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They Don't Know About Us

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Season 3 (Champion: Excellent Era) - The First Meeting

"The Kings of Glory, Excellent Era made it. They won. They established a three-time championship, a dynasty." Shouted by the commentator of the game. Different cheerings, noises and even cries. All of the fans are celebrating after the "GLORY" showed in the battlefield. Everyone felt that kind of indescribable feeling of happiness. Even their opponents and its fans clapped and cheered for the respective team. This is a history made. Everyone give a ton of respect to the team who won, to Ye Xiu who was able to pull through and won the team battle.


"God Ye Qiu" "God Ye" ..."God Ye" People, all of the fans shouted 'Ye Qiu' after the cheerings and the comments. But the said God is gone and cannot be seen even as the awarding happened.


"We won! We really won!" Ye Xiu thought and he felt that pride he'd held in his chest. Despite all powerful players coming. Through skills, hardwork, faith and teamwork, the crown is still in our Team. He felt so proud on this Team he had, Excellent Era.


It was the day after the final game. He woke up feeling bad as someone spike their drinks last night and he's currently having a hangover. He was sitting in his room looking at the computer, watching the game that happen last night. Three championships in a row, he can't help but to smile in himself while holding One Autumn Leaf's card and thinking 'Muqiu, I made it, we made it.'


Days passed by and the hype are still on. The summer of Season 4 started and it was the 1st week of the August when Wu Xuefeng came to him telling that he should make a QQ and Weibo account. Yes, the 'God Ye' don't have a QQ nor a Weibo account, Wu Xuefeng says that he should at least have a form of communication so that he can have an interview even in the form of chats. He even reason to Ye Xiu that it was needed so he can contact him after he retired.

Ye Xiu felt that it was reasonable and made a QQ account, at the same time a Weibo account but seeing that Weibo is a social media and needed a lot of functions. He didn't bother doing anything after he made the account and just left it hanging as it gather followers tremendously. On the other side, he check the QQ which is more or less usable in his case since it was just a messaging app. It was easier to operate than Weibo which includes a lot of posting and stuff.


Glory Pro Chatroom

Wu Xuefeng added Ye Qiu to the group chat.

Wu Xuefeng: Ye Qiu say hi to them. Guys let's welcome Ye Qiu. :))

Ye Qiu: Sup'

Guo Mingyu: Whaaaat!!! Ye Qiu made a QQ account?

Han Wenqing: ? Welcome.

Zhang Jiale: YE QIU? You have a QQ account? Congratulation!!

Wang Jiexi: Welcome Senior and congratulations in your win.

Sun Zheping: Welcome welcome!! Congratulations in your win btw!!

Yang Cong: Welcome and Congrats on your win Ye Qiu!

Lin Jingyan: Congratulations Ye Qiu! :)

Fang Shiqian: Congrats Ye Qiu !

Zhang Yiwei: Congrats Ye Qiu !! DM!!

Lin Jie: Congratulations on your win Ye Qiu

NPlayer 1: Welcome and congratulations God Ye!

NPlayer 2: Welcome and congratulations God Ye! +1

NPlayer 3: Welcome and congratulations God Ye! +2


NPlayer X: Welcome and congratulations God Ye! +12

Ye Qiu: Ah? Thanks! so who amongst you was for the interview?

Everyone: ....

Wu Xuefeng: No Ye Qiu! It was just a chat for all of the Pro players, the interview will send you a personal message. Not here.

Ye Qiu: Oh, Okay.

Zhang Jiale: Don't tell us that the great God Ye Qiu who conquered three times championship is a ...

Yang Cong: Is he Ye Qiu?

Zhang Yiwei: ...

Guo Mingyu: ...

Lin Jingyan: ...

Fang Shiqian: ..a-

Sun Zheping: ... boomer?

Ye Qiu: Boomer? Should I remind you two that this boomer you're calling beat your ass in the finals two weeks ago? *insert smirk emoji*

Guo Mingyu: oof. (You should not say that in front of them Ye Qiu.)

Zhang Yiwei: oof +1 (It might still hurt them.)

Lin Jingyan: oof +2 (I agree. I mean there are normal players here Ye Qiu.)

Fang Shiqian: oof +3 (You shouldn't rub it in their face.)

Han Wenqing:  You'll lose soon.

Ye Qiu: Old Han? Didn't I already beat you in the semis? How many times should I beat you then?

