the reply. 


“Hinata said it was due sometime this week. Weren’t you researching for it?”


“Submitted.” Kageyama said with a shrug, settling into the couch next to Hinata and sliding an arm back behind the couch; it wrapped around his shoulders and with a happy hum Hinata was leaning into him.


Suga clicked his tongue but said nothing when he turned and unpaused the video. 


Video Kageyama’s voice was light; it wasn’t as deep as it is now, but the pull of it was still there. It made Hinata shiver- and Kageyama was right next to him. This was ridiculous- how High School Kageyama sounded and blinked innocently at the camera. His words were few and far between but the weight of each word was heavy as he spoke them, as if they were the exact right ones to speak to parry the questions fired at him.


Hinata’s hand rubbed mindlessly at his belly, the warmth of Kageyama at his side and watching him on a big screen was doing things to all the nerves in his body.


They hadn’t been intimate for quite a while. Kageyama just being near him most times was better than good; the touches and the kisses were almost always enough to sate him nowadays. 


But Kageyama was much too busy all of a sudden. Though their bond was strong, Hinata fought to keep the yearning down for Kageyama’s sake. He was always worried about him for one reason or another, but for real- with his book coming due, the editor stressing out (and him too) about it, people calling and asking for his time, interviews and dinners he couldn’t be a part of… it was making him feel rather lonely. Perhaps that was why he was eating up whatever he could of Kageyama while he could do it. 


But his deadline was important and so was the book, so Hinata had laid low. He’d tried not to ask for things and get in his way as he often did, and he saw Kageyama most nights try to give him affection, but ending up falling asleep out of pure exhaustion before they could so much as kiss goodnight.


He was starting to get that itch- that need for attention. He wanted to be touched and held, but the best he could do for himself (and for Kageyama) was to keep himself busy and entertained until Kageyama was done.


It had only been a couple of months of this. He was sure the cycle was going to continue, but Hinata had resolved himself to be okay with it. One deadline would bleed into another and Kageyama was always so concerned about him- about the pup- if he was gonna be okay and how the pup was doing- if they were eating enough and if they were happy— and it warmed him, it did. It was a relief, and all of Kageyama’s breaks were received with kisses and cuddles.


If he were being honest, though, it wasn’t enough. Kageyama lived in that library; he ate there, sometimes slept there, and he was hardly out of it unless it was business related. He couldn’t blame him, and he knew it was going to be like this- Kageyama was the way he had always been: invested in writing. He wouldn’t change it for the world- but there was still something to be said about his lack of physical affection. 


He felt Kageyama’s arm tighten around him and he let out a soft sigh as he had begun to realize that Kageyama was hearing all of this too. Maybe not words, but certainly the subject. Certainly the sadness creeping up behind him. He would probably ask later what was on his mind.


Hinata was reluctant to say; he could be fine with the way things were, but he was very, very pregnant, and as a result, very, very, stupidly emotional.


“Well! Hinata- would you mind if I took this home and finished watching it?” Suga chirped, hopping up as he paused it.


Hinata blinked, confused. 


“Y-yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” Daichi said, “or maybe we could come back at a later time? It’s starting to get a bit late.”


“That’s never bothered you before…” Hinata murmured, sitting up and pulling away from Kageyama. 


Asahi pushed himself to a stand and tucked his hands into his pants. He was smiling shyly as he always had, and Hinata thought he might never get used to what a gentle giant he actually was.


“Yeah, Noya- we’ll be late for that house party you said you wanted to go to.” 


“House par—? Oh! Yes!” Noya hopped up.


Hinata’s brows furrowed and he made to stand, but everyone shook their heads at him not wanting to put him through the effort of moving. Each walked over, patted his head, awkwardly hugged him and bid him goodnight.


Kageyama had stood to pack up the dvd and handed it wordlessly to Suga- who accepted it gratefully and promised that he’d return it soon. 


Everyone silently filed out of their home after that, leaving Hinata speechless, confused, and a little concerned that he’d done something to chase them all off. 


“Don’t waste your energy on it.” Kageyama said, returning after showing them out and locking up.


“But-! It was so sudden-?!” Hinata squeaked.


“Yeah, probably. It took them a little longer than I thought it would, but the result is still the same.”



“What? Are you talking about?” Hinata inquired, head tilting to the side in quiet disbelief. “Were you wanting them to leave?”


“Well, yeah. I figured if I filled the room up enough with my scent it’d get the message across and it did- so- obviously don't worry about it.”


Hinata gaped at him.


“And!? Why would you do something like that? They’re our friends- they’re my friends!”


“And you need me right now. Just me.”


Hinata pushed back onto the couch, crossing his arms with a pout as best as he could with his giant belly in the way. 


