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This is… bad.


It’s not every day that Albedo finds himself incorrect in his hypothesis. Though, that is the way of science. Everyday, even the most renown scientists are learning new things, that is how they improve. Though, Albedo certainly didn’t predict this.


For the first time in his life, he considers stopping testing potions on himself. 


Two platinum blonde, fluffy ears adorn the top of his head, they are soft and velvety to the touch. Albedo takes an extra moment to lift his coat and looks behind him, sure enough, there is a long tail identical colour to the ears on his head.




He hums, a hand coming to his chin as he begins to think about where he could have gone wrong and what on earth to do now. He supposes this is what he gets for snooping around in Sucroses work. Though, to learn that she hates her own ears so much, she wants to make something that’ll get rid of them? It made his heart ache. That’s why he took it upon himself to experiment with her notes.


That’s why he is now stuck with his own pair of ears, with the addition of a tail.


His new ears twitch and flick with the many thoughts filling his brain, his tail swaying side to side underneath his coat as he paces around the room. What could have caused it to have an opposite effect? Perhaps it was one too many snow fox whiskers? But surely the mist grass pollen was strong enough to ratio it down to a negativ-


A knock at the door echoes through his office, immediately pulling him from his brain diagnostics. 


“You can’t come in!”


There’s more panic in his voce than he would have liked to let out, he quickly fumbles for the loose papers on his desk in an attempt to hide the evidence of Sucroses work. Though, who would be here at this hour? 


“Albedo, it's me.”


A familiar honeyed voice finds his ears, they perk up in interest and he immediately pauses before making his way over to the door. 


He opens it, but only by barely an inch as his bright teal eye meets with a familiar blue one. There's concern written all over the captain's face as he looks back at Albedo, or what he can see through the crack in the door.

“What are you hiding?”


A blush quickly rises to Albedos cheeks, for a reason unknown as he averts his gaze. 


“My… calculations were off.”


Kaeya looks back at him with a questioning stare and moves to open the door, but Albedo doesn’t move.


“Let me in.”




Albedo's quick denial takes him by slight surprise, though he does not let up on the door. In fact, it makes him push on the wood with more force. The blonde lets out a small grunt as he tries to keep Kaeya out, but the taller man has always been stronger and he eventually proves it as Albedo sighs in defeat.


The door swings open as Albedo steps back and Kaeya is left stunned in the doorway at the sight in front of him, his eye wide and staring. A quick hand pulls at Kaeya’s, bringing him into the room with force so he can shut the door behind him and lock it; the last thing he wants is another person seeing his failure. 


Barely seconds pass and Kaeya is already in his space, his eyes sparkling with adoration as he holds pale cheeks in his hands, unable to take his eyes off the blonde and fluffy ears.


“Oh my goodness, look at you. You’re so cute.”


The blush on his cheeks gets brighter as he looks away shyly, Kaeyas words always do that to him though that’s nothing new. What is new however, is his tail is…. Wagging… it’s swaying side to side with such vigour underneath his coat and it's so obvious Albedo has to pull away in embarrassment.


“I was simply doing some experimenting for Sucrose…”


He clears his throat, making his way over to the desk with Kaeya close in tow, unable to keep a professional distance.


“I must have miscalculated a few things, which lead to this terrible outcome.”


Kaeya hums in acknowledgement of his words, but whether he actually comprehended the them or not, Albedo can’t tell. What he can tell however, is that look in his eye as he takes a seat in Albedo's desk chair. 


“I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is a terrible outcome, c’mere.”


Kaeyas hand finds his and he guides him into his lap, at least there is comfort in their normal routine. Kaeya always comes and visits at this time of the night, at first he thought it was because he wasn’t allowed to be up at this hour performing dangerous alchemy and what not. But, he later learned it was because he cares about him.


His lap isn’t as comfortable as it usually is, Albedo wriggles until he figures out it’s because his tail is caught underneath his weight. Kaeya notices immediately, a hand aiding in pulling his coat out from underneath him and bringing along with it, his tail.

“Everyday you surprise me, Albedo.”


Kaeyas soft words capture his attention, he’s looking at him with such strong fondness it makes him feel all warm inside. He can feel his tail move side to side, the captain leaning forward until their lips meet in a sweet and delicate kiss. 


Almost instantly, Albedos tail wraps around Kaeyas leg. He doesn’t know why, he doesn’t know anything at this moment in time and Kaeyas addictive lips are to blame. He quickly succumbs to the captain's needs, opening his mouth willingly and letting them melt together. He feels hands on his waist as he leans into the touch and seemingly, his night isn’t so bad. Though, he wonders what’s so charming about his new features to Kaeya.