Han Wenqing: Let's PK.

Everyone: ....

Wu Xuefeng: Ye Qiu!! No. He's just not good with anything related with communications.

Ye Qiu: Yes yes !!

Ye Qiu went offline

Wu Xuefeng: I'm sorry for his behaviour

Guo Mingyu: Nahh! I think, it's already normal for him.

Lin Jingyan:  I think it would start to hail this summer if he's not like that

Zhang Jiale: Him not pulling any aggro on anyone would be the more abnormal one.

Sun Zheping: Well, that's Ye Qiu we're talking about

N Player X: .....

Lin Jie: To all other pros who haven't talked with Ye Qiu before, then Yes that's him

Everyone: ...



Private message with Zhang Yiwei

Zhang Yiwei: Ye Qiu !!

Zhang Yiwei: Ye Qiu !!

Zhang Yiwei: Ye Qiu !!

Ye Qiu: Huh? Yiwei?? Are you the one who would interview? You going to retire and go to E-sports Reporting?

Zhang Yiwei: WTF. Bullshit!!

Ye Qiu: Then what's the deal with you?

Zhang Yiwei: Nah, Mingyu and me is going to City H. You want to meet and eat out? Ask Old Wu too.

Ye Qiu: Huh? What are you two going here for?

Zhang Yiwei: I'm going to visit some relatives. Mingyu, he's-

Zhang Yiwei: Wait! Let me add him

Zhang Yiwei added Guo Mingyu to the chat.

Guo Mingyu: Hey!!! What is this chat?

Ye Qiu: Yiwei said you both are going to City H?

Guo Mingyu: Oh! Ye Qiu!!!

Guo  Mingyu: Aah!! Plans for next week? My cousin is getting married in City H. I'm best man. He got his girlfriend pregnant lol.

Zhang Yiwei: That's why we're both going to City H. I'll be there by Wednesday till Sunday. Don't have plans tho.

Guo Mingyu: The wedding is in Friday. I'll be in the city in the morning of Friday and we can hangout either Saturday or Sunday!

Ye Qiu: So you both just want to play around? Are we going to play Glory?

Guo Mingyu: Ha? All you know is GLORY. Come on' we should hang out to. You should tour us around City H.

Zhang Yiwei: Yeah yeah!

Ye Qiu: Waste of time. And you've been to City H a lot of times. You can handle yourselves or don't tell me you guys are 10 years old who can't read directions and prone to get lost.

Guo Mingyu: Nah, it's different. It's your treat afterall. You have lots of money after your championship.

Zhang Yiwei: Yup! Definitely.

Ye Qiu: What?

Guo Mingyu: Come on' you and Old Wu can both have half and half. Ahh. he's not here?

Zhang Yiwei: Oh, let's add him.

Ye Qiu: Old Wu is already retired. He had moved in to his parents in City G before his flight.

Zhang Yiwei: ...

Guo Mingyu: ...

Zhang Yiwei: That's the more reason we need to meet. You need to be more open since Old Wu is not in your side anymore.

Guo Mingyu: Yeah! You are the captain. You need to act as one. We'll teach you how you should treat other people properly. I can already imagine your teamates getting really low or depressed after you told them off.

Zhang Yiwei: In our case, we know it's just your shameless personality. We are used to it. You throwing those mocks are just part of being you and we didn't take it seriously as we know you didn't mean it in a bad way

Guo Mingyu: But if you tried those acts in newcomers, then good luck.

Ye Qiu: ...

Ye Qiu: .... Fine fine. You can go to EE's building then we can get a lunch/dinner after your lectures. You two make sure, you have your worthy speech. If it's useless, don't even show your face.

Zhang Yiwei: And there goes one of your lines again.

Guo Mingyu: I bet you saying those kinds of lines in the newcomers, they will definitely hate you.

Ye Qiu: .. Yeah yeah. I'm going. See you.

Guo Mingyu: See you.. Saturday ok!!

Zhang Yiwei: See you! :)

Ye Qiu went offline.




It was a hot afternoon of Saturday in the midst of August when two Glory pro's came to EE's building. Ye Xiu welcomed them and tour them inside the building which gets some hidden snarkly comments from the two as they reached the conference room. The two Glory Pro started voicing their reactions as they did held it while walking around since there are some other people from time to time.


