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Mail-order Bride

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Advertisements in the Chicago Daily Herald, July 20th, 1881

Rancher looking for love:

My name is Kim Namjoon, and I am a 25 year old alpha rancher with 100 acres of good land in New Hope, California. I am looking for an omega to share my life with.

I am a relatively tall alpha, of pleasing stature, with charming dimples. The omega must be able to cook and must be willing to work hard.

I promise to be kind, helpful and loving to my mate.

Train tickets included.

If interested please contact:

15 Prairie Lane, New Hope CA


Rancher looking for love:

Hello Alpha Kim,

My name is Kim Seokjin, and I am an omega of 27 years of age.

I currently work in a shirt-making factory in Chicago, Illinois. I cook well and am used to hard work.

If we are to be mates, I think I should be as honest and forthright as possible. I have a pup, Jungkook, who is eight years of age.

The reason I am considering becoming a mail order bride is because I am concerned about his health in the city. He is a bright, happy boy, but I can see the soot and dust of the city slowly draining the life out of him.

I was not mated to the alpha who fathered Jungkook, nor should you be concerned about any involvement by Jungkook’s father if we do move out West.

I have been told I am an attractive omega, relatively tall, with charming facial features.

If any of the qualities mentioned above do not suit your needs, please let me know as soon as possible.


Kim Seokjin, #306, Watford Way, Chicago, Il.


Rancher looking for love:

Omega Kim,

Please find included the train tickets, which departs Monday, July 27th.

We will be married the following Sunday. I have four friends who are willing to be our witnesses.

I look forward to meeting you and Jungkook in person.

Alpha Kim

Seokjin tried to keep the blasted hat on his head as Jungkook skipped down the train steps in front of him. The hat had been a last minute purchase bought in Chicago, an attempt to charm the alpha he was about to mate.

Seokjin shook his head in disappointment. He knew he was too tall and masculine for most alphas, his scent a traditional and boring mix of roses and salt, his unwed motherhood stretching his skin as the last bloom of youth faded from his cheeks.

Clearly this Kim Namjoon was desperate, and whether it was because the town of New Hope was too abhorrent to name or because Kim Namjoon was unsightly to most, Seokjin would survive, he had too.

“Jungkook-ah,” Seokjin warned softly, as Jungkook came to stop in front of him. “You can’t run off, you’ll get lost.”

Although, Seokjin figured, there wasn’t much to get lost in, just a dusty main street of a dozen shops and a few shabbily built homes, as well as the ever-present gleam of the only successful business, the brothel, in the distance.

“Did you see the horses that ran besides the train Eomma?” Jungkook said excitedly, peeking around Seokjin’s legs as if a galloping horse would appear at any moment.

“Yes, Jungkook-ah, I did. They were very pretty, especially the one with the white mane.”

“I named in Bellerophon, Eomma, after the rider of the Pegasus in those stories you read me.”

“That’s an excellent name,” said Seokjin, crouching down to Jungkook’s eye level. Seokjin had been an ignored, silent child, and he never wanted that for Jungkook.

“You should think about other names. Perhaps you can get a pet while you’re here.”

Jungkook gasped, eyes wide. “You really think so?”

“If you’re polite and kind, I don’t see why not,” Seokjin grinned at Jungkook's wide smile as he stood up. He knew that if this Namjoon was kind to Jungkook, Seokjin would suffer any indignity to see him happy as he did now.

“Excuse me,” said a hesitant voice behind him.

Seokjin turned, and a gust of wind picked his hat right off his head.

The tall man, now with his back to Seokjin ran after the hat, grabbing it between long, tanned fingers.

As he turned back towards Seokjin and Jungkook, Seokjin saw two perfect dimples set against a handsome face under a cowboy hat, the sweet scent of lilies and the spice of cardamom mixing in the hair.

Alpha, thought Seokjin.

“Mr. Kim,” said Seokjin hesitantly as he approached.