“You should have said earlier, you know.” Kageyama murmured, stepping right up to him. He leant down, hands resting on the couchback and trapping Hinata between his arms.


“Said what?” Hinata hummed.


“Firstly, that you missed me as much as you did. Secondly, that you wanted to touch me as much as you do.”


Hinata’s cheeks never failed to betray him when Kageyama spoke simple truths. He hadn’t planned on Kageyama finding out about it, but him and his stupid overthinking was getting him into trouble now. 


Now he was making Kageyama feel guilty- which was exactly what he didn’t want.


Kageyama lent further down and claimed his lips. It was soft and gentle, and he sighed at the contact, but Hinata was pulling away and glancing to the side.


Guilt swirled in his gut, and he knew the moment Kageyama felt it because his hands were immediately on him.


“Don’t do that.” He breathed, sinking down to his knees. He pushed up Hinata’s shirt and exposed his belly, laying sweet kisses to it and purring this rugged purr that made Hinata’s heart skip so many beats.


It had been about a month ago when he first heard it. Kageyama didn’t seem the type, and he’d settled with the fact that he simply just. Didn’t make those kinds of sounds. But one evening when Kageyama came crawling into bed, he’d collapsed into his lap while Hinata was reading a book. Thinking he’d fallen asleep already, Hinata had continued reading and taken to running his fingers through his hair— and that was when he’d heard it.


It was faint and quiet, but the tiniest, quietest, most rugged purr he’d ever heard was being breathed into the air.


Kageyama seemed to have realized that he liked hearing it, so he’d made a point to be a little louder whenever it came.


Like now.


Hinata bit his lip, raising his hand and running his fingers through long black strands as his alpha kissed up his stomach. 


“‘M sorry.” Hinata whispered quietly. “I just… I don’t want to trouble you, you know. You’re busy. You’ve got important things to get done and I? Don’t work. I don’t go to school right now. I’ve got…well, there’s really nothing for me to do here so…”


“But I’ve been working more than usual, so I understand.”


“Do you?” Hinata inquired softly. The words- he’d meant to think them only, not say them out loud.


Kageyama pushed himself back to a stand and held out his hands for him. He waited patiently, as he always did, for Hinata to process his words and to take action.


He helped pull him to his feet and led him to the back bedroom.


Apparently he’d been serious about having finished the book because the phones were quiet and Kageyama did not just leave him in the bedroom by himself as he’d anticipated. Further, he’d turned and shut the door before joining him in the bed. 


“Are you sleepy?” Hinata asked, arms outstretched. It was late now, as everyone had mentioned earlier, but Kageyama was shaking his head. 


Hinata crawled onto the bed and- much to his surprise, was grabbed by his legs and yanked. 


He squeaked out in alarm, his back now flat in the middle of the bed and not against the headboard as he’d situated himself. The room was dark, he couldn’t see, but the sudden weight of Kageyama crawling near him, over him, reaching for their side lamp and flicking it on… it was already making him tremble. And with the sight bestowed upon him by the flood of the lamp, he couldn’t stop the whimper that left him.




Kageyama- he was naked. He’d closed the door, stripped completely, and had climbed into bed with him— and god did he look absolutely gorgeous. 


“You really haven’t been paying attention to me have you.” Kageyama breathed, and Hinata stiffened.


“What do you mean?” He asked softly.


“You’re so focused on trying to not disturb me in person or in thought that you turned me down near all the way haven’t you.”




“Hinata, I wanted them to leave because I was almost finished. I kept thinking about if I got done early- if I kept plowing through all of it- I could finally have you just like this.”


Hinata felt Kageyama tug at his shirt and he subconsciously raised his arms so he could take it off. 


“I know you wanted me. I can hear you thinking about me- and it’s only ever of me … and today, hearing you think about me playing volleyball… I thought about just giving up on writing and—“


“K-Kageyama! Don’t say things like that!” Hinata eeped out, pressing his hands to his face in embarrassment.


“For the longest time I just didn’t want to hurt you.” Kageyama breathed, “I didn’t want to touch you and accidentally hurt you or our pup, so I took on lots of projects to keep me busy, but… when I finally broke down and did some research, I realized that what I was doing was wrong- the opposite of what I should have been doing. I should have been listening to what my alpha was screaming for.”


Hinata shuddered right down to his bones, and a gasp left him when Kageyama’s hands wandered across his bare chest, up his arms until he was linking their fingers and pulling it up and away from his face and to his own, kissing each digit with the most sincere and genuine expression Hinata had ever seen him wear.


