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Body Language

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“Fuck?” Kara glanced at Lena with a quizzical expression. She tried to reach out for Lena but as soon as her hand touched Lena’s bare thigh, Lena’s muscles tensed, and she jumped away.

“Don’t touch me.” Lena snatched the thin blanket and covered her body. Her lower lip was trembling, and her eyes looked like they were about a second away of bursting into tears.

“i :zhao?” Kara said with a worried frown. She released calming pheromones which made Lena ease up.

“What did you say?” Lena tightened the hold of her blanket around her.

“Lena, i :zhao.” Kara hesitated. It looked like she tried to say more but eventually, nothing came out of her mouth.

It was frightening. The person in Lena’s bedroom suddenly started speaking a different language. Kara wasn’t Kara anymore. She seemed like a totally different person now that Lena finally viewed her as the actual stranger she was. Lena didn’t even know her last name or her age or anything at all except her name.

Her stupid fucking cute name.

“W-what does that mean why are you calling me like that?” Lena stepped back until her back hit the wall of her bedroom.

It was a hopeless case. Kara didn’t respond to any of her questions. Maybe she didn’t even understand her.

Lena closed her eyes as a single tear dropped down her cheek. Her lips stopped quivering and she massaged her temples to ease the tension that had increased during the phone call with Andrea. She trailed her hand down to the side of her neck where her fresh and still swollen mating bite was located.

Kara’s mating bite.

Fuck. That was the last bridge to hold everything together. Her lips began shaking again and Lena let her body slide down the wall without opening her eyes. Tears spilled out of her eyes despite them being shut tightly.

The skin on her body felt foreign to her as if someone else possessed it. There was still the shamefully pleasant ache between her legs that made Lena recall the shower sex from this morning.

How could she be this stupid? How the fuck did she not notice that she wasn’t in a simulation. How did Lena fucking Luthor with an IQ four times higher than her age not catch the fact that she never entered a simulation?

A warm hand wiped away her tears on her cheeks.

“Lena no cry.” Lena opened her eyes and met big and concerned blue ones.

As much as Kara’s touch felt serene on her skin, it also felt like a Bunsen burner being held under her arm.

Lena withdrew her arm where Kara had placed her other arm and moved away from Kara’s grasp. Now she started pacing around the room as she reflected on her last memories with Kara. Many questions started to brew up inside Lena.

“Who are you? I-I don’t even know you. Where are you from, did Lex send you here? Is it money that you want? DID Lillian send you?!” Lena continued to pace around the room without even waiting for an answer since she was pretty sure that Kara spoke no English.

“How did you get scones from Ireland in under an hour? How did you hear Andrea on the phone? Why didn’t you break a sweat when we- when we- we- FUCK!” Lena pressed her palms against her eyes. “How the FUCK did you even get inside my apartment?”

Lena fell on the floor and hugged her legs while burying her face on her knees. She heard - no – felt Kara kneeling beside her and hug her from the side.

“Lena ouchie?” She asked with her sweet voice as she held onto Lena protectively.

“Yes, I’m fucking hurt and I don’t want your comfort.” Lena bawled loudly and broke away from Kara’s embrace again.

“Kara stop?” Kara asked while knitting her brows in distress and remained knelt on the floor where Lena had previously crumbled on.

“Yes, just don’t touch me anymore, please.” Lena pleaded and hugged her own body to earn some own comfort, but it worked terribly.

Finally, the doorbell rang, and Lena was never more relieved to hear the sound of a doorbell ringing. She looked at Kara who was shaking her head pleadingly. Fuck her, Lena stormed towards the door, but Kara grabbed her waist and prevented her from opening the door.

“Lena no go away.”

“I said don’t fucking touch me!” Lena yelled and pushed Kara away with so much force that Kara tripped and fell on the floor.

Tears ran down Kara’s pink cheeks as she sobbed on the floor. “Lena,” She begged with a broken voice.

But Lena wasn’t buying it. This was all a show, she was certain. Lex was surely behind all this to make her go insane. She must admit it was working pretty well.

However, a tiny piece of her brain thought that everything that had happened with Kara was genuine because why would an Alpha let Lena mark her if not for the tiniest feeling of a connection between them.

And the way how Kara had presented herself in front of Lena to show her that she was ready to be bitten. It was an extraordinary way of showing yourself in front of an Omega. Alphas generally never knelt down in front of Omegas.