"Ye Qiu, we said tour the city, not your EE building." Guo Mingyu said while plopping his way to sit in one of the computer chair.


"Yeah. We don't need you to tour us in your building. It's almost similar to ours."  Zhang Yiwei added while leaning to the side of the rectangular table


"Eh. So you notice? Tsk. tsk." Ye Xiu answered to the two while acting really shocked which can definitely seen as fake one.


"What the.. So you're faking it. Ye Qiu y-you -"


"Ye Qiu, you should--"


The two answered exasperatedly at the same time. They both feel hopeless to this friend of theirs who has a very unique character.


"Ok now now, what's the lesson of our almighty Mingyu and Yiwei now?"


The three talked for awhile and the two kept on pressuring Ye Xiu of all of those what-if scenarios. The lectures and talks made him think to himself that some possibilities have a very high percentage of happening, since they won the first season and he declines Tao Xuan on all of the advertisement. He just believes that his friend Brother Tao will not do anything on those sort of schemes. He believes but there are still a bit of doubt in his heart. He just listened to the ranting of the two. (Yiwei and Mingyu enjoyed a little bit because it was rare for Ye Xiu to give shit to others' impression on him. He wouldn't be hiding his face for three whole years if he cares.) He felt really thankful to the two pro player he befriended in the past years of playing GLORY beause they were both worried about him.


They all got into their talks that they didn't notice the time. It was about 1 PM when they all decided to have lunch. Ye Xiu brings them to one of the restaurant the two saw in the internet. Even though he is an indoor person, he lived in City H for a long time, he know it like the back of his hand. He showed them the way after he knew the address of the restaurant. 


They talked a few more after they ordered their foods, but this time is mostly gossips in the pro circle. Ye Xiu didn't really care but the two are just that type of people who would always know some kind of gossips.


"Did you know about Huang Shao debuting next season?" Guo Mingyu said that make both Ye Xiu and Zhang Yiwei look at him.


"Is that serious? Though, it's also about time." Zhang Yiwei answers.


"Yeah." Ye Xiu answered in a very unmotivated voice.


"Oh you knew?" Guo Mingyu asked.


"Huang Shao spammed me in QQ" Ye Xiu said in a grimacing tone while asking one of the waiter for glass of water while waiting for their food.


"Hahaha, Huang Shao? How did he know your QQ?"

"Hahaha, Are you okay?"

The two laughed at him and Zhang Yiwei even asked him if he's okay. They haven't met Huang Shao in real life but they have known that man since they often went to in-game GLORY whenever they would hunt boses. And they all knew how much of a chatterbox is that person.


"That Fang Shijing gave it. I thought I will be fine. Guess what happen?" Ye Xiu talked to them in a exhausted voice. He made sure to note about Fang Shijing who gave Huang Shao his QQ account.


"Hahaha, what happened? Though I can somehow foresaw it. It's better coming from you." Guo Mingyu continued to laugh at him while Yiwei welcomed the waiter that brought the foods they've order.


"The conversation somehow went to his daily food, to the dog pooping he meet while having a run, to his slowpoke teamate, to the canteen's bread, and to a lot of things. I can't remember most of them but in the end it went on him asking for PK"


"Hahahahaha" Both of them was really laughing out loud to his story. It was good that there were only a few customers and they were in the corner so they didn't bother other people with their laughs.


"You didn't block him? Good job" Zhang Yiwei said while holding some more of his laughter.


"I was planning to block him but I thought he might spammed me whenever I would go online in GLORY so I decided not to. I just left and went offline." He said while shaking his head.


"Hahahaha. Oh Huang Shao" The three laugh again while thinking about Huang Shaotian. The three started talking a few more topics when Zhang Yiwei broke the ice.


"By the way, Season 4 is probably my last Season." After he said the news to them, the once full of laughter table turns silent and the other two only looked at him with questioning eyes.


"Why? You only debut on Season 2 right?" Ye Xiu asked looking at him intently. He knows that Zhang Yiwei can still play for another 1- 2. On the other hand Guo Mingyu only looked at the other person.


"C'mon, I was older than both of you, you know. It might not look like one but I'm barely holding in my performance." He said casually while continuing to put stuffs in his mouth.


"Really? Or is it  because they found another great sharpshooter that can replace you?" Guo Mingyu asked. He heard some rumors about a sharpshooter trainee in Samsara from one of his sources afterall.