“I finished that book today- I finished it this morning… but I went ahead and finished everything else too. I was almost done with it all— and now that I am…


Hinata’s face hadn’t ceased being red, but Kageyama wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Their lips crashed together in the next moment, Kageyama all but growling because, indeed, he really had missed this. Had missed the feeling of Hinata’s presence, his body, his breath— against him.


Hinata’s legs widened as Kageyama crawled closer, lowering himself just enough to barely brush the swell of his stomach. He was large, heavy with his pup— and Kageyama loved it. He wouldn’t have him any other way.


Although, he could never bring himself to tell him how much he loved the sight of Hinata waddling around and looking as radiant as ever. 


Hinata hooked both arms around his neck, mouth open and body pliant under Kageyama’s touch. His alpha was hissing in satisfaction as he raked his fingers down his mate’s sides, and Hinata arched into him like the heavenly being he was.


“Fuck… I want to claim you again.” Kageyama growled into his ear, sending shivers down his spine.


The process of claiming could only happen once, Hinata knew, but the thought of Kageyama wanting him this much- feeling how hard his alpha was clawing at his insides- Hinata hummed in delight. His head shifted, baring his neck and Kageyama’s mark— and he felt the way Kageyama’s gut swirled with anticipation.


Kageyama lowered his head, lips hovering over his throat, over his mark, and Hinata mewled as each breath ghosted over it. 




It was a resounding scream in his own head- one echoed by himself and the same feeling, the same fleeting thought bounced right back. His toes were already curling in delight, and he purred when Kageyama yanked off his sweatpants as if they’d offended him somehow.


Kageyama was always very sweet. He was kind, he was considerate, he was accommodating in ways Hinata had never thought about- and the way he’d taken care of his body and his moods and his heart- it made him love him even more.


But he also loved the way Kageyama could get. Like this, he was desperate and aching, something deep within him churning and coiling tighter, almost like if neither of them took care of it, he’d spontaneously combust on the spot. He’d do this to himself and Hinata, learning that it was okay to let him do it, that it wouldn’t hurt him and that he was well in control always, would sit back and enjoy the show as it unraveled before him.


Only, now he was in the midst of it.


Kageyama scooped him gently, situating him carefully- which he appreciated because this pup made moving an absolute nightmare- and then without so much as a word of warning, Kageyama sank his teeth into his claim mark.


Hinata’s head flew back, a howl escaping him as pleasure coursed through his body like a second pulse. Kageyama hadn’t even entered him yet, hadn’t even touched him intimately, and yet his mouth on him, breathing, lapping at the mark and growling heatedly already had him on edge. 


Rightfully so, because Kageyama had done it on purpose.


By the time Kageyama finished admiring his handiwork, the fresher teeth marks adorning his beautiful shoulder, Hinata was already trembling, a ripe wet mess. Prepping him didn’t seem to be necessary, but Kageyama was always more than careful, so he did it anyway- in the gentlest, most agonizing way possible.


Did he miss him this much or did he have a thing for making Hinata insane? Because Hinata was sure it was the latter, especially with the way he licked his lips and hooked his fingers and made him whimper.


Tears of desperation fell from Hinata’s eyes, nails digging into Kageyama’s shoulders because if he didn’t get inside of him right in that moment he might just die. Or cum. Both seemed likely.


Flashes of Kageyama fucking him senseless into the mattress flitted across his vision, of filling him right up, fucking him so hard that the bed broke underneath them. The image was so strong in his brain that it was almost like they’d swapped bodies for a moment- that he was Kageyama and he, Hinata.


His legs began to shake, a hoarse mew of longing fleeing his lips because that image was hot as fuck. He wanted it so bad— but the bed should most definitely stay intact. If they did it that hard… well, he didn’t know what would happen.


Fingers slid right out of him and a searing hot cock replaced it, entering him easily in one swift glide, and Hinata’s hands flew from pristine shoulders to the blankets they were on top of. His thighs widened further, his hole swallowing each and every rigid inch of his mate’s cock. 


Kageyama seemed affected by their connection, too, because his lips parted and sounds were coming out of him unlike what he’d ever heard before. His heavy breaths, his whines, a string of curses which he'd learned were rare. Their foreheads connected, each breathing in the other’s air, trembling, as this was only one of the small handful of times they’d been this intimate. 


“M-Mo-ah!” Hinata whimpered, head falling back as the request died on his tongue. Kageyama knew what he wanted- he wanted him to move, and sometimes Hinata would forget that he didn’t have to verbally ask.


He felt every rigid inch slip out of him and plunge right back in, and he whimpered at the sensation. Images, feelings of being squeezed too tight- of skin sliding against skin disoriented him as both his own and Kageyama’s focus zeroed in on this one act. Together. Neither could really tell who was who, and that was exactly how they wanted it; to love so fiercely, to yearn to be attached, whole- it was freeing in a way.


