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You got the Hot Wings?

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Keigo was horny. But not, ‘jerk off and then everything will be all fine and dandy again’ horny; no, he was ‘jump on his unsuspecting roommate and boyfriend and sink down on the fucker’s dick and fuck himself on it’ horny. He was fucking deprived, and what’s worse, his oblivious boyfriend wasn’t doing anything about it! 


Though, Keigo really couldn’t blame him, seeing as the only reason he hadn’t been free as of late is because the poor male had been swamped in assignments and lectures and organising the student council (which makes Keigi crack up every time because the guy hated being the student council president). If anything, Keigo was actually really proud of his boyfriend for his hard work, and respected him because he knew he himself would never be able to do it, probably flunking out the second a challenge presented itself to him thanks to his laziness. The only problem was that it meant he saw less of the male, and when he did see him, he was either pulling an all-nighter which wasn’t meant to be disturned under any circumstances (unless he wanted his hair to catch fire again) or he was conked out in their shared bed.


Keigo was horny, and a mere jerk off in the bathroom wasn’t going to solve his problem. He needed more, and when it was obvious his boyfriend wasn’t going to provide him with the services he needed, he decided to take matters into his own hands.


Dabi felt exhausted and drained. He felt absolutely swamped with the amount of work he had, but bit his tongue as to not complain, between classes and student council work, he had literally no time for himself; let alone his boyfriend. He internally cursed his situation as the student council president which led on to the question of who the hell thought it was a good idea for him to be the president? The only reason he applied for the position was so he could get a scholarship into his dream university, the council doing more than enough to open up new and better opportunities for him, but fuck, was it hard acting responsible and reliable.


He actually kinda felt bad that he had no time for his boyfriend, no doubt struggling without being able to see him. But if he was serious about that scholarship, he had to do his best. Despite his uncontrollable urge to just sleep in and cuddle with the male, he had responsibilities he had to follow through on. Ugh, he hated being responsible.


That day, however, he had managed to get out early when a lecture had been cancelled, though that didn’t stop him from leaving when it was dark out. He figured he might as well get food on the way back, as a peace offering to his boyfriend. That’s how he found himself getting some fried chicken and hot wings in a takeaway shop, and then taking the train home.


Dabi felt exhausted and drained, that was, until he walked through the front door, setting the box of chicken on the counter in the kitchen and opening the shared bedroom door, only to stop in his tracks as he saw Keigo in the middle of the bed…


...fucking himself on his fingers and moaning out Dabi’s name.


Davi gulped audibly and slowly closed the door quietly, as Keigo had yet to notice his presence. Instead of alerting him immediately though, the male decided to quietly sit down on his desk chair and watch the male writhe on the bed in pleasure. He already had three fingers inside him, and an obnoxiously bright pink dildo next to him on the bed, no doubt his entertainment for the night. 


“Mm, Dabi- ah!” Keigo moaned out, hand crawling down to tug at his hard, red cock. His eyes were closed in bliss, so he didn’t see when the male quickly got up and made his way to the bed, eyes flying open when he felt another hand on his cock, giving it slow, languid strokes.


“Dabi-!” Keigo shouted in surprise, though he was cut off by a moan leaving his lips when Dabi began picking up the pace.


“Were you thinking of me while you stuffed yourself with your fingers? Thinking how I could fill you so well with my cock, how I’d cum inside you until you looked pregnant?” Dabi whispered in the other’s ear, Keigo nodding eagerly and whining when Dabi’s hand left him. 


He stepped away, batting away the grabby hands Keigo was making at him and picked up the dildo, fairly big, and almost a replica to his own length and girth. He held it up towards the male, a condescending smirk on his face, “Where you going to fuck yourself on this while thinking of me?” Keigo moaned as he nodded, fingers still working inside of himself.


“Think you could show me?” Dabi asked, handing the male the dildo and going back to his desk chair, watching the other intently. 


Keigo blushed at Dabi’s intense gaza and the order he had just been given,but wasn’t this what he wanted in the first place? Sure, Dabi’s dick would be infinetly better, but if he had to fuck himself on a dildo to be able to get to that, then well… he wasn’t exactly complaining. So he removed his slick fingers from his gaping hole and placed the dildo underneath him, wasting no time before sinking himself down onto it, making sure to moan out Dabi’s name extra lewdly as he did so.


