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how sweet, the suffering

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Wei Ying is sprawled out on their bed, on his front, scrolling through twitter on his phone. He’s waiting for Lan Wangji to get home, which should be pretty soon now. He likes a video of a rabbit throwing a tantrum when its owner won’t let it sit in their lap while they’re pooping, and sends it to Lan Wangji, along with the message ‘it me c:’. He won’t see it for days, probably, but when he does it might make him smile. He keeps scrolling.

With a big sigh, Wei Ying rolls over, making sure to keep his rabbit under his arm, and holds his phone above his head. Maybe he should go bug the kitchen staff for a snack before he gets home- he won’t find out if he uses his Charms to persuade them to keep it a secret. There might be some leftovers of that lemon meringue pie that they had the night before-

With uncharacteristic force, the door swings open, hitting the wall and making Wei Ying jump. He half sits up, concerned,

“Lan Zhan?”

“Clothes off, on your knees.” Lan Wangji shuts the door behind him, locking it decisively. “Hands behind you back. Be still.”

“Ok!” Wei Ying squeaks, nervous but not scared. Lan Wangji stares him down until he corrects himself. “Yes, daddy.” He scrambles out of his shorts and t-shirt in record time, stomach roiling in anticipation, and goes to kneel on the wooden floor, legs open to properly expose himself. His knees are going to be aching by the end of this, he knows. 

He breathes in a steadying breath, and watches Lan Wangji from the corner of his eye. If he turns his head, he will get in trouble: ‘don’t move’ means he can’t leave, but ‘be still’ means he can’t move a muscle. His fingers, interlaced behind his back, are already clammy. It’s difficult to resist wriggling; his cock, half hard already in anticipation, hangs uncomfortably between his thighs.

He wants to ask what’s wrong, wants to find out why his daddy is in such a foul mood, but he knows more than anything that doing what he’s told is the best way to help him right now. 

Lan Wangji kicks off his oxfords, and shrugs off his jacket, roughly but still fastidiously folding it, to leave it on their bed. He moves around, and Wei Ying can’t see him anymore, can only hear the rustle of him taking off his waistcoat and tie. He gulps.

A drawer opens and closes.

Is he getting out the cane? Wei Ying shivers.

Lan Wangji steps into view, and his hand slides onto his head. Both of his hands are empty.

His palm seems to encompass the entirety of Wei Ying’s scalp, and he tils Wei Yings head upwards, to look at him. He looks so big from down here, and Wei Ying is so tiny next to him. One socked foot nudges under Wei Ying’s balls, and Wei Ying has to work very hard not to react.

"My good boy," he says ominously, tucking his hair behind his ear, "Tell daddy about your day, sweetheart."

“Huh? Uhm,” Wei Ying is thrown off. That is absolutely not what he was expecting. Lan Wangji is waiting for him to say something, though, and he wants to make him feel better, if he can! So Wei Ying shrugs internally, and launches into his story.

“Well, uhh, I woke up and you were gone already, but I found your note on the side table. It said that you left a kiss on my forehead, so I didn’t want to wash my face, but I did it anyway, because being clean is important. Um. I folded up the note and put it in my pocket, and then I went downstairs to have breakfast. Miss Li helped me get the, um, the jiaozi from yesterday ready, and we ate them on the veranda.”

He wonders where Lan Wangji is going with this. Does he just want to listen to Wei Ying talk? 

“I spent the morning in the gardens, helping Mr. Zhang doing the weeding out in the back of the herb garden, and I got really muddy, so Madam Chen wouldn’t let me in the house until I took my shoes off, and I had to go shower before she let me have lunch.” He pouts. He had been really hungry, and Madam Chen had threatened to tell his daddy about his misbehaviours if he didn’t go and bathe immediately. He glosses over that part.

“Anyway,” he says, getting more into this now, “We had lunch in the kitchen, not the dining room, because Miss Li didn’t want to lay the table in there, and…I...” He trails off, eyes caught by the motion of Lan Wangji’s free hand, the one not on his head, cupping his crotch, right in front of his face. He blinks.


A sharp impact on his cheek has him blinking harder. His eyes are watering.

“Daddy?” Wei Ying whimpers, hands clasping tighter together behind his back, against the sting.

“Did I tell you to stop?”

“No. Sorry, daddy. Um. I, uh, we had lunch in the kitchen, and um,” he watches, wide eyed, as Lan Wangji undoes the clasp on his trousers one-handed, “it was really, really good. Um.” Wei Ying’s mind has gone blank.