Lena wasn’t blind and their body languages considerably spoke for themselves. There was at least a bit of attraction on both ends. If that was all indeed a show, then Lena was at loss.

Something was strange about Kara, that part was unquestionable, but Lena couldn’t pinpoint what it could possibly be.

While being torn apart by two different worlds, the doorbell rang again, this time followed with a loud knock.

“Lena, Lena are you there?” Came with a muffled voice from the other side of the door.

Right, Andrea was coming.

Lena painfully tore her gaze away from Kara who was still crying on the floor and sobbing in a foreign language. She hastily walked to the door and opened it.

“Lena what the fuck is wro—” Andrea faltered when she saw Lena’s expression, “—ng with you.” Andrea’s nostrils flared as she stepped into the penthouse and inhaled the clearly prominent scent of distress.

“There’s a stranger in my bedroom sobbing in a foreign language probably because we mated and I don’t know if I should believe this show she’s pulling off since I think Lex might be involved in this and I really don’t know what to do.” Lena croaked silently with a thick lump in her throat.

“Hold on, hold on, slowly. She did WHAT?”

As if someone summoned her, Kara showed up in no time in front of Lena and growled at Andrea. Her eyes and cheeks were still red from all the crying, but she appeared tall and protective of her new mate.

Andrea panicked and pulled out a taser out of her bag. She pointed it at Kara’s throat and turned it on. “Move and I will cook you with this thing.” She threatened.

What Kara did was probably something both Lena and Andrea never would’ve expected. She sticked out her hands almost horizontally to make sure Lena wasn’t getting harmed and she took a step forward, pressing her neck onto the laser of the taser.

Her whole body shook, and she closed her eyes in pain, but she held her tall and protective posture in front of Lena. Eventually, she took a deep breath and the trembling of her body lessened. It seemed like she was used to being tortured by those kinds of weapons, therefore her body had created some sort of resistance against it with time.

She opened her eyes and spoke with a fragmented voice. “Ouchie Kara yes. Ouchie Lena no.” Her fists tightened until her knuckles went white and she gasped in relief when Andrea retreated her taser quickly.

Her whole body fell down like a heavy sack of potatoes onto the floor and she had to fix her hands on the floor to regain her balance.

And Lena sure wasn’t the only one with a stunned expression.

Over 200 bones in her body screamed at her to kneel down and soothe her Alpha but the smallest bone – the stapes – was snickering at her like a vicious little devil, telling her to kick Kara away in order to protect herself from being pulled into an emotional and vulnerable rollercoaster.

The only way Lena knew how to protect herself was to abort whenever she was slipping into something out of her comfort zone. There was no such thing as try something different.

All she knew was her grey life with two best friends and her job as partner.

But with Kara her life had a little bit of yellow and purple and some delicious red. Despite it making her feel complete, she knew that this happiness wouldn’t last forever. Everything had a deadline. Lillian taught her that on the hard way.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get the part of how you managed to transform this buff of an Alpha into your personal guard dog slash puppy.”

Lena was now very sure that Lex wasn’t involved in this. No matter how much power he had over people, there was no way he could manipulate someone into doing such a thing like Kara did just minutes ago. In fact, everything what Kara had done since she somehow got into her apartment.

“I thought this was all a simulation.” Lena whined with unresolved tension.

“How did you not know this wasn’t a simulation. Lena have you never noticed the bar to press pause or play while you were in an actual simulation?” Andrea raised an eyebrow.

“No,” Lena dragged the word out.

“Ay corazón mio,” Andrea snorted, “And your little puppy on the leash did what, shag your brains out?”

“I was in heat, okay?” Lena quickly defended herself.

“Mhm, and was she good?” Andrea looked at her smugly.

At that Lena had to glance down to Kara to review the sex with her. She bit her lower lip and squinted her eyes when she remembered Kara stretching and touching every little inch of her body.

“Hah, I caught that.” Andrea clapped her hands together so loudly, it startled both her and Kara.

“Caught what?” Lena pretended not to know what Andrea was talking about, but it was very much helpless at this point.

“Don’t play dumb. I assume it was indeed good.”

“I guess,” Lena’s shoulders sagged in defeat. There was no way to deny it. Not when her Alpha fucked the way she looked. So fucking good.

Speaking of her Alpha. Kara was still kneeling on the floor, blinking her gaze from Lena to Andrea and vice versa whenever one of them spoke. Her face had a mixture of attentiveness and cluelessness.

