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Hold Me Tight (and Tighter)

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Hawks became clingy after he burnt out from work, wasted or Dabi fucked his brain out. When there was more than one situation overlapped, he was extra clingy.

Sometimes clingy Hawks was a bit too much, but Dabi wasn't bothered at all. He even loved it. 

Dabi groaned as he slowly pulled out from Hawks’ sweaty lax body. Fuck, he wished to stay in longer or take the second round of the night. He could feel that sweet tight hole still tried to clench onto him, but the urge was heartbreakingly weak.

Hawks was way too exhausted at this point. A double shift and an afterparty with his sidekicks in the pub, then intense drunk sex with his villain boyfriend totally drained every last bit of stamina from the No.2 Winged Hero. So now he was boneless and sunk into the mattress, couldn't even control his feathers and let the crimson spread all over the bed, then he was barely able to keep his eyes open and slip out a weak moan when Dabi’s limp cock left his body.

The emptiness and coldness made Hawks sobbed, fat tears streamed down from the corner of his blurry eyes and buried his face into the soaked pillow, trying to run away from his sorrow. His mind was totally in hazy, but the sensation of Dabi’s body heat leaving and his cum was slowly streaming away from his hole we're clear enough to leave him exposed, weak and empty. He hated this feeling.

Dabi hummed a soothing tone as his warm hands caressed Hawks’ oversensitive skin, carefully warming up the sweat cold skin until the small body stopped trembling. When he blushed off the sweat-soaked bangs away from Hawks’ face, he saw him slowly close his eyes with a content chirp.

His birdie looked so vulnerable but satisfied, so undone by him. Dabi gently smiled at his proud work. ”Hey babe, stay awake for me. We need to clean or at least let me grab a towel to clean us off.” He moved to the bedside and prepared to get up from the bed.

Hawks rumbled, but he did what was told to keep his teary eyes open, fought for his sanity while slowly reaching out for Dabi, arms and wings sloppy wrapped around his lover. He's tired, he wanted to sleep, but he wanted to be good for Dabi. He wanted Dabi.

“C’mon baby bird, you need to let me go, I need to clean both of us up,” Dabi chuckled as he knew what's going through Hawks’ mind, so he gently stroked his sweaty knots and blushing cheeks. The blond was overwhelmingly adorable in this form, he would never get mad to Hawks in these moments. “I need to get you more water and makeup remover. Your eyeliner stained all over your face.”

Hawks sobbed as he leaned his cheek onto the soft touch, but whenever Dabi tried to pull away, he wailed and more flesh tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes, arms around Dabi’s waist tried to hold on tighter. He didn’t want to be alone, even just for one second.

He wanted Dabi to stay with him.

“Sssh... fine, I’m not leaving you babe,” Dabi sat back on the bedside, fingers whipped off those slightly blackened tear stains on Hawks’ cheeks.

But it wasn't enough. Hawks knew he wanted more, just like minutes ago where Dabi was very close and even inside him. He wanted Dabi to be close again... He needed Dabi.

So he struggled to get up, tried to climb onto Dabi’s lab and reach a shaky hand to his crotch.

”Hey Hawks, stop it, you need to rest.” Dabi yanked his hand away before he was able to release the beast.

But Hawks ignored as he wasn't able to understand a word. In fact, his mind was a total mess, all he wanted was simple. Warm, safe, owned, filled, Dabi. He did whatever he could, like fingers crawling on Dabi’s thighs, even sticking out his tongue to taste the leaking tip.

Ugh, fuck it. Dabi pressed Harks back onto the mattress, then forced Hawks to spread his slick coated legs and wrapped around his own waist. “You just always make things harder, ugh? Needy birdie,” He smirked dangerously, like a panther looking down at his helpless prey, ”You have no idea what you messed with.”

Dabi didn't even wait for a response, lined up Hawks’ heated wet hole with his hard cock and shoved it into the heat. Then both of them let go a satisfied sigh at the same time, one was eager and one was wasted but pleased.