“Daddy, I don’t remember… what,” he frowns, trying to recall what exactly he had for lunch. Lan Wangji’s cock is hard and prominent, even still concealed by his underwear. Lan Wangji’s grip on Wei Ying’s head tightens.

Think , sweetheart. I know you can.” Lan Wangji’s voice is a low rumble, the sound of it goes straight to Wei Ying’s cock. He tries to nod, but he can’t.

“Um. After we ate, I went back to the study, to carry on reading the book you got me, the one...” Lan Wangji pulls the waistband of his underwear down. Wei Ying swallows. “Um, the one about genetics. I wanted to finish it before you, um, before you went back to the city. So I could ask for a new one. ”

Wei Ying’s cheek smarts. It’s hard to concentrate on what he did today (boring and unimportant!!) when his daddy’s cock is right there . Lan Wangji holds it in his hand, all nonchalant, scant centimeters from his face. All he wants is to lean forward, and take it in his mouth, but he’s supposed to be staying still .

“I think I made it to chapter fourteen,” he finds himself saying, like it’s another person using his mouth, “but that’s not even halfway through, so I need to keep reading it. I’m learning so much about behavioural epigenetics. I’m really happy that you bought it for me, daddy! It’s already one of my favourite books, I really respect the author so much. It’s so interesting to consider how-”

Lan Wangji guides his cock forwards, so the tip rests on the corner of his mouth. Dumbly, Wei Ying lets his mouth fall open to welcome it, glad he’s finally going to be able to make his daddy feel good. He shuts his eyes-


The force of this smack would send him listing sideways if his daddy weren’t holding him tightly already.

Daddy?! ” Wei Ying wails. This stings twice as strongly as before. He’s definitely crying now, the tears flowing over his cheeks. It hurts!

“If my A-Ying insists on being disobedient, then he should know what is coming.” Wei Ying whines, wordlessly at that. Lan Wangji roughly jerks his head, prompting him to speak up properly, like a good boy. Wei Ying sniffles.

“Yes, daddy. Thank you for always reminding me.” 

“Continue.” Lan Wangji orders, holding his cock to Wei Ying’s mouth again.

“Mm?” Wei Ying’s thoughts are all hazy. What was he supposed to be saying? Ah, right, his day. “I was- was reading . Madam Chen had to come get me after a few hours, because my sister was calling, and she wanted to chat.” Lan Wangji slowly starts to roll his hips forwards, so Wei Ying is forced to talk around the blunt head. It’s makes all his words come out sounding stupid, and wet and garbled, but his daddy is relentless. 

“She had to knock on the door three times because I was concentrating,” he has to pause to swallow all the saliva gathering in his mouth, “so hard, I didn’t hear her at first. She m-made me come down to the sitting room to take the phone call, because she wanted to see the baby photos herself as- ngh- as well.” 

Wei Ying’s eyebrows draw together. He doesn’t want to talk about his nephew right now, but he doesn’t know what else to say. “He’s almost a- ngh a year old, and it’s his- his birthday in three weeks.” Lan Wangji holds Wei Ying steady, and forces his cock deeper into his mouth. He stops, when Wei Ying is maybe halfway down his length, and leaves him there. 

Ahnm, mmf, gh, mm, fmm, ” he manages to get out, trying to tell him that he talked with his sister for almost an hour before she had to go. He hears Lan Wangji’s controlled breathing stutter, just for a moment. He forces out another garbled sentence, trying to ignore the drool dribbling down his chin, the tears rolling over his cheeks. He’s making such a mess .

Lan Wangji drives in deeper before pulling back, fucking his face with an assertive fluidity. Wei Ying moans and mumbles. He does his best not to catch his teeth on skin. 

The words don’t seem to matter as much as the effort he’s putting into saying them, so Wei Ying gives up on trying to actually be understood. He makes noises around Lan Wangji’s cock, with intonations that sound like sentences, but aren’t really much of anything. He finds a strange kind of rhythm, breathing at the right moments so he doesn’t choke.

Head empty of thoughts, Wei Ying involuntarily grinds forward, cock dragging against Lan Wangji’s shin. Lan Wangji pulls out of his mouth, a wet trail of spit oozing onto his bare chest.


Wei Ying’s vision goes sparkly for a few seconds. He sobs. The left side of his face feels inflamed, throbbing in time with his elevated heartbeat. He digs his nails into his skin.

“A-Ying, you disappoint me.” 

