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Snow Day

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Katsuki and Izuku walked down the street hand in hand, grey clouds overhead and a thick dusting of snow covering every surface except the street and sidewalk which had been plowed that morning. It was one of those days where the school had given them the day off, expecting there to be too much snow, but then it turned out to be an okay day anyways, and so most of the kids were outside anyways, playing in the snow, or going to coffee shops, like they were. They’d started dating a few weeks ago after Izuku came to Katsuki and rambled out a confession and had been shocked to find out that Katsuki felt the same way. There had been tears and hugging and all that, but at the end of it, they were supposed to be ‘dating’ without ever having actually gone on a date. Of course, with their busy UA schedules, that kind of thing was hard to find time for, so when they suddenly had the day off, they immediately agreed to just go out somewhere together so they could finally have their first real date after weeks of dating.

The bell over the door to the coffee shop chimed as they walked in, and they both paused to scuff their boots on the doormat, getting off the slush and salt before they walked in. It was a really cute cafe, with sleek, bright decor and a few tasteful holiday decorations still up, but it was also small, and the three tables it hosted were all already taken.

“Oh,” Katsuki said when he saw that. “Do you want to try somewhere else?”

“No, it’s okay,” Izuku shook his head. “We can drink and walk.”

“Walk where?”

“I don’t know, the park? I bet it’s really pretty with the snow.”

“Fine,” Katsuki relented, rubbing a hand in Izuku’s hair as he brushed past him to walk up to the counter and order.

“Hey!” Izuku giggled, following him up.

“What can I get you?” the barista asked.

“I’ll have a black coffee. No cream, one sugar,” Katsuki said.

“And I’ll have a caramel macchiato with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle please,” Izuku said.

“Ew. Do you know how much sugar is in that? And there’s hardly any coffee,” Katsuki scoffed.

“Don’t be mean, Kacchan,” Izuku punched his shoulder jokingly, and Katsuki just rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. I’m paying,” he said, and reached for his wallet in his back pocket.

“No, no, we can split it,” Izuku argued, reaching for his own wallet.

“Sorry, I already put it on one order. Do you want me to split it up?” the barista asked.

“No, it’s fine. I’m paying for us both. Put your wallet away, Deku,” Katsuki insisted, and Izuku could tell from the look in his eyes that he wasn’t going to back down, so Izuku sighed, defeated, and put his wallet back in his bag.

“Great,” the barista said, taking Katsuki’s card and sliding it through the machine. “Your drinks will be ready in a few minutes.”

“Thanks!” Izuku said as she turned around to make their drinks. Since there was nowhere to sit, they just waited silent by the counter, Izuku rising up on his toes and then falling back on his heels to pass the time, his arms clasped behind his back and staring at nothing in particular. He looked over at Katsuki after a minute, and realized with a start that he was staring at him and smiling. Katsuki froze up as soon as he realized he was caught staring, cheeks turning pink, and Izuku put a hand over his mouth as he started to laugh.

“What?” he asked. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing, nerd,” Katsuki looked away, clicking his tongue, but it was as if he couldn’t keep his eyes off Izuku for more than a few seconds, because his gaze trailed back over to him just seconds later.

“You’re doing it again,” Izuku pointed out.

“Shut up. It’s not my fault you’re so cute,” Katsuki said.

“K-Kacchan!” It was Izuku’s turn to blush and stutter, and Katsuki smirked, reaching over to finger the soft cloth of Izuku’s bulky scarf.

“You look extra cute in this, you know,” he said under his breath. “Where’d you get it anyway? I doubt you have enough taste to have picked it out yourself.”

“Hey!” Izuku stamped his foot, then pouted, knowing he was right. “M-my mom bought it for me…” he admitted bashfully.

“Ha! Knew it,” Katsuki laughed.

“Your order is ready,” the barista said just then, and they quickly quit their squabbling to thank her, take their drinks, and hurry out of the cafe. Out in the cold, Izuku could see his breath on the air, the chill instantly starting to seep back in, so he held his coffee in both hands to maximize how much heat he could feel from it, and slowly took a sip, cautious that it was still steaming hot.

“Good?” Katsuki asked when he finally got a gulp down.

“Mm! Yeah,” Izuku nodded, then raised a brow. “I thought you said my drink was gross?”

“Did not. Just said it was unhealthy,” Katsuki rolled his eyes, then took a sip of his own.

“Live a little, Kacchan! It’s a day off,” Izuku giggled.

“Whatever,” Katsuki said, but couldn’t help chuckling a little too.

Hands preoccupied their drinks, they gravitated towards one another so their shoulders brushed as they walked, and were mostly quiet too, since they were busy drinking. But Izuku was happy to admire the fresh coat of white snow that covered the trees, sloped down the rooftops of all the buildings, finding ways to pile itself a few inches high on even the smallest of things, so light it could practically defy gravity. Sometimes the wind would pick up, and a dusting of the white flakes would come swirling down from the rooftops over them like it was snowing still, and Izuku giggled when they hit his face.

They were nearly finished with their coffees when they got to the park, which was just as well since all the benches were covered with snow: nowhere to sit and drink. So they walked down one of the paths, watching all the little kids who also got a snow day roll around in the snow, building snowmen and snow forts, until eventually they polished off their drinks and threw the cups away in one of the park’s trash cans.

“I told you it would be pretty,” Izuku said, wrapping both his arms around one of Katsuki’s now that they could hold hands properly again.