"Yes. C'mon I am already turning 25. Give me some slack youngsters. And don't you looked down at my successor, he's really good. I'm still teaching him a lot of stuff but I can see that he has a lot of potential."


"I'll probably stayed in the bench as a coach or something. The team offered me the position."


"You're not being made to be a Training partner for that successor of yours?" Guo Mingyu asked. Guo Mingyu is not a chatterbox like Huang Shaotian but when it comes to gossips he definitely knows something.


"Are you implying something? Xiao Zhou is really good and I know that he will definitely be a true gunner God" Zhang Yiwei said while looking at Ye Xiu. They all started in the first server and especially Zhang Yiwei using a Sharpshooter class know the person who was always beside Ye Xiu that time. The One True Gunner God of the GLORY. Guo Mingyu also looked at Ye Xiu, he was kind of ticked becaused of the subtle hints of Zhang Yiwei. 


"I see. Should I welcome him?" Ye Xiu smiled back at Zhang Yiwei while teasing the other. It's been 3 years since Muqiu left this world for good. He knows that there's only a few people who would remember him. But seeing that another pro player remembers him made him felt happy and glad.


"Very much. If you will so." Zhang Yiwei answered challenging the man back.


"Sure sure." Ye Xiu just shrugged while looking at the other person


"Okay, I'll wait you at Team Samsara's quarters next week I guess. Saturday okay for you? Good"


"Huh? What? What? Are you matchmaking now Zhang Yiwei??" Guo Mingyu asked since he really can't follow the conversation of the two. The two choked when they heard what Guo Mingyu said. They both thrown him weird glances.


"Is he a very charming and beautiful Omega Yiwei? For you to set up a date for our Great God Ye Qiu." Guo Mingyu even added while making a questioning look. And this question made even Ye Xiu a bit flusterred.


"What the hell are you talking about Guo Mingyu? I was teasing Ye Qiu. Did you forgot about his partner in First Server? Autumn Tree? Isn't he called True Gunner God. What the f story are you making in your mind? And Xiao Zhou is a dominant Alpha for your information." Zhang Yiwei answered Guo Mingyu explodingly since the story this guy's constructing is a bit.


"Guo Mingyu, you should probably lessen your time in reading shojo mangas and gossiping about people." Ye Xiu even added.


"Oh right! Autumn Tree it is. C'mon, it's been what 3 years? I forgot about it. And I'm an Exorcist I didn't really care about all subclasses of Gunners." He said back to the two which made them fall into another silent.


"Really Mingyu, you should --*sigh* but Ye Qiu, I'll wait for you next Saturday okay?" Zhang Yiwei was planning to lecture the other guy but then just accepted it changing back the topic to Ye Xiu coming to their team.


"Fine. Fine. I really thought it was in game, not in person though." Ye Xiu reasoned out to Zhang Yiwei but still caves in as he was also a bit curious about the guy who made one of his few friends to plan his retirement early.


It was in the middle of Summer, most Pro players are in vacation and some in preparation for the next season. Excellent Era had some of its roosters retired and there's barely people in the building as many have went back home. Most of them will probably be coming back by the end of the month. Ye Xiu just informed Mucheng that he will be going out which the young girl found surprisingly but still smiled as she continue doing her training. She have moved in the dorms of Excellent Era and have already signed a contract with the team. She's practicing inside her room with the routines her brother Ye Xiu made for her.


Ye Xiu leisurely took a train going to City S as it was the day he promised Yiwei. It was a hassle but he reminded himself that this friend of his is just a year or two younger than Old Wu and also already at the verge of retirement. He didn't plan anything to do since he was planning to go back in the end of the day. It was past 1 PM when he reach the train station on City S.


Before going to Samsara building, he stopped to the Mcdonald's near the building to order a cheeseburger, fries and sprite for his lunch. He wondered where his luck had gone when he saw that the store is a bit full even though it's past lunch time. There is a group of employees who seems to be celebrating something. After he ordered, he wasn't able to find a table and just decided to sit in the side table, near the door which is overlooking outside. There is still one sit free near a man wearing gray jacket. He went and put his food into the table while looking at the other man. 