Kim Namjoon blushed to the tip of his ears, handing the hat back to Seokjin, soft fingers tracing against his wrist.

“Ah, you can just call me Namjoon. And this must be Jungkook, it’s very nice to meet you.” Namjoon got to eye-level with Jungkook.

“It’s very nice to meet you too Alpha-nim,” said Jungkook hesitantly, staring down at his shoes. They had been waxed black with the last dime in Seokjin’s purse.

Namjoon stood back up, twitching hands holding his hat. “Really just call me Namjoon.” He turned back to Seokjin, “I’m very sorry for being late, the horses were being frisky.”

He turned and indicated a cart with two benches, two beautiful horses with a white mane and brown patches. “This is Castor and Pollux.”

“Oh just like Eomma’s stories!” Jungkook cried.

Namjoon turned a questioning glance to Seokjin.

Seokjin smiled sightly, “I read him myths to fall asleep.” Seokjin’s well worn copy of Bullfinch’s Mythology was carefully packed in his suitcase.

“Ah! How nice.” Namjoon’s blush deepened. “We should probably be getting back, I can’t leave the ranch for too long. I’ll get your bags if you…” he indicated the cart.

“Oh of course,” Seokjin murmured. He turned to look back at his new alpha, who blushed even darker as he caught Seokjin staring, tripping over his feet as he walked away.

“He seems nice,” Jungkook murmured.

Seokjin nodded noncommittally as he approached the cart. Horses were charming in the parks of Chicago, but they seemed rather large and threatening up close compared to Jungkook's tiny frame.

Seokjin placed his hat on the seat, trying to figure out a way to boost Jungkook into the cart without harm.

“Hello!” said a voice behind him, and Seokjin turned, startled, hands clasping anxiously

Two beautiful omegas stood in front of him. They were classical beauties, the scent of daisies and freesias mixing with the spice of pepper and cinnamon.

They wore silks embroidered with flower that Seokjin hadn’t seen since the high street of Chicago, and had wildflowers threaded through their hair.

The one on the left stuck his hand out. “You must be Seokjin, Namjoon’s soon to be new mate. I’m Taehyung and this is Jimin. We’re going to be two of the witnesses at the wedding. We thought we would introduce ourselves before then. We run the best clothing store, well only store in New Hope. You’re welcome anytime.”

“Hello,” said Seokjin with a small smile, “it’s very nice to meet you. This is my son Jungkook.”

“Hello Jungkook-ssi,” said Jimin, kneeling down, “would you like a flower?” He unthreaded a tiger lily from his hair, placing it in Jungkook’s cupped hand.

“Thank you, Jimin-ssi,”said Jungkook wide eyed, stroking the flower tenderly.

Taehyung’s boxy smile widened. “It’s very nice to have children around. We’re mainly surly ranchers and a few city folks who got lost on the way to Los Angeles.”

Seokjin smiled, but he felt the traditional stress rise in his stomach. Jungkook’s birth had been a blood soaked affair, with a rag between his teeth, screaming on the floor of an overwhelmed and understaffed omega clinic.

“Yes,” said Seokjin tightly, “children are a blessing.”

His smile softened as Namjoon approached. Namjoon smiled back, teeth white against pink lips. “I presume Taehyung-ah and Jimin-ah introduced themselves.”

Jimin rolled his eyes with a grin. “We’re the only interesting people in this town. Forgive us for looking for the only bit of excitement.”

Jungkook looked up, tiger lily now safely tucked against his ear. “Did you and Taehyung-ssi come out here for alphas too?”

“Ah no,” said Taehyung, back straightening, eyes harsh in the morning light. “We came out here together.”

“Oh! Like Marcel and Calvin.”

Seokjin smiled, “they were our neighbours back in Chicago. They moved to Sacramento about two years ago.” Seokjin skipped over the veiled threats and harassments that had ended with Seokjin helping them pack to leave in the middle of the night.