Kageyama was meant for him, and he was meant for Hinata- but it wasn’t simply biology that made it this way. The test of their relationship went far beyond basic need, of an Alpha and Omega bonding. The connection between them provided something so much more substantial to both of them.


They were in love with each other, and to them, that was all they ever needed.


Kageyama, true to his word, was relentless the entire night. He’d claimed him many times over, made him cum until he was boneless, nearly lifeless and dizzy with the pleasure- and in the moments before darkness overtook him, Kageyama would bend down, still inside of him, and he’d murmur sweet nothings into his ear. He’d remind him that he was loved, that he was the happiest he’d ever been. 


Oh, this child of theirs was going to be so spoiled. Why wouldn’t they be, with a father like Kageyama?


Upon waking, Hinata wouldn’t have any clue how long had passed. Kageyama would still be nestled against him and inside him, strong arms around him and when the beginning threads of consciousness licked at the forefront of his brain, he too would awake and begin moving inside him in that sinful way of his. Already sensitive, or perhaps just endlessly sensitive, Hinata would cry out, the coil of pleasure still too much and fast approaching-- yet, Kageyama never seemed tired of it. Of drawing it out, making him whimper, cry, beg him to make it stop and then all at once fuck him right back into the coma he’d woken from.


Before he knew it, it had been a glorious three day fuck fest that Hinata absolutely wanted to continue. Just like when they’d been in heat and rut, they moved all throughout the house. Most of it took place in the kitchen, Hinata much too starved for food and for Kageyama, barely able to shove sandwiches down their throats before they were at it again on the table or the countertop. Despite Hinata’s worry about being able to maneuver around while as big as he was, it didn’t seem to bother or phase Kageyama in the slightest. 


And Kageyama was finally able to fill out his fantasy in the library, Hinata perched in his lap at his desk; his round belly stuck out more than in his fantasy so Hinata had to lean back and brace the desk, but it was worth it. Hinata found a sick satisfaction in knocking over his lamp and hearing it shatter on the floor, and the sound of paper ripping beneath his palms and fingers as they slid from the rocking motions. Kageyama wasn’t concerned about it, but Hinata reveled in the fact that Kageyama was choosing this, and thinking ‘screw the consequences’. 


They were both definitely not in heat and rut, but they might as well have been. They were starved for one another after months of limited physical touch, and it probably would have continued this way if they weren’t interrupted by society. 


It was Kageyama’s editor that came knocking. They’d settled down, had taken to cozying up in blankets and warm sweaters, popcorn and lazy heated kisses shared between them while they watched a movie. In all fairness, it seemed Kageyama hadn’t been expecting her either when he’d gotten up to answer the door.


When she brushed past him inside in a hurry, mouth running at the speed of light and lecturing him about not answering his phone in the same breath, Hinata knew that it was time to return to reality. While he’d love to lock them both away and escape somewhere where only Kageyama and their unborn child would need him, it was unrealistic- a hope at best. 


Hinata sighed softly, pulling the blankets up and pausing the movie they’d been watching. He should just turn it off- no way she’d be leaving any time soon at this rate. Kageyama looked over at him mouthing an apology, but he didn’t really need to. Hinata knew- he felt it- how much he wanted to be next to him on the couch right now instead of dealing with her. It was his job though, and the funny thing about jobs was: you could never really get away from them. 


Hinata pushed himself up from the couch, breath a little short in his efforts to rise. His legs were a little wobbly, but that was just because they’d been so active. He approached her with all the kindness of a gracious host and wound his arm through Kageyama’s.


“Can I get you anything to drink? A snack or something while you two talk?” Hinata offered with a beaming smile.


The woman ceased her blabbing, as if realizing Kageyama wasn’t the only person in the room, before her eyes began to shine and shimmer- and oh boy now he really did it.


Celia was a kind woman, older than the two of them by quite some years but not quite old enough to spew nonsense and blame it on her age. She was always excitable, and when it came to Kageyama’s work she simply adored each word that slipped from his brilliant mind. Perhaps she idolized him a bit too much, but that was none of his business.


“Oh gods, look at you! How you’ve grown since I saw you last. How’s the baby? kicking?”


Hinata laughed softly, bumping his hip into Kageyama’s and earning a slight grunt. “A little, but not too much. I think they’re giving me a brief break before they go back to wailing on me.” 


That earned him a giggle, and he smiled in relief. Kageyama’s brain had started to fizz a little- and he was right before. He really had turned him all the way down. Now, though, it was much easier to tell what was going on. His brain was random, words always flitting about and being filed away for later, but nothing Kageyama couldn’t suppress. Nothing he couldn’t suppress either.


