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He should have waited for backup, he knew that. His sidekicks were a good few blocks behind him, but it wouldn't have taken them long. But the young woman being dragged into the warehouse was screaming for help, the rock like villain keeping a fist in her hair as his fellow gang members jeered and catcalled her. And he knew there were only a dozen people in there, he could take them out by himself. Diving in through the window, Hawks kicked the one man off the girl even as his wings bashed another in the face and a flurry of feathers zipped about, pinning men to the walls. 


It looked like this was a drug ring, not Trigger but the old fashioned stuff if the white powder being packaged up was any indication. Three of the men were by the table, gloved hands and face masks coated in the powder, and Hawks made sure not to touch them, using only his feathers to keep them pinned. He had no idea how badly cocaine may affect his system with his quirk, and he really had no desire to find out. 


He turned to the young woman, offering her a hand. "Are you o-" Bam! It felt like being kicked by a mule, Hawks could feel his ribs bending in his chest as he went flying back. He hit the table hard, the entire rickety structure collapsing in a cloud of splinters and powder. 


"Oh gods I'm sorry!!" the lady wailed as the young hero rolled out of the mess, coughing and sneezing up a storm. "My quirk, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you!"


He waved her away through his sneezing, pulling himself to his knees before shaking out his wings. The drugs puffed out around him in a white cloud. "It's, it's ok," he finally wheezed. "It was an accident, you're ok."


"Sir!" The sidekicks had arrived, Tokoyami at the front of the pack as they spread out to make sure the gang was all contained. Bright eyes were concerned as the young bird hesitated to help his mentor up. "Sir, are you alright?"


"I'll be fine," he assured as he forced himself to his feet, resisting the urge to wipe at his face. "Look, tell the others I'm heading home to rinse off. My apartment is closer than the agency. I'll call you guys if I need help." Without another word he launched himself into the air, a trail of smoky powder billowing behind him, leaving the ruined warehouse behind. 


He was fine at first, itchy and still sneezing, but he was hopeful that his quirk was protecting him from the affects of the drug. And even with the all body itch it was a nice day to be flying, blue skies above and the sunlight reflecting off of glass windows below. 


He was about half way home when his wings started feeling strange. Numb. Almost like they weren't there. He slipped through the air for a second before regaining control, nervously keeping an eye on his own appendages even as his building came into sight. That was a bit scary. He'd always had perfect control over his wings...


The world was blurry around the edges. Was his visor smeared? No, it was fine, the safety glass just a little dirty from the drugs. Shit, the drugs! Swearing, Hawks went for his phone, the screen looking weird as he selected BBB. "Rumi? Rumi please pick up, I think I fucked up," he babbled as it went to voicemail. "I had an, a thing happen, and the powder, and gang members and shiny window..." 


Bang! Thank goodness he wasn't going too fast or else hitting the sliding door to his balcony would have shattered the glass into his face. His reflection in the glass showed blown pupils and smears of white around his face where his visor had kept it out of his eyes. He lifted his hand to his ear again, only to notice his phone was missing, along with the visor too. 


It felt like the powder was crawling over his skin, like ants trying to eat him. He wobbled to his feet, lurching into his apartment after fumbling with a suddenly complicated sliding door, the walls smearing as he tried to steady himself. White, creams, the smear of shadow on his couch, the bowl of peppers on the counter. 


Wait, why was his couch purple there?


"The hell happened to you bird?"


Oh, it was just Dabi. Wait, shit, it was Dabi. Wait, thank goodness, it was Dabi. Hawks bit his lip as his mind seesawed back and forth, not sure if he should trust the villain, or trust the villain to know how to help. 


So caught up in his head, Hawks didn't notice the taller man until he wiped a finger over his neck, feathers puffing out as the burnt villain took a taste. "...The hell was this shit cut with?" floated through the air even as rough hands started pulling at his jacket. "C'mon bird, strip."


"Dinner first. Notta naughty bird," Hawks slurred, eyes trying desperately to focus on anything as he swayed in place.


Blue eyes rolled as Dabi managed to find the hidden zippers that Hawks used to get the jacket on over his wings. The leather fell to the carpet in a puff of down and drugs, the belt a bit easier even with the winged hero unable to stand still. The skin tight fight suit went down to his feet, but the outer layer of leather had most of the remaining cocaine on it. "You know you can help me out here," Dabi grumbled as he removed the boots, tossing them into a corner. The gloves were much easier in comparison, sharply nailed hands wrapping around his as he pulled him to the bathroom. "This way pretty bird, time to wash the failure off."