Dabi licked his lips as Keigo let out a guttural moan when the dildo bottomed out in his ass, wasting no time before beginning to fuck himself on it. Up, down, up, down, bouncing so beautifully on it.


“You’re enjoying that, aren’t you, you little slut. Gods, you’re disgusting, fucking yourself on a plastic toy. I wonder, if you weren’t with me, would you be doing this with other guys?” He slowly stood up and stalked over to the bed, like a predator eyeing up it’s prey. 


“Who am I kidding, one guy wouldn’t be able to satisfy you. You’d probably have multiple, you fucking whore.” He grabbed Keigo by his blonde locks, forcing amber eyes to meet cerulean. 


“N-No…” Keigo stuttered out, making Dabi raise an eyebrow.




“You- fuck- you’re the only one I want, no o-other’s.” 


Dabi smirked, dragging Keigo’s head up into a kiss. Despite it being a “kiss”, it was anything but, only a clash of lips and teeth and saliva. But god did it feel good. 


Keigo whined when they pulled apart, hips moving frantically on the toy that had now become woefully inadequate to quench his lust. He made grabby hands at the male, expecting them to be batted away in favour of stepping back to watch, they were pulled at. Dabi twisted around so he was sitting on the bed before pulling the blonde into his lap. Keigo let out a squeal as Dabi pushed him hard onto his lap, making the dildo go in even deeper.


“Bounce.” Dabi whispered, biting the shell of the other’s ear. Keigo didn’t need to be told twice, bouncing on the other’s lap enthusiastically. As he humped the man’s leg, Dabi reached out and stroked the beautiful, red feathers spreading out behind the male. A breathy shout left the blonde in response, trembling and shaking in his lap as Dabi stroked.


“Stop, n-not- ngh- not m-my- oh fuck- not my wi-NGS!” Keigo finished with a scream as Dabi grabbed a handful of the feathers and tugged with one hand as the other nestled in between where the extended bone and the feathers started, rubbing as he would a prostate. Keigo couldn’t help himself, couldn’t hold on, as he cummed, ropes of it landing on his stomach and Dabi’s t-shirt. 


Dabi chuckled at the fucked out expression on the other’s face, loving how the redness of his vibrant blush complimented his amber eyes along with the tears on his waterline. He began rubbing at the feathers again, making Keigo arch his back in a futile attempt at trying to escape the wandering hands.


“No more, I can’t-”


“You can’t?” Dabi fixed him with a stare so full of lust and fire and want that Keigo’s breath caught in his throat, momentarily forgetting about the oversensitivity he was feeling, “Already? But we’re only getting started!” To emphasise his point, Dabi did the worst possible thing he could do with Keigo’s already hyper-sensitive state…


He lit his hands on fire.


Keigo screamed; but not in pain. No, the flames didn’t hurt, as they were on a “low heat” as Keigo liked to put it. But it was hot enough to feel the sharp sting and painful pang and enough to fill your head with thoughts of being swallowed alive by those beautiful yet destructive blue flames.  But Keigo knew that it would never happen. Despite Dabi’s obvious roughness, he always did take good care of him, so burning alive was the last thing on his mind.


The flames licked and bit at his feathers and at the nape of his neck and it wasn’t long before he was cumming again, the heat and the pleasure and Dabi’s shit-eating grin being a bit too much.


Dabi pulled his hands away from the rumpled feathers (much to Keigo’s relief), only to begin kneading at his ass; the ass that still had the pink dildo inside. Slowly, oh so very slowly, he began inserting a single finger alongside the toy, making Keigo let out a broken choke. 


The raven-haired male always had loved fingering the blonde, on the sole reason of the male’s reactions. Anything stuffed into Keigo’s hole had a somewhat effect on the male, but Dabi’s fingers had always been different. The feeling of both rough, charred skin and smooth yet calloused fingers always did a number on his insides thanks to the uneven ratio of smooth and rough. The icing on the cake, however, were the chunky, metal clips that kept said skin together. The cool, icy touch of metal entering him for the first time had made him cum right on the spot the first time Dabi had fingered him and to this day, the metal still had a long-lasting affect. Now, imagine fisting. 