“Let’s move to the library then,” Kageyama suggested. “Hinata- do you want to listen in? I’m sure it’s about another project.”


“Oh! Actually, it isn’t about that at all.” The woman chirped, “It’s about something else- but you’re right. Wouldn’t want you standing for too long, now would we? Kageyama at least rubs your feet, right? I mean, that’s a lot of pressure on your ankles-”


“-You go and I’ll meet you two in the library. I’ll bring water for us.” Hinata said, trying to stop himself from laughing.


No, Kageyama didn’t rub his feet. His feet were much too sensitive for that kind of thing- if he touched them he’d probably end up getting knocked square in the jaw and it would be an accident. Kageyama was much too smart; he wouldn’t dare touch his feet.


Hinata pivoted on his heel, leaving Kageyama and Celia to trail towards the grand library. She’d returned to her rambling, and though he’d never admit it out loud, Hinata knew that there was a small part of Kageyama that was endeared to that particular trait of hers.


When he returned to the library with a tray of drinks and snacks, it was to the desk where Kageyama had situated one of the arm chairs from across the room with pillows and blankets to keep him comfortable. 


He set the tray down on the desk, scooting the chair closer to Kageyama and bundling into the blanket to keep warm and comfortable. Kageyama reached out to link their fingers under his blanket and Hinata hummed appreciatively.


“Alright, I know this subject may be harrowing, but it has to be addressed sometime soon. The public may not know of your bond quite yet, but I think it would be good publicity for Kageyama to write about it.” She said warmly.


Kageyama stiffened and Hinata stretched upward a little to see her better.


“Hear me out— when word gets out, and rest assured it will - the public will want to know. Reporters, local historians, physicians- the whole lot of everyone with a degree will probably end up knocking on your door to ask all kinds of questions. My approach, at least, one the department agrees on Kageyama- is that you should write about it. All your experiences, hardships, all the little things you can think of and make it into a book. This way all the questions anybody might have for you will be answered in book form, and the reporters won’t have much to report that isn’t already public knowledge. You might get a few- I can’t say for sure that this is the answer- but it’ll drastically calm down any hounding you two might get.”


Hinata thought this over in his head. She was right, in part, but the smallest corner of Hinata’s mind was filled with doubt. Wouldn’t it be better to keep it a secret? But people knew of their bond. If someone slipped up- if someone brought forth that information intentionally… they’d end up in big trouble.


He could hear the gears turning in Kageyama’s head, too, and found that Kageyama was already likening to the idea.


“But what of Hinata?” Kageyama said slowly, “They’ll want to know how he feels, too. His end and all- the pup, his experiences…”


“Which is why I wanted to bring this up to you both. I’ve yet to see any work from Hinata, but there’s nothing that can’t be edited. I was hoping the two of you could co-write this book. Make it something entirely yours, perhaps with commentary while you write it out. It doesn’t have to be the story of how you came to be, just the experiences you’ve had with your bond. It’s an extraordinarily rare thing, bonds. True bonds even more so.”


Kageyama cast a glance Hinata’s way, and Hinata felt the question, the concern in his gaze more so than the pressure.


He mulled it over in his mind.


He was no writer- certainly nothing of Kageyama’s caliber, but… it wasn’t entirely impossible. If Kageyama felt like it was something to consider… then perhaps it was something he could try. She was right, after all- she was an editor, and she wouldn’t let him publish anything embarrassing. 


He squeezed Kageyama’s hand, uncertainty bubbling in the pit of his stomach, but the thought- the idea of trying - he put out on the surface. 


“It sounds… doable.” Kageyama said at last. “We… I’d like to think about it. Maybe do some drafts… talk about what we want to do…”


She offered a smile, noticing the way Hinata looked down at his lap and fiddled with his fingers atop his belly. 


Kageyama pushed the blanket aside, making Celia croon in adoration when he knocked Hinata’s hands aside and smoothed circles across his belly. It made the young omega purr, head tilting back and enjoying the sensation. 


Celia’s eyes widened and a sound of delight escaped her as she witnessed Hinata’s belly tremble beneath Kageyama’s palm.


“She likes it when Kageyama’s close.” Hinata breathed, as if he could sense her staring behind closed eyes. Kageyama didn’t say a word, just leaned in and pressed his cheek to Hinata’s shoulder and continuing the motion.


Hinata continued to purr, finding the current moment comfortable.


“Well, then i’ll not take you away from him now.” Celia tittered behind her hand. “Perhaps we could talk about another project, then?”