This time the pace was much slower, even sloppy, nowhere harsh enough in their favourite but every thrust was deep and straight to the point. Dabi took everything in control and things went whatever he wanted, like how the intense pleasure struck them, how he wanted to take Hawks and how his baby bird sang or cried for him.

The boiling pleasure was building up in his gut as Dabi rocked his hip into Hawks. It took some time to let Dabi realise Hawks was babbling something other than morns, so he slowed down and a hand caressed the side of Hawks’ thighs. ”What’s up, babe? Talk to me.”

Hawks whimpered and panted heavily when he caught up his breath, processed the overwhelming pleasure and the actual feeling of Dabi was inside of him again. He wanted this to stay forever. ”Want... want to be filled.”

Dabi smirked. He knew what Hawks meant but decided to twist his words for greater joy. ”Little bird want to be bred by daddy?”

”Yes... Ye-yes yes yes!” Hawks wasn't even sure what he agreed on but cried eagerly, fingernails dug into the ragged flesh of Dabi’s forearms, as hard as his urge to cum and to be bred. ”Dabi, Da-daddy! Please! Cum inside me, b-breed me!”

Dabi couldn't help but smirk. ”See, my baby bird was so eager for me, for daddy... He is a good boy for daddy and he deserves what he earns, right?” He thrust into Hawks low and deep as he tempted, ”I always give the good boy what he wants, am I? Daddy never let you down, right?”

Hawks was too far gone in the overwhelming sensation, but cried and nodded senselessly. He just wanted to cum. He wanted Dabi to make him cum so badly.

Dabi stopped the teasing, he couldn't hold back from the pathetic eager look of his baby bird. He kissed him softly before he shoved into him for a particularly harsh thrust, cut off Hawks’ weeping begs and felt that tight heat instinctively clenching onto him like his birdie really wanted to milk the last drop of cum out from him.

It didn't take long while both of them were close. Dabi forced a few last thrust into Hawks’ velvet heat, then balls buried deep inside and cum with a groan, hot load filled his birdie once again.

He held Hawks who trembled violently on his orgasm tightly in his arms, until the intense wave of pleasure slowly faded away, calmed down enough to let Dabi sighed in satisfaction and Hawks whimpered from his post-high.

“Hmm, what a slutty little bird... Take me all nice and well,” Dabi cooed as he gently smooched his soft flushed cheeks. ”Such a good boy for me. I love you Hawks, I’m proud of you.”

Hawks couldn't stop sobbing at the praise and heavenly feeling. Now he had everything he wanted, but then he wanted to last. ”Stay... inside, me...” He babbled and put his hands on his own belly, deep inside him was Dabi’ cock and warm cum filled him nice and good. “Dabi, stay.”

”Don't be silly, Hawks.” Dabi wiped off his fresh tears before pulling out an inch carefully, a bit of milky white overflowed from Hawks’ sweet hole because of his action.

”No...” Hawks started to whine again as Dabi moved, ”Stay... in me, p-please.” This wasn't rational at all. He will regret everything when he awoke. His body will be sore and his asshole will be on fire for days, but now he didn't care. He just wanted Dabi to stay close.

Dabi thrust back in slowly and cooed, ”Hey hey, I’m here baby bird.” Guess he totally pushed Hawks far crossed his limit, maybe he overdone. ”I still need to get you water and makeup remover, though.”

”No, don't... Don't leave me...” Hawks begged softly, even though his conscience started to slip away.

”Okay... I won't, I promise.” Dabi hummed and left a soft kiss on Hawks’ sweaty temple, but he stayed. He stayed still carefully, tried not to shift his member in Hawks’ body, waited a while before he scooped Hawks into his warm arms. Now they laid down together, safe and sound in each other's embrace.

Even when Hawks slowly drifted off into a heavy sleep, Dabi did stay and kept his lover pleased and filled, eventually he closed his eyes and followed Hawks into sleep.

Who said Hawks was the only clingy one? Dabi wanted to stay close to his birdie, too.