“It’s really hard,” said Jungkook suddenly, “you two must really love each other.”

Jimin and Taehyung nodded, smiles bright and certain, “yes, we really do.”

“And on that note,” said Namjoon with a small grin, "time to head back." He lifted Jungkook without any effort, offering his hand to Seokjin as he lifted Jungkook into the cart.

Seokjin managing a quick wave to Taehyung and Jimin as the horses started to move.

Seokjin grasped on to the board with one hand, reaching back to steady Jungkook, who was grinning at the horses as if he just won the lottery.

Just like a painting,” whispered Namjoon.

“I’m sorry?” Seokjin turned to look at the rancher, who had started to blush once more under his hat.

“You look pretty enough to be in one of those old west paintings.”

“Oh, thank you,” Seokjin said with a blush, turning back to look at the sunlight dancing over the prairie, mountains looming with purple light in the distance.

Despite his best efforts, Seokjin felt the fluttering of hope in his chest as his eyes drifted over Kim Namjoon. 

The house was sturdy with a white wrap around porch and a brown-tiled roof gleaming in the sun, although the house was covered in a thick layer of dust, as if someone had left the house to sleep for fifty years.

“Charming,” said Seokjin honestly as he scrambled out of the cart. With a good coat of paint and flowers in the windowsill, it could be a home out of a storybook.

“The horses are back there,” said Namjoon with a finger pointed at a low barn in the distance. “The cattle roam free, we have a good fencing and not many people bother stealing with the new sheriff in town.”

“Is the sheriff a good man?” said Seokjin, grasping on to Jungkook’s hands as they approached the bright blue but peeling front door.

Seokjin had had his fair run ins with police in Chicago, all too interested in “helping” out an unwed omega in desperate straights.

“Min Yoongi?” said Namjoon with a grin, “a darn fine man if I ever met one. A bit complicated, especially with his new mate. But you’ll meet both of them before the wedding in any case.”

Seokjin nodded as he entered. The entry hall was bright, with a nicely painted wooden staircase to the second floor, a formal living room and a large kitchen upheld by ornate crown moldings.

“I like the ceiling,” Seokjin indicated with a shy wave of his hand.

Namjoon nodded with a smile, “my pet project since I bought the house from a farmer moving on to Los Angeles three years ago. I picked up the material from a passing trader in exchange for a filly.”

Seokjin nodded again, at loss once again for words. “I should make dinner I suppose. Jungkook-ah, go wash up please.”

Jungkook nodded, shifting on his feet, voice timid. “Can I choose my room?”

Namjoon smiled softly, “the big room with the bay window is for me and your Eomma, but there are another two others to choose from. One has a good view of the horses and the mountains, the other is right above the back garden with a nice view of the trees. Choose the one you like.”

Jungkook smiled sweetly, “thank you Alpha. Eomma can I go?” he asked excitedly.

Jungkook had scampered up the stairs before Seokjin even finished nodding.

“He’s charming,” said Namjoon with a small smile.

“Kids his age are like that,” said Seokjin, moving towards the kitchen, hands already itching to cook.

“I suppose it is mostly due to his mother,” said Namjoon, following Seokjin into the kitchen.

Seokjin stiffened, and turned with what he hoped was a firm look, fear twisting his stomach into knots.

“I’m not doing anything until after we’re wed. Just because I had Jungkook-ah outside of wedlock doesn’t mean…”

Namjoon’s eyes widened, and he took a step back. “Of course not! I didn’t mean…I just…I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable. You can sleep in the master bedroom until the wedding.”

Seokjin shook his head, “I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you like that. You’ve already paid for the train tickets and…”

Namjoon laid a calloused hand against Seokjin’s arm; “you are to be my omega. I owe you respect and kindness. I won’t argue with you on those points.”

Seokjin’s face twisted into a grimace, but he nodded ungracefully.

Namjoon started taking plates out of the cupboard, fingers twitching. “I’m inviting Jimin and Taehyung, as well as Yoongi and his mate to meet you officially before the wedding.”