"Excuse. Is this seat free?" He said while looking at the man which made him feel a bit different. He shrugged the feelings, he just thought to himself that it was because the man looks really.. perfect? He grew up always being in the center of attention, and not bragging but he knows to himself that he had good genes. However, this is the first time he found another person good looking? attractive? The guy is indeed handsome and the jaws would definitely make the girls scream, like that one leading man in one of Mucheng's drama.


"En" Zhou Zekai nodded his consent to the man while feeling dumbfounded.


Zhou Zekai was late having lunch today since he had fun training using his account. He tried going to the canteen of the building but he didn't like the food there and he's even allergic to some of it. He decided to go to the nearest Mcdo, only to find that it was crowded because of a group of people partying. He went to the side table while bringing the spaghetti, cheeseburger, fries, ice cream and coke he ordered, planning to just eat a bit faster than normal. He was eating while scrolling through his phone when a man from behind asked about the seat beside him.


He looked at the space beside him and nodded, before he made a look at the man. What picked his attention more than the confident aura of slouching man is the amber eyes of the said person. He looked down on his phone to distract himself. But the thought of the amber eyes of the man is so, so enchanting. It reminded him of that favorite tree he often stayed in his grandma's backyard which turns golden every fall, added to this is that distinct smell of cigarette. It was in the midst of summer but he felt the rustling leaves of autumn.


After the man made his way and seated beside him he make a second look to the other which surprisingly met the others eyes. The both of them looked away feeling a bit embarassed when Ye Xiu broke the ice.


"It was a bit full today isn't it?" Ye Xiu said trying to start a light conversation on the other person who caught him staring. What can he do? The other is really an eye-candy, a definite head turner if one say so and he thought it's not they would see each other anytime soon.


"Hmmm." Zhou Zekai was planning to answer back to the man but while he was thinking of what answer he should say he mumbled a bit of hum, making the situation more awkwardly silent. 


The two just continue eating their food silently. Ye Xiu started eating his food, thinking of finishing it soon so he can escape the situation but still felt that this was one of the longest time he ate. He is the kind of person who would rather play GLORY than eat, would rather smoke than eat, would rather sleep than eat. Eating is one of the least priority he have in life. But at this moment, he felt enjoying his food because of the silent atmosphere that made him feel so comfortable.


Zhou Zekai on the other hand unconsciously slowed down his pace on eating. He was still scrolling his phone but he was not concentrated to it. He was eating food while doing so, but still kept on thinking of having a third look maybe on the man beside him. They were both silent but he was really enjoying the company. He was eating the ice cream as dessert which made him feel a bit uneasy since he won't have any excuse sitting beside the other person. And most importantly he hasn't seen the others eyes again. 


After Ye Xiu finished his cheeseburger he was currently munching on those fries while counting how long he would stay there. It was around 2 PM when he decided that he should get going since he will only be staying for the day and he's still going back to City H. He stand up and went to the restroom before going out.


Zhou Zekai saw the man stand up that made him snapped. He finished the last bit of the ice cream and fixed himself since he's planning to go back to the building already. He just thought that this meeting is one of those kind of rare encounters. And that he won't be seeing the other person again. He stand up and was on the way to the door when he noticed the man came out of the restroom and was going towards him.


The two both smiled at each other and continued going out. Zhou Zekai noticed the man walking in the same directions of him. He was thinking of starting the conversations as there were only a bit distance between them. Ye Xiu didn't think anything while looking ahead. He didn't want to start another conversation to the young man but wth all due reasons given to the earth, despite all of his pride, he still tried to talked to the man. He just felt that the other is not a snobbish person but naturally just the silent and shy type. 


"You're also going to this way? Don't tell me you're a lost penguin from Samsara?" Ye Xiu said jokingly.


Zhou Zekai was taken aback when the other started talking to him. He was surprised when the man brought up Samsara. They were both near the building when the other started talking. 


"En. Trainee." He intended to talk a bit more but he was only able to say those words. He wanted to chat with him a bit more but was unable to voiced out anything since he was feeling really nervous? His heart had been beating wild ever since awhile ago.


Ye Xiu was only light-heartedly joking when he asked the other person. However when the other answered he was a bit flustered, nonetheless he shrugged and just continue talking.


"Oh really? That's cool. I was also going there."


"Visiting relative?" Zhou Zekai asked. He made sure to look at the man's eye whenever he say those few lines. He wanted to show that he's engaged in the conversation. Or he just wanted to see those beautiful eyes. 