“What’s so pretty about a bunch of snot-nosed kids?” Katsuki scowled.

“No, Kacchan, the trees! The snow-covered branches! It’s like a winter wonderland,” Izuku explained.

“Whatever,” Katsuki rolled his eyes, but his expression was soft, looking at Izuku look at the snow.

“You’re looking again,” Izuku giggled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Katsuki scoffed, turning his head obstinately away as his cheeks flared pink.

“You liiiike me,” Izuku cooed, holding his arm tighter and dropping his head to Katsuki’s shoulder.

“Fuckin’ duh. We’re dating Deku,” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Still,” Izuku pulled his head back up, lips curled into a satisfied smile. They turned down another path then, walking into an emptier part of the park, and Izuku spotted a few snow angels along the path, whoever made them already gone.

“Aw, look, Kacchan! Snow angels! I haven’t done that in years,” Izuku said, tugging Katsuki towards the snow.

“What, and you want to do it now?” Katsuki questioned.

“Yeah, why not? It’ll be fun, c’mon,” he gave Katsuki’s arm another tug, and Katsuki rolled his eyes, trying to hide a smile as he relented.

“Fine, whatever,” he said, and flopped down into the snow next to Izuku. Izuku giggled, flapping his arms and legs about to make the classic snow angel shape, and while Katsuki hesitantly followed his lead, his face was burning with embarrassment from doing something so childish. He quickly decided he was done and stood up to see the shape he’d made, but Izuku stayed on the ground longer and smiled up at him, still laughing.

“See?” he giggled. “Wasn’t that fun?”

“For you,” Katsuki huffed, but his rosy cheeks gave him away.

“Awww, your’s turned out way better than mine,” Izuku pouted when he at last stood up to see them.

“That’s because you were flapping wildly like an idiot. You only need to do it a few times,” Katsuki chastised.

“Meanie,” Izuku pushed him in retaliation, and then Katsuki started to really smile, getting an idea.

“Oh yeah, we wanna start that?” he said, reaching down to scoop up some snow and crush it into a ball.

“Kacchan–eep!” Izuku started to protest, but cut himself with a yelp as he lifted his arms to block his face from the snowball that hit him and sprayed snow all over his scarf and jacket.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it!” he said then, grabbing some snow to make a snowball of his own, but Katsuki was already balling up his second by then.

“We’ll see about that!” Katsuki taunted, throwing it over his head, but this time Izuku was ready, and he ducked, throwing his own at the same time. Katsuki was hit in the chest, and Izuku sprinted farther away into the snowy field to make the next throw harder, before grabbing more snow to make another snowball. They threw snowballs back and forth like that, zigzagging across the field and dodging about half the throws each, Izuku squealing each time he was hit and Katsuki laughing, though he usually got a snowball to the face not a moment later.

Eventually, though, they got tired of throwing snowballs and Katsuki started to chase Izuku around instead, finally catching him when Izuku got his foot stuck in a patch of snow that was deeper than it looked and jumping on him so they both toppled to the ground.

“Oof!” Katsuki grunted as they landed in the snow with a crunch, but Izuku was just giggling, his eyes scrunched up and cheeks pink from both the cold and adrenaline. Eventually, though, he opened his eyes to find Katsuki over him, staring down with that same enamored look he kept giving him all day.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing. You’re just…” Katsuki loomed closer, like he was going to kiss him, then stopped himself and gulped, averting his eyes. “Really pretty,” he whispered.

“K-Kacchan,” Izuku stammered, his heart literally skipping a beat. “I… can I kiss you? Is it okay, even if we’re in public?”

“We’re already on top of each other,” Katsuki pointed out, and Izuku giggled.

“I guess so,” he said, and then fluttered his eyes shut, gapping the distance between them so their lips slotted together in a soft kiss. Katsuki sighed against him, and Izuku reached up to run his hand through his hair, feeling the wet snow stuck between his blonde strands from their snowball fight. Katsuki pulled back then, his eyes half-lidded and cheeks flushed even more, and let his head fall to Izuku’s shoulder.

“Stupid nerd. You happy now?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Izuku nodded, still rubbing Katsuki’s hair since he knew he secretly liked it. “You seem pretty happy too,” he teased.

“Shut up,” Katsuki scoffed, finally pushing himself up and away.

“Aww, no, come back!” Izuku said, following him up.

“You already got your kiss.”

“But I could always go for another.” Izuku wrapped both of his arms around one of Katsuki’s, holding him close.

“Fine, whatever,” Katsuki mumbled, so Izuku pressed a chaste kiss to Katsuki’s cheek and then let him go.

“There. Do you want to go back now?” he asked, not wanting to pester his boyfriend too much.

“What? No, we just got here,” Katsuki shook his head.

“Oh, so you do like the park?” Izuku asked.

“I – no, I just… I thought maybe we should do some of the other stupid snow stuff,” Katsuki mumbled out, his cheeks reddening further.

“Oh? Like what?” Izuku giggled out the question.

“I… I don’t know like… build a snowman or some dumb shit like that?” Katsuki suggested under his breath. Izuku laughed into his hand, but quickly calmed himself down so he could nod in response.

“Sure. I’d like that, too,” he said, and took Katsuki’s hand. “C’mon, there’s fresh snow over here,” he led him to an untouched patch where they could start their next project and continue to enjoy the winter’s day with each other.