Seokjin’s hands reached for the sadly threadbare spice drawer, “is there something wrong with Alpha Min’s mate? You can’t seem to mention him outright.”

Namjoon’s lip caught between his teeth, “Yoongi is a new sheriff in town, for under a year now. He had needs, like most, and went to the brothel, favored one omega in particular. No one criticized him, he’s really a good sheriff, running off the poachers so quickly, and people around these parts will accept more bad behavior for less success. Then that omega, Hoseok-that’s Yoongi’s mate- got pregnant. Gossip ran rampant on who the father was. Yoongi was gone on a bounty hunt, coming back 6 weeks later and married him the next day. He couldn’t of known for he was the father for sure when they were married. It was a big scandal. Will that be a problem for you?”

Seokjin shook his head, “I’ve been looked down on all my life for being a unmated omega mother. I understand why Hoseok would have made the choices he did. Alpha Min seems like a good man.”

Namjoon smiled softly, eyes tender, “I’m very glad you’re here.”

“Me too,” said Seokjin, eyes suddenly hazy with tears in the dim light, “I’m glad we can start our lives together.”

Namjoon nodded, hand drifting down Seokjin’s arm once again. “I look forward to proving to you I’m a good alpha. And I wanted to thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Jungkook’s life. You’re giving me a great gift.”

By the time Seokjin had blinked the tears from his eyes, Namjoon had already disappeared into the shadow of the dining room.

Seokjin had woken up to birdsong that morning, a welcome change from the soot and grime of Chicago. Namjoon had remained sleeping in the living room, even with his back turned to the upstairs bedroom, ready to defend his soon to be family.

Seokjin already found his scent comforting, and he already loved the house, scrubbing and cleaning, while Jungkook picked wildflowers and Namjoon went out to tend to the horses. Jungkook’s color, which had faded into grayness in the soot of Chicago had already returned and he ran with a skip in his step through the fields.

“Seokjin,” said Namjoon hesitantly waiting near the front door, boots muddy. “I saw a neighboring rancher and he mentioned that Jimin and Taehyung, as well as Hoseok and Yoongi were coming up later today. They usually do that, come to the house without asking first, which if it upsets you…”

Seokjin nodded his head calmly. “It’s no issue Namjoon. I made a meat pie, which should be filling if nothing else.  There should be enough for everybody and I want to get to know your friends and be a good extension of you.”

Namjoon bit his upper lip, chest heaving, seemingly unsure for one long moment. “Seokjin, I don’t mean to be rude. Simply…I don’t know what types of alphas you’ve had in the past. But I don’t need you constantly submitting to me as proof of our relationship.”

Seokjin’s breath caught, and he unconsciously tilted his head to the side, neck more available for Namjoon’s bite. “I didn’t mean to upset you. Most alphas prefer that type of language. Of course my goal is to be your helpmate and support you in all that you wish.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes, “I understand that life gives us hard choices and they constrain our opportunities. We both made choices to come together and live as a unit because of the times we live in and our societal expectations. As mates my goal in life is to support your aspirations just as much as mine, wherever that may lead us.”

Seokjin nodded, hands slightly shaking. “You’re very kind. I…I can’t promise I will be as honest with my dreams while we still get to know each other, but I promise to try.”

Namjoon smirked then, his voice raspier, his tone made a blush creep up Seokjin’s cheeks; “in any case, you’ll see that I’m your alpha in all the ways that matter soon enough.”

He approached Seokjin then on light steps, lips coming to nip at Seokjin’s neck. He stepped back with a wide grin, and Seokjin knew Namjoon could smell his deepening arousal.

Jimin and Taehyung had appeared first, new fresh wildflowers in their hair and lilac colored silk that made Seokjin want to swoon with envy as he rubbed his frayed white cuffs on his only good shirt.