"Nah. I'm visiting one of my so-called friends. Apparently he's planning to set me up with someone. Hahaha" Ye Xiu answered casually while laughing, he remembered the lunch last week with Zhang Yiwei and Guo Mingyu. And Mingyu being corrupted by those shoujo manga and animes making all those assumptions.


Zhou Zekai felt a bit of repulsion but still smiled. He didn't know how to react. He don't know if he was feeling happy seeing the man's laugh and smile or he is feeling anxious that the other is looking up for a date


Ye Xiu on the other hand after blurting out those things looked at the other man who is smiling at him. He knew then, that this man is just a very shy person. He knew. He remembered the time when he was still a kid, Ye Qiu was really not good in communicating with other people. Especially since it was built on most of people around them that would compare the twins and his younger twin would only just nod or smile. It took him a long time before he was able to make Ye Qiu feel really confident in talking. It was in middle school when Ye Qiu started to communicate confidently without just shying away in the front of the eyes of their peers. While thinking about his younger twin, he realised that maybe the reason why he felt comfortable is that because his remembers his younger brother.


The two reached Samsara while talking about things, Ye Xiu kept the small talk even though the answers are mostly "En." "Yes" or any kind of monosyllable language. He didn't mind it. Zhou Zekai felt really happy since someone was really making the effort to talk with him. He knew he was not really good when it comes to talking but still he enjoyed the company of the others. He brought Ye Xiu to the reception and was planning to go back when he realised he haven't asked the name of the other. He was already near the training room when he made his decision to go back.


He saw the man talking to another person which he hasn't seen the face. He turns his back thinking "it was only a once-in-awhile encounter". He thought to just let it go and continue walking back when he heard a voice.


"Ha. Xiao Zhou?" Someone called him, he looked back and see his Captain talking to the other man.


"Come here. I'll introduce you." His Captain said to him while gesturing their hands for him to come near them. He looked at the other person.


"Xiao Zhou, this is my friend, the Battle God,  Ye Qiu. Ye Qiu, he's my successor the one I talked to you last time." Zhang Yiwei said in a proud tone. 


"Nice to meet you I guess?" Ye Xiu said while extending his hands since he don't know what kind of greetings he should do. He was still talking to this person just a few minutes ago.


There was a silent atmosphere for a few moments since Zhou Zekai can't believe that the man in front of him was Ye Qiu. The Ye Qiu.


"Xiao Zhou, handshake. Ye Qiu, he's a very silent and shy person so just bear with it ok" Zhang Yiwei said defending Zhou Zekai's a bit of cold treatment which only made Ye Xiu smiled and shrugged the topic since he had already talked to this person and have already guess their personality.


Zhou Zekai snapped and make a handshake with 'The Ye Qiu'. He don't know what kind of feeling he should have since he can't believe it. The man he has been admiring for, the reason why he pursue being a GLORY pro gamer was standing in front of him. And they even talked a lot for awhile.


Zhang Yiwei brought Ye Xiu to the training room while Zhou Zekai followed them. He left the two and went to the next room to talked to the main team .


"So Xiao Zhou. You just left me awhile ago not even introducing youself you know? I'm sad. That's not how you properly act to your Seniors." Ye Xiu started the conversation in a playful tone.


"Senior. Sorry." Zhou Zekai heard the man and he apologize resolutely with a puppy eyes while pouting since he don't want this Senior to have a bad impression on him. Ye Xiu saw the reaction of the younger man and he couldn't helped but laughed a bit while rushling their hair.


"Come on. I'm just joking. Stop pouting." Ye Xiu said while smiling. He really felt comfortable with the youngster.


"I heard from Yiwei that you're really good at GLORY. Should we play?"


"En." Zhou Zekai feels really excited when the other asked him to play.


They were already playing when Zhang Yiwei get back to the training room with all of the rooster players. He introduced Ye Xiu to the team and all of Samsara including the trainees encircled them. They played 1v1 a lot until Ye Xiu said that he needs to go back. Ye Xiu never back down to challenge. But the way he dissed and mock his opponents were really shameless. While others are having impression to him. Zhou Zekai watch the man intently, his idol is currently playing and they even had a few matches. He wanted to play a few more but he's not the only one who wants to and he can't just get the man all for himself like he owns him.