“No! No , daddy, I’m sorry! Please, I can be good, please! I’ll be still! I promise.”

“Hm.” He sounds like he doesn’t believe him. Wei Ying opens his mouth, waiting obediently. Lan Wangji’s hand moves back onto his head, but this time, his fingers take a handful of his hair. Wei Ying gasps at the new sting.

Lan Wangji fucks his face without remorse. It takes everything in him to keep up, to keep still, to keep from gagging. His cock pulses between his legs, and he forces his muscles to lock into position. 

Vision blurred, he watches his daddy’s face- he doesn’t give much away, besides ruthless satisfaction. So instead, he screws his eyes shut tight, and focuses on doing his best. He has to make him feel good. Wei Ying wonders distantly if his daddy can tell that he’s stopped telling him about his day, and started begging him for more.

Abruptly, Lan Wangji’s cock forces into his throat, and Wei Ying shudders as Lan Wangji comes in hot spurts. He imagines he can feel it going down, pooling in his stomach. His hips pulse forward, deeper, pressing his nose up against his pubic bone, until he finishes.

Lan Wangji swiftly pulls out of Wei Ying’s mouth, and tucks himself into his pants. He crouches in front of him, using his shirt sleeve to wipe his face drool and tears. Wei Ying coughs, weakly. His mouth feels loose and empty, like closing it is wrong. Lan Wangji cups his cheek, running his thumb over the tender area. It feels awful and so good at the same time.

Daddyyy …” Wei Ying whimpers. His voice is raw.

“Mn, that’s enough, sweetheart. You did so well.” Lan Wangji takes him into his arms and, with a casual display of strength, lifts him off the floor. Wei Ying flings his arms around him, and squeezes him tight. Lan Wangji carries him over to the bed, where he sits, and arranges Wei Ying in his lap, stroking up and down his back soothingly. His rabbit appears, and Wei Ying holds onto her gratefully. Wei Ying shoves his face into his daddy’s neck, glad for the comfort and support.

His daddy gives the best hugs, always.

“Would you like to come, darling?”

“Mhm.” Wei Ying hums, nodding into Lan Wangji’s shoulder. Lan Wangji laughs- Wei Ying can feel it, more than hear it- and gently caresses his thighs. Wei Ying shivers, face never leaving the safety of Lan Wangji’s skin as he slowly strokes him off. He rubs his sore cheek against the fine threads of his daddy’s shirt, both alleviating some of the pain, and making it worse at the same time.

“So proud of my little angel,” Lan Wangji whispers into his hair, “you worked so hard for daddy today.” Wei Ying keens. Lan Wangji’s hand encircles his cock so easily, thumb rubbing at his slit. He always manages to make him feel so small and loved. He takes care of him so well. 

It really takes no time at all for him to come; he was already so close anyway.

“What a good boy you are. So good for me,” Lan Wangji praises, as he sighs and makes a further mess of himself. His spend sits warm on his stomach, until Lan Wangji wipes him off with a handkerchief. Still feeling floaty, he emerges from his daddy’s shoulder to look at his face. Lan Wangji kisses his nose.

Hurts .” he pouts, kicking his legs a little.

“I know, I know sweetheart.” He reaches behind him and produces a small tub of ointment. That must be what he was getting out of the drawer, earlier! What excellent forethought! Wei Ying holds the tub, so Lan Wangji can open it without letting go of him, and sits still for him while he applies it. The gentle touch makes him jump at first, but then he’s leaning into it as the numbing cream does it’s job.

“I think you’re going to bruise. I should have taken off my ring. I’m sorry, angel.”

Wei Ying shakes his head. He likes having bruises, and his daddy knows this- the evidence just usually isn’t on his face. His knees are almost always somewhere between purple and faded yellow.

“It’s ok, daddy. Do you feel better now?” Wei Ying asks. Lan Wangji pauses where he was massaging cream into his cheek.

“I do, sweetheart. Thank you.”

“Then I’m glad.”

“Mn. Love you so much. Open.” Wei Ying opens his mouth wide, so Lan Wangji can check for bleeding, just in case. There isn’t any- Wei Ying would have been able to taste it, but it makes him feel better to check.

“I ‘ove you ‘oo!” Wei ying says, without closing his mouth. Lan Wangji taps his chin, signalling that he can close it now. “I love you too,” he says again.

“Would you like to eat evening meal up here tonight?” Lan Wangji asks. “You can tell me about your day properly.” Wei Ying grins, and kisses his daddy’s jaw.

“Of course!”