The table had at least been set nicely, the rough hewn oak Namjoon had handmade contrasted nicely with Namjoon’s mothers' silver and a white pressed linen tablecloth Seokjin had quickly sown together, bluebells decorating the table.

Taehyung smiled when he sat down, “at least there’s someone else with good taste in this town now.”

“Taehyung!" said Jimin with a grin, but he didn’t contradict him.

“Are people so very rustic?” said Seokjin, keeping an eye on Jungkook who had decided to turn the silverware into a pair of drum sticks.

Namjoon took the cutlery with a quick sleight of hand, all while pulling a coin from behind Jungkook’s ear, which sent Jungkook into peals of laughter. Seokjin smiled. It was nice to parent with someone else, even if it was only for a few hours.

“Mostly single ranch hands. Most came for gold out West. Those who had the skill stuck it out for the more consistent cattle income. Some like Namjoon here have focused more on breeding horses.”

“Do they do quite well?” Seokjin murmured as he laid down the meat pie.

Jimin laughed as Namjoon blushed slightly. “He got second at The Travers Stakes last year.”

“Is that very good?” said Jungkook hesitantly.

“I can’t compete against the larger east coast breeders. But with a bit of luck I can get a good stallion.”

“You get the money from the breeding afterwards,” said Seokjin to Jungkook. “My grandfather bought a filly once just because of the color of its coat.”

“Your grandfather bought a racer bred filly?” Jimin asked with a surprised look.

“Ah, that was a very long time ago,” said Seokjin with a quiet air.

Luckily, the drawl of a deep voice rang out, “Namjoon-ah?”

“Ah, that’s Yoongi,” said Namjoon with a smile.

Yoongi-ah was a handsome and pale alpha, scent heavy with sandalwood and an undertone of lavender, sporting a wide cowboy hat with a sheriff star on the bridge.

The omega behind him was handsome and lithe, stomach round with child. His scent had been stripped down to bleach, a clear sign that he’d overwhelmed his nervous system with suppressants so as to overwhelm the many marking scents of alpha. He had a pecan pie in his hands.

“Hello,” said Seokjin, “thank you for the welcome gift.”

Hoseok ‘s face dropped as he looked at the table, and Yoongi’s face flattened into the same unknowable lines.

“It’s polite,” said Hoseok with a brittle grin and said little else as the food was served.

The lunch was not so awkward as Seokjin had dreaded.

Everyone at the table had been charmed by Jungkook’s rapid fire questions about everything from how Taehyung and Jimin pressed silk to how Yoongi caught bad guys.

By the end, everyone was happily full and a little drunk, retreating to the living room for a quick coffee, Seokjin declaring he would do the dishes before joining them.

Namjoon had promised to make dinner in response, even as Yoongi happily grumbled that he would have to come check to make sure they hadn’t been poisoned by Namjoon’s cooking.

The quiet breathing of Seokjin and the drizzling sound of the clean water had been accompanied by Hoseok appearing behind Seokjin in the kitchen, hand curved protectively around the baby bump.

“Is there something I can help you with?” said Seokjin.

Hoseok seemed to stumble over his words has he started speaking. “Yoongi’s friendship with Namjoon is very important to him. Please don’t keep him apart from Namjoon just because you dislike me?”

Seokjin cocked his head pleasantly, “and what makes you think I don’t like you?”

“Because you’re this blue blood Chicago lady who looks like you got carved from a piece of Grecian marble, and I’m a whore who got lucky to get pregnant when I did, and for Yoongi to take me in.”

Seokjin laughed then, head thrown back. “A blue blood Chicago omega? I lived in a tiny apartment unmarried with a pup. And worked fifteen hour days all while being unable to move out West to keep my son healthy and happy without mating an alpha I didn’t even know.”

Hoseok swallowed then, and his voice tightened. “ I didn’t mean to imply. I just don’t want you to look down on Yoongi or my baby because of me.”

Seokjin smiled, voice soft, “I would do anything for Jungkook. Anything. Would you do the same for your pup?”

