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The Return of Ben Solo

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“Why must love hurt, why does it seem like anyone can love me. Even if I show just a little glimpse of who I really am I will not be accepted, But this girl, This scavenger from Jakku. Reached out not out of anger. But she cared. She cared.” As Kylo starts to process this he starts to well up in tears. That has not happened in years. He has not been allowed to feel. Always told what to do. That is all about to change.




Kylo felt her force signature. “Rey” he whispered. She was coming to him. But in one of his fathers escape pods .He despised that ship. He raced quickly over to the pod as it opened. He saw her. Rey. “Ben?” She uses that name. But he does not correct her. Kylo has no choice but stormtroopers to come and cuff her. In their eyes she was the enemy. But she knows she is not in danger as she just looks into his amber eyes. They both have some time to themselves But Kylo knows if he says what he has planned to do both of them surly would die.




“Rey” “Ben” She comes up close to his face looking into his eyes full of love and concern. Almost as if she knew what had to take place in order for him to be free. Kylo leans into her closing the gap of space between them. “Rey before we go in. I need to tell you. Thank you for helping me feel again.” “Ben. I have always loved you ever since the first time I saw you. Even though I was strapped into a chair for interrogation. But. You did not hurt me. When I heard what happened to you.” A sob escapes her lips. Kylo brings his hand up to wipe a tear away from her cheek. Rey “It’s not your falt. Ben. It’s not your fault.” “Rey my dear Rey I know you have helped me know it was not. Rey I love you to.” Kylo leans in the last couple inches and kisses her deeply.




The elevator doors open.




To Kylo everything was a blur. It pained him to see Snoke read her mind. See all of her darkest moments. He has no right to do that. Somehow Rey got his lightsaber. And all of a sudden his lightsaber was spinning right in front of him on the floor. Snoke speakers but it goes in one ear and out the other. Rey is right in front of him. Snoke gripping her with the force. Kylo “I know what I have to do” Kylo starts to turn his lightsaber to trick Snoke as he moves his other hand and suddenly slices him in half. The praetorian guards were at the ready. Kylo was acting on pure instinct. Giving frequent glances over to Rey. It seemed like forever but every single one was killed.




“Ben?” “It’s over Rey it’s finally over.” “Ben we need to help the resistance. Please. For me.” “Rey no one will accept me I am a monster.” “Ben no you, you are not a monster. Not to me. “I will make them accept you even if they like it or not.” “Rey. You promise?” “Yes Ben. I will not leave your side.”




They both leave. And head to the resistance.