Suddenly, soft and steady vibrations can be felt through his entire body. He pauses against Kaeyas lips as it grows stronger, loud in his ears and throat.


“Are you…. Purring?”


Heat immediately washes over Albedos face and if it was even possible, it gets hotter when he hears Kaeya chuckle beside him and his lips meet his red cheeks.


“What am I going to do…” 


Albedo groans, shying away from Kaeyas touch; his ears fluffy ears turned down. Kaeya doesn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around him, continuing to kiss wherever his lips will reach. 


“What do you mean? What’s wrong with them?”


A hand reaches up to the cute ears atop his head, thumbing the inside with a rub that immediately elicits a breathy whine from their owner. Albedo looks at Kaeya wide eyed and he stares back at him with the same expression, though only for a second as it turns into a wicked smirk.




Albedos ear twitches, trying to shake Kaeyas cold fingers away while he mercilessly rubs at them. It feels so good, his eyelids are so heavy and tingles wash over him. By now, his purring is at the loudest it can get and he tries to palm Kaeyas hands away.


“Kaeya… stop, it’s embarrassing…” 


He lets out another whine, forcing his eyes open to look at Kaeya. He looks back at him with a smile while another hand comes up to cup his cheek. Suddenly the distance between them is nothing again as Kaeyas lips find his in a kiss, only for it to end shortly after.


“You’re killing me, here.”


Kaeyas voice has lost its cheerful tone, deep and lustful words escape him as his hand suddenly leaves Albedo's ear, only to be placed on the curve of his ass and under his tail. Albedo eyes him dreamily, his head just barely being able to stay out of the haze of intimacy the two of them are sharing.


“I never took you for one to be into this kind of thing.”


Albedo’s half-lidded eyes and smug tone match the smirk on his lips perfectly as he readjusts in Kaeyas lap, deciding to straddle him instead. 


“Me neither, but it’s kind of hard not to be when you’re wriggling on my lap and making noises like that just because i touched your cute, fluffy ears~” 


And just like that, another whine escapes the alchemist as hands rub at his ears again.


“But if I'm honest, I love you anyway that you are. My chalk prince or, My little Kitten~” 


Albedo just about burst on the spot, embarrassment mixing with the butterflies in his chest that so eagerly want to escape upon hearing Kaeyas' languid voice call him such a name. He wants to shy away but he can't, Kaeyas hand quickly coming to his chin and bringing their lips together with a contentful hum. 


The kiss quickly escalates, Kaeyas hand leaving his chin to wrap around his waist instead and continue down. Albedo prefers this instead of just talking, this way he isn’t just sitting in his embarrassment and shame of failure with Keayas heart eyes staring at him. This way, he can be distracted, even if it's only for a little while before he has to figure out how to fix it.


His hands snake around Kaeyas neck, his pale fingers lacing through his long blue locks and scratching at his scalp, the way he knows Kaeya likes it. He stifled a groan, hands hiding underneath Albedos coat and taking his ass in a gentle grasp. His breath catches in his throat, breathing out a gasp as Kaeya forces his body closer with ease. 


The proximity is suffocating, his half hard dick grinding against Kaeyas own as he arches his back to accommodate the friction. Their lips part with a unified moan, Kaeya already attacking his neck with his merciless tongue and teeth. His hands are gone from his ass, they’re on his chest and they’re making quick work of his buttons.




Albedo speaks, breathless. His lips shiny and red, his cheeks hot and the low hum of his purring still reverberates through him. He is leaning against Kaeya while he continues to unbutton his shirt, his lips coming to greet that lovely diamond on his neck.


“Are we- ah! really... going to do this in--... my o-office?”


His breath hitches in this throat again as his head lulls backwards, letting Kaeya continue his onslaught despite his words of caution. He feels his teeth scrap along the sensitive mark, urging a whine to escape his throat. Suddenly, there's a hand on his crotch. He gasps, head coming forward again to lean on Kaeyas shoulder as his hips shakily move at the pressure. 


“You want me to leave you like this? A lonely Kitten all hot and flustered with no relief?”


Albedo mewls, both at Kaeyas sexy voice whispered hot on his skin and the use of that pet name again. He buries his face into the crook of his neck with a shake, not wanting to be left alone but not having the strength to say it aloud. Kaeya only hums, kissing his exposed neck before talking again.


