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The inmate who just wants peace

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When he arrived at the new prison building that he was transferred to, he expected tough guards that would hurt him everytime he so much as speaked. The Supervisor gave that impression, but nothing else did. The blue Pretty Boy looked ready to cry while they walked past other inmates.
He was put in his own cell, which he enjoyed. He sat down and decided to take a nap. The ride to this prison was pretty long, and he was tired from it. He curled up, but sat up just as fast when he felt an explosion of sorts happen right outside his cell. “What the hell?” He spoke softly in English, moving slowly to look at what happened. As he peered out, 2 figures ran out of the smoke from the explosion. One had a long braid while the other had super long green hair as well. Two more people joined -one with a mohawk and the final one with short hair- and they all ran away from a man screaming about training. He sweatdropped and moved far from the cell door, not wanting to get involved.
Not to mention, they all gave off Weird Vibes! He was not messing with that.
What he didn’t know was that Nanba prison is full of weird people. And he was in the building with the most chaotic ones. He will soon be wishing he stayed at the peaceful building in Nanba prison he was before.