The world was still swirling as Hawks stood placidly on the tiles, or was that the steam from the water? Oh it was steam; Dabi was pushing him down to sit on the stool in front of the showerhead. His bathroom was modern traditional, the better to keep from getting his wings wet every time he needed to clean up, with a tub in the corner for soaking after a long day. The warm water hitting his hair felt nice after such a long day, the itchy feeling washing away, helping to ground him more solidly back in reality. He couldn't have helped the happy chirp as he shook out his wings, drops of sludgy water flying everywhere. 


Toga loved sharing videos she found online with the LoV, and Hawks fluffing out his feathers reminded Dabi of that stupid 'bacon bacon pancake' bird she liked. Happy but brainless. The water was running over his feathers, the runoff threatening to clog the drain, but the more he could remove the faster the bird would recover. The flight suit was soaked through, the spandex almost translucent against shoulder muscles. Dabi hadn't been able to figure out how to remove it without tearing it off; he was hoping Hawks could help him once he was a bit more coherent. He doubted it would be any time soon though, judging by the way the bird was staring at his hands, watching the rivelts of water rolling down his skin. "You ok in there bird?" he teased, knocking his hand against wet hair. 


"It's, it's so pretty."


"That's the drugs talking. Focus." He snapped the neck of the flight suit. "How do you get this off, you'll be more comfortable without it."


"Told ya. Dinner dirst. Dirst? First," Hawks giggled, but he picked at the waist of the spandex, revealing the seam to the top part. Only for him to tangle in his wings, threatening to fall off the stool as he struggled to get loose. "Help?" he pouted, ignoring Dabi laughing at him as he pulled the wet fabric off his wings. 


"Come on, let's get some water in you, it'll help," Dabi coached, wrapping a towel around Hawks' shoulders. He frowned in annoyance as the young hero flapped his wings, feathers poofing out as water went everywhere. "You a bird or a dog?" he grumbled, steering him out and into the kitchen. He forced him into a seat, turning away to grab a glass of water, only to raise an eyebrow when he turned back around. The bird was happily chewing on a pepper with his head on the table, and even from across the room he could smell the spice on his breath. 


"Bird? The fuck are those?"


"Reaper peppers! They're sweet!"


"They're death; I can smell those things from here!" He forced him to sit up, wrapping his hand around the water. "Drink. All of it."


"Yer so pretty," he babbled, fingers running over the staples on his hand. Dabi could only shake his head, trying to force the water down the hero's throat. He could feel the tingle of the capsaicin on his skin. "Wanna kiss you."


The villain scoffed as Hawks finally finished the glass, pulling him up and over to the couch. "Hawks, I just watched you eat three Carolina Reapers, I'm not kissing you right now." He ignored the mumbling protest of 'but they're sweet,' as he forced him down, ignoring the wet spots being left by the spandex pants. Those would dry fast enough, and he didn't want to give the bird the wrong idea by stripping him fully. 


Clean, hydrated, eating something even if they were those death peppers. Dabi moved away for a moment, pulling out his phone. He'd been in the apartment to talk to Hawks about a LoV meeting, but obviously he couldn't attend now. He dialed and waited.




"Cancel the meeting. Something else came up."


"You're not the boss! Why should listen to an npc like you?!"


Dabi rolled his eyes, even if Shigaraki couldn't see him. "Hawks is down for the moment. Think he got on the wrong side of a drug bust."


Insane laughter, and not just from Shiggy. He must be on speaker. "Is the poor birdy high?"


Toga. Yeah, he had to be on speaker then. "High as a kite and unable to remember anything you'd wanna feed him. I'll let you know when he crashes back down to earth."


"Hope he feels better soon! Hope he dies!" And that was Twice. Dabi hung up the call as the others started arguing, turning to make sure the hero was still on the couch. 


Shit. He wasn't. He was huddled in a corner, sharp nails tangled in his hair and wings cycling between hiding him or batting at the air. His pupils were so blown out that there was only a thin ring of the gold left. "Dabi, the walls are melting. Make it stop, I don't like, I don't like, I don't like!"


Shit, he was hoping this wouldn’t happen, but he hadn’t been able to tell what the drugs had been cut with. For all he knew it was something that interacted poorly with avian based quirks. He held out his hand, wincing only minutely when the bird latched on, nails digging into his skin, but he didn’t pull away. “It’s just the drugs Hawks, you’re ok.”

“Please don’t let go.”