A whine left the blonde’s lips as he felt said metal slide right in, the juxtaposition of icy metal and the sweltering hot walls of his hole making his back arch beautifully.


Another finger was added, and another, until he was stuffed full with both a dildo and three fingers. Keigo felt like he was stuffed to the brim, yet knew he could take more. Wanted to take more; craved to take more. And he knew exactly how to get to the fullness he needed.


“More, p-please, please Dabi, I- ngh- I need you…”


“You filthy whore, what do you want?”


“Your c-cock filling me up.”


“Do you deserve it, though?”


“Yes! Oh yes, I do! Please, please Dabi, I des-erve it, I’ve been s-such a good boy, fill m-me up!”


“And what are you?” 


“A filthy h-hole for you to use over and over again. A disg-usting slut- your disgusting slut. A tool for your p-pleasure, your personal b-baby-maker- SHIT!”


Dabi removed his fingers and thrust in until his balls smacked against the winged-male’s ass, making Keigo scream out in ecstasy. 


“I’m going to fuck you into subspace.” Dabi growled into his ear, making the male nod frantically in agreement.


As the fire-user fucked into the blonde, one hand worked the dildo in with his cock while the other went back to tormenting the blood-red feathers. It was all too much; yet not enough at the same time. Keigo wanted more, yet knew he’d burst if he got any more. The result of two cocks shoving deep inside of him meant his prostate being stimulated at all times, his inside being rearranged and his hole stretched beyond comprehension. 


When Keigo cummed, all he saw was a blinding white in his vision, and nothing more. Everything else around him was white noise as he felt overwhelming amounts of pleasure. He had only ever gone into subspace twice before, and when he was in said space he felt, for a lack of better phrase, pleasure, pleasure, more pleasure, multiplied by pleasure and just… pleasure. He could faintly hear Dabi saying something in the background, but in his hazy state, he may as well have not been in the room. 


Dabi wasn’t faring well either, the feeling of tight walls along with a toy squeezing down on him did wonders in bringing him closer to his orgasm. And keigo, oh did he look taken apart. A glassy look was in his amber eyes as what could only be described as pleasure was plastered on his face. He was far past the stage of talking or responding, the only noise coming out of his throat were pathetic little mewls and whimpers (which also did good things on bringing on his impending orgasm).


Keigo felt Dabi thrust in particularly hard and sticky liquid paint his insides before the world turned black.




When Keigo woke up again, he was in the bed, cuddled up underneath blankets and a pair of arms and snuggled against a broad chest. He whined lowly, body obviously having shut down from the assault of overstimulation it was hit with. 


“You’re awake?” Dabi asked, head turning to look down at the blonde who in turn looked back up at him. He leant away a bit to pick up something from their bedside table, cuddling again when he turned back, a bar of chocolate now in between them. He broke the sweet treat into tiny cubes before slowly feeding them one by one to the blonde.


He was strangely silent throughout this ordeal, yet Keigo’s head was still turned to mush so he couldn’t for the life of him work out what was wrong with his lover. He didn’t have to wait longer, however, seeing as the male spoke up moments after.


“You know… that I love you, right?” Dabi whispered. Now this was a surprise, not that the blonde was complaining. It was nice hearing you were loved, even if you already knew it. Still not in any condition to formulate proper sentences, he only nodded.


“And you know that… everything I say during sex I don’t mean, right?” 


Keigo gulped, willing himself to speak up, sensing that the other probably needed a vocal response, “You call me beautiful during sex, is that a lie?” He batted his eyelashes at the other innocently, making the fire-user chuckle.


“You know that’s true,” He laughed, though his mouth settled into a thin line when he calmed down, “I mean the bad stuff, like when I call you a whore or call you disgusting.”

Keigo melted at the soft look on his boyfriend’s face, heart clenching at his heartfelt words. Keigo did know that those words weren’t to be taken seriously, he actually kind of enjoyed it (maybe it was a kink?) and hey, he wasn’t complaining.


