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It's in the voice

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Seo got up on the horse. She pointed up to the fireworks to Wakamatsu standing right below. Wakamatsu thought she looked beautiful, the fireworks shone on her face and added sparkles in her eyes. In that moment, he thought that whoever had rejected her was a fool. He quickly stopped that train of thought. What was he thinking? She was absolutely despicable. She was loud and brash, annoying. She never listened to anyone, but he couldn't help it. In that moment, she was the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on.

She caught his eyes and gave the most dazzling smile, beckoning him over to sit on the horse with her. He was about to refuse, but when he saw the look on her face, it had a sort of weird expression he couldn't quite understand. He gulped down his saliva, nervous and sat behind her, trying to rein his hormones in. Her skirt had ridden up and he couldn't help but look at her thighs. He moved his gaze away and was snapped back to reality. He was lost in Seo.


He wanted nothing but to pin her against this stone horse and kiss her senseless. He wanted to gulp her down, he wanted-


Seo said, "its beautiful, isn't it?", cutting him off from his train of unholy thoughts.
"Yeah", he said, not able to tear his eyes away from Seo.
He must've been whispering too close into her ear because she turned around in surprise to find him staring at her.
"What?" She questioned.

He gulped, but there must have been something in his expression, because the next thing he knew, their eyes were mere inches apart. His fingers felt clammy and his breathing got heavy. He could feel her short gasps of breath on his upper lip.


She cleared her throat and turned back to the sky. She leaned her back against his chest and cleared her throat. She started singing a beautiful melody. He stared at her in shock. He began to relax slowly as the melodious voice washed over him. He wanted to bathe in this sound. He wanted to dive deep into this voice, wanted it to ring through his soul. Seo turned around and touched his cheek, her finger came back moist. He didn't even realise that he had been crying. The moment her eyes met his, he couldn't hold himself back. He surged forward and placed a small kiss on her lips. He pulled back in shock. He didn't expect himself to get SO out of control. She pulled back a little and swung one leg over the other side and turned to face him.


"I've been waiting for you to do that for so long", Seo said
He made a surprised sound when she pulled him by the collar and moulded their lips together again, but this time there was more force behind it. He was shocked, but also relieved, to his own surprise. He slid his hands to cup her face. He slowly brought his hands towards her hair and tilted her neck to kiss her collarbones. She let out a moan and moved her hips against him raging boner, and it was like a string inside him snapped. He pulled away to move his hands towards her shirt button. He looked into her eyes, questioning her, waiting for permission.


"yes, yes God fuck yes do it", she moaned out in a hurry. That was all the approval he needed, he ripped the buttons off and held her full breasts in his hands, but she seemed to have other ideas because she slapped his hands away and unbuttoned his shirt. She hugged him close like that, chest to chest, and he felt like he would combust into flames of desire.

He was breathing hard when she reached up and grasped her hands into his hair, pulling him down to kiss him hard and passionately. She started gyrating her hips and he guided her until he felt good, he was giddy, he was drowning in his Seo, her voice, her hips, her eyes, this was everything he wanted, and he didn't even know. He pulled away and he felt her shift herself on top of him. Her thighs were on top of his and she wrapped them around his torso. She seemed to have found a good angle, because she let out a wonton moan and started grinding herself against him faster. She broke away from the kiss and started breathing hard. She threw her head back, never once stopping her movements, and


Wakamatsu saw her breasts covered in a layer of sweat. Her chest was heaving and her throat was glinting in the soft moonlight. He saw the sight before him and thought that this is a sight worth beholding. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. He wanted to store and cherish this memory forever. He was broken out of his reverie when she grabbed his hair and pulled him towards her chest. He held onto one of her breasts, and kissed the other. She let out a high pitched moan and pulled his head towards her nipple. When he began to kiss and fondle her nipples, she grinded down harder into his jeans.


"bite me, do it", Seo demanded.
He complied and she let out a harsh scream, shuddering and still riding him out. He began to feel a damp patch on his pants and it was the sexiest thing he could fathom. She continued to convulse on him for a few minutes, and he felt his jaw drop at the sight. When she finally came to a stop, she bent down and placed a soft kiss on his lips and gave him the most sex-addled smile he had ever seen. Her post orgasmic face was flushed, and her cheeks and neck were tinged a deep pink. Her eyes were full of mirth and he felt like the luckiest man ever.

"You haven't come yet, have you?", she said. He had
completely forgotten about his raging hard on; he was so caught up in her pleasure. She reached down and held his dick though his pants.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of that for you", she said, as she unzipped his pants and pulled his erection out.

"Oh uh uh yeah uh sure thank you-"
Whatever he was saying was cut off when her fingers touched his dick. He threw his head back and she took the opportunity to lick the column of his throat and kiss his jugular.

She looked down, "holy shit", she said, with wide eyes.

"What" he asked her, suddenly self-conscious.
When he heard no answer, he looked down at her and saw her still staring at his dick in her hand with eyes as wide as saucepans.

"What? Is my dick weird?"

"What? No!", she looked up through her eyelashes and whispered, "you're so huge, and so thick"
She punctuated that with a stroke of her hand. He moaned and bit his lip.

She seemed transfixed by his dick and kept stroking him. He put his palms on the stone behind him and threw his head back. When she stroked the head of his cock, he went crazy and jerked forward. She ran her other hand up from his v line all the way to his nipples and to the back of his neck. She tipped his head forward and looked deep into his eyes. She gave him a small smile while she moved her right hand faster on his cock, while bringing her left down to lightly caress his nipples. When she removed her hand to caress her own nipples, her eye rolled back, she began stroking his cock even faster, he lost it and threw his head back, eyes rolling to the back of his head as he let out a deep groan.


"I-I'm I'm coming," he gasped.
She looked into his eyes though her lashes and stroked him even faster.
He shouted her name and came all over her hand in spurts. She kept stroking him until he twitched and slapped her hand away. He weakly looked back at her and saw her examining her fingers. When she brought her hand to her mouth and licked a long strip from the heel of her hand to the tip of her little finger, he let out a groan and held her by the back of her neck, brining her lips close to his to kiss her tenderly.


She seemed taken aback because she froze for a second, before moving her lips to his rhythm. He felt her right hand still hanging beside her, so he took it and placed it on his chest. He broke away, loving the feeling of his cum, now cold, over his chest, right next to his left nipple. He lifted that hand and licked each of the fingers sweetly and immediately kissed her again. She moaned as she felt his cum on his tongue, and took some into her mouth. She swallowed right as he gently swiped a thumb across her lips, carefully holding her face like she was a glass princess. He looked into her eyes and felt his lips stretch into a wide smile.


"So it was you, huh?", he asked, with a slight smirk.
"Yepp, it was me, your lerolie", she replied, with a smirk of her own.
He let out a light chuckle and pressed their foreheads together.
"I'm so glad"