After the game/s around past 5:30 PM, which most of them didn't notice that they were playing for 3 hours already, Ye Xiu said that he really needs to be going after all it would take him around 4 hours in the train to reach City H. Zhang Yiwei, Lu Bai(vice captain*) and Zhou Zekai walked Ye Xiu to the front of Samsara. 


"Nice meeting you again God Ye. Have a safe trip" Lu Bai said.


"You sure to commute? We can use the company car to drive you to the train station?" Zhang Yiwei asked him.


"Nahh. I'm not monkeys like you guys. I mean penguins. I wouldn't get stared at."


"If that's what you say. Take care. See you in game I guess?"


"See you. Good luck."


"You too Xiao Zhou."


".. Senior. Dinner?" Zhou Zekai really wants to stay a bit more with Ye Xiu. He wanted to engaged another conversation and know more about this God. So even though he felt really shy he asked him for dinner which was answered with long silence, not only from the man but also from his captain.




"Nah. I'll just take it later." Ye Xiu somehow understand the man and answered back.


"Train. 4 hours." Zhou Zekai said with a worrisome tone. He thought to himself, is he going to skip dinner? He only eat a cheeseburger for lunch right?


"...." Another awkward silence until Zhang Yiwei said,


"Oh shit. No! Let's go eat first. You're definitely not eating properly again. It's on me."


"No. I really should be going. I'll just get some food on the way."


"No.! FOOD? What food? Cup Noodles? You're eating habits is still a shit! Wait for a minute here. I'll go fetch my wallet and phone."


"Lu Bai, tell the others that we're eating out."


"Tsk tsk. Yiwei. Yiwei. You're acting as a mom again"


"Oh Shut up. You stay put. Xiao Zhou watch him okay?" Zhang Yiwei went to the dorm and Lu Bai went to the training rooms to inform the others.




Ye Xiu pulled a cigarette since he knows that when Yiwei's mom radar went on he really can't avoid it.


"Senior. Bad for you" Zhou Zekai said. He had noticed it while they were playing. This man smokes like there's no end


Ye Xiu was startled when the youngster looks at him hopelessly while starting the conversation


"Nah. It's good you know? Want one?"


" ... no." Zhou Zekai said silently.


"Good?" Ye Xiu look at the man who's looking like an abandoned puppy. He don't know what happen to him that he threw his most precious cigarrete in the nearest trash can.


When Zhou Zekai saw Ye Xiu threw the cigarrete, he felt happy and even though it was a bit unpleasant, he take a picture of the man while he was not looking on his side. He smiled to him, feeling really glad. He knows that the other party will still smoke but atleast he was able to decrease his cancer sticks by one. He made it a note to always ask him whenever they'll meet. He was lost in his thought when he remember to ask for older's contact information.


"Ah. Senior." He held his phone in front of the man while saying,




"I don't own one. It's troublesome." Ye Xiu said. He never really like having one of those but for the first time in his life, he felt the need to have a phone.


Zhou Zekai didn't know if Ye Xiu was joking since he said it in serious tone but in this age, who doesn't own a phone? It's a basic need for communication. He's not good at speaking but that doesn't mean he didn't like talking.


"...ah." He look at the man disappointedly since he thought that maybe he was being too close. They only met today and maybe the older didn't want to give.


"...Sorry." Zhou Zekai mumbled. He just bowed down a bit feeling sad. He felt that maybe he's being too much into him and that made the other man felt repulsed? but what can he do. He's been really excited, nervous, happy, and all sorts of mixed feelings ever since his captain introduced the man. He liked him before he even met him. He was attracted to him when he first met him. And he knows that after meeting and knowing him now in person that his 'admiration' for him is not the pure genuine one.


"Huh?" Ye Xiu felt confused when he heard that tingling sound of sadness.


"Don't get me wrong Xiao Zhou. I don't really have a phone. I don't see the need to have one. If you want to contact me then what about QQ? I open it from time to time while playing GLORY." He suggested. He thought that maybe the other misunderstood him.


"En." Zhou Zekai looked at the man in the eyes a bit surprised and glad since the other seems to didn't not like him. Ye Xiu gave him his QQ account which he immediately put in the calendar of his phone. He wanted to note the date today, August 17. Their first meeting with the wish that it wouldn't be the last and it would be repeated often.


After a few minutes Zhang Yiwei and Lu Bai came back and they all headed to the nearest restaurant to eat and drive Ye Xiu to the train station.