“What was that, Kitten? I didn’t quite catch that.”


The way Kaeya laces teasing with sexy whenever he wants something is so cruel, Albedo thinks as he whines again. He feels the pressure on his clothed dick begin to lighten and he yearns for the feeling again. But, he’s smart enough to know how Kaeya works, too. Most of the time he is too overwhelmed with lust and pleasure to keep a clear head, Kaeya is too good at what he does. Right now however, Albedo wants to play, too even if it's only to egg Kaeya on that little bit more.


He pulls his head out of the crook of Kaeyas neck, hand on the other side of Kaeyas neck as he leans up to whisper ever so delicately in his ears; his purring still filling the silence.


“Please don’t leave me, Master~”


Kaeya just about cums then and there, he swears.


“Holy fuck- that… was so sexy.”


He loses his cool for only a second before he pulls Albedo away from his ear, only to bring their lips together passionately in a hungry kiss. Albedo smiles into it, chuffed with himself. He got Kaeya all worked up with a few words. 




A single word is all Kaeya needs to say against swollen lips, in seconds Albedo pulls himself off and rids himself of his boots and shorts. Coming into view are the top of his dark grey thigh high socks now that he has rid of his shorts, his Zettai ryōiki taking all of Kaeyas attention. He’s salivating… Kaeya wants to chide himself for such a reaction but he can’t help it. His skin is perfectly wrapped in the elastic fabric and it's driving him insane. Then, Albedo goes to remove them.


“Leave them on-”


Kaeya gulps and Albedo stares back at him with a questioning look, though it only lasts seconds before it turns into that iconic smug expression he absolutely adores. 


“I think I'm learning more about you tonight than I have in the entire time I've known you, Captain.”


Kaeya likes to brag about how easily Albedo swoons for him, but right in this very moment as Albedo climbs slowly and seductively back into his lap. His fluffy ears, his tail sweeping side to side, his legs wrapped so sexily in thigh high socks. Kaeya is absolutely whipped and it is blatant.


Without another second to waste Kaeya leans forward, reaching for the drawer at the very bottom; his other arm wrapped around Albedo as they lean forward together. After enough shuffling around he finally pulls out a small bottle, Albedo looks at him wide-eyed.


“How long has that been in there?”


They lean back into the chair and Kaeya removes his glove and coats his fingers generously, eying Albedo with an all-knowing smile.


“A couple of months now.”


Albedo wants to enquire more, thinking about how lucky it was that no one had gone through his drawers. How would he explain it to Sucrose if she did? He doesn’t want to think about it and luckily for him, Kaeya doesn’t let him.


He feels a hand on his ass, groping and squeezing at the flesh. There's cold fingers delicately tracing his hole and he immediately leans his whole body forward on Kaeya, his hands leaning on the chair. His tail instantly wraps around the opposing arm, he feels Kaeyas bulge under his own bare cock and his finger makes himself at home.


His whole body quivers at the intrusion, shaky breaths tying in with the soft whines as he begins to curl his finger and prod at his walls. Kaeya hums beneath him, his lips finding the diamond on his neck like they always do and kissing it lovingly. A soft moan escapes him, leaning his head back as Kaeya sucks at the skin.


Kaeya adds another finger and he can’t stop himself from grinding down on him, eliciting a low moan from the captain as he feels the friction. Though, he barely has time to appreciate it as he feels fingers inside of him curl and his own moan escapes. He does it again and his whole body trembles, his hands readjusting to hold Kaeyas shoulders for support. He doesn’t remember preparation affecting his body this much, though this is the first time they’ve had sex in a chair. His body has also been adjusted by science, maybe there’s other side effects he didn't know about? 


There’s no time to think as Kaeyas sinful and skilled fingers work his insides out, his neck raw with his marks. He can feel his dick beginning to leak, but Kaeya is already on the same page. Slowly, he removes his fingers and is finally able to set his own cock free from his pants. He sighs in relief against Albedos skin, already bringing his ass closer to line him up.


He feels the length of Kaeyas dick slide in between his ass cheeks and he mewls at the sensation, hot, slick and embarrassingly erotic. He realises that Kaeya hasn’t put it in him yet because he is looking right at him, opening his eyes to see a familiar blue. With the full realisation he’s being admired, he pushes his chest out and grinds down again to feel it slide along his entrance, winking at the captain.