Kageyama glanced over at her, nodding slowly. Hinata’s stomach trembled again when he trailed his thumb down the middle of his belly, and Hinata snorted a laugh. “She’s really active…”


“Is it a girl?” Celia asked softly.


“We’re not sure.” Kageyama supplied. “We… it’d be fun to wait to see.”


“But,” Hinata added with a sweet smile, “I really think it might be a girl.”


Kageyama smirked. “If he’s anything like me, it’ll be a boy.”


“Well, we’ll have to see, won’t we?”




“No, no. I just- it’s not me. I don’t like it.” Hinata grumbled, sitting back with his arms crossed.


Kageyama pushed back from his desk, pinching the bridge of his nose and taking a deep breath. Hinata felt nothing but frustration simmering beneath the surface of Kageyama’s mind, and so he decided that a break was in order. 


After Celia had left, she’d given them an outline of what the publishers wanted them to brush on. It had been an extensive list, and on top of that, she was able to coerce Kageyama into three additional projects. It hadn’t been intentional, Kageyama had assured, only that Celia made him want to write them. 


He’d endlessly apologized, but for Hinata, it was as good as a broken promise (even though he hadn’t promised a thing) and from there everything seemed to be going so wrong.


It must have been the hormones, Hinata tried to explain away, because every time his thoughts would wander to Kageyama, if he’d see him in the doorway or hear him talking, it always brought him back to that apology. The apology that didn’t really sound like an apology, but Kageyama had convinced him actually was. 


He didn’t understand it. He’d tried to push through it, reach out to Kageyama and try to see his perspective— but he just couldn’t. And thinking it might take his mind off of things, he’d decided to write whatever came to mind for the book. 


It was just random diary entry stuff. He tried to pull himself back to happy moments to see if it improved his mood, but it didn’t— and when he’d given it to Kageyama to look over and reformat into book worthy words, he was less than impressed.


It just sounded too entirely like Kageyama pretending to be him, and nobody would buy the words as his own— certainly he did not.


“Hinata, it can be reworded again. It’s just- you know- it doesn’t… the format has to be…” Kageyama frowned, trailing off, and Hinata didn’t need him to find the right words to say it.


He already knew he wasn’t a good writer and he didn’t really care, but the length that Kageyama had gone to to reformat and change literally every word he’d written made him feel not only useless, but also unheard. 


“I’m gonna leave. You keep pissing me off.” Hinata muttered.


He stood, but Kageyama was suddenly alarmed- fear outlined worry in his brain, something a vivid deep purple color flashed in his mind and it almost gave him a headache. 


“Leave? Leave the room?” Kageyama asked, voice hopeful yet traitorous in the knowledge that no, he did not mean that.


“Daichi and Suga. They’re close. I think i’ll spend some time with them.”


Words like that grated on Kageyama’s every nerve, lighting a cold fire through every limb, and Hinata didn’t know what to say to make it better— but it was certainly stressing him the hell out and he needed to remove himself from this atmosphere before… before something bad could happen.


“Okay, alright.” Kageyama whispered quietly, eyes flicking to Hinata’s round belly. He yearned to touch it, to feel the fluttering of their pup beneath the surface and the warmth of his mate, but he knew it wasn’t right. 


If Hinata believed it was in his own best interest, for the welfare of himself and the pup, he’d give him space.


“Just… please don’t turn me off…” he whispered as he passed.


“...won’t.” Hinata mumbled, following after Kageyama more slowly into the kitchen where their phones were.


“You’ll tell me if something happens?”


Hinata grimaced at the thought of anything bad happening at all , but of course he would- if he didn’t call he’d certainly feel it through their connection. Especially if he wasn’t closing it off.


“Good.” Kageyama breathed.


It took him a minute to dial Daichi, but when he did Hinata breathed a little easier.


Because it wasn’t that the situation was really what was wrong here. He was mad at Kageyama for taking on more jobs when he had clearly expressed interest in spending more time with him, but he just felt so… off.


More so than usual.


His emotions were so out of balance- he was mad one minute, then fighting back tears the next over seemingly no reason at all. He’d heard of the emotional rollercoaster, had sat through classes with Kageyama in the beginning about it. He’d already been through that rollercoaster his second month in- and now that he was eight months, it seemed entirely too strange for him to be getting them again… and so horribly too.


And that was why, when Daichi and Suga showed up on their doorstep and Kageyama was handing them his overnight things, Hinata spontaneously burst into tears on the spot.


It startled everyone- including Kageyama. 


Including himself , because he was overwhelmed, and he just couldn’t stop.


