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Not Too close, Not Too Far

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Mulder giddily runs down the hallway into his and Scully’s office. He slaps the door frame which such enthusiasm it makes Scully jump.

“What’s going on Mulder - I haven’t seen you this excited since ... well ... ever”

“Look what we got here Scully,” Mulder walks closer to their messy desk as he gets the file ready. He whips the paper out to make it straight and then hands it to Scully.

“Right. What the hell is this? It just looks like a hole with shitty shading- which I’m assuming is just the news paper’s fault.”

“Scully this is amazing. The hole doesn’t have shitting shading. In fact it has the opposite- it has lighting.”

“Uh huh,” Scully says highly unimpressed.

“Ok, so I know that sounds extremely boring but just hear me out,” Mulder pulls down another one of his old fashioned slide shows. He goes through a bunch of pictures to help Scully visualize the x file from its origins up to now.

“Ok so... what am I supposed to be looking at?”

Mulder stops at a picture that shows the Tunnel O’ Love (the most 1960s title you could give a hole in the ground—and for good reason) lit up.

“Mulder it just looks like there’s lights in it. Why is this your new x file?” Scully says unamused.

“Scully you don’t get it- there are no lights. In fact this was the first thing they did - take a picture. They didn’t even touch the damn hole. The police just took a picture and ran away like the babies they are. I mean I don’t blame them - have you heard the legends of this thing?” He looks over at Scully who has a perfectly carved eyebrow raised with suspicion.

“Ok,” she says humoring his ambition and excitement, “what’s the deal with this... hole?”

“Legend has it that time and space and all known laws of physics breaks down in it. Have you ever heard of a white hole Scully?”

“I’m assuming you mean black hole mulder, and those are purely theoretical currently — only math knows of their existence,” she says with a skeptical sigh. There’s mulder going off about something spooky again- just like his well known brand said he would. The commercial from her coworkers was completely accurate - more than any other late night infomercial she’d ever witnessed.

“No Scully, a white hole. Though just as theoretical as the black hole, the white hole is the opposite of it. Black holes go into a point infinitesimally small. Potentially even smaller than the Planck length- the smallest length humans have pinpointed. It also sucks in everything in its path and leaves nothing behind. A true monster of nature. But white holes are the exact opposite- they spew everything out from a single point and are said to be the opposite end of a black hole. Both have the mystery of the hole - but white holes don’t suck you in - they throw you out.”

“Mulder, since when did you become a scientist? I thought that was my job,” remarked Scully.

“Oh don’t worry Scully, let me tell you where the sci meets the fi.” Scully giggles at the underwhelming play on words. Mulder flicks a switch and the slide show moves to the next image - a police report from the 60s where a couple reported the hole in the ground. Yes, they reported a hole.

“The police report titled it as ‘The Tunnel O’ Love’. The couple was said to be wondering in the thick woods of Bear Creek, Pennsylvania, when they stumbled across this interesting cave-ish hole. It was shaded in yellow - almost like there was a sun lighting it up from the inside. They thought that there might be candles in there and it would be a romantic place to... hang out. Long story short, once they hit the horizon of the hole, they were flicked out like tiny bugs trying to get on your dinner plate,” Mulder explained as he looked over to see his partner who was surprised at the ending. He felt accomplished knowing that he had gotten the message across to her.

“Well that took a turn. Why does the FBI need to get involved? Can’t they just block it off so no one can get hurt?” Scully asked bluntly.

“Yea, sure... but what’s the fun in that? This could be amazing to witness first hand! Oh yea and... the force of the blowback shredded them and the only reason why we know about the hole is because of a bystander who was stalking them,” Mulder said quickly and squeamishly like he was trying to get the breaking news out even though he really didn’t want to.

“The stalker then proceeded to tell a bunch of people and once word got out to the right person, there was a police report filed. In the mean time, while the news was trying to get to the right person, the stalker and his friends banded together to harness the energy of the white hole. Basically, we are looking for some extremely smart guys who figured out anything and everything about the white hole while simultaneously harnessing its powers. We need to investigate and find the men with these scientifically supernatural powers that were given to them. This all needs to happen before they take over the world with all their new found power. Remember they can shred anyone and anything. In an instant, Scully, life as we know it could be in tiny pieces,” Mulder took a breath from his speech as Scully started up her skeptical questioning as usual.

“Ok... so... why do they need us? Can’t anyone do this? It’s just a case of who has the... well... whatever it was again... and how come-“

“We are the only ones who believe this case, Scully. And even if there were investigators who did believe it, which there are a few, none of them dare to go the lengths we go,” Mulder interrupted with a bluntness more commonly associated with Scully’s rebuttals.

Scully sat there a bit stunned with all the news she had just received. Her brain was going lightening fast through solutions and excuses. Anything that could either help the case or get them away from the case she grasped on to. She didn’t know whether to get involved or not— this is more dangerous than anything they’ve ever done. For fucks sake - the laws of physics break down in this case. When has that ever happened... like... ever?

Mulder interrupts her thinking as usual and says, “I know this sounds crazy, but we are crazy. This fits us so well. I’ve gotten so many requests to go to investigate because people know we will believe them and fight for them. The news is quickly spreading and fear is taking over Bear Creek. Even though it’s a small community- word spreads fast when everyone knows each other. We don’t want it to spread any further. Whether it is a threat or not, Scully, will you come with me to help find these masterminds?” Mulder requests with puppy dog eyes forming. Scully rolls her eyes and sighs.

“Fine. And by the way - I do believe it Mulder. I believe those men are up to no good either way. Justice needs to be brought down on them. Just one more question though, how did they manage to figure everything out about the hole?” Scully asks suspiciously.

“Well it has been thirty years since they originally found it. Only recently has the threat popped up that they were going to harness its powers and control everyone. Thirty years is a long time to study something...” Mulder says trailing off, “especially when it’s free to see and test.”

He looks down at the ground as reality sinks in. This is going to be one of the most difficult tasks they will ever face. His mind starts racing with more questions he can’t even begin to answer.

“Ok then. When do we start?” Scully says enthusiastically. Mulder peaks his head up like a dog hearing the phrase “wanna go for a walk?” and he gets all giddy again.

“Well I haven’t booked the flights yet but I’ve been looking. There’s some open for 3pm but that’s in two hours, so-“

“So we better get cracking!” Scully interrupts him and swiftly moves to gather everything they will need.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this excited for a case, Scully,” Mulder laughed, profound by her reaction.

“Science is my field. I’ve also secretly always wanted to learn more about the universe. My life was set for biology, medicine and the like, but sometimes I always thought astrophysics were really calling my name,” Scully remarked as she finished gathering everything she needed.

“See you at the airport Mulder. Two hours.”

“Two hours,” Mulder smiled as Scully stumbled over herself excitedly through the door.