“You’re so fucking hot when you do that, Albedo. My Kitten~”


Kaeya wastes no time in readjusting pale hips to sit above his dick, guiding him down gently while he still recovers from being called kitten again. Though he doesn’t get time to fully as he feels his dick finally inside him.


“Ah-... Kaeya..”


Albedo's words are breathless as he sinks down onto his dick, finally sitting on him and reveling in the throaty groan Kaeya lets escape. Pale hands quickly find solace on Kaeya’s wide shoulders again, as if to brace himself as he lifts himself up, only to slide back down.


“Albedo… gods- you’re perfect, riding my dick like that.”


He can’t stop the purring, the whines and moans at Kaeyas praise and his amazing dick inside him. He rolls his hips forward and he throws his head back at the sensation of his prostate being touched, Kaeyas lips immediately taking advantage of the exposed skin of his neck again. 


They fall into a steady rhythm, repeating the same thrust over and over as it touches his prostate over and over. He feels a hand leave his hip, suddenly it’s in his hair. He gasps before a loud and erotic moan fills the room as Kaeya rubs at his fluffy ears. 


“K-Kae-- ah!”


The other hand on his hip leaves too, finding his other ear and his eyes roll into the back of his head. So many incredible sensations going all at once, his entire body shudders. It feels amazing, every time he bounces on Kaeyas dick it hits his prostate and it reaches a depth he didn't know was possible. It’s too much, he cums then and there.


The thrusting stops and they both look at each other, embarrassment obvious in Albedos expression that he immediately covers with his hands.


“I-I’m sorry i didnt expect to-...”


Kaeya’s expression immediately softens, removing the pale hands blocking his face and bringing their lips together, deciding to leave his ears alone.


“It’s okay, I don’t m-”


Albedo cut him off before he could even finish his words, resuming the pace they had earlier without warning. Kaeya groans, his body flying forward at the sudden burst of friction. He takes a moment to glance down, parting from his lips. Albedo is almost already completely hard again and he looks back up to see that same smug face.


Kaeya almost forgets to breathe, another groan being forced from his throat as Albedo rolls his hips in that perfect way that makes his dick feel so deep inside him. 


“Keep going.”


Who would have thought that accidentally turning yourself into a catboy would give you inhuman stamina during sex? But also gave you ultra sensitive ears that made you orgasm on the spot. Kaeya doesn’t get to think about it any longer as he feels Albedo lift his hips so far up, he thinks he’s about to pull out; only for him to drop back down on his cock immediately.


“H-Holy shit-”


For the first time in a while, Kaeya finds himself struggling to talk. Albedo is basking in it, taking the opportunity to leave his own marks on Kaeyas neck for a change. Though, the change in dominance is only for a short while as he feels Kaeyas hand wrap around his neglected cock.


“Ah- Keaya no… you need to cum, not me- Ah!”


Kaeya only hums breathlessly against his neck, he is close and Albedo can tell. His hips are merciless, his skin making sinful slapping noises every time he bounces on his cock. His own dick is being pumped at the same speed, causing his whole body to shudder again. No, what if he cums before Kaeya again. 


“K-Kaeya I-I’m-..”


He gets another hum in response, only this one is cut short by a guttural moan as Kaeya meets his ass halfway with a thrust. Instantly, he feels his inside become hot with Kaeyas cum inside him and for the second time tonight, he cums as well. Kaeyas hand and his own bare stomach becoming victim to their sinful activities. 


Together they share heavy breaths, heaving loudly as Albedo goes limp against his chest and is overcome with sudden exhaustion. 


For a few minutes, they collect themselves before Kaeya helps Albedo lift off his dick. He whines, snuggling into the crook of Kaeyas neck and resuming his loud purring; making no plans to get up.


“Albedo… Darling,”


No response, only the loud vibrations of his purr. He better not have fallen asleep, he always does that.


“Albedo baby, c’mon. Let's get dressed so we can go home.”


His ears twitch in acknowledgement, Kaeya almost thinks he's just straight up ignoring him at this stage but he eventually obliges. He sighs and kisses Kaeyas neck gently before forcing himself up. Kaeya holds him steady, making sure he can stand properly before he stands too. 


It takes them a little while, cleaning themselves up with a rag Kaeya found in some cupboard and then tidying the place. By the end of it, Albedo can barely keep his eyes open. Kaeya notices, not hesitating to scoop him up into his arms and exiting his lab.


As they walk through the halls, Albedo finds the crook of his neck again. Snuggling into his familiar scent and warmth and almost immediately falling asleep.


Kaeya decides not to tell him they still have to shower before they can sleep.