“I’m not going anywhere, promise. Just take a deep breath, it won’t last too long.” Only to grunt as the bird leaned in hard, burying his head into his chest. Squeaky chirps were echoing in his chest, his wings were shaking, the tiny feathers in his hair were fluffed out making his hair stand on end.


But he didn’t let go.




Hawks moaned pitifully as he started waking up. His head was throbbing like the morning after drinking with Mirko, like the world’s worst possible hangover, and his feathers were all tingling like the world's worst case of pins and needles. He snuggled deeper into his pillow, hiding his eye from the light from the window, breathing in the smoky leather scent.


“So, am I finally gonna get an answer?”


Mirko. Whatever he drank last night had to be her fault. He turned his head slowly to glare up at the rabbit hero, only to blink at purple scars and leather sleeves in his vision. He followed that arm up to see Dabi glaring at him. “Shit.”


Scars turned down in a frown, and Hawks could feel the hand on his back growing warm. “I told you bunny, he-“


“I wasn’t talking to you!” Hawks could see the claws in her toes curling down to dig into the carpet even as she thumped her foot against the floor aggressively. She looked ready to tear someone’s throat out with her teeth. Again.


He forced himself up, keeping his head down to try and block out the sunlight, blushing to see that his pillow was actually Dabi’s legs. “Rumi, my head is killing me, so if you two are gonna fight in my apartment, please take it to the balcony.” He glanced over at the sliding door, only to blink at the white powdery outline of wings and his own smushed face on the glass. It came back to him then. The warehouse, the woman with what had to be a telekinetic quirk, the drugs.


“Bird brain, I get a message from you babbling like an idiot, I hear you hitting something, and when I come to check if you’re alive or not I find you cuddling with a super villain?! Explain moron!”


Dabi slipped away as Hawks forced himself to sit up, explaining what had happened before. Turns out it had only been a few hours instead of a full day. He leaned against the couch, head cradled in his hands, wondering where his clothes went. Mirko closed the blinds before joining him, pulling him over to lean against her knees as he finished. “Ok, so that was a shitshow, but that still doesn’t explain the firecracker.”


“Well,” he glanced up at her sheepishly. “You remember I mentioned the Hero Commission wanted me on a long term mission?”


“Oh gods, you’re not tryin’ to honeypot him, are you?”


“More like he is the world’s worst spy.” The hero pair jolted as Dabi rejoined them, a fresh glass of water in one hand a bottle of pain killers in the other. “He comes in with this flimsy sob story about wanting to help take out hero society, and expects us to believe him? The number two hero?”


Hawks took the water, but glared up at the fire user. “Then, why not kill me? I know you could. The last hour or so would have been easy.”


“I saw your back.” The bird twitched, wings mantling. The Hero Commission made him a hero, but they’d also tried to break him of his avian instincts. The vocalizations, stress gripping, his tendency to horde shiny things. And when he kept doing it, they’d punished him. Aggressively. “It may have started as a lie, but if you want out from under the Hero Commission, I couldn’t blame you.”


“Wait, did the rest of the League know?”


Dabi could only laugh, ignoring Hawks’ flinch as his head throbbed. “Why the hell do you think we’re never doing anything? We wanted to make sure we could trust you first.”


“Is that why-“


“Yes, that’s why you were there for game night.”


Mirko growled, foot thumping unconsciously. Her long ears were pinning back and her fingers were flexing angrily. “As funny as this isn’t, you’re still a villain. But you helped my friend, so I’m giving you a three minute head start.”


Dabi just shrugged, tossing the bottle of meds to the pair before heading for the door. “Oh by the way,” he called, hand on the door. “If you’re gonna flirt with me again, lay off the death peppers.”


Hawks sighed as he relaxed against his friend again, sipping at the water and ignoring her high pitched growling. “Gods what a day.”


“The only reason I didn’t kick his head off is cause you were draped over him like a cheap feather boa,” Mirko snarked even as she cracked open the bottle to pass him the pills. Short claws playing through his hair were much gentler than he feared, and he sighed heavily as he resisted the urge to cheep. “So,” Oh no. “You and Sparky huh?”


“Rumi nooooo.”


“Rumi yes!”


“Rumi, I’m pretty sure the only reason I didn’t overdose is because of ‘Sparky,’ so please be nice. To me at least,” he groaned against her legs, still nursing the water.


“And why should I be nice to you?”


“…I’m baby?”


“You’re an idiot and I should have never taught you how to meme. But,” she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, his wings coming up to return the embrace, “I’m glad you’re ok. Now,” she pulled him up to feet, “Let’s get you to bed, let you sleep off the rest of that hangover. One last question though, where the hell are your clothes?”