“Anything and everything,” said Hoseok voice tinged with promise.

“Then I think we’ll be great friends,” said Seokjin, rose scent wafting over Hoseok.

Hoseok smiled, voice gentle, “I would enjoy that very much.”

 The next morning, Seokjin awoke to the sounds of laughing, heading downstairs, he strained two cups of coffee before walking outside, bare feet light against the stained wood.

Jungkook ran up, face spread in a wide grin. “Namjoon said he’d teach me how to ride!”

“Did he?” said Seokjin with a grin, hand curling through Jungkook’s hair as Namjoon approached.

“Morning,” said Namjoon with a grin, hesitantly coming to lay a light kiss on Seokjin’s cheeks.

“Before the wedding, I’ll have to get you both fitted with horses, just so you can get around or go to town if there’s an emergency.”

Seokjin nodded happily, “that makes sense.”

Namjoon smiled shily and pointed towards the barn. “Would you like to choose a horse?”

Seokjin approached the looming building hesitantly, but was pleasantly surprised at the clean stalls, fresh air and cheerful horses.

“That’s mine,” said Namjoon, pointing to a large pure black stallion, who carried his breeding in every inch of his muscles, “Sleipnir.”

“Like from the myths,” Seokjin said kindly, hand coming to trace over the horse’s mane as he nuzzled his hand.

“Which one’s mine?” said Jungkook, looking around excitedly. Namjoon pointed at a small pony, gently tied up to a post. “That’s Dora.”

Jungkook’s face fell, and his voice came out low; “but I wanted a real horse.”

Seokjin stiffened, hands reaching for Jungkook. An alpha could tolerate Jungkook’s usually positive temperament, but would never react well to an unexpected meltdown in a young child.

As always Namjoon surprised him, kneeling to be eye to eye with Jungkook. “You start with a poney so that when you’re old enough for a larger horse you’re ready to ride and won’t hurt the horse in the process. Does that make sense?”

Jungkook nodded hesitantly. “I understand. Could we go for a ride now?”

A few minutes later, Jungkook had started a very slow trot with Dora, who stopped at every patch of grass, while Namjoon carefully rode Sleipnir with one hand on the reins and Seokjin rode a beautiful auburn mare named Epona with a smooth, graceful gait.

Namjoon glanced sideways at him after a few long moments. “You ride well. Extremely well.”

Seokjin’s hands stiffened, but his voice stayed level.

Namjoon swallowed hesitantly before continuing. “You are clearly well read and well educated with absurdly beautiful manners and deportment. You ride a horse like a lady born to it. So how do you end up alone raising a son by yourself?”

Seokjin, turned sideways, eyes welling with tears as he glared at the pinkish violet horizon. Namjoon’s voice continued smoothly, “I don’t mean to hurt you Seokjin, or cause you harm, but I wish to be a comfort and a kindness to you and for that, honesty is needed.”

“I know nothing of you,” Seokjin replied woodenly.

Namjoon, smiled; “I am the youngest of six. My alpha father runs a mildly successful wholesale grain store near Boston, so I grew up near horses. My omega mother has supplemented her income as a caretaker at the local church. When I raised enough money to go out West, they were glad to see me go and keep the income from feeding me. When I started sending money home, they were even happier. Banal perhaps, and sometimes difficult, but never cruel.”

Seokjin sighed, but he reached out with one trembling hand to thread his through Namjoon’s.

“My childhood was supposedly idyllic. My parents were old money, based in investments that were running dry, but they remained in denial, running on credit and favors. I was their only child and when I was sixteen I learned I was to be engaged to the alpha who ran a major bank. He was in his sixties and on his third omega. I cried, screamed but consented in the end. I was raised to be obedient and so I did nothing else.”

Seokjin took a long breath and Namjoon squeezed his hand, comfort and protection arching his frame.