He wasn’t sure what he wanted. He wasn’t sure what he needed. He wasn’t sure of anything, except that his eyeballs were swimming, and it wasn’t from the tears. He could feel a headache coming on strong, could feel Suga’s warmth and scent all around him, and Daichi’s hands on his own to tug him towards the door, cooing words and sounds leaving him to help calm him down, but it just…


“Hey- can… Can I come too?” Kageyama asked softly from behind him.


At the question, Hinata’s tears had dried a little, but they still flowed freely down his cheeks.


“You heard him, Kageyama. He said he needed a break. You still have the connection- he’ll still be right there with you even from a different household.” Suga tried to explain.


“Yes…” Kageyama muttered, shifting his weight from foot to foot. “But… I don’t know… something just doesn’t feel right.”


“How do you mean?” Daichi inquired, slipping an arm around Hinata’s waist to support him when his legs began shaking from the weight of his body.


“I can’t explain it. I don’t think he’s in danger of going into labor or anything- just… he’s a lot more unstable than usual and I’m concerned. I actually had to turn down the volume in my head for the first time…”


Hinata sniffed and turned to him with watery eyes. “What?”


Kageyama’s blue eyes softened as they landed on him, and he felt then in that moment how badly Kageyama wanted to touch him but was holding himself back. It made him feel just the tiniest bit guilty. 


“I’ve never once tuned you out or turned you down on purpose. Even when we were working out the kinks, you know? I was just afraid…” of losing you were the unspoken thoughts. 


You were afraid, but now you aren’t?  


“I was afraid, and now i’m terrified.” That I might lose you a different way .


Hinata sniffed, the headache worsening a fraction. Had he drunk any water today? Had he eaten? Had he strayed from routine?


“You’re not going to lose me any kind of way, Kageyama.” He breathed in a low voice, “I’m just tired. And my head hurts. And my thoughts are all scrambled.”


“I’d like to come anyway.”


Sugawara and Daichi exchanged worried glances, then turned to Hinata because, ultimately, it was his decision.


“Maybe it’s the house that’s driving you crazy.” Suga suggested out of the blue. “Have you left it recently?”


Shock slammed full force into Hinata’s body, almost like a full body blow. 


No , he realized, I haven't left this place once in six months .


“Maybe you just need to get out for a bit. Get some fresh air. Feel the sun.” Daichi said. “We’ve got a patio. There’s a pool out back if you want to float. It’s a beautiful day- look.” He shifted back, pulling all four of them outside onto the step.


The sun was blinding, Hinata had to shield his eyes, but Daichi was right. The warmth of the sun- he could feel it.


He lifted his head and closed his eyes, a soft sigh fleeing him as peace washed over him and, finally, silence reigned in his head.


The headache was still present, but it receded a little to the back of his head and pulsed gentler. It still hurt.


He felt Kageyama approach him from behind, arms worming around his chest and head lowering to settle on his shoulder. He didn’t mind it. It was a presence. 


He could feel the sun soak into his skin, the heat building on his dark shirt.


“Damn. A little sun was all you needed.” Suga remarked with a smirk. 


“Maybe so.” Daichi hummed.


Silence passed serenely through each of them, Hinata’s head tilted back to rest on Kageyama’s opposite shoulder and reminisced in the bright pink behind his eyelids. Just their porch. It seemed such a silly thing, yet it never occurred to him that something like outside was necessary. He hadn’t even thought about it. Neither had Kageyama.


He felt a poke to his cheek, Kageyama’s warm lips at his ear as he breathed, shakily, “what are you thinking?”


It was soft, barely a whisper, but he felt Suga and Daichi stiffen from the words, not knowing what they meant considering their close connection.


When Hinata lowered his head and took a slow, deep breath, a smile graced his lips. “Nothing.” He breathed. “Nothing at all.”


He turned in Kageyama’s arms and hugged him close. Despite his swollen belly, Kageyama crushed him to him anyway.


Yeah. He might have been going a little crazy. Being stuffed in the house- while spacious, he hadn’t been outside once. Not to visit his mother, not to go to the doctors- nothing. Everyone always came to him instead of the opposite, and he realized why. He knew, without a doubt, that Kageyama was so worried about him that he’d made arrangements to give Hinata whatever he wanted so he didn’t have to leave the comfort of their own home. But in doing so, Hinata had been so cut off from the outside world that he’d slowly gone mad.


Was still a little crazy, actually, as it would take longer than being outside for five seconds to calm him. But it was a great start.


“I think you should still come.” Suga said, smiling widely.


Daichi looked up in a panic, and Kageyama, he could feel tensing.


“I think I should, too. That pool- that sounds wonderful.” Hinata hummed. “I also think Kageyama should come. It might do him some good to get out of the house, too.”


Everyone relaxed. “You sure?” Daichi inquired softly. “From what I understand, on the phone, you said… that it might be better for the two of you to be separate.”


