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The Return of Ben Solo

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Ben is the first one to wake up looking at Rey in awe. Moving his fingers to push away stray hair and giving her a kiss on the forehead. Rey flutters her eyes open and stretches “Mmmm morning Ben.” She looks into his ember eyes as she leans in giving him a kiss. “We should be at the base by now. She begins to get up when she feels him pull her down to rest on his chest. “Rey love can we just stay here for a few more minutes….. Please?” “Alright but as soon as I here a beep I am getting up Solo.” Ben laughs with a low rumble making Rey smile.


Beep,Beep,Beep,Beep. ”Well I guess that means I have to let you get up Darling?” He puts his lip out with a sad look. “Ok now what is that look Mr.?” “It’s called the sad porg.” “Um what is a porg?” “It’s an avian creature with huge eyes, usually brown and white, but most important they are so freaking cute. But….. The only problem is I have no idea where they live.” Ben lets Rey go and she runs to the cockpit. Ben stays in the bed not ready to even sit in the cockpit. Let alone fly the falcon yet.


Rey yells from across the falcon. “Oh I have seen many Porgs!” Ben gets out of Bed and sits in a room close to the cockpit but close enough for him not to shout. ”You, you have?” “Yes they are everywhere on Ach-to.” “Ach, what?” “Ach-to that’s where, where Luke has been hiding.” Ben dosn’t need to say anything for her to feel the fear, anger, and hurt from him. “B-ben i’m sorry, I know by being on the falcon already is not easy for you. I - I should not of said anything Ben i’m-” “You don’t need to be sorry for answering a question cyar’ika.”


Rey starts the process of landing.


The falcon lands.


”Ben we’re here.”


Rey gets up and goes into the room Ben is in.

“Ben?” She sits beside him and hugs him as she kisses his forehead. A tear falls down his cheek. Rey brings up a hand and wipes his tear away from his cheek. “We’ll do this together.” All he can do is nod his head.


After a few more minutes of Rey holding him. He knows with her that he has the strength to do it as long as she is by his side.


“Rey thank you, I would not be able to do this without you.” “Your welcome sweetheart.”


Ben starts to stand up so Rey starts to stand as well. They both look at each other in front of the door. “Ben are you ready?” “As ready as I can be.”


Rey presses the button to the ramp.


It lowers.


There is a crowd surrounding the falcon.


Rey first sees Finn then, Poe, Rose ,and Leia.


Ben has been behind Rey the whole time even though he knows he is not hiding very well. He slowly comes out from behind her.


A gasp comes from the crowd.


Poe, Finn, and Rose have a look of confusion.


Leia walks up to Ben putting her hand on his scar as tears escape her eyes. Ben starts to cry. Rey does as well. “Mom. I.” Leia speaks as her Ben and Rey kneel to the ground in a hug. Leia speaks in between her sobs. “I know sweetheart, I know sweetheart. My son is home.”