“One day his son from his second marriage, a rake if there ever was one, came over.  He said he came to speak on behalf of his father because he had heard of his distate for the match. I had never been alone with an alpha before, but my parents were so desperate for the arrangement to work they did not care.

He raped me in that room, cruel and uncaring. I left and washed myself clean. I spoke of it to no one. If I had not gotten pregnant…

In any case, when discovered, my future husband came to me. He said he had no objections to the match. I had proven my breeding skills and was a broken-in omega.I refused to live in the same home as his son. I told him his son had violated me. I told my parents the same. He called me a lying whore and broke the engagement.”

Namjoon snarled, eyes flashing alpha red. Seokjin kissed his palm, gaze distant.

“When his creditors came to get return the monetary advances he had given my parents, they threw me out. Last I heard, they ran to New York, where my mother has family, to flee the debt sharks. My old maid luckily got me work at the factory. I bore Jungkook on the floor of a public hospital in the wing for those who could not afford a doctor and I raised Jungkook alone.”

Seokjin’s eyes turned steely as he turned to face Namjoon. “I would never abandon him.”

Namjoon shook his head, “he has all the best parts of you in him and he is a true credit to you. I would be honored to welcome him as my son.”

Seokjin could not keep from crying then, as he brought Namjoon in for a kiss.

Seokjin had never imagined his wedding day to be cloudy, with the occasional thunderstrike.  The day had been muggy and hot, the last mile to town sopping wet although it had little dimmed the cheer the whole town felt as they came to church emboldened by the caskets of beer Yoongi had found, which would tide them over while Seokjin dressed.

Taehyung smiled as he pinned Seokjin’s dress in closer, silk rustling; “a rainy wedding is good luck, I do promise you.”

Seokjin laughed then, “I think you just made that up to make me feel better, for which I am thankful.”

Jimin giggled too, hands twisting in the lace of Seokjin’s makeshift bouquet, pearls clinking; “Taehyung proposed to me in a barn, on the way out West. It matters very little compared to the love itself.”

Seokjin smiled at that statement before catching a glimpse of a shadow in the reflection of the ornate mirror that reigned over the dressing room.

“Hoseok,” he called out.

The other omega approached gracefully then, hand curved around his stomach, creased letter clutched in his hand. “Yoongi received your letter this morning. Perhaps it was meant for another, or I read it wrong…”

Taeyung arched an eyebrow, “is there another Hoseok in this town?”

Jimin pushed Hoseok’s cheek up to catch the light of the chandelier before Hoseok could respond,  murmuring “some green I think, topaz perhaps? Mixed with some champagne?” before wandering into the back of the store.

“I needed my third bridesmaid,” Seokjin stated, “and I could think of no another I would want by my side.”

Hoseok’s smile was brilliant then, even if his cheeks reddened, but he said nothing, just clasped Seokjin’s hand in his own.

The wedding had been merry, the vows quick, their mating bites soft and loving. The poking and prodding had been very worth it to see the awe in Namjoon’s eyes at his wedding dress. The priest stated he was the most beautiful bride he had ever seen. Jungkook, the ring bearer, had giggled in excitement.

The thunderstorm had passed, quickly as it came, leaving behind a magnificient orange sky, so everyone had migrated outside passing around plates of ribs, potato salad and macaroni and cheese.

At the end, Namjoon came up to make a toast, Seokjin’s hand clasped in his.

Seokjin feared his ears permanently red from Namjoon’s whispers about their wedding night and he was earnestly grateful that Hoseok had declared that he and Yoongi would take care of Jungkook tonight, stating it would make good practice for them both while smiling knowingly in Seokjin's direction.

Namjoon turned to Seokjin, eyes misty, voice proud. “I had asked for so very little and see what I have received. I could not have dreamed of you even in my heart of hearts for you are all and more. I will love you the rest of my days, caring and cherishing you above all.”

Jungkook cried out then, voice bright and happy, “to Eomma and Appa!” and the town cheered.

Seokjin smiled at that, for he was finally home