“Nah.” Hinata sniffed, turning back around to face him. “Kageyama will always be with me no matter what I’m doing, so whether he’s physically present or not it doesn’t matter that much… but I’d still like him to come and relax. Take a break, too- because he doesn’t leave the house anymore like he used to.”


Kageyama’s head and shoulders bounced a little as if he was mulling it over about how he was right. Because he was. Hinata wasn’t the only one caged inside.


“Besides, now it gives us the opportunity to sort through everything with clearer heads. We’ll have time. This’ll be like… like a vacation.” Hinata smiled widely.


Suga crossed his arms and nodded enthusiastically.


And so they all decided that Suga and Daichi’s home would become their vacation spot for the day. And perhaps more days after that, since everyone had collectively enjoyed the stay. 


And also because Hinata had realized that he really loved floating in the pool for hours on end.


“You’ve really tanned these last few weeks.” Kageyama murmured, sitting at the poolside with his legs in the water. Hinata floated by with a sigh, stomach ballooning out of the water and arms pulling him back and forth.


“You think so?”


“It’s kind of hot, actually.” Kageyama remarked.


Hinata’s eyes were closed, a slight smile on his face as he relaxed. “Isn’t it? It feels nice.”




And then he was flopping around to get upright because Kageyama didn’t mean that, and he proved it by sending him mental images of the two of them making love on the steps to the pool, Hinata gloriously tanned and gleaming in the sunlight while he arched and cried for his mate.


He smacked Kageyama’s knee. Hard.


“This is Daichi and Suga’s pool, Kageyama. You can’t just—“


But what if? Were the thoughts that invaded his mind. What if Daichi and Suga had left them there all alone. Maybe for weeks— and they could just. Make love wherever they wanted. However long Hinata could go and however Hinata could bend, Kageyama was willing and ready and hungry , and Hinata gulped because sometimes it was unbelievable how Kageyama could have such thoughts with a straight face.


A pout crossed Hinata’s lips, and he waded forward to push himself between Kageyama’s legs.


A brief image of Hinata sucking Kageyama off flipped through Hinata’s head and he dug his nails into his knee caps.


“You’re not deprived.” Hinata hissed, “We just did it this morning!”


Kageyama mulled it over in his head, then it occurred to him that—


“I haven’t had my rut in a while. Could be that.” He murmured.


Hinata’s grip on him lessened and he sighed softly. If it weren’t for his pregnancy, he’d probably be able to satisfy his mate through a rut- but as it was, he could barely last a few times, let alone the three days Kageyama seemed to require.


“Hey-  you’re enough for me as it is.” Kageyama breathed, bending down to graze his lips across his forehead. “I love you- truly, and I love our pup, too. When he comes into this world he’ll be one spoiled pup.”


Hinata snorted. “God… if she looks anything like you I won’t be able to say no to her.”


“If he looks anything like you, I might have the same problem.” Kageyama repeated.




“Oh god what if she looks like both of us?!” Hinata cried out, smacking his cheeks with both hands in a panic. “I really- I won’t be able to tell her no! She’ll have your cute pouty lips and she’ll smile and then I’ll lose my damn mind!”


Kageyama leaned back, a loud, genuine laugh escaping him with ease. From what Hinata heard from Miwa, Kageyama rarely, if ever, laughed let alone smile — so hearing that sound filled him with such joy— it made him swoon, if anything.


He really was in love with Kageyama.


And He really was so very happy to be having his pup.


Kageyama seemed to share the same sentiment, sitting up straight and scooting closer to the water’s edge. He captured Hinata’s lips in a slow, easy kiss. If he hadn’t been pregnant, he’d probably pull him up into his lap for a makeout session.


Which Hinata definitely didn’t mind, but wouldn’t be able to make it up there.


When Hinata pulled away, it was with a smile more radiant than the sun. Pregnant omegas really did glow, Kageyama noted, and Hinata looked so perfect like this.


He couldn’t wait to meet his pup.


“I want more.” Kageyama whispered against his temple. 


“Kageyama, this one hasn’t even been born yet!”


“Doesn’t matter. I want all of them.”


Hinata stuttered out a laugh, then yanked Kageyama forward and into the pool. He cried out with alarm, but sprayed water when he resurfaced as he laughed. 


God. His laugh .


“I’ll have as many as you want.” Hinata smiled shyly. “I’ll carry as many pups as you want-“ he reached out and brushed his fingertips over the bridge of his nose and to his lips. “And we’ll have all our lives to figure it out, won't we?” 


Kageyama swam to him, hands on his belly and lips on his. “Yeah, we will.” He whispered.