“Have I ever said something that didn’t sit right with you?” Dabi asked, already dreading the answer.


“Not really… except for today when you said that one person wouldn’t be able to satisfy me and that I’d need multiple guys. I only need one guy, and that’s you!” Keigo said, crossing his arms over his chest.


“Well, that’s good to hear,” Dabi fed the blonde another piece of chocolate, “If you ever feel offended or hurt by something I say, no matter how small it is, tell me, ok?” 


The winged-male one nodded, greedily accepting the next piece of chocolate from the other’s hand. 


“Hey Dabi?” Keigo called out after the chocolate was finished and the chocolate wrapper was thrown on the floor (well, thrown to the bin but he wasn’t Kobe, ok?) and he was safely cuddled in the other’s arms, 


“I love you too.” 




When they both woke up, they began cleaning up, cleaning the dildo and throwing it back into their drawer, taking care of the clothes and stray feathers on the floor. Once they were done, it was only then that Dabi remembered the food he had gotten the night before. 


He turned to Keigo, giving him a lopsided smile before asking, “How do you feel about cold hot wings?”


That was how they found themselves eating hot wings together, (heated up, mind you) and laughing about nothing in particular.


“Don’t you have class?” Keigo had asked at one point, making Dabi shrug.


“Probably, but my grades won’t drop from missing one class. Besides, I want to spend time with you, it’s obvious I’ve been neglecting you from the way I found you.” Dabi smirked, making Keigo grumble, trying to defend himself but getting nowhere thanks to Dabi’s knowing laugh.


The black haired male picked up a piece of stray chicken from a bone and stuffed it into the other’s mouth to shut up his incessant rambling, laughing when the winged male only grumbled around his fingers but calmed down. It was only then that Keigo realised Dabi’s fingers were still on his mouth, tracing his lips sensually. Suddenly, the light-hearted atmosphere was replaced by something more needy and desperate; and even though last night was probably the best sex he’s ever had, he still wasn’t satisfied.


He wasted no time, grabbing the male by his shirt and pressing their lips together, Dabi bringing his hands up to Keigo’s face to kiss him deeper. “We probably shouldn’t… aren’t you still sore from last night?”


Keigo bit his lip, golden eyes looking away in embarrassment, “Well yeah, but I thought I could do something else.”


Dabi raised an eyebrow in question, a slight blush painting his cheeks when he saw Keigo remove his face from his hands and go down, beginning to fiddle with the other’s sweatpants. Once he had successfully pulled down Dabi’s sweatpants, he began palming at the other’s dick with his hand, not waiting long before pulling the now fully erect dick out of its constraints and starting to sucking at the tip.


Dabi groaned, holding on to sandy yellow locks as Keigo sucked and nipped at the tip, lapping at the beads of precum forming. He licked a strip down from the base up to the tip before swallowing the member whole, reveling in the guttural moan that Dabi sounded out. He sounded his own moan at the saltiness and the musk of his dick, sending vibrations through Dabi’s body blissfully.


“Shit, you’re so good at this, aren’t you Birdy.” Dabi gasped out, pushing back Keigo’s hair so that he could get a better look at how well his boyfriend was working him.


Keigo looked up as he tried to swallow the cock all the way to the base (which proved to be a hard feat thanks to something called a gag reflex), tears forming on his eyelids from the sheer size of the cock in his mouth and how his jaw burned deliciously as it widened to it’s limit and fuck, he looked so goddamn beautiful.


“Shit baby, you look so good sucking my cock, you gonna be a good boy and swallow my cum?”


Keigo nodded, hungrily taking more and more in his mouth and choking when he met his maximum capacity, making his jaw tighten blissfully on Dabi’s dick and it was the tightness along with the wetness and warmth of his tight mouth and those golden, amber eyes shining up at him that made him unwind, cumming into his boyfriend’s wet cavern.


Keigo, like the greedy bastard he is, licked it all up, not wasting a drop, and licking his slick, swollen lips. Dabi pulled him up by his hair, making Keigo whine at the slight burn, before slamming their lips together almost painfully, but with so much love and passion that Keigo didn’t mind.


And it was in this moment that Dabi knew….


He should buy Hot Wings more often.