“Great I don’t see the problem here. Call me if you need anything. Bye puppy, sorry for tasing you.” Andrea rubbed Kara’s head and made herself ready to leave, but Lena stopped her.

“The problem is this.” Lena hissed and pulled her robe to the side to reveal her fresh mating bite.

Andrea’s eyes widened for a moment. Her gaze flickered between Lena’s marked neck and Lena’s eyes. “And?” Andrea gave her an expectant look.

“There’s no ‘and’. I’m mated to a stranger, Andrea. M-A-T-E-D. Do you understand what that means?”

“Yes, you’ll have this mark forever unless you want to remove it surgically. But your puppy—”

“Her name is Kara.” Lena interjected.

Kara perked up at the mention of her name and regaled Lena with a shy smile.

“—Kara is good in bed. People have mated for worse.” Andrea reasoned.

“Worse?” Lena formed a dumfounded expression on her face. “She could be a serial killer for all we know.” She whispered the last part, praying that Kara didn’t hear it.

“Well, has she tried to poison you?” Andrea crossed her arms.

That reminded Lena of her breakfast which Kara had made. “She’s made me pancakes with a smiley face on it. The poison could kick in soon.”

“Lena, there’s no way a serial killer would mate with you and then make pancakes with a smiley face on top and besides, have you looked at those innocent blue eyes?”

Lena looked at Kara and noticed a bracelet with a suspiciously glowing green stone in the middle of it. “Maybe her poison is in this bracelet?”

“Okay now you’re just looking for ridiculous excuses.” Andrea rolled her eyes.

Something inside Lena’s brain clicked. She furrowed her brows and glanced at the bracelet again. Something was off about it.

In the shower, when Lena had bitten and penetrated her skin with her teeth, Kara was wearing it. And earlier when Kara had pressed herself against Andrea’s taser, Lena knew that Kara felt the pain caused by it.

Kara hadn’t worn it yesterday, though. Lena saw it for the first time while showering this morning. Then after she woke up from her hourly nap, the bracelet was gone and now she was wearing it again.

But the thing that irritated her the most was that whenever Kara wore that bracelet, her body seemed more vulnerable.

Reluctantly, Lena knelt in front of Kara and grabbed her wrist with the bracelet.

Kara brushed her fingertips over Lena’s own wrist. She shut her eyes and whined silently. It seemed like Lena’s touch was soothing her.

Lena used that opportunity to clip the bracelet open and remove it from Kara’s wrist. Kara inhaled deeply and her body seemed to expand for a few centimetres.

“Give me the taser,” Lena turned her head towards Andrea and motioned with her hand to get the taser. “I wanna try something.”

Andrea complied and lowered the taser into Lena’s outstretched hand.

Without letting go of Kara’s soft grip, Lena switched on the taser, filling the room with nothing but the buzz of the taser. She slowly sank her hand with the taser and pressed it against the wrist where Kara’s bracelet had been.

Kara deliberately opened her eyes and met Lena’s gaze with intensity that spread chills over Lena’s body. The taser was touching Kara’s skin but this time she wasn’t flinching or doing anything at all. She stayed in the same position while rubbing her thumb on Lena’s wrist and staring at Lena vibrantly.

Her eyes proceeded to being locked with Lena’s liquid green ones. No one spoke a word. It was complete silence. The only thing Lena could feel was the energy being poured into her through her hold with Kara.

“Holy shit did you see that?” Andrea exclaimed, tearing their little spell into million pieces.

Lena blinked several times and extracted herself from Kara’s closeness (which she regretted but would never be able to admit).

“Yeah I did,” Lena answered with an even voice. “I think we should call Sam.”

Andrea nodded in agreement. “I was about to do that anyway to spill the goss but why do you wanna call her?” She asked while handing Lena her phone.

Lena opened the contacts app and scrolled down the list of contacts that Andrea had saved on her phone. She spotted Sam’s name, but it wasn’t the first thing that caught her eye. It was how Andrea had saved Russell.

Russ my forever Babyboy

Lena mentally cringed at the name but at the same time couldn’t hold back the snort. At least now she knew Andrea was serious about Russell because she never would’ve saved her causal fuck buddy with such a unique name.

She called Sam’s number and heard it ring. “I think I finally know where or rather what planet Kara is from.”